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hi i heard u were a bit sad so im here to send u a virtual hug꒰⑅ᵕ༚ᵕ꒱˖♡ when im sad sometimes i like to imagine sitting in a bubble and thinking about nice things for all of my senses. the smell of lilac,and chamomile and campfire. the taste of a home-cooked meal, even{especially} pasta! the feeling of sheets straight out of the dryer and a warm hug. the sight of the northern lights and the moon and someone who makes you smile. the sound of that someone's laugh. i hope this helped? stay cool<3

I have kept this in my inbox for a long time because looking at it brings me joy. time to release you, little ask ~~~

Staying Safe and Cool in the Summer

Hey kids it’s summer in the northern hemisphere again so here’s a few simple tips on how to stay cool and safe!

- Drink Water
I know this seems really obvious but you need to constantly have a water bottle with you or drink a glass of water every hour because you get dehydrated faster than you think you do
Plus being hydrated helps combat the effects of sun damage

- Blinds Closed and Lights Off
All of the natural light is nice in the summer but letting it all in will heat up your house/apartment so fast and make it harder to cool off
Also just keeping your lights off or dimmed will help a lot with keeping your areas and you feeling cooler

- Fans and Thermostats
If you don’t have central air then get a couple of fans to help circulate air and cool things down
If you have central air then set your thermostats to somewhere between 72F-75F (22C-24C) you don’t have to set it down to the 60s for it to feel cool
Also it’s more difficult for the AC to keep up when the thermostat down really low and it’s so unbearably hot out

- Sunscreen
I literally cannot stress how important it is for you to wear sunscreen
You really should be wearing sunscreen all year round but in the summer it is super important to protect yourself from the sun
I really don’t care if you “don’t like how it feels” or “it’s inconvenient”
You know what is even more inconvenient?
Skin cancer.
Sun poisoning.
Wear. Your. Sunscreen.
Get a good and high SPF too (like 50 or above) and if you’re outside for extended periods of time reapply!! Please kids this is really important

- Clothing
Wear light and breathable clothing
I understand that many of you aren’t comfortable showing so much skin or can’t for religious reasons but you need to stay away from heavy materials
Also your scalp never gets any sun usually and your eyes are super sensitive so please remember to wear a hat and sunglasses

If anyone has any other tips please add them!