but if you people really hate moffat

Why are people who didn’t like Sherlock season 4 still complaining?

Guys, if you don’t like a TV show just simply don’t watch it! It seems that you never watched television in your life. Unfortunately it happens that a TV show doesn’t completely satisfy you.

Why, after almost one month, are you still sending hate to Mofftiss?

I don’t understand. Seems that your life is based on Sherlock bbc and this is really creepy.

When TV show saves your life, you can’t hate its creator. I talk about my relationships with Steven Moffat.
He is far from perfect, right? But I like him, I like what he’s doing no matter what, and I’m getting sad when people laugh at him.
And I see him improving - at least in Doctor Who: look at the last season, it’s amazing.

So when I see dghda fandom mocking Moffat, I feel really bad. I know, that I’m probably wrong, but still.

i know you all hate clara and most of moffat era who, but doctor who has been good again for quite sometime. I’m gonna emphasize again on the fact that series 9 was freaking great bc it really genuinely was, and it’s disappointing seeing how many people ignore it because of how not so great the previous seasons were. doctor who is properly back on track now and bill is freaking amazing but can you all stop acting like everything after ten & rtd left was terrible.

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thanks for the answer, didnt really ask because of any personal gripe but whenever i have asked "should i get into New Who" people say that i should stick to the first 5 series and everything else is dead to them, a sentiment ive seen a lot of in the doctor who fan community. Personally I've never seen any new who episodes or old ones for that matter, but i just wanted to know your thoughts on it. Thanks!

basically, a load of fans hate Moffat, because he does things differently to RTD who wrote the first 4 series, which they watched when they were younger, so it’s a mix of nostalgia factor and being resistant to change, or so I tend to theorise.

nostalgia factor theory because people I’ve gotten into Doctor Who in the last two years or so don’t have any issue with Moffat whatsoever, which could be a coincidence but doesn’t feel like one, tbh

also, since RTD’s stuff was most people’s only experience, the fact that Moffat tends to go more with stuff established in the Classic series means that they hate on him for what they think is changing shit or going off in a dumb new direction when it usually just hails from the Classic series which they aren’t familiar with

RTD’s work is a bit more of an outlier from the rest of Doctor Who than Moffat’s is, but trying telling those who only know his stuff that, you know? it’s tricky

also people are convinced that Moffat is The Devil, he’s become an evil cackling misogynist caricature in their heads, when really it’s just that he’s an awkward, sarcastic shit who is bad at interviews and had a lot of the stuff he’s said taken out of context. 

just give the show a go and see if you like it, and try not to let anyone else’s opinions get to you. it’s got it’s ups and downs, which can’t be avoided with how the show works by nature, but overall it’s great. 

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I really liked that article about moffat criticism you put up. I'd be interested in seeing you or someone else at that blog do logical & respectful criticism of Moffat - like things in Sherlock or Who that you don't like, or his recurrent writing flaws. Cause he certainly has them. But I hate reading a lot of people's analysis cause it seems like they just end up bashing him.

I would be, too. I think part of the problem is, we all are generally very fond of Moffat. But it would be interesting if we were all to talk as devil’s advocates about the sides of his work we find a bit rougher. I know we all each have patches of Moffat’s work, be it Doctor Who or something else, that does not hit as well as our favorites of us do with him, and perhaps we could find some recurring patterns in any criticisms we could make.

I know I have some criticisms I would make, if pushed, though really, I do at heart love him dearly.

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Famous love.

Imagine crossover Sherlock x Supernatural (Cast)

Jensen Ackles x Reader

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Warnings: None(I think)

Note: Okay so, i hope you guys like this!! Just saying… i’ve have never been to a comic con, so i don’t know exactly what it look like. And Benedict don’t have twitter, but here he has. Part 2 coming soon!!! :)

IMPORTANT: (Y/T/N) - Your twitter name. 

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The big building in which the convention was being held was right in front of your eyes, making you smile largely. It was your first time at Comic Con, not as a fan going to a panel, but as one of the cast members presenting the panel.

Everything was so surreal.

If someone’d told you two years ago that you’d be a part of the cast of Sherlock BBC, you’d call the crazy. Fortunately, that’s exactly what happened. And now you were about to enter the building with the other actors to get ready for your panel.

Besides all the magic of the usual stands, today the panels would be Sherlock, Supernatural, The Vampire Diaries and some new Marvel-related trailers. But besides the nervousness creeping up on your belly, there was also the nervousness on you poor fangirl heart. Just the idea of being in the same environment as the Supernatural cast made you crazy, not mentioning your eternal crush on Jensen Ackles. And today, you’d have a chance to meet him.

“(Y/N), is this nervousness?” Martin, who played John Watson in Sherlock, asked laughing as he saw your trembling hands.

“No…” You answered, defensive, making him raise an eyebrow. “Maybe… It’s my first time! I have the right to be nervous.”

“You definitely do, (Y/N). Stop messing with her, Martin.” Amanda, his wife who also played Mary on the show, said hugging you from the side, since you were still in the car. Amanda and Louise (Molly) had been your best friends since you’d entered the series, but there wasn’t anyone in the car you didn’t consider a friend, which was a relief.

The car finally parked, but soon some people from production started guiding you through the corridors to take you to the dressing room. Benedict, Louise and Andrew, who played Moriarty, were in the other car, that’s why they hadn’t arrived yet. The hallways where the dressing rooms were located were obviously restricted to the production and the artists, and until you arrived in front of a door with “Sherlock" written with big black letters, you could see a few of the actors from The Vampire Diaries, but no sign of the Supernatural cast.

“Ah, you’re here!” Mark, the producer of the series and also the actor who played Mycroft, said as he rose from his seat and rushed to hug the cast. He, Una - who played Mrs. Hudson and was practically a big mother to the whole cast - and Rupert - Inspector Lestrade - were already waiting on the room.

“(Y/N), Amanda, come here darlings!” Una said tapping the empty space beside her on the couch, making you sit on her right side and Amanda on her left.
You talked and laughed for some time, the photographer on the room taking pictures of everyone until Benedict, Andrew, Louise and Moffat arrived.

“Okay, everyone! The Vampire Diaries’ panel has just begun, at one thirty the Supernatural one begins, and then at three you’re on. After that there’ll be an autograph session with all the casts of the three series here today, so until then who’s not in an interview is free to do anything they want.” Moffat said making everyone nod cheerfully. They’d all ben to a Comic Con before, but the energy the place carried made even a non “Comic Con Virgin” as yourself feel the nervousness of a beginner. “Speaking of interviews, Mark, Benedict, Martin and (Y/N), come with me.”

You rose from the couch with the butterflies in your stomach that had accompanied you all the way here, and left the dressing room with them, not missing Amanda and Louise’s thumbs up for you on your way out.
Benedict wrapped his arm around your shoulders while you walked through the hallways behind Moffat. If you were having such fun merely with the production and the artists, imagine what it’d be like outside…

You stopped in front of a door with the name of the magazine you’d be having the interview with, and Moffat knocked and soon heard a “come in” from inside. But as soon as you took one step forward with Benedict still holding you sideways, your gaze was diverted to the left side of the corridor. Was that… Misha?!

You obviously couldn’t tell, since Ben pulled you inside the room parting from you so he could shake hands with the two interviewers, and you did the same.
“We’re so glad to have you here! Sit, please.” one of them indicated to the chairs.

This was the first of many interviews you had to make on the day. You were always nervous at the beginning, but all of them ended up to be real fun. The questions were basically about what to expect of the new season of Sherlock, about Mabel - your character - and Sherlock’s relationship, and a few personal questions.

“Where’re we headed now?” you asked to Louise excitedly, since you’d parted from Benedict and Martin a while ago.

“We have thirty minutes until our panel! So for the time being I don’t think we have to be anywhere.” she answered making your heart skip a beat, it was almost time, you could barely contain your excitement.

And then, something clicked on your head.

If there was thirty minutes left until your panel, that that meant the Supernatural one must end now, and maybe you could get a glimpse of the cast before you were on stage! You couldn’t find anyone from their cast the whole afternoon, the only sign of them being the guy at the corridor that looked a lot like Misha.
You kept wandering through the corridors, and Louise took a picture with you to post on Twitter with the caption “Molly HATES the competition. I love her, though <3”, making you laugh since you were basically cast as a romantic pairing for Sherlock himself.

“We’re up in five minutes. Shall we?” Louise asked, but ended up going ahead as you parted ways to drink some water. So many interviews had left you with a dry throat.

You were distracted with your cellphone, RTing Louise’s picture and posting a picture you, Benedict and Martin had taken this morning.

You wished you were paying attention.

Actually, no… You didn’t.

“What the-“ you exclaimed when you felt your body hit something, and a cold liquid splash all over your shirt.

“Oh my god, I’m so sorry!” And when you heard that voice, you looked at the person holding an empty glass in front of you.

Jensen. Fucking. Ackles. He was right in front of you, looking at you with a guilty expression without knowing what to do exactly.

“It… It’s fine.” You said still in shock from seeing him, and holy shit was he even more handsome in person, if that was even possible.

But it wasn’t until you felt the water drip inside your bra that you finally looked down to see the damage. Your shirt was completely soaked. Your white shirt.

White and transparent.


Now the shape of your breasts and your navy blue bra were completely visible.
“I am so sorry, I really am!” He apologised again, looking at your shirt, which left you slightly uncomfortable. But it soon faded away. He was Jensen Ackles, after all.

“I gotta go. My panel…”

“Starts now, I know, I’m so sorry… Here, um, take my shirt. You can’t go onstage like this.” He said, handing you the grey shirt he was wearing over a batman T-shirt.

He knew who you were.
He knew.

“(Y/N) I’m so glad I found you! You have to come with me right now!” An event organiser appeared beside you, already pulling you away.

“Thanks!” You screamed over your shoulder, seeing him smile and yell back another apology and a “good luck” from afar.

You couldn’t believe what had just happened.

“Now here’s the cast of Sherlock!” Someone announced and you were on the stage at the sound of cheers and applause. You smiled warmly at all those people waving at you, feeling your heart race. You waved back, sitting between Benedict and Martin. You were wearing ragged jeans, a pair of black ankle boots and now Jensen’s dark grey shirt.

It had his smell.
Holy fuck.

Breathe, (Y/N), breathe.

Moffat started talking about the series and the new season, and the cast eventually commented here and there, especially Benedict and Mark. Then the subject changed to your character, and they gave you the word.

“Well… I guess I was quite nervous at the beginning, since Mabel isn’t originally on the books, and I was really scared that everyone would hate me.” You said a bit nervous

“Yes, Mark and I were also a bit uncertain about her at first.” Moffat added, making Mark agree. “To cast or not to cast a Mabel.”

“Thank god you did…” you played with a smile, earning cheers from the crowd. “But as I was saying, I think a lot of people expected - or expects - Mabel to be similar to Irene, since she’s her younger sister. But the only thing they share is their intelligence, because they’re completely different as to their personalities.” You explained, and so it went for about an hour. Making jokes, laughing and talking about the series and your personal life. You noticed some fans pointing at Jensen’s shirt, making you swallow hard and pretend you didn’t see it at all. They’d obviously notice it. The Spn cast had literally just left the stage.

“And that’s it for today! That you for being here, see you next time!” Moffat said, you waved at the crowd and left.

Your first time definitely couldn’t have been better.

“You were great, (Y/N)!” Amanda said - or yelled - hugging you along with the rest of the cast, who also screamed in approval and joined you on a group hug.

“Awn, you’re the best!” You said with a muffled voice from being crushed by several bodies, and all of them repeated your “Awn”. They finally let you go, and just then you realised that, in a chair not too far - with a perfect view of the stage - Jensen sat observing the scene with a crooked smile.

Your eyes locked and you retributed the smile, but another organiser interrupted the exchange once again, pulling him and the Sherlock cast to opposite directions.

Time for the autographs.

There was a big room with autograph tables for the three series, so it could be more practical for the fans who’d attend all three tables. They were organised each in one of the corners of the room, displayed in a sort of triangle, The Vampire Diaries and Sherlock’s tables on the base and the Supernatural one at the top.

When you arrived, the fans’ screaming intensified, and you could see thousands of people waving at you. You could only smile and wave back. The other casts were already sitting at their respective tables, and when you came in, the session begun.

“(Y/N), I love you so, so much.” A fan came closer to you with swollen eyes, shaking and handing you a picture to autograph.

“Hey, there’s no need to cry! I love you too.” You answered with a smile, and she mimicked your action, making your heart melt. That was the most gratifying part of your work, for sure.

A few more people came by tour table, complimenting you and making you smile even more each time. But you couldn’t help but advert your gaze at the Supernatural table every now and then. Even though your eyes wouldn’t leave Jensen, all of the people seated at that table were your idols, and you were absolutely stunned by how many fans were going by your table with tears in their eyes.

“Can we take a picture?”
“Benedict! Martin!”
“I love you so much!”

There were so many voices speaking you got a little lost sometimes with all the fuss. You looked back at the Supernatural table and saw Jensen looking straight at you. He smiled and waved, making you do the same. This was a dream.

“(Y/N), you’re so wonderful!” A fan who was about 14 years old said, and you saw Benedict, who was beside you, smile as he heard the compliment. “And you and Benedict have to be together. You’re so perfect for each other!”
You and Benedict laughed and he kissed your cheek, making the fan swoon, but he didn’t say anything, leaving you to answer.

“Well, he’s married, sweetie. But Sherlock can definitely have Mabel, I really hope they end up together.” You answered with a smile, seeing the girl next to the 14 year-old divert her gaze to you.

“No, Jensen and her are perfect for each other!”


“WHAT?” You asked a bit shocked.

“You’ve never seen the montages and edits of the both of you? The whole Sherlock and the Supernatural fandom ship you two! And those of them who don’t will start to after today.” You opened your mouth in surprise, but looked at her with confusion after that last sentence, and she soon explained. “You’re wearing his shirt!” You felt your cheeks heat, and for some reason you didn’t explain why exactly you were wearing Jensen’s shirt. You smiled awkwardly, and saw Benedict, Louise and Amanda - who were actually paying attention - laugh at your face. “Anyways, can we take a picture?”


After an extremely tiring afternoon, but a wonderful one nonetheless, you arrived exhausted at home, but not even the sleepiness you felt kept you from running towards your computer to look at the tag #jen(y/n) in all of the existent social networks. After that fan, many others started freaking out when they saw you with his shirt, and didn’t stop asking if you two were together…

When the autograph session ended, everything happened so fast that you didn’t even have the chance to give his shirt back. Not that it bothered you, because despite taking a shower and putting comfortable underwear, his shirt was already back on your body. It had his smell, and despite it being technically wrong, it was your pyjama for the night. But you couldn’t care less, he was you idol and there was nothing wrong with a fan sleeping with a shirt she’d gotten, right? Right.

You were looking at some posts about you on Tumblr when one called your attention. It was a picture of him looking at one side with heart eyes, and the next picture was of you with the same expression looking at the other side. Like you two were looking at each other.

The caption said: “I managed to take a picture right when they were looking at each other! They’re so perfect, oh my god! I watched both they panels, and in the Supernatural one, Jensen was still with his shirt, and then right after at the Sherlock panel, (Y/N) was already wearing it. At the autograph session, I asked them if they were together and he just laughed and didn’t answer, a little embarrassed. When I asked her it was the same thing, and when I asked about the shirt she just said ‘He’s wonderful’ and didn’t say anything else. Is it just me or does anyone else feel like they’re one step from going public? I think our dreams are about to come true #jen(y/n) shippers.”

Your heart skipped a beat when you read what he had said about you, and after this post, you found others always saying that non of you’d answered anything about supposed relationship, but that whenever anyone asked him about the shirt he’d always say “doesn’t she look beautiful with it?”

Okay, you hadn’t answered the questions because you liked the supposition and didn’t want to deny something you wished were true. But what about him? Why didn’t he say anything?

You went to your mirror and took a particularly blurry picture of you wearing the shirt with your phone’s flash and gathered the courage.

You could be doing something really stupid, but you’d never know if you didn’t try.

“Just got home with something from my favourite series… #fangirling” You posted it on Twitter with the picture that didn’t reveal anything apart from your blurry face and the shirt.

Your heart was in your hands and you threw your phone on the bed, afraid to see what was going to happen and going to the kitchen to eat something. Minutes later, when you got your phone back, it had numerous notifications indicating a tweet from Jensen.

“Just got a new fan ;) #hellyeah”

You couldn’t avoid the smile spreading on your face, but it was soon replaced by a frown when a notification arrived indicating a Tweet from Benedict.

“Traitor @(Y/T/N)”

You laughed, soon posting a “Benedick”.
And you went to sleep with the biggest smile on your face.

Part 2

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What was the spoiler I didn't see anything...?

Maybe all of us accidentally blinked in unison just as they showed it?? No, but seriously… It wasn’t there. They said there would be a countdown, then there wasn’t, and I can’t even find any talk of it on other DW forums or anything. I’m not talking about the apparently exciting plot reveals within the trailer itself, I’m saying that precisely what Moffat said would happen, and what the radio times article said happened at the press screening, DIDN’T HAPPEN.

They said a “countdown” then a “warning to blink now” then a “cliffhanger sound”. I was waiting for it specifically, because the whole thing smelled fucky to me. And I have a theory, but it’s really out there. And I’m gonna wait before posting it to see if I can find out why this thing didn’t go down in the weirdly specific way Moffat said it would. There might be a simple and boring explanation. Like maybe they created the countdown effect just for drama and fun at the press screening. But you’ll see why I’m suspicious when you read the radio times article:

“This is just a public warning,” said a playful Moffat. “Some people hate spoilers and some people love spoilers – and everybody hates me whatever way they think about it. So this is my last attempt in this role to avoid hatred.

At the end of the episode there will be yet another awesome trailer for Doctor Who… at the very end of the trailer there is, frankly, an enormous spoiler, a spoiler that may actually melt your brains. But I promise you, you’d be better off not knowing because awesome though it will be here, it will be even more awesome in a few weeks’ time. So we’re gonna give you the option, in our frankly camp and ridiculous way…

“There will come up a warning and then there will be a countdown to the spoiler, and then there will be a warning to ‘blink now’. If at that point you close your eyes and wait until you hear the cliffhanger noise, you will have a better experience in a few weeks’ time.”

So there you have it, warning delivered. And, yes, I am reliably informed that the same countdown will appear in the trailer when it airs on BBC1 on 15th April after the first episode.”

Digital Spy was apparently also there and reports the same thing. Many other articles just link back to the radio times one though. If anyone else wants to obsess over this one thing with me, feel free. 

Kinda mad because Doctor Who discourse never settled down.

I don’t know what people’s beef with Steven Moffat is, but sometimes I really wish that they would sit down and enjoy the show, or alternatively stop watching it and thus stop talking about it at all.

Imagine introducing four lesbians (two of whom were an interspecies couple living in Victorian London), at least one bisexual woman, a gay man who wanted to marry interracially in the 1960s, at least one bisexual man, and Captain Jack Harkness into the Doctor Who canon, only to be told that you hate LGBT people and would never represent them on-screen.

As a sidenote, imagine that you got a reputation for killing people off despite all of your characters either achieving immortality or dying of old age.

The man just can’t win. And fandom discourse about the show has been so wearing, that people who haven’t even seen Doctor Who never want to watch Doctor Who again.

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moffat gave a version of that quote in pretty much interview he did today but the best one was def on the syfy fan show thing (in which he confirmed he knew chris was planning on casting a woman but not who & that all the references in s10 to it were deliberate) where he said backlash was basically three guys who never left their house and "they're only frightened of a lady doctor because they've never met a lady before." you really get the sense he's enjoying this...

I’ve just seen that and it’s so glorious! 

All these people pretending that Steven Moffat is anti-female Doctor, all these people that have genuinely made multiple posts claiming Steven Moffat is fuming about Chris casting a woman, people who have seen the show, who have seen series 8 and 9 and 10. Without appearing completely rude to these people in question, how utterly deluded do you have to be, how much denial do you have to be in, to convince yourself that  Steven Moffat hates the idea of a female Doctor? W’hen you’ve seen the subtext, when you’ve seen the…text, when you’ve seen the now…many…statements Steven Moffat has passionately given about this.

I can’t wait to continue loving the heck of out Steven Moffat and everything he does, and I can’t wait to see the more mindless bunch of his critics continue to call him a sexist racist homophobic ableist prick, even when literally everything he’s done regarding Doctor Who in the past like three years has proved otherwise.  


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I wish everyone in the Who fan community could just get along, no more RTD vs Moffat, no more Classic vs New... TV Show vs Audio Dramas, theres a lot of fighting and gatekeeping and its not fun.

Honestly, same. The only reason I find myself talking about RTD vs Moffat so much is because defending Moffat is important to me because his era is very close to my heart and I really love what I know of him as a person. 

Like, geez, you probably wouldn’t think I love the RTD era, from how I often have to talk about it, but I do! I don’t WANT to be picking holes in it, I just want to enjoy it for all its highs and lows, but the Moffat hate makes it necessary for me to go “well….” 

I wish more people got into Classic, it would help broaden a lot of people’s horizons where it’s very clearly necessary. 

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idk people even hated on moffat to begin with, the moffat episodes were always the best ones imo

Ok but I’m honestly surprised you didn’t know that, as I haven’t able to get on a single DW topic without hearing about how horrible Moffat is. And I’ve been in the fandom for years.

And yes, his episodes are some of the best, without a doubt. However, stuff like this doesn’t really matter to people who think you’re the worst writer in the world. Literally. Every single insult you can think of for a writer, I’ve seen it implied to Moffat. 

And no, I don’t know how it all started. If I had to guess though, I would probably say it was caused by a clickbait article listing “problematic” things Moffat said: most of which were either taken out of context, and later debunked. Even five years later I still occasionally catch that article circling around tumblr, and…well, you know how tumblr is. They’ll do anything to make themselves seem #woke. 

The only good thing to come out of it? Moffat heard their criticisms, and listened to them. Because it’s true, some of the things he did were wrong, but he acknowledged that and learned to be a better person, which you can see reflecting in his writing on DW over the seasons. 

Unfortunately, for all they’re “People can grow and change!!” speeches, tumblr rarely acts on what they preach. 

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stop harassing us and responding to our posts, you idiot. if you haven't realized by this time that everyone hates you and doesn't want to listen to your bullshit, then you must be really stupid. go, suck moffat's and gatiss' dicks, if you like to defend them so much.

First off, I have not made any personal attacks whatsoever. I am pointing out the facts to a community that is currently engaging in organized harassment of Mark Gatiss and the BBC (and, I might add, has personally harassed me and many other people, not that two wrongs make a right).

Second, if you’re really trying to maintain a position of advocating LGBT representation, you might want to reflect on choice of words. The dick sucking comment leans rather uncomfortably into homphobia, I’d say. Not any worse than some of the stuff I’ve seen toward Mark Gatiss in recent days, but still deeply unpleasant. Might wanna check yourself on that.

For example:

I think too many lines have been crossed, and I’m trying to state the facts in hopes that maybe someone will listen and rethink things. If my belief that people can be better than online harassment campaigns over a slash ship that was never going to be canon is idiotic, so be it. I’d rather be an idiot than believe people are this awful.

I hate to see how *upset* loo is about this. Shes getting hate for a character she didnt write. She literally portrayed her in the most wonderful way possible in the “i love you” scene, and people are hating on her for what the writers have done with her character. Seriously just leave her alone, shes a wonderful woman and shes handled the situation in the best way possible.

Also what moffat said about her “ just probably going and shagged another man to get over it” is really rude in my eyes, molly isnt like that, not to me anyway, how can he be so vile. 😭

i am not liking seeing Moff hate on my dash and people saying they’re finally going to be able to watch Doctor Who again.  I am not even responding to that kind of blatant hatred and bumping up their note count.  I don’t need that kind of negativity in my life, being whiny little attention seekers rather than supporting the brilliance of Matt and Karen and Arthur and Alex and Jenna and Peter and Michelle and Samuel and Pearl and Matt.  We would not have a female Doctor without Steven Moffat.  They are obviously not really fans of the show and are not even worthy of my attention.

Can I just say?

It really says a lot about Moffat’s Doctor that he has conveniently ‘lost’ the psychic paper.

The psychic paper that, more often than not, allowed him to receive distress signals from people who needed help.

And then, in Asylum of the Daleks, when someone IS able to message him for help, he is downright hostile, and says in a cold voice that he wishes people would stop asking him for help.

Because he doesn’t want to help.

He doesn’t care.

He doesn’t even deserve to call himself the Doctor anymore.

An Extremely Important Letter to Doctor Who Fans After Yesterday's Events.

Lets just cut to the chase.

Yesterday a trans woman on tumblr who had been bullied and harassed for enjoying and finding strength in Steven Moffat’s Doctor Who threatened to kill herself and disappeared. As we have learned today, she did not go through with the threat, but did self-harm. That she is alive is wonderful. That she was bullied into self-harm however, is abhorrent. What we need to acknowledge here is that this is not and has not been an isolated incident.

The anti-Moffat crowd has always had a horrible problem with the voices of minorities, survivors, and the dispriviliged disagreeing with them, a trend that as far as I’m aware started with Series 6 of Doctor Who, a series that contained content many survivors of rape and sexual assault, as well as lesbians, considered affirming and supportive. This was the first time I had people come crying to me because Doctor Who had made them understand they’re lives were still valuable after an assault.

This was also the first time I heard people ignoring those survivor’s voices, verbally harassing them, telling them the thing that kept them from killing themselves was awful to their faces, and at the worst telling them they should kill themselves. People I sometimes knew. People who often called themselves feminists. I was and have been horrified, but very few people cared. The right to hate the creator of a TV show unconditionally without any regard for the voices of people whose lives his writing positively affected was of course, more important than people who had already been beaten down.

This was also the first time I had people come to me asking me to stand up for them. I cannot say this was something I wanted to do. Frankly, I hate arguing on the internet. But when people come to you because they are afraid to confront other people, and are afraid they will shame or bully them, people who have had it way worse than you ever will have as a white cis heterosexual male, how can you say no? So I started standing up for people, human beings, who were afraid to talk to the often vitriolic Moffat-Hate crowd. This wasn’t an isolated thing– there were women so scared of harassment they couldn’t take from other people, other people who are prominent in the Doctor Who community have been called on at various times, the most notable being a prominent Doctor Who blogger who was asked by a girl who was raped, didn’t kill herself thanks to Moffat’s writing, and was then told she should have “finished the job” by someone who hated Moffat. Naturally, the mature response to him taking on the anti-Moffat crowd was for them to threaten his family till his wife left Tumblr and the girl who survived the rape decided to quit interacting with Doctor Who fans entirely for fear of harassment for liking Stephen Moffat.

After experiencing some trauma some time ago, I seriously considered ending my own life, and very nearly did. It was Moffat’s Doctor Who that brought me back over the edge, and saved my life. I made a post about that experience, saying very little other than how it had prevented my suicide attempt, and was promptly inundated with messages telling me that I should have gone through with it or should try again (at least there would be one less Moffat loving piece of trash in the world!).

I very nearly did.

Its really hard for me to write about that experience, and I wouldn’t be again if more lives weren’t at stake.

See, its gotten worse. This year Steven Moffat wrote episodes of Doctor Who with a canonically Asexual Doctor, and another character who has transitioned from male to female. I got a call from someone I know who is Asexual who was moved to tears by the representation. There were some very very happy Trans people I knew online due to this. I was very happy. But the response from the Moffat Hate was frankly horrific. People who had been very quick to jump on attacking Moffat on some slips of the tongue he’d made earlier in his career about asexuality soon began to pummel Asexuals, and how removing the Doctor’s sexuality ruined the show and his character. The transphobic dialogue was much more common, much more pronounced, and so slur filled and vitriolic… Well you can imagine. Trans-exclusionary feminists and people who hated feminism, as well as plenty of people who said they didn’t hate trans people but then went on to make transphobic rants, all joined together to make one giant cluster of hatred.

….And this is where we are today.

The thing through all of this was the deafening silence. Whenever someone was bullied, or harassed, people didn’t care. When it was pointed out that there were people who didn’t feel like their voices were being heard or mattered in the discussion soon had these suspicions confirmed. What should have been a discussion about Doctor Who turned into a weird sort of dogma– Moffat is evil, and nothing can change that. It didn’t even matter that he listened to every criticism given to him.

When it was pointed out that there was no LGBTQIA+/MOGAI content in Series 5, he added some in Series 6. When it was pointed out that there were not enough people of color in series 6, he added more in series 7 and 8, even including the first episode to have an entirely PoC guest cast. When it was pointed out not enough of the episodes under his tenure passed the Bechtel test, he upped the ante in series 8. He said something off the cuff he was sorry for about Asexuals, and then wrote the Doctor as an Asexual. Moffat has listened to every criticism given to him, and has publicly supported equality movements. But somehow, he’s become this sort of Devil who can do no right. Sure, he’s made mistakes, but he has actively tried to make up for them. Actively.

The hatred really has seemed to come down much more to a hatred of his writing, and using social justice causes as a sort of sledgehammer in order to get a head writer for the show that some people would like the style of better. This has apparently been important enough to throw everyone who disagreed with it under the bus repeatedly.

And now, a Trans Woman has been bullied into self-harm, and attempting or considering suicide. This is no longer a case of a simple disagreement in the Doctor Who fandom, this is a poison, and it needs to go NOW. If you are condoning these people, actively or silently, you’re part of the problem. If you want to say “But not all anti-Moffat people are like this!” you need to realize what you sound like, because you’re part of the problem. If you honest to God think that any of this is, has been, or will be okay in the future if it continues, you’re part of the problem.

You can hate Stephen Moffat, you can hate his writing, but this treatment of people who have been fans of his has got to stop. And frankly, the hatred of him is pretty nasty and overblown to. You can hate his writing, but you really should ask yourself if you’re a trans-positive feminist why you hate someone personally who agrees with you on the big things– like rights for real living people, and why him writing a TV show you used to like but don’t anymore makes him so corrupt.

I had made a statement before that I’d said was my final statement on the bullying from the Moffat Hate crowd, but bullying a Trans-Woman to nearly kill herself has invalidated that promise. I can’t make that promise again.

The lives of one Trans-Woman, or one Rape-Surivor are more important to me than comfort, and for me to stay silent on this topic would make make me guilty to.

Please help us make this fandom, and this world a better place. Please. I am literally begging you.  

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Don't forget super Bi Jack Harkness :D

I love Jack so much and he’s definitely contributed to diversity in Who since it was restarted in 2005 (our first step really)

In that post I referred specifically to Moffat’s creations because, thankfully, most people on tumblr accept Jack as representation/diversity effort and he’s RTD-era so there’s nowhere near the amount of hate or misinformation about him. Amy and Clara on the other hand are never counted as representation/diversity efforts. (Granted there are problems with them are figures for diversity representation but there are similarly problems with Jack.) Moffat also gets the rep of being the most problematic and having the least diverse companions when Amy is ND, Clara and River are canonically same-sex attracted, and Bill is a black lesbian. Also, Moffat’s era was the one to establish that Time Lords are genderfluid and this gender-fluidity has been talked about openly on the show more and more.

I should have included River, Jenny, and Madame Vastra on the list though! The latter two are a particular example of how Moffat has openly acknowledged that there is censoring going on and that the writing team have had to work around it and found it frustrating. We should have gotten so many more lesbiotic lizard kisses. We deserved them.

I really can’t understand why some people hate Moffat so much, and I know that some of his episodes aren’t that good, but come on, you can’t say that his scripts are shitty. Blink is a brilliant episode and it’s the episode that made me fall in love with DW.
Some RTD episodes aren’t that good, and others are amazing.
Stop judging him so much! I think the only problem with his writing is that sometimes it’s too confusing, but it still makes sense when you watch it again.
And please, let’s not fight because of that. That’s my opinion. But if you don’t think like that, it’s ok.