but if you don't find this attractive

“Is that a hickey?”
Yes Becky, it’s a hickey. You might not know this but I’m an adult, and some of us adults get passionately kissed by people we find physically attractive on occasion.
And sometimes when you tell your lover to not leave any marks above the collar bone he’ll think it’s funny to leave marks wherever he damn well pleases because he’s a cheeky cunt.
Shit happens. I’m sure you’ll know what that feels like some day, if you ever bother to end your perpetual Little House marathon.

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Is the woman who plays Lena Luthor a lesbian?

it’s none of our business fam

but Katie McGrath plays Lena Luthor, and as for her sexuality she has never commented on it. She has talked about what she finds attractive in men in interviews before but that’s as far as she’s spoken on the matter. Katie has never stated what her sexuality is so we shouldn’t assume.

Katie is also a very private person so please don’t ask her either should you happen to meet her. Her sexuality is hers and hers alone. It’s not our business to know or go snooping to find out. Respect her privacy and her boundaries. 

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When was the last time you caught a glimpse of yourself in a mirror and thought something along the lines of “I look nice today”? 

Has it been a while?

So long you can’t even remember?

Go! Go do it right now if you can.

Stare yourself down and confirm that you are wonderful, attractive, valid and important. 

Try to do that at least once a day. You deserve it.

That Would Be Enough {Kylo Ren}

Anon asked: Kylo Ren one shot where during one of the many battles he’s involved in you get killed in the skirmish? Then he’s super angsty about it/blaming himself?

Anon asked: could you do an imagine where you find Kylo really attractive but he’s a higher rank and you never really speak but one day you have to do something for him and he reads your mind && finds out please?? thanksss

A/N: Talk angsty fanfics to me. :) *sad trumpet solo*

Warnings: Death, Violence, Blood, Burns, Sadness.

Your recent excursions with the First Order’s raid team were few and far between; it had been a year since your promotion to recruit training on Starkiller Base, taking you out of the line of fire. However, Captain Phasma had made a point of asking you to join herself and the raid team for their next mission, which of course, impressed all of your pupils. You couldn’t very well say no.

Despite the short notice, you couldn’t help but feel the excited thrum of anticipation running through you as you found yourself suiting up with the rest of your squadron. This wasn’t your first time in the field, in actual fact, you were rather prolific at the height of you raid days, which, of course, left your uniform, as it hung currently, a little worse for ware. You were a weapons specialist of the Flametrooper variety, charged with the destruction of evacuated homes, your efficiency and skill earning you both praise and promotion, which is how you found yourself training the next round of Flametroopers.

Stepping into the silence of the changing rooms was like coming home, the scent of heavy duty cleaning chemicals hit you first, however the underlying scent of charred hair and incinerator fuel could never really be erased. Your guessed one of the petty officers got wind your arrival, judging by the careful way your old uniform hung, pristine in your old locker. You pulled the body suit on with practiced ease. Beneath your helmet, a smile involuntarily tugged at your lips at the familiar weight of the D-93 Incinerator Tank on your back. Upon exiting, you could clearly see the Shuttle that would take yourself and your team to your destination, preparing to depart.

It took you far longer than you would like to admit to realise that your squadron was not the only one upon this mission. The team was made up of two squadrons, Captain Phasma and Kylo Ren himself. Even as your squad waited anxiously for the crew to refuel the shuttle you could hear the whispers of ‘Jedi Killer’ that would haunt the Sith like a cloud of impending doom. Stomach twisting uncomfortably at their words, you chose not to weigh in on the subject, staying quiet as you always did when this topic came to light due to the fact that you had always been very taken with the man, unlike the rest of your squadron.

Whether or not you could be considered ‘friends’ was up for debate, however seeing as you weren’t certain if Sith were even capable of having friends, the point seemed moot. The two of you had never really spoken two words to each other outside of commands in battle but you were among the highest ranked in the on-call squad for over a year, meaning that it was rather often that yourself and Kylo fought alongside one another. He was the one, according to Phasma, who kept requesting you as the team’s weapon specialist whenever they required a Flametrooper. While the information certainly seemed odd, you simply put it down to you being good at your job, which you undoubtedly were.

Denial would have also been an acceptable reason; it had never occurred to you that Kylo Ren simply wanted to spend time with you; he was a great and powerful force wielder. You were just… you. So perhaps you were more than just taken with him. You could never admit the feelings of adoration that prung within you every time you so much as heard his name; there was no-one else like him and it drew you to him, like a moth to a flame, undeniably attracted to him in some inexplicable way. As much as he was shrouded in mystery and rumours, as high as his death toll was, despite the imminent danger that seemed to be looming over you, you just wanted to be with him, wanted to around him. It was a secret you were never willing to admit.

Unfortunately, these thoughts continued to plague you even as the man himself approached the shuttle. You tried clearing  your mind, scrubbing away the thoughts in the face of the cold fact that he would never like you like that. Jedi mind tricks or not, you didn’t want to seem obvious. For where you sat, you tried to make yourself smaller, to avoid his gaze and not draw attention to yourself. This did not work; he seemed to seek you out like a homing missile, briefly checking your ID number once you had been spotted before he pulled you aside quietly.

“[Y/N],” he began slowly, but you knew better than to interrupt him, “I was not aware that you would be joining us today.” He mused. There was something unidentifiable in his voice and had to force yourself not to look for a deeper meaning in his words, promptly dismissing them.

“I’m here at the request of Captain Phasma, sir.” You informed. He was quiet for a long moment, and you worried that you had misspoke. He had killed better men for less words. As your heart thundered in your chest, you wondered if it was loud enough for him to hear. You hoped not.

“Are you aware of the mission?” He asked, tone forcibly clipped.

“Yes, sir.” Your own voice was forcibly calm, words even and measured as you spoke them.

“And the dangers it possesses?” You could help but read into his words more than you should; it was unlike him to worry about this sort of thing, but your voice remained cold and professional, trying to match his tone.

“Yes, sir. I have been over the mission brief.” Nodding, you could feel hope fluttering in your heart, you never thought that he would pay attention to you, let alone be concerned.

“Was anything unclear?” His hand was on your shoulder, tips of his fingers brushing against your bodysuit. The moment was so surreal and the only thing that appear unclear was him.

“No… sir.” Your voice was very quiet, almost too quiet, but he heard. His hand dropped from your shoulder and the moment was broken. He straightened up - you hadn’t even noticed he’d been slouching - lifting his head to presumably look at the rest of the member of the accompanying squadrons.

“If that changes, talk to your supervisor.” He sounded so cold it almost stung, but that didn’t change your confusion at his words.

“Sir, I believe you are my supervisor.” You murmured, trying to keep the hurt out of your tone. The air still seemed to grow thick with tension, but nonetheless, Kylo answered after a beat, his tone radiating annoyance.

“Yes, as the weapons specialist, your team will turn to you,” he didn’t even seem to be talking to you, rather trying to simply reason with it out loud, work through his own thoughts aloud, “it seems certain protocols have been… altered for this mission due to…” He trailed off, turning and making his way over to where Captain Phasma was watching the exchange, leaving you bemused. You remained quiet and reserved when returning to the shuttle, mentioning something about protocols when asked about the exchange. You weren’t sure why you were lying, there just seemed to have been some underlying meaning in your exchange, something not even you could grasp. You thought you may have been reading too much into it.

Phasma’s stance told Kylo that she was braced for whatever rage he brought to her, which definitely wasn’t a good sign. This wasn’t helped by Hux’s muttered ‘smooth’ as he passed, as if Kylo was broadcasting his feelings to everyone in the surrounding area. He spared a moment to consider if he could do that, if he had discovered a new Force power of sorts, but quickly dismissed it, focusing on Capatin Phasma.

“What are you doing?” He hissed to the shiny, silver trooper. How she managed to convey a sigh of impatience without so much as moving a muscle was beyond him.

“I believe you were wanting to spend more time with her,” she attempted to reason with the somewhat irate Sith, though his reaction left much to be desired, “I thought this would be-”

“You thought?” He snapped, drawing the attention of some passing Stormtroopers heading to the shuttle. Phasma waved them away, turning back to Kylo, who was seething with rage. “A battlefield isn’t exactly ideal.” He tried to simultaneously whisper and yell. It didn’t work.

“Sir, one of our Flametroopers was killed recently, [Y/N] was a logical candidate. Take this as what it is; an opportunity, but do not let it distract you.” She replied coolly, turning on her heel and heading towards the shuttle. Kylo followed, somewhat dejected, not that it was easy to tell. His normal bravado was similar to that of a bitter slump at the best of times, so rather than detract from his menacing presence, the aura of resentment that he was building towards Phasma’s plan only added to his demeanour.

The thing is, he knew you, knew you were taken from your home as a child and raised within the grey confides of the First Order’s base. He’d never even tried reading your mind, just because he never considered the fact that you could, let alone would want to, develop strong feelings, least of all about him.

“Just talk to her,” Hux muttered, barely audible, this time carrying a clipboard as he passed, as if it was his life’s goal to simply to interject snide, unwanted commentary into Kylo’s life. “sir.” The General mocked, visibly rolling his eyes. Kylo briefly considered Force-Choking him, but thought better of it, knowing that Supreme Leader Snoke would not approve.  

The shuttle doors closed with a hiss once he was inside. Your gaze automatically snapped to the source of the noise, only to find Kylo Ren looking right back at you. You could feel your face flush as you looked away quickly. The crew and commanders, usually at least buzzing with nervous energy, were almost radiating fear in the face of Kylo Ren’s riled up state, thus securing the trip in uninterrupted silence. The co-pilot made the mistake of casting his angry glare over to Phasma, but a simple nudge of her rifle sent him skittering back to work.

Phasma summoned both you and the other squad’s weapons specialist, a Riot Control Trooper, along with Kylo Ren in order to brief you all on the specifications of planet and the strategy you had to relay to your team. Despite the Sith’s reknown, he was just as reserved as you, making it abundantly clear that Phasma was the commanding officer in this situation.

Your team took your directions on board with ease, shuffling and adjusting guns with what could have been described as excitement, but was most probably nervous energy. Citizens of the town you were raiding were dragged from their homes, easily overwhelmed by the First Order troops. Lightsaber ablaze, Kylo Ren roared demands at the people, behaving just as a Sith and face of the First Order should, as if feeding on the fear that was rolling off the citizens like waves.

It became abundantly clear within a matter of minutes that the citizens knew nothing, something which Kylo met with a cold gaze and the order of extermination. That was when all Hell broke loose. The citizens were armed, much to your surprise, and were quickly beginning to shoot and overwhelm your squad. One by one, Stormtroopers began to fall, you turned to your only available option, doing what you had only done a few sparing times in battle; you turned your incinerator on the people.

Despite the fire’s range, only a few citizens were injured, the rest scattering about, running into stray laser bolts or into Kylo Ren’s lightsaber. What mattered was that your people were alive, and thus you set about destroying their homes, one by one, focused on the thatched roofs and thankful for their thin walls, the structures crumbling as if they were made of cards.

With only one structure remaining, seemingly a small hermit’s cottage on the outskirts of town, you set about doing final checks on the city. A sense of relief passed through you, safe in the knowledge that you only had the one structure left, a fact for which you were glad; there were more houses than you had anticipated and you were running dangerously low on fuel.

From behind, you could hear the panicked shout of one of your subordinates, to which you turned to look. This turned out to be the wrong move. A stray villager had shot at you twice before he was cut in two by Kylo’s lightsaber; the first burying itself in your stomach, the second missing you and instead piercing through the incinerator fuel tank, sending what little fuel you had left up in flames, along with your entire back and the back of your head and neck.

You couldn’t feel it at first, shocking having frozen you solid, but it took only moments for you to thaw, numbness giving way to white hot pain, forcing your knees to buckle and you hit the ground hard. Somewhere in the back of your mind, you realised that the cottage ahead could have water or ice or anything cool to relieve you of this agony, but it was slow going, dragging yourself along, blood dripping from the wound in your stomach, painting the dirt beneath you red.

Armour fell, chestplate and helmet lying, discarded on the ground, no longer being supported by the back panels. But before you had time to register this, you were subjected to the intensely agonising experience of having someone lift you bridal style, despite the burns on your back, to carry you to the structure ahead. You were thankful that they made short work of it, moving faster than you believed a Stormtrooper could, before placing you on your stomach on the first flat surface available. You gathered that it was a kitchen of sorts, and it was fast filling with Stormtroopers.

“Someone get the medical officer from the shuttle!” Kylo Ren wasn’t usually so panicked, you managed to register, and through your hazy, pain-fogged mind, you managed a smile at the thought. Surely Kylo Ren wasn’t worried about you, he had far better things to do, you thought, but it was nice for a moment. Soon, cool liquid was being poured over your aching back, and you arched up, aggravating the wound considerably as a scream was ripped from your throat. A a few pairs of hands quickly reached out to hold you down, their firm grip remaining even as the process was repeated and your screams grew louder. Eventually, the medical officer seemed satisfied that the burn was flushed, and your screams had  turned to hoarse, whimpered sobs. “Get out! Give her some space.” There was Kylo’s voice again and the room suddenly seemed very empty. Some type of salve was being smeared on your searing back in copious amounts, soothing the raging fire that seemed to still be blazing across your back, however the wound in your stomach showed no signs of relenting.

“Stay with me, [Y/N].” Your eyes fluttered open, a semi-aware smile on your face hoping for the owner of the voice to meet your expectations, and yet, prepared to be disappointed as your gaze searched blearily for the face who was grounding you here. Unexpectedly, brown eyes looked back, eyes you feel as if you’ve known your whole life, and you feel your heart soar.

Oh,” your voice is raspy and your breathing is laboured, but your heart beats faster than you knew it could. It’s painful, but you manage to reach out one, gloved hand to stroke his cheek. “it’s you.” There’s something in his eyes, like it hurts to look at you.

“You’re not allowed to die.” He demanded, jaw clenched tightly. That simple phrase, that one statement, and suddenly it’s all real. You could feel every inch of skin that had burned away, the way the wound in your stomach pulsed and bled; if they didn’t know about that wound by now, surely they would know soon enough.

“I can’t… I can’t promise that.” You whispered, face crumpling into a distraught mask. After several shuddering breaths, you closed your eyes, hand moving to secure a grip on the back of Kylo’s neck. “Can you keep me here?” You tried to be calm, to be cool despite the circumstances, but it you could almost feel yourself coming apart at the seams. Your eyes opened slowly and you tried your hardest to focus on him and only him, not the pain, not the past, nothing but him.

For the briefest of moments, you spared a thought to whether you would be able to feel a Jedi in your head. As it turns out you can’t, but you didn’t need to feel it to know. Kylo’s face was the picture of tragedy, recognition turning to bitterness his eyes shon with tears that hadn’t been there just a few seconds ago. You couldn’t help the sad, watery smile as you ran your thumb across his jawline. “You might believe that I don’t have a lot to think about. but I think an awful lot about you.”

The medical officer cut in, breaking both the moment and your own concentration. “She’s losing a lot of blood, I don’t know-”

“Her stomach.” Kylo offered, voice level, eyes still locked on yours. “You’re going to make it.” He murmured.

“Not if I don’t tend to that wound.” The medical officer spat, forcing you to drop your hand, the Sith using the Force in order to lift you up while the medical officer lay towels on the bloodied table, laying you on your back so the laser wound could be examined. Blood soaked the entire front of your body suit, still completely intact apart from the clear, neat laser hole in the stomach. She cut it away as best she could, trying to examine the wound with what little supplies she had, Kylo unable to look at you, fists balled by his sides, turned away from the scene before him. You don’t know which hurts more.

“I should- I should- I should’ve said something.” You sobbed, each one aggravating your wound. You were so full of fear and regret over your missed opportunities that you weren’t going to throw away this one. “Please, Sir-”

“Don’t.” Kylo muttered, turning back to you, kneeling down beside you, reaching out to run a hand through your hair. The medical officer’s fussing had stopped abruptly and the two of your turned to slowly see what the holdup was. Fearful expression on her face, the medical officer looked from the wound to Kylo Ren.

“I’m sorry.” She whispered, pleading. “There’s nothing I can do for her-” You watched as Kylo Force-Choked the life out of her, too tired and desensitised to be even remotely horrified. Determination etched into all of the lines on his face, he turned back to you, the corpse of the officer lying on the floor.

“I can save you.” He sounded resolute, which could only mean one thing. Being in a squadron with him for over a year meant you left with a considerable amount of knowledge about the Sith Regime and it’s rise to power; you knew of the promise Darth Sidious had made Darth Vader to lure him into the dark side.

“Sir, I’m not-” Everything was going fuzzy around the edges.

“I can save you.” He muttered, jaw clenched tighter as he tried and failed, again and again, to find the strength within himself.

“But am I worth it?” You asked, with a small, sad smile. “I’m just a Flametrooper. You’re Kylo Ren.” Tears were freely falling down your cheeks by now and black spots began appearing in your vision.

“You weren’t even meant to be here. This is my fault. If I just- I just-” He sounded so distraught, so broken, something catching in his throat. “I can-” You reached out, resting a hand on his, he looked to you, somehow seeming smaller, like a lost child.

“Would it make it easier if I told you I didn’t want to be saved?” You asked.

You could see in his eyes the moment his heart broke in two.

“What?” You didn’t know Sith could love like he loved you.

“Being… being with you. This is the best thing I could have hope for.” You squeezed his hand, but it was limp, as if he was in shock. “Please. Go.” You let out a sigh, aggregating your wound which elicited a wince. “My troops are waiting for you.” You tapped his hand weakly to signal that he should leave. Smile still on your face despite the fact that you were barely breathing, Kylo Ren left, almost shocked, fear and anger all brewing within him. He always wanted this sort of emotion, the dark side fed off that emotion, but not… not like this.

A scream was ripped from his very being as soon as he exited the cottage, fear, grief and rage all flooding him, bursting from his veins and out into the world with every last ounce of strength he had. He could feel it, could feel the tears running down his cheeks, the way the Force had flowed through him in that moment; he’d only read about the Force Scream, he knew what it was, but he never thought he was capable of it. He had always known it was powerful and terrible, and yet, this… This was so much worse. It felt as though his soul had been ripped from his body.

A moment of silence followed his scream, as if the universe was simply waiting to react. He was not disappointed. Stormtroopers gathered by the shuttle, hundreds of metres away were all knocked to the ground. He knew this would happen, knew the effects of the Force Scream, and so he turned, hearing the crack of wood, watching in horror as the house he had just left, the house he had left you in, collapsed.

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I've never had attraction to an inanimate object before but you have absolutely captivated me in how you draw coffee... I want to do things to the coffee you've drawn including drinking them that even I'm taken aback.

I’m…not exactly sure what else you can do with coffee… A part of me wants to know and another thinks its not a good idea to find out OuO;

When people are confused about the designated visual, it’s not because a member is MORE or LESS attractive. Hell no. It’s because you see one member and you’re like “They’re attractive WOw”. Then you see the other members and you’re like “wOW OH SHIT”. It makes you so overwhelmed because wow everyone’s so attractive. Which leads you to the question: “HOW TF THERE A VISUAL WHEN ALL OF YOU LOOK AMAZING???”

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"You know... For a sloppy bag of bones and a terrible sense of humor, you're kinda cute?"

Blind Folded Confession: Accepting

“heh.” It was hard to tell exactly who it was speaking, but Sans chuckled beneath his breath and shook his skull regardless. “y’sure i’m the only one with a blindfold on here, pal? thanks for the compliment, anyhow. i’d say somethin’ nice back, but i don’t have the guts.”  

Cue a shit eating grin. Well, they did say he had a terrible sense of humor. 

He was just holding up to their expectation. What a nice guy. 


There are asexuals that are sex repulsed.
There are asexuals that are okay talking about sex.
There are asexuals that have sex.
There are sex positive asexuals.
There are asexuals that have sex when they have a strong emotional bond.
There are asexuals that are romantically attracted to the same sex.
There are asexuals that are romantically attracted to the opposite sex.
There are asexuals that are romantically attracted to one or more sex.
There are asexuals that aren’t romantically attracted to anyone.

And yes, I get that asexuality can be hard to understand and empathise with, but if I hear “that’ll change when you meet the right guy,” one more fuckin time, I swear to God!

Tegan songs, on the theme “I’m so desirable, what the fuck”
  • Time Running
  • You Went Away
  • Where Does The Good Go
  • Speak Slow
  • The Con
  • Northshore
  • The Ocean

he is a horrible person and i love him (listen)

toxic [yaël naïm] // dirty love [gin wigmore] // stop me [natalia kills] // morning star [flunk] // off to the races [lana del rey] // i prefer your love [st vincent] // glory and gore [lorde] // do i wanna know [ms mr] // poison [gin wigmore] // love is to die [warpaint] // million dollar man [lana del rey] // the apocalypse song [st vincent] // billie holiday [warpaint]

don’t you hate to see your friends settle for people in relationships?

when someone treats you poorly when you’re just friends, why do you think dating them will change anything?

find someone who looks at no one else.

who sees you as the most attractive person in the world.

who would never talk to someone else, even if they came at them hard as a motherfucker

find someone who respects you. cares about you. would never choose someone over you. 

who wakes up in the morning and thinks of you.

who falls asleep dreaming of you.

who has only thought of you for months, not tried for someone else and then when they weren’t wanted settled for you.

so sad to see people settle.

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17, 27 and 28?

17. Do you have a crush on anyone?

- Yaaaassssssssssss. Maybe two… I don’t know how to handle it.

27. What turns you on?

- Lisps… occasionally(don’t look at me like that idk why).

28. What turns you off? 

- Being a cheeto. 

When someone finds out you’re asexual and decides to ask “the questions.”

So you’re never going to have sex?: Well I’ve already had a lot of sex. Figuring out that I’m asexual was a long journey especially considering most of the trip I had never heard the term asexual.

But if you’ve had sex how are you asexual?: Being asexual means I’m not sexually attracted to anyone, not that I’m incapable of having sex.

How can you think people are cute/beautiful/handsome?: The same way I know how beautiful a pint of Ben and Jerry’s sitting in my freezer is. I have eyes. I’m asexual, not blind.

What about having kids?: 1. I don’t want them. 2. If I want kids, I’ll get them the same way everyone else does: I’ll make one or go find one and fill out the proper paperwork.

What about when you get married? You’re not going to have sex with your spouse?: Who says I’ll ever get married? And besides marriage is a piece of paper that allows me to see my significant other if they’re seriously injured. It doesn’t entail sex.

But you are going to have sex on your wedding night, right? If you get married, I mean?: Okay, I can’t make any promises. I can’t say for sure I’m never having sex with my possible future spouse. I might one day decide, for their benefit, to give it a go, but they need to understand (and they will because we will discuss it because it’s our relationship and our business) that I’m never going to be up for sex on any kind of regular basis. And if I ever do have sex with said possible future spouse, it sure as hell will not be on my wedding night. My wedding day is going to be one of if not the most important day of my relationship. It’s special. It’s all about us and should include special things to us. I’m asexual. Sex is not special to me. It is nothing to me. It will not be part of our relationship together, therefore it will not be part of one of the most important days of my life. That is pointless. In the future, when I think back to my wedding day, I want to think about how amazing and special and unique to us it was. I want to think back and remember all of the special relationship defining things we did. So instead of something as pointless and boring as sex how about going to see our favorite Broadway show? Or spending the rest of the day at Disney World (because let’s be honest if I get married it’ll most likely be there)? Maybe scuba diving near a beautiful coral reef? Creating a painting together to be a centerpiece of our first house? The options are endless. They’re exciting. They’re memories to last a lifetime.

Sex is not something I owe someone. It is not a required part of a romantic relationship. Anyone who truly loves me will know, understand, and respect that. And when I’m old and grey and looking back on my life I will have spent it doing extraordinary things with the person I love most and, as I feel right now and always will, I will not care one bit if I ever had sex with that amazing person.

Mass Effect: Andromeda 30 Day Challenge


16 Days: How would Ryder define their sexuality?


3 Days: Do you plan on romancing anyone with Ryder? If so, who? Why? What qualities would Ryder find attractive in a partner (if applicable)?

Candelario, after much due consideration, is

Originally posted by animatedtext

Also, he’s probably going to romance Vetra. I planned for her to be his closest squadmate after learning more about her, and she was originally going to be Adoracion’s LI, but I honestly think she and Candelario share the plucky adventurer with a heart of gold but also a bit of a jaded side vibe. His sister is going to end up with Peebee more than likely. But I mean. Vetra is my space wife. How could I not romance her with my main Ryder?

Originally posted by cactuarkitty

sugarspiceandcursewords replied to your post “Out of all the WIPs I was shuffling through today, the one I landed on…”

She could also big-sister him a bit; maybe there’s a ship or a route she knows cold and he needs a little help with…and maybe he finds that desperately attractive but lacks the self-esteem to actually pursue her… Or you could just write what you want and I could go the hell to bed like I should.

oh that’s intriguing.

Given my timeline, though, he’d be about five years older than she is, and I figured on about two-three years before the events of Rogue One for this little ficlet, so– he’d be about 25, she’s about 20 (if you assume Bodhi is younger than Ahmed)– and so I ruminated on it and impulse-generated myself a little prompt where he uses his slightly-protected status as a uniformed Imperial to save her from a scrape, and then they meet again later.

I want them to hook up because that’s always the easiest plot hook in fanfiction, and also because I’m still stinging over the Bad Demi Discourse I accidentally read and now I’m feeling all weird over putting sex in fic (and I just saw another post where someone was congratulating someone else on resisting the urge to put sex in fic and the other person was like oh yes sex is so lazy a trope and I was like– now I’m all messed-up over this, y’all, don’t let any other Fandom Olds tell you it gets easier, I’ve been writing fic since the 90s and this shit still knocks me for loops on the regular). And also, I mean, ace!Bodhi is a great headcanon I haven’t explored, and also Shara doesn’t need to bang everyone, but then, why would it be weird when there are so many crackfics that are just PWPs, why shouldn’t they, and clearly I’m overthinking it.

Anyway, I have 1500 words of Shara being clever and desperate and Bodhi being small and brave, and I don’t know yet where my heart will take me from there.