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I think winter is kind of lame, so to cheer us all up I’m going to do my first give-away. prizes include two copies of the sexuality fortune teller, a copy of my anxiety zine, a copy of my glossy sacred laverne card, a color copy of my brand-new never-even-posted “sleep over” zine (queer stuff!), the spookfriend rat zine (also never before posted), a copy of Dan’s latest zine, and the original copy of ~*brand new baphomet card*~!! also all the plastic gummy rats you can handle!!

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Hey guys!! So many weeks ago, I entered a scholarship contest, and I’m one of 24 finalists out of 5500 entries!! This is really, really great, because the top 5 winners each get a scholarship of $1000, which I could really use because money is kind of tight in my house right now, so this could help a lot. The 5 winners are selected in a voting period - which is where you come in!

What do you have to do to vote?

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I’m always floored by how active, creative and talented this fandom is ;~; I love how even now, months after the airing of the second season ended, not only are there still events being organized (thank you so much to the people behind them!!) but these events have such a nice (even overwhelming at times, when you’re in the shoes of a mod! lol) participation-rate! It’s just so heartwarming to check my dash and find it filled with amazing RinHaru fanwork of all kinds and genres. 

Thank you so much to every single one of you who has found the time to partake in these events! And it also goes to those who could not submit something, but have been reblogging the entries, discussing them and supporting the participants and the mods behind it — You are all awesome!! And of course, that goes out to the Mods, too; thank you for taking the time to organize these events and give the fandom an excuse to come together and shower our otp with love!

Thanks for keeping the RinHaru love always in season guys, looks like the RinHaru Sakura-Blooming Power™ is contagious (◡‿◡🌸)  

Bonnie Bennett Drabble Week 

As we all know our favourite witch queen is neglected on the show, but she’s also kind of neglected in the fandom as well in terms of fanfiction dedicated to her. So to rectify that, I thought we could spend a week dedicated to writing drabbles about her and the various men/women she interacts (or could’ve interacted) with. Feel free to make them platonic drabbles too, if you want to write about a ship but it doesn’t appeal to you on a romantic level. There’s a mixture of femslash ships and hetero ships to appeal to everyone. 

There’s no set week to do it in because I find setting a time to do it just tends to discourage people from taking part due to other projects they are pursuing, both on tumblr and in real life. Just tag all your entries as bbdw14 so I can reblog them :) You don’t have to do the days in a set order either, just have fun and be creative! 

Day 1: Bonnie x Damon

Day 2: Bonnie x Jeremy 

Day 3: Bonnie x Liv 

Day 4: Bonnie x Caroline x Elena (or alternatively Bonnie x Caroline or Bonnie x Elena) 

Day 5: Bonnie x Kol 

Day 6: Bonnie x Matt 

Day 7: Bonnie x ? (this one you can choose an alternative ship which hasn’t already been mentioned or alternatively just choose this day to write a drabble about Bonnie that is just strictly about her, with no other characters involved)