but if you refused to acknowledge their friendship

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Hey, what are your thoughts on the latest FT chapter? Also, have a nice day

I loved this chapter! The show of emotion is great and that tone of bittersweet happiness, not going to lie I found it to be quality content. Especially from Lucy. 

We see how much seeing Natsu alive meant to her. The expression on her face and in her eyes is beautifully done. 

Then we see the devastation of losing him. She can’t even hold her own body weight. 

Natsu has already been through this loss. And although we didn’t get to see how much this affected him yet, I have a suspicion we might get to find out. 

I believe Mashima is setting up these scenarios in which Natsu and Lucy have been forced to confront their love for one another. They can’t remain in denial when they’ve lost someone they love unconditionally like this. If Lucy and Natsu were dancing around their feelings, refusing to acknowledge them, Natsu’s return will force them both out their shell. 

Nothing like a death catalyst to trigger a reality check on what’s important and having the confidence to speak up and get what you want.  Worries of ‘it might ruin our friendship’ blown to the wayside. 


tired of people forgetting Linda Park? well this is your lucky week from April 3rd to April 9th, it’s Linda Park week! a lot of people in fandom forget or just refuse to acknowledge Linda Jasmine Park so this is a week to highlight her and bring more attention towards her.

Day 1:  Monday, April 3rd - favorite Linda scenes 
Day 2: Tuesday, April 4th - favorite quote or a quote that you associate her with, because she doesn’t have much, well screentime.
Day 3:  Wednesday, April 5th - Linda + colors (colors, colors, coLORS)
Day 4: Thursday, April 6th - favorite Linda friendship, or friendships that have potential (can be AU/canon)
Day 5: Friday, April 7th - favorite Linda relationship (AU/canon/anything
Day 6: Saturday, April 8thAU/Alternative Universe (a universe where she stays after 2A, a universe with her in season 3?)   
Day 7: Sunday, April 9th - free day (anything you like!)

we’ll* be tracking #lindaparkedit / #lindaparkweek / #lindaparkgifs and feel free to tag me [#lindaspark] and @wallyiris [#wallyris] co-creator of the week!

*all gifsets and edits will be reblogged and found on @lindaparkgifs

**also you are not limited to the show; have fun with the different versions of Linda, from the comics to dcau to dctv.

Have You Ever

This was born from this request:  How about a blurb where he says I love you for the first time during sex. And you don’t know if he really means it or it’s just sex talk. And then you have to talk about it after.

I gave it a little twist and it’s finally here! I feel like I just gave birth to this one, tbh. Thanks to my beautiful @permanentcross for putting up with me and for giving me the title. Hope you guys enjoy it! xx


Originally posted by overad

“Have you ever gone bare?”

He almost chokes on the wine he was sipping on before swallowing and coughing profusely, eyes watering with the rattling force of the cough. You’re both sitting in his living room, each on a side of the couch as both your feet are tangled as they meet in the middle – his legs are much longer than yours and his socked feet are also bigger, but he looks cozy in his sweater and you feel warm and comfortable.

The wine had probably gone to your head, you’ve never really been good with holding your liquor, but your curiosity stems from much more than the alcohol that runs through your veins – you’re not even that drunk, so you have to admit that the question comes from a place other than a drunken haze.

“Wh- where did tha’ come from?” Harry asks you, deep frown on his forehead as he rubs the back of his hand against his lips to clean the wine stains and settles his glass on his coffee table.

You shrug, cheeks flaming with embarrassment that you’ll later blame on the wine, when he brings up the topic. “Always wondered…”

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Nothing Without You {Part One}

Title; Nothing Without you {Part One}

Genre; Angst to Fluff (Just angst in this part)

Type; Scenario (With fake texts at points)

Group/Member; BTS – Suga (Yoongi)

Summary; After helping Suran with her debut single, Yoongi gets closer to her. You, his best friend and an aspiring rapper can only watch from the sidelines as he begins to neglect you and grow closer to Suran. You eventually go on with your life and try to act normal, no longer going to his or seeing him at BigHit studios. Yoongi notices your absence and notices that he misses you and that he is nothing without you.side-lines as he begins to neglect you and grow closer to Suran. 

- Chunks in italics are flashbacks

Request; ⬇️⬇️⬇️


Words; 1069

Authors Notes; Heya! Hope you liked this!! I wrote for both of these requests as they were very similar, I also wasn’t too sure whether you wanted Yoongi & the reader to be dating or to be best friends but I ended up making them best friends because I felt it worked better (I hope you don’t mind) I have also decided to make this into a three-part piece; part one scenario, part two fake texts, part three scenario with fluff ending. Enjoy!! 😊

You had always rejected the cliché of falling for your best friend. Until it actually happened. You weren’t too sure when exactly you developed feelings for Yoongi but when it happened you knew you were royally fucked. Becoming friends with him had happened almost instantly, going from a shy and awkward first meeting to a friendship built on insults and a mutual distaste for people within just a few short weeks. At first, you refused to acknowledge your budding feelings for your best friend but after a while, it became more and more difficult to do so, the feelings began popping up at inopportune moments wreaking havoc on your daily life. Yoongi would post a picture of himself on his and the boys Twitter and instead of texting him and telling him he looked ugly you found yourself blushing and wishing he’d look at you the same way he looked at the camera.

You knew he would never be able to return your feelings, he saw you as a friend and that’s it…

The music thumped through the large room and you could feel it reverberating in your chest. BigHit had thrown a company party to celebrate BTS’s Wings album and all of their latest achievements, and you – of all people – had been invited, like a sort of … plus one. You felt a hand slap itself down onto your shoulder and turned to see a very drunk Yoongi with a clear plastic cup in his hand and a smile on his lips.

“Heyyyy!!! Where have you been? You should mingle ya know… Could get to talking about you becoming a rapper” He slurred in your ear, momentarily lifting his cup and nodding at someone across the room.

“Yoongi” You started, taking the cup from his hand and his hand from your shoulder, “You know I’m not good at starting conversations with people I don’t know… And besides, I am a rapper. Just, an unsigned rapper.” You chuckled

Yoongi swayed to the music that was flooding the room and lost his footing slightly, letting out a small yelp as he almost fell. You moved to support your friend, putting his arm around your shoulder and making your way towards the door.

“I think you should call it a night Yoon, come on – I’ll walk you back to yours” You let out a slight grunt as you practically dragged him out the door, saying a quick goodbye to Namjoon and Jin as you left.

You walked Yoongi back to his house, helping him open the door and situating him on the sofa.

He gave you a gummy smile “Ahhh…You’re such a good friend you know that??”

There was that word. Friend, all he saw you as and all you should see him as.

“I just made sure you didn’t pass out in an alleyway and got home safely Yoongi” You laughed lightly, ignoring the way your chest tightened at his words.

You ruffled his hair and chuckled at the way he scrunched up his nose and grumbled at your action. Moving towards his door you said a quick goodnight and left, your heart still heavy from that one, stupid word…

So no, Yoongi would never be able to return your feelings because he was…well, he was Min freaking Yoongi, and somehow you managed to score a friendship with him - you weren’t going to push it. It didn’t matter anyway as in the past, you hadn’t exactly had the best of relationships and experiences with feelings. All the relationships you had been in felt rushed and somehow your partner had always managed to make you feel like shit throughout the entirety of your relationship, and when anytime you were single your feelings for someone were never reciprocated. They made that perfectly clear.

Even if Yoongi had ever had feelings of any kind towards you, they were most likely gone by now. Ever since his mixtape and production of Surans debut single, the two had been getting closer and closer and you wouldn’t mind that if it didn’t seem like he was falling for her. You sighed as you remembered the countless times he’d blown you off to hang out with her recently. There were always the “we’ll do it next time, yeah?” promises that he then broke the very next day. He’d been neglecting you for weeks upon weeks now and you’d finally grown to accept it, no longer texting or calling him, no more impromptu visits at BigHit. You’d given up trying to contact him and just continued with your life, your job, and your underground rapping. Eventually, you managed to even stop thinking about Yoongi every second of the day, concentrating on yourself and even going on a few blind dates with people your sister had set you up with. None of whom compared to Yoongi, obviously, but you had to try, right?

Slamming the door to your apartment you chucked your stuff onto the sofa and slipped off your boots. It’d been almost two months since you decided to leave Yoongi to it and you could honestly say it’d been rather rough but you’d made it this long. A sigh escaped your lips as you rub your face with your hands, your job taking its toll on both your mind and body. Making your way to the kitchen you take some ramen out and begin cooking it, not really in the mood to make anything remotely healthy. You yawned slightly, taking your now completely cooked bowl of ramen and carton of banana milk to the living room, groaning as the tv displayed nothing of interest.

A loud “ping!” sounded from your phone and you ignored it, slurping up ramen whilst watching some period drama on the tv in front of you. Once you had finished your ramen, you placed the bowl onto the small table just in front of you and sighed. Your phone had sounded exactly 7 “pings!” since the first and you really wanted to check your phone but you knew it wouldn’t be who you wanted it to be. It never was anymore. Throwing your head back and huffing you picked up your phone from beside you and checked the notification;

8 messages – Yoongles 😎

Your heart stopped for a moment. Well, how about that… With a slightly shaky hand, you moved to unlock your phone, the message app opening before you…

{Request anything you want guys}

How to Relate to Multiples: Conversational Do’s and Don’ts

In order to get other perspectives and help flush out this guide, I’m sharing this rough draft. Please feel free to correct me or suggest additions. As promised, I’m working on making this guide more inclusive to all kinds of multiples, and I appreciate advice on that. 

Sometimes, when faced with strange and unknown situations, people clam up and feel uncomfortable because they don’t know what things are appropriate or inappropriate to say or discuss. Uncomfortable topics will vary from system to system, but here’s a basic general overview that will hopefully help you feel more at ease when talking with your friend and their system.

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BTS reaction to getting jealous of your co-worker

Scenario: They came to visit you on your workplace and see how your co-worker stares or/and tries to touch you. To say that makes him jealous is an understanding.

Kim Seokjin / Jin

He has a smile on his face the whole time you are introducing him around the office but he becomes tense the moment you introduce him to that co-worker. You used to talk to Jin about your friendship with him but once he asked for you to stop talking about other guys, you stopped.
Jin stated incredulous as your co-worker tries to take your hand while telling a story about you in the work place, it was about how you once stapled your finger.
“Ah, yes I remember” he says taking your hand away from your co-worker. “You came to me that night for help and I managed to get the staple out”.
“Yes, it hurt a lot” you say remembering but you feel yourself blush.
Jin notices your cheeks. “Yes, but good thing I could make you forget the pain with my kisses, starting with the one I gave to your hurt finger”, with his words he brings your hand to his lips only to kiss that finger, all the while glaring at your co-worker.
Your co-worker soon leaves the two of you alone mumbling something about having too much work. 

Kim Namjoon / Rap Moster

Once he notices how your co-worker looks at you when you are trying to introduce Namjoon to him he gets a bit overprotective of you. His eyes keep shifting between your co-worker and you so he takes your hand and holds it.
After a while he realizes that even though your co-worker has spoken directly to you on various occasions and has stared intently at your face you have yet to return his lingering stares or give any interest to his remarks. Not being able to keep it in any more Namjoon lets out a loud chuckle. Nobody understands the reason of his sudden amusement but once you are alone with him you get the chance to ask him.
“Oh that? It was just that he was trying so hard to get your attention and you barely put any interest on what he had to say” he reveals.  
“Really?” you laugh incredulous. “What a fool! As if I can think straight once you’re touching me, even you holding my hand affects me”.
Once the words leave your mouth you can see his eyes darken. “Oh, is that so?” he says while walking towards you.

Jung Hoseok / J-Hope

Hoseok already knew who he was for you had once showed him a photo your friends at the office had taken during your birthday celebration. In the picture he had his arm around your neck and was very close to you; when Hobi had pointed it to you, you just laughed it off and told him not to worry for you had seen your co-worker kiss a guy once.
All the while you are introducing them you can feel Hoseoks eyes shifting from you to your co-worker, a smile playing on his lips. Not knowing why he is smiling so much you quickly end the conversation and walk away from your co-worker pulling on Hobis hand.
“Why are you smiling so much?” you ask once you’re alone.
“He is not gay”, he says while letting out a laugh. “He is most definitely not gay”.
“But –“ you try to complain but he stops you by holding your face between his hands.
“Trust me on this” he says leaning gently to kiss you.
You’re still with your eyes closed, enjoying the feeling of the small moment that just happened when you hear a voice coming from behind you.
“I guess I’ll come back later” you hear your co-worker say, you have never heard him sound so bitter.

Park Jimin

He is very insecure and when he sees just how close your co-worker is standing next to you he keeps shifting his eyes elsewhere. You can’t help but notice how silent Jimin is.
When you catch his eyes and smile at him you feel something is not right for he just looks away without returning your smile. You pull him away from everyone to ask him what is wrong.
“He is better looking than what you described” he says still not being able to meet your eyes for long periods of time.
“Oh, is he handsome?” you say looking back at your co-worker. “I guess he is alright, but he isn’t my type”. You grab Jimins hands in yours and make him look into your eyes. “You have set my standards way too high for me to like someone who isn’t you, Jimin”.
You can instantly feel the tension leave his body at your words. He smiles shyly at you and you rejoice as you see his cheeks get pink.

Min Yoongi / Suga

He notices right away from the way your co-worker stares at you that he has more than friendship on his mind when it comes to you; which is why when you try to introduce Yoongi to him he refuses to acknowledge him.
“So, shall we go get lunch?” he says interrupting your co-worker mid-sentence. 
“Ye- yes, okay” you answer confused, looking between the both of them.
Yoongi puts his arm around your waist and pulls you against his body. For the first time since you introduced them both he makes eye contact with your co-worker and you can instantly feel the tension.
“If you’ll excuse us, I will now go feed my girlfriend”, he says refusing to be the one to look away first. Your co-worker starts fidgeting and he walks away without saying another word.  You are not sure but you could have sworn you hear a small chuckle come from Yoongis direction.  

Kim Taehyung / V

He is very excited to meet everyone but he becomes irritated once your co-worker pulls you away to supposedly talk about a very urgent work matter.
He tries to put himself on a better mood by standing where you can clearly see him behind your co-worker. He tries to make you laugh by doing faces and blowing kisses at you while you talk seriously with your co-worker. You notice that “urgent matter” isn’t as important as your co-worker made it seem so you try to escape the conversation but he often tries to pull you back into talking with him by pulling on your arm.
Once Taehyung sees how your co-worker ceases to let you go to him, he walks up to him and makes him nervous by calling him out for his actions.
“Excuse me, what exactly are you doing? Stop bothering my girlfriend over trivial things like paper on the photocopier” he says glaring at your co-worker while snaking his arms around your waist.
Your co-worker instantly lets go of your arm and Tae walk the both of you away without saying anything else to your co-worker.
“He seems nice” he says giving you a sarcastic smile.
You laugh at his remark and his eyes soften. He kisses you on the forhead.

Jeon Jungkook

He is very happy to see where you work and to meet the people you talk to everyday. Once you introduce him to that co-worker you notice how significantly quieter he’s gotten and when you try to ask him what is bothering him he says it’s nothing.
You had once mentioned that co-worker to him before; how he usually tried to buy you lunch and often asked you to go eat after work.
“I don’t like him” he had said at the time. But it was a whole different thing to put a face to that feeling of uneasiness.
It wasn’t until you noticed how much he was glaring at the guy that you knew why he was suddenly taking your hands and caressing your arms while trying to catch your eyes.
“See? He isn’t so bad” you say when you are finally alone.
“I hate him”, he says smiling down at you and lets out a sigh.

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Can i request (as friends) shimada bros, mccree , soldier 76 and reaper their reactions when the s/o who they thought were dead came back but with something different like they have no arm or their personality is much colder?


  • The ordeal changed you and when you return from the dead you’re no longer the person he once knew. You left something behind and now when he looks you in the eye he’s not sure who looks back

  • You speak like a stranger and when he prepares for the old routine he stumbles because it’s no longer what he remembers.

  • Neither of you knows if this can work again, if you can still be the friends you were but you have both missed this too much

  • Hanzo isn’t easy company, he knows that. After you went missing he’s become isolated without anyone to really talk to.

  • It’s hard, getting to know each other all over again and he hates it some days, remembering how long it took the first time

  • He doesn’t want to spend months breaking through your shell like you’ve once done with him, he wants the safety and comfort back and trembles at the thought that this time around he might make the same effort but the outcome still won’t be the same.

  • But day after day he keeps at it, talks to you, listens, drags you out of your room to socialise. You might be different, scarred by what happened, but you still understand each other and eventually you fall into the same easy back-and-forth that worked so well the first time.

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okay so this question may be worded weirdly, but i was wondering after i asked about your favorite rhink moments if you had any that didn't involve physical contact? like maybe a moment that just really showed how long/well they've known each other or just something cute

No worries it wasn’t worded too weirdly at all :) hmmm…. this one is more difficult anon. I do have a few, although there are so many nice ones.

1) That moment when Rhett thought Link had found the blood oath was so nice. That entire GMMore (Link’s High School Gym Bag) really said a lot about how much history they have together.

2) That moment when Link flat out refused to acknowledge a possible end to their friendship, without even thinking about it.

Source: Best Airplane Pooping Technique’ GMMore

3) B? Beautiful 

Source: ‘Can You See In Colours?’ GMMore

look into your eyes

Summary: Five times Yuri Plisetsky’s eyes had left Otabek helpless, even if he didn’t know it at first. (word count: 2303)

1. and the sky’s the limit

He did not have the natural talent, nor did he have a lot of resources. Compared to the others, the ones with so much more, he was nothing. It felt easy to just give up, leave Russia, and forget about his dream of becoming an ice skater and making his country proud.

And honestly, he was about to do exactly that. Not only was he stuck with students 2-3 years younger than he was, he still keeps getting scolded for not being able to do what they could.

All those thoughts were erased from him when he looks up and sees a boy - probably ten or eleven, at most - do the exercise perfectly, lifting his leg and pointing his toes exactly as the instructor had told. But it wasn’t that that had captivated him.

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The First Time With Jeon Jungkook

Originally posted by myloveseokjin

Genre: romance/fluff/love
Pairing: Jungkook/You
Length: 3201 words
Summary: This a series based on all of your first times with Jungkook from your childhood till when you both reach adult hood.






The First time you fought

Reaching sixth grade, you and jungkook were now 12 years old. The age where you start discovering and learning so many things about the world. Also, the time where immaturity starts showing at its finest. Jungkook may have been sweet and kind for all these years but he was slowly changing. Not that it surprised you, because you were changing as well. You both grew a few more inches and Jungkook wouldn’t play with your hair anymore. He wasn’t the shy kookie he was years ago. Through fourth and fifth grade he started hanging out more with the boys and his wild boy nature had taken over him, which turned him into a little devil. Jungkook was starting to hide his real feelings by acting wild. He’d have this new competitive side that was showing up through P.E Class. He would make sure to win no matter what and he’d feel a little salty if he ever lost.

“I WOOONNNN!!” jungkook would shout “Give it to me now” he’d show you his palm

“I don’t want to” you pout “I really cherish that card” you held your favorite Pokémon card tightly

“But I won. You shouldn’t come back on your words when you bet on something” he stares at you

You crouch your shoulders in defeat since the boy won against you. Jungkook was going to take your favorite Pokémon card.It was a rare one yet jungkook was so greedy about winning that game and getting the last card he missed to complete his collection. It was a rare one that you happened to have in your possession since your 11th birthday.

“You’re so unfair, kookie” you frown “Why do you always have to be like that? Let me win once please” you nudge his arm

“Let her win, Jeon. She likes that card so much, do you really want to take it away from her? That’s just plain mean” Taehyung munch on his chocolate cookies

“It’s none of your business Tae” Jungkook give a glare at taehyung

“Yeah sure. It’s none of my business” Taehyung holds his arms in defense “You do you. Don’t include me, if both of you ever break into a fight again” Taehyung keep on eating his cookies

“Whether we fight or not, it’s none of your concern” Jungkook spats back

“It almost sounds like you’re a couple…” Jimin smirks without leaving eyes from his book

You hated it whenever these words were brought up in a sentence. The reason why you despised it? Still unknown by your own best friend.

“You better shut it, Park Jimin” you glare at jimin

“Okay, I’ll shut it if you tell Jeon Jungkook what has been going on for the past few weeks” Jimin replies

Of course, there has to be some things you kept secret from your own best friend. Being cocky like he was, Jungkook was slowly drifting away from you and he hasn’t even noticed what has been going on.

“What has been going on?” Jungkook blinks “Did something happen?”

“Nothing!” you stare elsewhere

“You would know if you spent more time with her” Jimin comments

“You would probably be aware if you didn’t ditch us to play with Bambam” Taehyung drinks his chocolate milk

Taehyung and food were meant for each other and you could find him munching on something no matter where you were.

“Why? Is it that much of a problem if I like playing with other friends?” Jungkook retorts “ I wanted to spend time with other guy friends too!”

“All of this is fine, but that doesn’t mean you have to treat us like this. Especially Y/N.” Jimin sighs

How did he exactly treat you for it to be brought up by your own friends?What happened to you and what had he done to be accused unfairly for being clueless.

“Did something happen to you?” Jungkook turns around to look at you as his black bangs shaded his eyes

“Tell him” Taehyung’s voice was heard

“Nothing” you sighed

“See, she said that nothing is wrong” Jungkook concludes as he turns to look at jimin

“Didn’t your mom teach you how to treat a lady?” Jimin stares at jungkook

“It has nothing to do with this! Why are you bringing up that weird topic?” jungkook makes that confused face

“Jungkook-ah” you slightly pull on his blue hoodie “Please don’t be like that. I’ll just give you something else instead…I just happen to like that card so much”

“Y/N…” Jungkook grabs your hand with that look on his face “You promised to–”

“Jeon Jungkook, let the girl win from time to time” jimin cuts off jungkook “It won’t hurt you to let her win”

“Yeah, Jungkook please go easy on her” Taehyung mutters under his breath

Why are they all teaming up against me?! jungkook thought

“I’m not gender biased. Being a girl does not mean that I shouldn’t compete fair and square” Jungkook crosses his arms on his chest “Right Y/N?” he’d turn to look at you

“Competing with you is obviously not fair, since you’re good at everything!” you pout

“T-That’s not true” he’d suddenly feel shy because of your compliment “Am I really?” he’d chuckle while ruffling his hair

“YEAH!” You retort before pulling your hand away from him

Jungkook’s eyes widen when he sees how you pushed his hand away from you.Were you really mad this time? Were you going to fight this time? For all these past few weeks you’ve been sharing such an awkward relationship where Jungkook was barely there for you and where you’d keep everything to yourself.It felt like jungkook changed.The boy you were friends with in kindergarten was vanishing.

“You stingy! I love that card so much…” you feel tears form in the crease of your eyes

Jungkook felt this slight guilt in the pit of his stomach. Was it that bad? Was this really worth crying over?

“A game is a game Y/N” jungkook retorts “I’m not doing this because I’m stingy. I just won, so you should keep your promise”

“I’m so disappointed.” you reply “I thought you were my friend…” a tear slip out along your cheek

It’s not like I wanted to hurt her feelings or something like that…W-What’s going on

“But we are friends!” jungkook stares at you “Who said otherwise!”

“The way you act says so” you glare at him before walking out of your room

Jungkook’s face seem blown off as he stares at the pink walls of your room. This is the first time you walked off like that. The first time he saw tears on your face. The first time since kindergarten that you cried in front of him.He was the one who promised you he’d protect you and now he just made you cry? He promised to never make you cry and now what? He just broke the promise you both made years ago. He was the one who made you cry and guilt was slowly eating him up.

“Kook-ah” Taehyung stands up “Don’t be like that to Y/N. It’s not right to do that to your best friend”

“W-Why am I the bad guy? I just won for goodness sake!! It’s not like I did something bad….” Jungkook snaps back

Being on a defensive mechanism, Jungkook didn’t want to acknowledge his mistake because he was feeling so awful. He wanted to convince himself that it was not his fault.

“You are, Jeon Jungkook.” Jimin flips the pages of his manga “You’re doing something you’ll probably regret”

Jimin’s words rang a bell in jungkook’s brain.

I’m such a jerk. Why did I do that?!I refuse to turn our friendship into something I’ll regret, he’d internally scold himself

Jungkook gave one last stare to jimin and Taehyung before following you out.Running where you happened to be. Jimin and Taehyung were still in your room

“Do you think he understood his mistake?” Taehyung asks jimin

“He probably did” Jimin smiled “He’s smarter than you” he chuckles

“I’m feeling offended now” Taehyung glares at jimin

Jungkook ran without having a plan in mind.No plan may have sounded dangerous, but not for the boy.  He knew you too well and with the first guess he already knew that you were at the park. Sitting on the swings burying your feet in the sand. He knew that spot was your favorite of the entire area. When he saw you, his entire world brightened up. It was as if he was given a second chance after screwing up big time

“Y/N!!!!” he’d shout

You’d stand up as soon as you see him and start walking away. Jungkook easily catches you up with his incredible fast running skills. He was first at the school’s marathon for a reason.He’d step in front of you and block your path.

“STOP HERE” he blurts out

“You know that you can’t order me?” you push him aside “Step aside, I don’t need a friend like you” you’re about to walk away

Jungkook blocks your path a second time while opening his arms this time

“N-No no!! You can’t just walk away like this!” He grabs your arm “Look Y/N, I made a mistake” his hand’s hold on your arm becomes gentler

You were actually his soft spot. He may have treated you differently than he used to in the past but that was because he grew even fonder of you. Something within him told him that it was a wrong thing to get attached like that which is why he’s been pushing you away and treating you like someone else. He may have avoided girls on a daily basis, but you used to be an exception before bambam showed up and changed jungkook so much.

“I’m sorry for the Pokémon card. I’m also sorry for being such a jerk and most importantly…” he grabs your hand

Jungkook pulls you in his warm embrace as he wraps his arms around you.The hug may have felt slightly awkward because it’s been a while since the last you both showed so much affection to each other.Jungkook was indeed feeling weird and he did not like that new feeling , yet he choose to shrug it off thinking that it’s just temporary.You press your face on his blue hoodie and your tears dry off on him while jungkook feels better now that you reciprocate his hug by wrapping your arms around his waist.

“I’m sorry I couldn’t keep our promise to never let you cry” he feels that knot of saliva in his throat

“You still remember that promise?” you feel yourself softening up

“How can I forget that?! It was the first promise I ever made in my entire life” Jungkook blinks innocently “Look. What I mean is that… I did not mean to hurt you” he sighs

“I know that” you stare at him “You have a soft heart jungkook-ah” you smile at him

“Hanging out with too many guys made me stupid… I’m so sorry” he’d ruffle his hair cutely

“That’s mean for your guy friends though” you chuckled

“Oh!” he points at you “I managed to make you smile” he smiles at you

“Why are you like this? I’m going to hit you!” you reply in embarrassment

“Go ahead. Then we can mark this historical moment, where you hit me for the first time”

“You idiot” you chuckled as you pushed him

“But what was Jimin saying earlier about something I’m unaware of?” Jungkook asks you

“Hmm…nothing important”

“Come on tell me! I’m the bestie here! Forget about Kim Tae and Park Jimin!!! Tell me what’s up, Y/N!!” he’d pull on your cheeks

“Then what about you?! Why did you want to steal my pokemon card away so much?!” you send back the question

Jungkook is suddenly taken aback from the suddenness of this question..Of course he wanted that card for a reason, but he was obviously never going to tell you, because the day he does so, he’ll blush forever.

“I wanted that Pokémon card because…” Jungkook cuts himself “No, nothing”

“What is it?” you nudge him “Why?”

“I’m not telling you!” Jungkook shakes his head in embarrassement

Jungkook may have hidden his sweetness under a rebel’s mask for the past few weeks, but his pureness and loving character was still there. He still cared so much for you. The pokemon card he wanted you to give over was because he was planning a surprise for you. After making his pokemon cards collection so big, he only had one left and it would be complete. He knew how much of a dork you were for collecting these cards and treating them like your own sons. That card was going to make his gift complete for you. He was basically planning to gift you all the cards collection for your birthday.

A few Days later….

“I’m sorry man, but I won’t be able to hang out that much with you guys anymore” Jungkook stares at bambam

“Why? Is it because of her?” Bambam smirks

“No, I just want to spend more time with my other friends. I miss them…” jungkook admits

“Why do you hang out with her so much?” Bambam would ask jungkook as they pass each other the ball

“She’s my friend” Jungkook replies “What’s so wrong about hanging out with her?”

“But she’s a girl” Bambam would comment

Jungkook still can’t understand what the deal about hanging out with a girl is when he’s a boy. What was so wrong about that?

“Yeah? What’s the problem?” Jungkook furrows his brows

“You hate girls” bambam comments

“I don’t hate girls” Jungkook snaps back

“But why is it that she’s the only girl you hang with?” bambam tilt his head “Do you like her or something?”

“It’s because she’s special” jungkook replies before he walks away “

  After holding hands and hugging for the past years , jungkook and you learned that doing such things in front of your classmates made everyone misunderstood that you’re a couple. Being childish as both of you were, you decided to cut it off. If there was something that you hated, it was to be misunderstood and teased just because you hung out with a boy. What was the big deal about being friends with a boy? Why did everyone freak out whenever you both were seen together? It gave you discomfort to get teased constantly. Being a girl on top of it, you hated when boys would tease you for liking jungkook. It was only natural for you to stay with jungkook, he was the first friend you ever made.Liking was not a sin and you liked jungkook because he was your best friend.

“If you had to ask me, I think the kids are just being jealous” Taehyung would push away the carrots from his lunch

“Just why?!” you frown “I don’t understand what’s the deal to be friends with a boy! I’m friends with you two yet no one says anything!”

“Y/N. Why does it matter to you so much?” Jungkook sighs “It’s not like it’s that big of a deal.Just ignore them”

“It matters! How can it not matter, when I can’t even hang out with my best friend without getting people think the wrong idea!” you ruffle your hair

“Who cares about what they say” jungkook replies “What’s important is that we’re best friends” he pokes your arm

“Easy to say for you!! You don’t care cause’ you don’t get teased!” you pout

“That’s because the guys are afraid of Jungkook” Taehyung giggles “They can’t come up to him and try to tease him or else” Taehyung fakes a throat cutting motion with his thumb

“But why is it just me and jungkook together in a package?” you complain

“Why, do you hate being shipped with me that much?” jungkook scoffs “I’m LIKE SUPER OFFENDED NOW” he flips his hair

“ That’s not what I meant! “ you chuckled as you ruffled jungkook’s hair “ The thing is that they tease me when I’m with you, but when I’m hanging with Taehyung or Jimin , nothing like this happens” you tilt your head

“She’s right though” Taehyung blinks “Why don’t people tease her for hanging out with us too?”

“That’s probably because we’re not Jeon Jungkook” Jimin replies nonchalantly

“Oh yeah, sure. Jungkook is the best at sports in our class, what did you expect? It’s only obvious everyone’s eyes are on him” taehyung adds

“How does that even make a difference?” you frown “They obviously do this to make fun of me” you bang your head on the lunch table

“Y/N. Do you hate me that much?” jungkook replies in an sad tone “I thought we’d stay friends no matter what and now you’re telling me to stay away from you.Please don’t reject me!!!” jungkook fakes a sob

“It’s not that! Jungkook-ah….” You nudge his arm “Don’t get in their lame game too. Please. You know that this is not what I meant. I just don’t want them to think that w-we….”

“You don’t want to be seen with me because they might get the wrong idea?” Jungkook pouts “Sure, I was that unworthy to be your friend after all” he’d sigh

“Stop being a drama queen kook” Taehyung hits his friends arm

“Did you just hit me?” jungkook stare at taehyung

“No, she did” taehyung points at you

Of course Taehyung had to save his ass from getting murdered. Jungkook would never bear with people trying to hit him unless it was you.

“What I don’t understand is that, why is it just jungkook?” you ruffle your hair in frustration

“Cruel girl” jungkook stares at you

“But jungkook is not just any boy, Y/N” Jimin replies “He’s the friend you hang out with the most.” “It’s natural for people to think that way”

“You got teased by who?” Taehyung munches on his cookies

“Jackson and bambam keep on annoying everyday” you roll your eyes “Someone stop them please”

“Jackson is being like this to everyone” Jimin comments “But hearing that bambam picks on you…that’s weird.” Jimin furrow his brows

“My mom said that when boys pick on girls, they actually like them” Taehyung keeps on munching his cookies innocently

All of you stop eating and stare at Taehyung. Jungkook felt this uncomfortable feeling in his heart momentarily. Bambam may have liked you? What was this negative energy invading jungkook’s body? He didn’t knew either, but he was starting to feel very salty about this topic

“What? Did I say something wrong?” taehyung blinks

“Bambam likes me?” your jaw dropped

“Eat your food kim tae and stop saying useless details “Jimin coughs

“T-There’s no way bambam would be like that.” Jungkook chuckles awkwardly

“Would you return his feelings if he confessed?” Taehyung giggled

“Please tell me you have higher standards Y/N. Please!” Jimin begs you “You’re way too good for Bambam”

“You guys are ridiculous” you chuckle

Jungkook was somehow getting annoyed and angered from the second Bambam, love and you were in a same sentence. His face hardened and his smile faded away.He was young and this was the first time he was feeling this. He kept his lips pressed in a straight line while staring at you. It made him uncomfortable yet so powerless. So what if Bambam liked you? What could he even do? It’s not like it should bother him in the first place. That new feeling in in Jungkook’s system was called Jealousy and he was bond to experiment this feeling more often than what he could think in the future.


The kids are growing up *wipes tears* Jungkook knows how jealousy feels now… T_T


sailorcrazypinklady  asked:

1. I kind of want2borrow that love-sick drug! I think it a lot,I LOVE THE WAY YOU DO CONSENT IN EVERYTHING!Thank you!(I know, it shouldn't be a big deal, but it is)3. Please tell me Ani isn't going to just give up there?Like if Obi-Wan had a"I'm genuinely unhappy with my love for you"reason ok fine,but"But judgy people might judge!"is not an acceptable reason2not do something that will make them happy!Especially since Anakin is ok with the'Jedi first'thing&I know that would really matter2Obi!

‘He loves me…he loves me…he loves me and yet…’ Anakin stared at the sleeping shape only a meter from him in the dim light, Obi-Wan curled up on his side facing the tent with a blanket over his form.

Obi-Wan refused to talk about it, refused to as much as acknowledge the fact that he felt something more then fond friendship for him and it was driving Anakin up the walls. And if their troopers didn’t stop looking at him with such sympathy each time he tried to get Obi-Wan alone, he might honestly bash his own head in.

‘Perhaps I should just…let it be?’

He sighed and then blinked when he heard some shifting, Obi-Wan rolling onto his back with a low noise.

Anakin shifted onto his elbow and watched the other, Obi-Wan’s mouth slightly open and his eyes closed, face soft with hair feathering out across it. He looked…

‘No… I’m not giving up. Not yet…he loves me. I know he loves me. I just need to…convince him.’ Anakin shifted and reached out with the Force, gently brushing the others hair away and smiling when Obi-Wan shifted at the touch.

“…I’ll convince you yet Obi-Wan.”


Of course in the end he didn’t actually have to do anything to convince Obi-Wan.

Not really.

Instead he just had to be involved in a shuttle wreck, almost die in the following ambush lead by Ventress and get laid up in the med bay of the Resolute.

Honestly he wasn’t even that badly hurt, fading bruises all that was left beneath bandages.

And yet apparently he had scared Obi-Wan.

Because the other Jedi hadn’t even waited until Kix had left the area before he was there, arms wrapped tight around Anakin’s sore form, hands fisted into the medical gown and lips on Anakin’s.

A desperate, needful kiss.

Until Obi-Wan pulled back, staring at him as he sat at the others medical bedside.

“…Don’t ever do that again.” Obi-Wan whispered. “You…you stupid…idiotic…”

“Hey, I’m fine.” Anakin reached up and cupped the others face.

“You were barely BREATHING.” Obi-Wan hissed before swallowing hard. “…Moot point telling you that we can’t do this huh.” He looked away. “I’m…compromised anyhow…keep thinking about if you’re safe or not.” He whispered.

“Hey.” Anakin made him turn back, catching the others eyes. “Look, we’re Jedi, its dangerous, its always been dangerous but…that doesn’t mean we should stop living and being human does it Obi-Wan? You’re allowed to feel.”

“We’re not suppose to let it control us.”

“Are you letting it control you?” He stroked the others face, feeling the beard prickling at the skin of his flesh hand.

Obi-Wan looked down at Anakin’s chest. “…The first thing I did when I heard you were ambushed…was to change my attack plans to make sure I was close to you, to…to…be there.” He whispered. “I set a lot of people in danger with that change.”

There was a dark corner of Anakin’s mind that was utterly thrilled to bits, that Obi-Wan would just…do anything for him. He shifted his mech hand to cup the others chin and make him look up, smiling at Obi-Wan.

“Obi-Wan, was anyone hurt?”

“Not this time.” He whispered, leaning into the hands. “But what about next time?”

“Then you’re more careful next time.” Anakin stroked the others cheek gently, smile softening when Obi-Wan leaned into it. “And so will I. I didn’t want to get injured you know.”

Obi-Wan snorted then sighed. “This is…such a terrible idea… we won’t be able to hide it. Not really.”

“The council already distrust me, but if you really don’t want to, then we don’t Obi-Wan.” Anakin murmured.

“But I want to.” Obi-Wan sighed quietly. “…Perhaps…I should go in harder for the reforms.” He looked away, dislodging Anakin’s hands.


“Me…Plo and Depa have been…talking. About how…stuck the Order has become, about how change is needed…” He looked back at Anakin. “So far we haven’t really…done anything but…perhaps its time.” He breathed out then leaned into the other, resting his head on Anakin’s shoulder. “…Because I’m not ready to give you up.”

“Then you don’t.” Anakin pressed a soft kiss to the others forehead. “And if you need any help with those reforms…I’m here. For you. My lovesick Jedi.”

Obi-Wan snorted into his shoulder but smiled. “…Alright…lets…try it.” He chuckled softly.

Bottle Blonde

Summary: Bucky has two people he cares for more than anything in this world. It’s just too bad that one of them is a little shit and the other is this close to kicking his ass. 
Pairing: Bucky x Reader
Word Count: 1802
Warnings: Minor language, very tame.
A/N: Just an innocent little fic for Fluffy Friday, I hope you like it! ❤
I needed something to balance out the filth I have planned for Sinful Sunday. ;)

Originally posted by enochianess

Bucky didn’t like waiting. He’d been waiting for too many days already and his anxiety was starting to frustrate him. You and Steve had been out on a mission together for almost a week now. What made the situation worse was that you were on radio silence. Bucky knew he shouldn’t worry as much as he did but not knowing if you were okay was stressful for him. He knew you and Steve were more than capable of taking care of yourselves, of each other. But when it came to his best friend and his girlfriend, Bucky was a little paranoid. Sitting on the couch in the common room and tapping his foot incessantly wasn’t easing his stress at all.

But a few minutes ago, he finally got some news. Sam had come out of the comms room and told him that your mission was a success and the two of you were almost home.

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Hiccupy heart (Chapter 1)

Summary: It didn’t matter that Hiccup and Astrid used to be best friends, somewhere in grade school or middle school, back when life used to be fun, with him having plus one leg and one mother, before everyone hit their growth spurt. Until Hiccup finally got his soul mark; And guess who’s name was it? Astrid Hofferson. Soul mate AU.

FF.net | Ao3

A/N: Special thanks to @slavicviking for helping me beta the initial draft of the chapter.

I would like to also mention that this story being set in Highschool does not make this a Highschool AU. Also, the story will be focused equally on both Hiccup and Astrid, aiming to be a Man/Woman vs. Self before we finally get to the sweet parts.

Without further delay.

For the umpteenth time, Hiccup found himself staring at the name imprinted on his left forearm; Hiccup still couldn’t believe his luck.

Astrid Hofferson

To answer his own questions of disbelief - Yes. Astrid Hofferson was his soul mate, unless, the gods decided to play a cruel prank on him, only to replace the dimly glowing blue runes on his left forearm with Astrid’s complete name on it with Mildew the following morning.

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You will be Found (Pippa x Reader)

Featuring a mix of lyrics from “Dear Evan Hansen”

Words: 2,523

Warnings: Self hate, mentioned homophobia, implied self harm, implied past suicide attempt, bisexual!reader, overall darker themes, potentially horrible writing (let me know if i missed anything)

a/n: i’ve been listening to this cast album for the past week and i have a lot of feelings. if you ever feel this, please know that you are worth it. you are strong and you’re going to get through whatever you’re experiencing right now. i believe in you. if you need someone to talk to, don’t hesitate to message me. you’re not alone.

There’s nothing like your smile- sort of subtle and perfect and real

The moment you met Pippa, your heart skipped a beat and you practically forgot how to breathe.

You had recently been cast an ensemble member and understudy for the one and only, Eliza Schuyler. Words failed to describe how excited you were. You had dreamed of being able to perform on Broadway since you were a kid and the fact that you were finally living it was unimaginable.

You walked towards the Richard Rodgers theater practically beaming. You walked with a bounce in your step as you heard the familiar tune of ‘Helpless’ blast through your earbuds. You looked up at the sign and let your smile grow wider. You had come such a long way.

You thought you heard a voice and turned as you took off the earbuds.

“Sorry, what did you-”

What you weren’t expecting was to find yourself facing someone you had admired for a while now. Your jaw nearly dropped to the cement you were standing on.

“Holy shit, you’re Phillipa Soo,” you said, awestruck. You realized what you said and nearly audibly groaned. “Sorry, that was definitely not what I meant to say. You’re really spectacular (and gorgeous),” You spoke with a nervous smile.

“Thank you, you’re not too bad yourself,” she said with a blush. “Call me Pippa.”

She smiled at you and suddenly, everything was real. Phillipa Soo wasn’t just someone you looked up to anymore. She was your castmate. Someone you’d see nearly everyday. While your heart began to pound, getting nervous at all the pressure you felt about performing on Broadway, her smile seemed to make it all okay.

“I’m (Y/N), your new understudy.”

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So if it is that ship I'm confused..I'm not in the fandom and I'm also a few seasons behind, but that ship seems ok to me? You don't have to answer if you don't want to. I'm just curious

Well, rip, it looks like I’m talking about it anyway

Why Destiel is abusive:

For starters, their friendship is already abusive. How would entering a romantic/sexual relationship change that?

Dean has:

  • given Cas unreasonable/unnaccomplishable demands
  • berated him when he failed to meet such demands
  • no matter how much Cas gives (he has risked his life and his status an an angel), it’s never enough
  • controlled Cas’s actions
  • threatened Cas in order to get his way (hell? that’s textbook abuse)
  • Neglected/isolated Cas (denying emotional needs, refusing to talk as a punishment)
  • failed to acknowledge reality (in regards to negative situations with Cas)
  • undermined Cas’s perception of reality (this is called gaslighting)
  • verbally abused Cas
  • humiliated Cas
  • physically abused Cas

For a TLDR, Dean has demonstrated 3/6 of legally classified kinds of abuse- verbal, emotional, and physical.

He would likely stalk Cas or sexually abuse him if they were in a relationship, which would make it 5/6.

My source, complete with clips from the show for each claim. (violence/gore tw)

There you have it. That’s really all we need. Dean is not going to stop abusing Cas if they enter a relationship- that’s not how abuse works. So why should they? Why should people even be supportive of their friendship?
Dean even reminds me of my own abuser. How is that a good sign?


i am not used to being around those whose goal is to heal rather than hurt
today was, in a word, rejuvenation
darkness has been pressing in on me from all sides for so much of my recent memory that i’d almost forgotten the feeling of living as opposed to merely functioning
we pet rays and watched a beach sunset and wore garbage bag togas and the entire thing was magic
i don’t know if i’ll ever be able to express how grateful i am to these beautiful souls for saving me when i start to believe i’m unsaveable but i’m going to try as long as i have them around
they are the bright flares popping off in the blackness of the Bad Days
and i don’t know if soulmates exist but i do know i’ve found my People and there’s no one i’ll ever want to run away with more

an age-old question:

do i want him
or am i just craving affection?

Denial, I know her || vylance

“He’s one of my closest friends,” you softly say and catching the side long pitying gaze of Vylad. You already knew what his response would be– you know, because you heard it many times before.

His fingers wove together, resting his chin as he lean forwarded; a soft hum of “well then”, careful and concealing his tone like always. Quietly judging as always. Collecting his thoughts and you, you sit there, strangely still as you braced yourself.

“You always use ‘friends’ so liberally.”

He wasn’t wrong– you do. Sometimes, you don’t want to be. Sometimes, like a hard swallow, you decide to just accept things and forget bitter past shared. You don’t know him, a remainder, not said out loud but persistent in his mind. The runaway prince of O'kasis, chiseled smile and deceitful eyes only a noble could have.

And foolish, you fell for it, didn’t you? You and her, Aphmau, both.

“I know,” you whispered, blinking rapidly as you sighed, “a bad habit but… I think part of me wants to think we were.”

“Well you decide for that.”

“…I suppose friendships aren’t always equal.”

There’s good in his heart, misplaced, misguided but excuses fell for his sake.

“But you weren’t looking for just friendship, were you?”

You want to bite your tongue; you refuse to acknowledge the poorly kept secret you had, but his eyes studying you, head turned towards you and green eyes already seeing the truth.

A moment. Two. Three.

Then he laid his hand on the table now, palm up and open, and you paused, gaze darting from it to his guarded face. “Laurance,” he said softly, almost affectionate as rare amusement danced in his eyes, “I’ll drop it if you take my hand.”

You swallow hard, and a rough chuckle grated your throat. “So casual,” you said as you tentatively smile, taking the offered hand, “I’m not a child who needs this sort of comfort.”

A rare smile returned your way. “I know. This is for me.”

You raised a brow.

Bringing your hand to his lips, a glint in his eyes, playful and affectionate still– you recongnize the move as one you tend to pull; you flustered like he usually would, barking a laugh as negative feeling pushed aside for the flutter in your belly.

“Of the mind and heart, it rarely tends to mend completely,” he muttered against your hand, “So take your time.”

“And you’ll be waiting? I know from experience, that’s never fun.”

Vylad smiled again, “I am a patient man.”

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Do you know any frustrating fics like one where they both like each other but one of them refuses to accept it or acknowledge it?

The first thing that came to mind was 

Hands of Clay by Mhalachai (WIP)

James Barnes leads a busy life as a single working father in New York. But when his childhood best friend Steve Rogers falls back into his life, James will have to re-learn what love, friendship and and family are really all about.

Furthermore try this search on AO3 or this one on here. Maybe you’ll find something you like.

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I hope it's not a bother but- Mind telling us why Byakuya Togami got so high in you DR ranking ? I like this character a lot, so I would be interested in what you think of him, as I love your metas and writing so much!

It’s absolutely not a bother! I don’t think I’ve ever had a chance to write much about Togami before, so this should be fun.

I would honestly consider Togami one of the DR characters who has grown the most over the course of the entire series. His arc of character development is consistent while remaining believable, and I honestly find myself enjoying all the new content that’s been provided on him—even his scenes in dr3, while short, were enjoyable, and I’m incredibly interested in keeping up with the DR: Togami novels and finding out more about the Togami family in general.

Honestly, it was a surprise when I first realized just how highly I would rank Togami’s character. I hadn’t really thought of him as one of my favorite characters before—certainly, I didn’t think he would be when I started dr1. He’s rude, blunt, absolutely merciless towards others’ feelings, and it didn’t seem like the narrative would be able to pull off him achieving any development or growth without it feeling stiff and unrealistic. However… really, he just grew on me at some point.

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