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Grimoire Challenge - Week 1


Monday: Preparing your grimoire

  • Include your name and the date
  • Create a dedication to put into your grimoire. Dedicate it to whatever or whomever you praise.
  • Write it out and put it into your grimoire. Make sure to ask for protection as well.
  • Create a color magick chart. Correspond ink colors with your intention when writing in your grimoire.
  • Draw sigils that bring protection to your grimoire and wards off unwanted eyes. 
  • Chart out or make a timeline of your witchcraft so far, make it easy to expand and add onto. Include any events that helped shape your path.

Tuesday: Start of the year journal prompts

  • Define your path.
  • When did you begin your path?
  • How has it changed over time (more specifically how has it changed since last year?)
  • What makes witchcraft YOUR path?
  • What does being a witch mean to you?
  • What do you hope to achieve and and learn through witchcraft?
  • How has time affected your beliefs?
  • How did you come across witchcraft?
  • What made you want to practise witchcraft?
  • What do you hope to achieve by doing the 2017 grimoire challenge?
  • Is there anything you fear while following this path?
  • What type of entities do you believe in?
  • Who are your patron Gods and Goddesses, if any?
  • In what ways do you hope to grow?

Wednesday: Goal Setting

  • Set a goal you want to complete by the end of the month.
  • Set five goals you want to complete by the end of the year.
  • What are your witchcraft related life goals?

Thursday: Chosen tools of your craft

  • What is the one tool you use immensely in your craft that you could not practice without? Why? What are its correspondences, properties, uses?
  • List the main tools used in your practice.
  • Do you work with crystals? Bones? Herbs? How do you use them? Why do you use them? What kind or role do they play in your craft? 

Friday: Types of Witches

  • Are you a solitary practitioner or do you practice with a coven? Why do you choose the solitary path or vice versa?
  • Do you use a label?
  • If so, what kind of witch do you label yourself as?
  • If not, what are your reasons for not using a label?
  • Do you agree with the use of labels? Are they used too freely, with not enough thought put into them?
  • Is there a certain witchcraft path that you may not agree with? What is it that you do not agree with?
  • Do some research on it, gather enough knowledge for you to understand their practise. Once you gather enough of an understanding do an entry on it. Make sure to include your opinions before and after you did your research.

Saturday: Full Moon

  • There is a full moon on Saturday, February 11th.
  • Do you have anything planned for the full moon?
  • What is your favorite activity to do during the full moon?
  • Do you perform rituals? Cleanse crystals? Cast spells?
  • Do you have any full moon traditions?
  • Create a correspondence between full moon and the months. Does a certain month influence the moon’s magick?
  • Create a list of 2017′s full moons.

Sunday: February Magick Calendar

  • Draw out the February calendar in your grimoire. Include any important magickal dates such as the full moons, sabbats, retrogrades, eclipses, and any other important magickal workings. Use this to organize when you want to practice magick or meet with your coven.

If you post your progress make sure to use the tag  #moonlight grimoire challenge so I can reblog it here. Good Luck!

Moonlight Grimoire Challenge


(I decided to post this outside my reblog from @language-princess to keep better track of it)

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Goldilocks || 06

Happy kind of early 700 followers! How?! I only reached 600 last week. You guys spoil me. As thanks, here’s 6.4k of “pure,” unadulterated Goldilocks.

Rated M (language and smut)

Warnings: Masturbation, hand job, just general cringe worthy stuff

Summary: After getting evicted, your two best friends Jimin and Taehyung offer you a place to stay until you get back on your feet. Needless to say, with a part time job and a mountain of student debt, that’s not happening any time soon. Eventually, they DO become really fond of having you around, helping with chores and even splitting rent. So when you come home one day to find someone has been sleeping in your couch-bed, well… it’s something you won’t take lightly.

Out of context Goldilocks quote:
“Wait, random arguments about ass? Or just like, getting mad about nothing? Because one of those is definitely better than the other.”

Links to: Goldilocks Masterlist || Previous || Next Part

not my gif, credit to owner


A/N: OH LOOK THE RATING CHANGED. If you’re someone who doesn’t like smut, asterisk* is where it starts, skip until the *asterisk where it ends. You won’t be missing plot stuff. I made sure of that. Special thanks to @echo-writes


Taehyung’s room, too hot.

Jimin’s room, too cold.

You flop onto the empty sofa. Just right.

While you love Taehyung and his bed, there is a strong possibility that you would give your nonexistent left testicle to kick out Jungkook and sleep here again. Couch is love. Couch is life. You contemplate taking a nap while you have the house to yourself, but then you smell it, something that is awfully, unmistakably him.

You roll sideways, onto the floor, almost hitting the coffee table.

He’s contaminated it.

Jungkook has gone and rubbed his stupid smell all over your precious couch-bed. Not that you… know what he smells like. You cringe. Spending a third night in Taehyung’s bed might not be so bad after all. If you just down another dose of god knows how old NyQuil like the past two days, at least you’ll be spared the horror of another wet dream.

Besides, you’d probably have to fight Jungkook for the couch anyway. Then again, maybe you could shove the golden haired muscle pig into Jimin’s room. That would take care of two problems.

The sound of jingling keys pulls your attention to the entryway. It’s too early for Jimin to be home from work and Jungkook can’t get in without someone unlocking the door for him (maybe there’s still a chance you could “accidentally” leave him outside at some point). So the logical conclusion is, Taehyung is home from school early.

You’re pretty sure he had an exam today, but because your friend is surprisingly one of those people who can get a solid 95% without reading the textbook, studying, or even attending lectures in some cases, he probably finished in less than twenty minutes. Classic Tae. Technically, you’re not supposed to be home either, but your first class was canceled despite having spent all weekend slaving away, shut inside the bathroom on Jimin’s laptop to finish writing your essay.

The bathroom? Yes. Don’t judge yourself. What were you going to do? Continue suffering in Jimin’s room? Move to Taehyung’s and get distracted by the mess that would even put a garbage dump to shame? Or worst of all, confront Jinglekook in the living room or kitchen?

So there you found yourself, in the bathroom hunkered under a layer of blankets in the bathtub and on a throne of pillows, telling all three guys to “fuck off- go piss on a tree” whenever they came knocking. The only time you let them in was the rare occasion you had to leave for important things like food or when you left for a four hour shift at work on Sunday.

You were being difficult, yes.

But if a certain someone hadn’t taken your beloved couch, it wouldn’t have been a problem.

Suddenly, the door swings open, slamming against the wall and bouncing back to hit a very excited looking Taehyung in the shoulder. Leave it to him to make an entrance.

“I’m home early~ before everyone else~” he playfully sings to himself. You contemplate telling him you’re here, but then, “Gonna go watch porn~ with the volume on~”

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Weekly Voltron Fic Recs #30

Officially no longer a youngster. Get a job and get out of your parents’ basement, “weekly” rec list, for pete’s sake. Get it together.

Rules: You can find past weekly rec lists here, and non-list recs in my general fic rec tag. This is stuff I like, and I have a huge bias toward Lance, hurt/comfort, and general fluff, in that order. Gen unless otherwise noted. Please comment on the fics if you read and enjoy them!

A Lonely Mind by Bandity
Words:  11,292 (WIP ½)
Author’s Summary:  Lance struggles with depression, choosing to hide his problems, he starts down a dangerous road alone.
My Comments: I think I kinda freaked the author by leaving a RIDICULOUSLY long comment on this one. Go read that for my expanded thoughts. But yeah, fave of the list. You remember that post going around not long ago about how healing pods are scary? This fic takes that concept in a FABULOUS direction, and I love it to death.

Starve the Ego, Feed the Soul by Agapostemon
Words: 1,595
Author’s Summary:
“So you want me to spy for you,” Keith observes blandly. “Exactly!” Hunk nods, “Oh, and keep an eye out for food stashes. I wanna know where all my ingredients are going. ”Keith sighs, “Fine, whatever. I’ll spy for you. But only because he’s my brother and I care about him.”
My Comments: Really sweet and heart-achey exploration of Keith and Shiro’s relationship, through the scenario of Shiro hoarding food in his room.

Pizza, Pasta and some comfort by SerenePhenix
Words: 4,405
Author’s Summary: I love taylor_tut’s sickfics to death but the one that really stuck with me was the one about the college AU where Lance appeared on the gang’s doorstep and they all were like “let’s take care of this sick stranger”.I really couldn’t help myself…
Getting Lance to stop before he can collapse Shiro wonders what can be done to help the poor guy.
Besides making sure that his temperature doesn’t go through the roof…
My Comments: Not long ago, I recced “The Pizza One” as my favorite taylor_tut fic, and here’s a nice long sequel! I love it almost as much as everyone in the fic loves Lance.

Food for Thought by WildWolf25
Words: 9,094
Author’s Summary: After a very uncomfortable breakfast his first morning in the Castle of Lions, Ulaz learns that Galra and Earthlings (and Alteans) have some very prominent cultural differences, specifically relating to food. Once they get some misunderstandings cleared up, though, Lance gets a certain idea…
My Comments: Crack alert! This is delightful. Gen, but technically NSFW for…reasons. Just read it, if you’re of age.

Stretch the Day by Stratagem
Words: 886
Author’s Summary: Lance and Hunk hang out with their siblings at a lake and have a nice day where nothing bad happens. Really!
My Comments: I’m actually reccing every fic in this series, Voltron Space Family, this one just happened to come up first in my AO3 history because I read it the most recently. But yeah, you should consume everything. This author is SUPER good at child mannerisms, as well character interaction and feels. There’s a story where Shiro is rescued after the end of Season 2 by a misfit band of space pirates including one Matt Holt, and another where the Galra kidnap Lance and Hunk’s siblings, which is heart-rending. Very, very good stuff. I’ll be following this author with eager anticipation.

Distance by nawsies
Words: 1,381
Author’s Summary: Pidge misses her Mum so much and most of the time she refuses to think about it, Lance is in the right place at the right time and wants to help his friend (he helps).
My Comments: Sweet, achey, homesick Lance and Pidge. Beautiful little fic.

Mermaid Rescue and Rehab Inc. by isabeau25
Words: 1,064
Author’s Summary: Sadly, this isn’t the strangest phone call Pidge has ever gotten from Lance. The mermaid is new though.
My Comments: MERBABY SHIRO RESCUED BY THE GARRISON TRIO. If that doesn’t make you want to read it I don’t know what will. Just go. It’s great.

Voltron Hug Collection by hufflepirate
Words: 12,761
Author’s Summary: 15 microfics, minifics, or oneshots featuring Voltron hugs. These were written based on tumblr prompts (plus 2) and to get me through finals week. Every chapter involves at least one hug, all hugs are platonic, and chapter titles will tell you the people involved and some idea of the plot or prompt, so keep an eye out for those.
My Comments: I’ve been reblogging these fics in their tumblr post form, because they are all amazing, but if you missed any, here they are all handily collected for your convenience! I intend to comment on every single chapter, just haven’t gotten to it yet.

Lionhearted by Pidgeon_Online
Words: 9,539
Author’s Summary: It’s a struggle for everyone. They’re struggling to stay afloat in the sea of stress and anxiety.And Pidge accidentally tipped the boat.or
Pidge gets sick and everyone helps while trying to juggle their own problems.
My Comments: Sick Pidge with bonus angsty Lance and supportive everyone else. A pleasure to read.

One Day at a Time by dem_hips
Words: 2,818
Author’s Summary: Being away from home at school is a little different from being away from home defending the universe, as it turns out.
My Comments: Kind, supportive Garrison Trio. They’re all so very far away from home. Another fic where Pidge and Lance level up their friendship. I love it.

Caught in the Rain by WildWolf25
Words: 3,611
Author’s Summary: “Hi, um, do you need help with your… robot car?”Pidge looked up to find a man looking down in bemusement at them. His black hair was cropped close to his head, shorter at the undercut and only slightly longer on top, save for a white-dyed tuft that fell over his forehead.
“It’s a rendition of the Mars Rover, but ‘robot car’ works too.” Pidge said. “And I’m okay, I just need to dry it off. My teammates are delayed, so I just need somewhere out of the rain to wait for them. Sorry about using your awning.” (While waiting for their robotics club members, Pidge gets caught in the rain and takes refuge in the lobby of an onsen, where they meet Shiro)
My Comments: This is such a warm, gentle, relaxing fic, much like I imagine an onsen visit to be. Love this modern version of Pidge and Shiro, with Lance being a disaster and Hunk being a suspicious mechanic, as it should be.

Heathens by TheCookieMonster77
Words: 8,785
Author’s Summary: “You…"Keith looked completely bewildered and lost at Lance’s outburst and Lance thought that that was probably the worst part of all of this. The heathen didn’t even realize his error.Keith’s face looked startlingly close to a kicked puppy. "What did I do?”“I- You-” Lance let out a muffled shriek shout of irritation. “You,” he growled, jaw clenched and teeth grinding, “just asked for pineapple. On pizza."What. An. Out. Rage.Keith blinked. ”…Yes?“Hunk is an amazing angel (like always) who figured out how to make space pizza. Lance was ready to sing his praises to the universe, but then his teammates have to go ruin everything by insisting on pineapple pizza.Heathens.
My Comments: Very fun and funny fic! I loved everyone’s different reactions.

A (Space) Mother’s Work is Never Done by BajillionKittens
Words: 2,851 (WIP 3/?)
Author’s Summary: A Mother’s Day celebration for the team mom. Six times Coran took care of his kids and one time they returned the favor.
My Comments: SO CUTE. I love the way Coran takes care of all of these children he’s suddenly stuck with. The different scenarios are all very good and fitting, and I’m looking forward to more.

Little Drops of Poison by Saereneth for BossToaster (ChaoticReactions)
Words: 2,607
Author’s Summary: Shiro had been trying to catch up to them, clawing his way through years of separation just to feel like he was part of them once more, but sometimes it was just too much, and he had to excuse himself for a while so he could come to grips with everything he’d missed.
My Comments: @bosstoaster‘s Ten Years On AU bothers me on a very visceral level that I have trouble articulating, but this little exploration in the sandbox is lovely. I love Pidge unable to stick with her original concept and expanding into thing she finds interesting or just pretty, and the way Lance notices Shiro spiraling and subtly grounds him without being flashy is really lovely characterization. Very believable development of both of them, and Shiro is heartbreaking as always, but everyone’s going to take care of him.

Be Water, My Friend by xLoLix
Words: 8,531
Author’s Summary: So there are the quieter moments between missions, between exciting events, between the moments that matter. (The real secret are that those are the moments that matter the most.)Here are some moments between the paladins, starring Lance.Or; I air out some of my general grievances and de-stress from school by writing a fic about my favourite character.
My Comments: Really lovely exploration of Lance and his relationships. I enjoyed it.

Finding Family by squirenonny
Words: 17,214
Author’s Summary: A collection of drabbles that don’t fit neatly into the main Duality plotline. Most can be read independently of the main story, though each entry contains a note on where it fits in the timeline.Written based on prompts from readers.
My Comments: Some mild Klance and Shatt. Every single of one of these is delightful. You should just read everything this author writes. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again.

Previously Recced Fics That Updated:

As Color Fades Away by IcyPanther
Truce by kyanve
The Times They Remembered Pidge Was a Girl by MagmaWrites
The Color Of Our Planet From Far Far Away by LonelyGirlInSpace
Someplace Like Home by squirenonny  (THE GANG IS BACK TOGETHER)
Secret of the Blood by exclamation (now complete)
Garrison Days by castlestormed
Towards The Sun by Eastofthemoon
The Machinations of Perception by HapaxLegomenon
Must Surely Be Learning by BossToaster (ChaoticReactions) (now complete)
The Garden of Heaven by Genesister (papirini)  (now complete)
Love and Other Questions by squirenonny
The Size Of Our Actions by buttered_onions
Scattered by avidbeader
A Dream Away by BossToaster (ChaoticReactions)
Stardust, Silk and Steel by CalicoTomcat
Shifting Sands by Cardigan_Quincy

jeemyjamz  asked:

Oh ye who's wise on all things bughead, can you please recommend me some good angsty, bughead fics. And by angst, I mean heart-wrenching, gut-twisting angst -- I wanna get deep w/ my emotions. Thanks B 😘

OOOkay - so I have to apologize @jeemyjamz for taking so freaking long to get back to you with this angsty list of fics. I also had THREE Anon requests asking for the same thing and I think because of the enormity of the ask - I felt like I couldn’t answer anyone’s asks because I have a brain block when it comes to deep devastating angst. Seriously - angst is hard for me to rec because I don’t generally read fics that will destroy my heart. I usually like flangst - fluffy angst (or angst with a happy ending) - especially when it’s plot driven - or super fluffy one shots. Too much angst hurts me - and it bleeds into my real life. (Like that couple weeks in April when we had to get through the 12 chapters of Long Live Rock. I was insufferable at home. Thought my husband would divorce me. I was short tempered and weepy. Poor Salmons.) 

But  - because I suppose I should try to keep my reputation as someone who reads a little something - here are some fics that aren’t FLUFFY and are various levels of sad that I can rec:

Firstly, I feel like I should point out that aside from the 12 chapters of Jeronica that is smushed kinda in the early middle of Long Live Rock by @ficmuse - that fic isn’t actually that angsty. It’s more of a plot driven, magic fest of campy awesomeness. That is solely why I’m not linking it on this list.

Nextly - I know I said I don’t read angst often - and this story is probably a good illustration of why. The Tales of an Endless Heart series by @lessoleilscouchants is freaking AMAZING and has literally cracked my soul open into little itty-bitty pieces a’la a horcrux. Where the fic sits now - we’re kind of on a not as angsty slide upwards (I hope permanently) but dude… literal, wet, fat, devastating, and heartbreaking tears fell down this fic reccer’s face during this series. So if you’re into masochism (like Juggie in this fic) you should read it. Seriously.

Also - my girl @lusterrdust knows how to break a heart or two. If her fic out of nowhere (and in fact - BOTH of her Somewhere in Time fics) doesn’t fail to destroy your heart, then you’re not a person. red sunrise is all about the end of the world and how scary hopeless it can feel being chased down by zombies while searching for the love of your life. And seriously heed the trigger warnings on drown because it freaking HURTS.

And let’s talk about dear @gellbellshead - who usually writes cheerful things. Well, she brought us  Don’t Leave Me as well. Freaking tearfest of a story. Thanks for that, dear.

Along similar lines - but not quite - we have a doomed soulmate fic by the ever lovely @juggydunes. To die by your side (Is such a heavenly way to die) doesn’t just have a clever name - we’ve convinced her to continue with another chapter… so that’s pretty spectacular, I feel.

Then there was a fic I came upon this afternoon by @betsjuggiecooperjones which didn’t have a name but was a Missing Scene between episodes 11 and 12 that was just so super good and mostly sad but then happy at the end (see how bad I am with the solely angsty stuff?)

Same thing with one of my most favourite stories every by @camelotskingz Your Eyes Look Like Coming Home starts out pretty freaking angsty… but there is some reprieve at the end. I mean - it’s cute and super clever - but there are a few scenes in the middle there that I felt my heart was being ripped open… so I think it fits the bill. Not to mention To B.C. I Still Love You is pretty much one angsty ‘throw-up on someone when you’re kissing them’ ride of pain. It’s one you should check out - if you haven’t already. (who am I kidding - I’m sure you’ve checked it out!)

Here’s one from the VERY early inklings of the fandom - it’s called Polaroids by AugustApollo - and it’s technically unfinished… but the two chapters that are there are pretty stand alone as they are. It’s so so good. It was in the first fifty entries or so on my big ass spreadsheet that I started in March (!) and my answer to whether this fic was gonna be epic was a big old YES - so I promise you’ll like it. And it’ll hurt you. But it’s so well written. Maybe if more people review it, we’ll get more polaroids of their life, you think?

Heartfelt by absurdvampmuse is a post Juggie’s birthday fic of pain… but pretty much any fic regurgitating the painful things Juggie threw at Betty in that garage is the epitome of angst for me - this one was just really great. I guess it’s not doom and gloom rip your heart out angst - but it’s definitely not fluffy.

Even Still by @peacelovebughead freaking crushed me. So I’m counting it as an angsty story - even if it has a happy ending.

Then of course there is As I lay Dying by @avenuepotter- which is a retelling of Hamlet… so of course it’s not gonna have a happy ending for anyone. But while it’s angsty af - it’s also clever and I’m never one to turn down a good Shakespeare retelling.

And lastly (for today) there is this one… There Was a Garden by mona_chopsis_0 - Until this afternoon, I had never read it but holy hannah on sunday! Where the hell have I been and what rock have I been living under? - because this is a freaking FANTASTIC fic - and yeah, it’s angsty - but also it doesn’t make me want to die from the pain a the end so more people need to read and review it. Seriously. AND I know I know the formatting it terrible. Whoever decided that << was a good alternative for a “ needs to have remedial fangirling lessons (sorry but that’s just my opinion) - I BEG you to read this story and ignore the uncomfortable formatting - because it’s FREAKING GOOD. Like so super good. Read it and review it! 

Okay - I’m calling it a day on this rec list for now. There are SO MANY MORE fics to rec - so if anyone else has favourite angsty fics to share - please please reblog with the links for all of us - because even though I’m going to hate myself for saying this - I could always do with more fic to read. lol. Love you, my dear, wonderful, and awesome Bughead Family.  💙💛

Yep, you read that right.  I’m having a party on my blog for my birthday (July 16th)! 🍾🎂🎉

Up for grabs are TWO ficlets.  That’s right, there will be two winners. :D  And it’s not hard to enter.  Seriously.  Reblogging isn’t even required (though it is appreciated).

How to Enter the Ficlet Raffle:

So I thought about how this would work.  Basically I want to celebrate with the people who follow me; who enjoy what I put out there into the tumblrverse and ao3.  I want to thank you all for being so awesome.  So here’s how it’s going to work.

  • You have to be following me.  No exceptions.  New followers are more than welcome to join in.  As long as you’re following me by 11:59pm CEST on July 16th you are eligible. :D
  • You have to comment on this post with something that you think will make me smile.  Because it’s for my birthday. :D That can be a simple “Happy Birthday!” (Guaranteed smile right there).  It could be a link to a picture of a goat or a cat (or a Yuuri or a Viktor or a whatever).  It could be a joke (dad jokes and puns are very appreciated on this blog).  It could be a compliment.  It could be a series of emojis.  It could be just about anything!  (Seriously, comments always make me smile.)
  • If you do want to reblog this, you get a SECOND entry. :D  Two tries to win!
  • And you have to do this by 11:59pm CEST on July 16th, 2017.  

What is the Prize?

A Ficlet.  By Me!  Written to a prompt of your choice. :D  I think you all know what I write by now. :)  Length will probably be somewhere between 1k to 3k words… because lets face it, I don’t know how to write something short.  I’m not guaranteeing length, but I will definitely aim for at least 1000 words.

I’m pretty open, but tend to write fairly vanilla when it comes to kinks, so keep that in mind.  Definitely no watersports of any kind… Doesn’t have to be explicit either, you know I tend to write fluffy and silly, but it can be if you want.

It doesn’t have to be related to any of the stories I’ve written, but if you want it to be, that’s all right.  I’m super easy.

There will be TWO winners because I’m ridiculous like that.  

Also you’re probably going to see this on my blog at least every other day up to the end of the raffle.

Winners will be selected at random using a number randomizer thingy on the 17th.  I’ll announce it here.  (You’ll have until the 19th to reply) if you don’t reply, you forfeit your AWESOME ficlet and I’ll draw another name.  Cool?  Cool.

**The AWESOMESAUCE banner graphic was made by none other than @io-edits-sassy  (Have I mentioned lately that he’s the best?  Cause he is totally the best)**

My Valentine Ex

Sasusaku university/college au :) Happy ending. This is my short fic for day one of sasusakufest :D Please like or reblog to show your support for my entries. This fic is sfw but has adult themes within that.

Day 1, username: merinxd

The steps were cold against her thighs even through her dark leggings. She didn’t know why they were here, it was warm inside the cafeteria, and their friends were waiting.

Sasuke pulled her to the side on their way to dinner, which she wasn’t expecting. She remembered watching Naruto and Hinata go on without them. Her dark haired girlfriend looked over her shoulder, giving her the thumbs up.
It was as if they knew to leave her.

It was Valentine’s Day, which wasn’t her day with Sasuke, and her levels of suspicion were rising. They had never been very good friends on February Fourteenth. But they’d been very good friends for a long time.

Sakura’s shoulders became burdened with Sasuke’s thick jacket and she felt warmth envelope her. Then he sunk down beside her. His jeans were warm against her leg and she huddled into his side.

Sasuke was one of her closest friends and her ex long term boyfriend. This year they were both single, but something romantic wasn’t in Sasuke’s nature.

“Sasuke, why are we out here? Can’t we go inside?” She asked him and he rolled his eyes. She knew what he was thinking. “I’m not being dramatic, I’m cold.”

Sasuke sighed. “We can go inside in a minute. Just let me think…I’ve been thinking about this for awhile but the words are hard.”

His hand cradled beside him, between them snugly.

She pressed, “No one is at my dorm right now.”


She was instantly quiet and her heart began to race. It had been a long time since he’d acted in this way. But they had been inching closer together since first year ended. They weren’t high school idiots anymore.

“Do you remember when we first broke up?” Sasuke said abruptly after a moment. He sounded almost conversational and it was unusual, they had never spoken of that time.

“You mean in high school? Yes, I remember.” She paused, thinking back to that day…those years together.

“It was Valentine’s day,” He murmured. 

Sakura breathed out in understanding, “And we were sitting on the library steps.”

She gazed up at Sasuke then, who was looking down at her.

His dark eyes were expressive and serious, wavering with the intensity of the moment. She felt herself give way, and the emotional strength she usually carried began to crumble.

She whispered, “You broke my heart.”

Sasuke sighed deeply, fingering through his long fringe, pushing it back.

He looked up to the sky.

“You broke my heart too…Sakura. My parents wanted me to go in a direction I didn’t end up taking…and it all got fucked up. Look. I didn’t want to lose you from my life even after we broke up, so I told my parents to shove it and applied here with you and Naruto.”

Sakura frowned, “You’re saying you think we made a mistake.”

Sasuke nodded slowly and she watched his profile for any changes in expression.

“We’ve missed moments because of my stupid decisions,” he sighed.

She was instantly curious, “Like what?”

He shrugged, “I dunno. I’m sure there’s some.”

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lumiereswig’s fanfics to date

I should probably make this a permanent link at some point, but for now, I want to THANK Y’ALL for the asks, and also say hi to the new followers, and also (and here’s the important bit) slamdunk in links to all my previous fics so you can have homework and know exactly what I’ve written already.

Sit down, y’all. I’ve been cranking out a hell of a lot of fics these weeks.

Lumiere discovers something new, post-curse: Matches

Plumette/Lumiere, pre-curse. Plumette growing up and Lumiere growing close. Lit By The Sun

Plumette/Lumiere, immediately after being cursed. It’s so angsty and I’m gonna rewrite it eventually, but here it is for now: Fire and Feathers

Lumiere meets the prince for the first time, the prince is a little kid and Lumiere is an overdramatic theatre kid: A Showman Through and Through

Plumette/Lumiere as college kids who have never resolved their sexual tension and it’s kinda wistful and weird: Modern AU that is not super great but eh i tried

“Can you do a fanfiction of young Lumiere and Plumette falling in love? Or just the first time they kissed?”: it’s right here for now (at least until I edit it and make it better)

“ok but i kind of want to know about the time travel/Scotland vacations”: haven’t had time to go into time travel yet, but it’s post-curse and here’s Scotland

“imagine also, like a maid that has a crush on Lumiere faking being Plumette and trying to seduce him”: hahaha this one still makes me laugh

Somebody on AO3 asked for a “Plumette is kidnapped and Lumiere will not rest until he finds her” fic. We’re three chapters in and it’s just getting sillier—here

"Can you write about Lumiere finding out that Plumette is pregnant?” Here.

“could we have a follow up story where Lumiere sees the baby for the first time? Please?” Here. Aww.

“a one shot in which plumette and lumiere go on a romantic tryst about the castle in the days following their wedding 💕”:  poor cogsworth

“i wish you would write a fic ; where lumiere ISN’T the sexiest sandwich in the palace.” For context, I claimed that Lumiere knows himself to be “the sexiest sandwich in the palace,” and then I got committed to this inexplicable slang term, and. uh. all you really need to know about it is that Plumette & Company get really, really drunk. Here.

and here’s your daily reminder that your faithful fanfic writer really, really appreciates reblogs, particularly if they come with nice comments (in the tags or otherwise), and what takes you five seconds can make my whole day. so pls be nice to the blogger and grant me that

and if you looked over this whole list and read every single entry and are still like “wow holy shit i can’t believe lumiereswig hasn’t written a fic about THIS THING yet,” here is my ask box where I happily take fic requests.

hiii lovelies! a couple of days ago, i reached 1k. i started this blog one month ago today and i never dreamed of ever reaching 1k, much less of reaching it within only a month, and i still kinda can’t believe it to be quite honest. and then yesterday, i reached 1.1k, and now i’m at 1.131k, and i’m pretty much shaking. i’m so incredibly grateful that all you wonderful, kind, lovely people have, for whatever reason, decided you wanted to follow my trash blog, and so i wanted to do my first ever tumblr awards, which i’m hoping as many of you as possible will participate in♥

rules, prizes and categories under the cut!

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Mary’s Teacher 4/?

Oliver and Felicity must both tell some truths in order to move forward.

Thanks so much for all the kind words, reblogs and likes for this series! I’m so glad you are enjoying this as much as I enjoy writing! Thanks so much to @magda1102 for the amazing edit!

This chapter will also be my entry for this week’s Olicity Hiatus Fic-a-Thon prompt: Get Down.

Hope you all enjoy! I did this without a beta so all mistakes are mine. This is and all other parts are available on AO3.

                             4. Getting Down to the Truth of the Matter

Felicity woke up the next morning feeling awful. Eating all that ice cream before bed - bad idea. But she wished that yucky tummy was her biggest problem. Really it was the ache radiating from her chest for a dream lost. How could you be this upset about something that you never had?

She had allowed herself to hope for the first time in a very long time. She had dared to think, this might be it - that thing that her college friends had found. The elusive love that she had never gotten to experience. Felicity had actually started to doubt it would ever happen for her and then when she met Oliver Queen.

No matter, how many times she reminded herself not to have a crush on her student’s Dad, it could not be stopped. She’d liked Oliver Queen from the moment he literally caught her in his arms when she fell off a desk.

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Rewriting Rev Y1K Challenge

Two awesome things are happening all at once!  I’ve hit 1,000 followers and we’re approaching my one year tumblr-versary!  Though I’d been writing for a while before joining tumblr, my first post here was on August 20, 2016 and I’ve posted 58 fics on this blog between my one shots and drabbles (and one series).  That’s more than one a week, which is awesome and kind of surprising because I feel like I’ve had so much writer’s block this year!

To celebrate I’m hosting a challenge!  Huzzah!  The twist on this challenge is that I’ve taken my favorite line from 50 of my fics and I want to see what that line inspires YOU to write!

There are some rules under the cut followed by the prompts!!

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Overwritings Fanfic Contest!

Hey!!! This is a kind of (late) celebration for 1000 followers!!! Thank you guys so much, this is probably one of the most positive experiences I’ve had on Tumblr so far! This is mostly just for fun but there will be some small prizes (I wish I could do more but I just don’t have the time or money for it)

How to Enter:

  • You don’t have to be following me but it would be appreciated!!
  • You can either submit your story to my inbox or @ me and post it on your own blog for me to reblog! If you chose to @ me and I don’t reblog it within a day message me about it because Tumblr might eat it!
  • Reblogs/likes don’t count for anything but reblogs help a lot!! If any of your followers might be interested in this help get the word out!


  • There will be three winners, one that I pick and two that my followers vote for!
  • First place(my pick) has the opportunity to be a mod/co-author on my blog. This can involve anything you want to do on it, from revamping themes, organization stuff, answering asks, or writing any prompts received here! 
    • If you want this prize please let me know somewhere in the entry or send me a message letting me know! That way I won’t pick anyone that isn’t interested in it!
  • Second and third place will have a permanent shout-out on my sidebar. I know it’s not the most amazing thing ever but this is for fun and it’s really the only thing I got at the moment


  • Doesn’t have to be reader-insert or anything like that, but keep in mind that that’s most of the prompts I get, so if you wanted to go for the mod/co-author prize be aware that you’ll have to be comfortable writing in a reader-insert format.
  • Try to keep NSFW to a minimum!
  • One entry per person
  • No specific theme! Aus, romance, angst, anything you want to write is all accepted!
  • 500 word minimum!
  • Must be Overwatch related!

Contest starts April 17th and ends May 29th. Voting will take place from the 29th-31st of May so there’s time for people to read over fics and get their vote in! Feel free to ask any questions! Get writing!!

750 Follower Appreciation & Tumblr Awards

Originally posted by yourreactiongifs

Alright guys!! It’s here but for real this time!

Thanks to all of you who’ve decided over the past few months to follow me! It means a lot, especially because everyone is so helpful and kind!

So in thanks I’ve decided to host another


(Well technically I’m holding two, one VISUAL and one for WRITING)

I’ve updated the schedule for this. Instead of the original plan of holding it this week it will be held the week after the next (from June 26th to June 30th) to give everyone plenty of time to prepare. I also added more details and descriptions to some of the tasks to help you out!! :)


  • You must be following this recycling bin (some people say trash can but come on guys you gotta have more self esteem than that). And I will check whether you are following me or not.
  • You must reblog. Likes do not count. I will check, yet again.
  • You have to tag EACH entry with the appropriate Blog Contest classification and the appropriate task number (SEE ‘TAGGING’ BELOW)
  • *If you do not tag properly* and your tag doesn’t show up in the tagged page that entry will not be graded. (Just so ya know that means that the 2 required tags will have to be the FIRST ones you tag the post with, bc after 5 tags they don’t show up)
  • I am choosing winners *ONLY* based on THESE edits/fanfics/etc. NOT based on previous content or anything else on the blog.
  • Because of this^, I am going to let the last RQ blog contest winners @lilyharvord and @evangeliensamos and all of the runner-ups to compete.
  • There will be one WRITTEN winner and one VISUAL winner. There will be one runner up for each category as well.
  • Entries must be submitted on time, on the day they are meant to be posted. Please schedule/queue them to post between 6am-11pm Eastern US Time (the New York time zone).

**You can only enter ONE of the competitions. You have to choose between either the VISUAL or the WRITTEN competition and put your choice in the tags**


  • Winners will receive: a request for an edit/moodboard/aesthetic, a request for a fanfic/head canon, and either a URL graphic or URL change of choice (I put the urls to choose from under Keep Reading)
  • Runner-ups will receive: a request for a head canon and either a URL graphic or URL change of choice (I put the urls to choose from under Keep Reading)


    ➫ Monday, the 26th: Task 1 = Ship Day  Create a 4x2 moodboard for a rq ship (common, uncommon, whatever). For inspo check out this amazing blog.
   ➫ Tuesday, the 27th: Task 2 = Diversity Day  Create a 3x3 aesthetic for a single poc and/or lgbtq+ character. For inspo check out some of mine.
   ➫ Wednesday, the 28th: Task 3 = Historical Day  Create an edit for any historical figure that we know from the RQ verse (characters only mentioned). These can include Caesar Calore, the tactician that united Norta, Juliana, his daughter, Barr Rambler, one of the first recorded Silvers, Garion Savannah, Tiberias the 3rd, King Onekad Cygnet and more. For ideas look here, or on pages 171-175 (amongst others) in King’s Cage.
   ➫ Thursday, the 29th: Task 4 = Text Day  Create an edit for an interesting/exciting/funny scene or quote from any of the rq books/novellas. I made one a while back, too, check that one out here.
   ➫ Friday, the 30th: Task 5 = Creativity Day  INVENT a silver ability AND a house to go a long with it!! Create a 4 image/gif edit. Describe the ability in 3 sentences and the house (colors, etc) in another 2.


   ➫ Monday, the 26th: Task 1 = Next Generation Tuesday  Write a glance into the future for a child of any rq ship *in the red queen world, not an au* Number of words: 600-850. Ex. Marecal’s daughter, could include appearance descriptions, ability, personality, and please write a little story! :)
   ➫ Wednesday, the 28th: Task 2 = FLUFF Thursday  Write the most adorable thing that you can for a red queen ship. Can have angst but make it cute too. I’d prefer if it was a ship that’s different from the one you used in Next Generation Wednesday. 750-900 words.
   ➫ Friday, the 30th: Task 3 = Creativity Saturday  INVENT a silver ability AND a house to go along with it. Advertise the ability in a concise and persuasive paragraph (4-6 sentences). Ex. ‘Are you tired of _______? Well then ________!’ That part should be a bit satirical of those really bad commercials XD. THEN, make a long head canon of interesting things to use the ability for, more details about the house, and INVENT a character with that ability in that house and tell me about him/her and tell me how he/she uses that ability.


For those entering the VISUAL rq blog contest you must tag all entries with #visual rq blog contest

For those entering the WRITTEN rq blog contest you must tag all entries with #written rq blog contest

Each ENTRY has to be tagged as well, like so (I’m leaving extra spaces to separate each tag):

#visual task 1 rq   #visual task 2 rq   #visual task 3 rq   #visual task 4 rq   #visual task 5 rq

#written task 1 rq   #written task 2 rq   #written task 3 rq


L E T   T H E   G A M E S   B E G I N ! !

Good luck to all of you, I can’t wait to see what you create!

Originally posted by archer-snow

look under here for the URLs you can win! (I really love some of these!)

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What is Rumbelle Summer Vacation?

It started with this post! Rumbelle Summer Vacation is a fan event planning to run through the month of August. Rumbelle got their Happily Ever After at the end of season 6, and as we know, Belle has always wanted to see the world. And so, through the month of August, the idea is for thirty-one (or more!) Rumbelle fans to each pick a day and a location, and then post about somewhere Rumbelle went on their travels!

What kind of works are accepted?

Anything! Literally anything! As long as it’s complete and has not been posted before, is set post-season 6, and is about Rumbelle travelling. Fanfiction is great, so are edits, comics, drawings, videos, whatever you can think of!

Do I have to post on the day I pick?

One of the (very few) downsides to one-day fic events and exchanges, is that some awesome works get lost in the deluge. The idea of RSV is to spread it out, so everyone gets a day when their work is the centre of attention. Ideally, since it’s nearly two months away, everyone should post on their chosen day. 

However, we can accommodate closer to the time if there are problems! Remember, queuing is a thing if you’re busy the day of posting, and this blog is capable of posting submissions if you really can’t be around to post on a free day! In the end if you can’t post, no worries :D

Do I have to choose a new location?

Again, the idea is to put the spotlight on whoever posts that day, so it makes sense for each fic to be a new variation. You have the whole world at your disposal - if you’re really stuck, have Rumbelle visit your home town! 

If you have a really excellent idea, but the location is already chosen, then at least try and narrow it down. But please try and make this a last resort!

Are Anyelle and/or smut allowed?

Smut is most definitely allowed, so long as its appropriately tagged! Unfortunately this is supposed to be a Happy Ending post-s6 Rumbelle event, so Anyelle stories don’t really fit the bill. However, if you want to have another Bobby show up in your story, by all means go for it!

How about if I’m an angst-lord and want to make readers cry?

I mean, I can’t stop you, but this is about celebrating our hard-won happy ending! So if you make the babies cry, you gotta try and fix it by the end. 

How do I sign up?

The sign-up sheet is HERE - please fill in your name and location next to your chosen date!!!!

Please don’t edit beyond that, or move anyone else’s entry! - anyone who does tamper with it beyond that risks ruining the event for anyone, and so Ru will hunt you down and murder you.

It’s my day: how do I post?

Either submit your work to this blog, or post it to your blog and send us the link so we can reblog it! Or both! Just make sure and tag #rumbellesummervacation in the first four tags so we can find it!

I wanna help!

Awesome! Hopefully this event will basically run itself, I could do with a few people who’re willing to keep an eye on the spreadsheet, provide encouragement to entrants who need help, or make sure this blog is up-to-date, please send me an ask! - @rufeepeach

anonymous asked:

I've been reading your metas and I want to say that they're really well thought and impressively intensive! Got a question that I'm not sure if you've answered however: if Ouma was meant to be a "pawn of the mastermind" and had despair imbued into his talent, do you think his amazing intellect might have come from actually having the SHSL Analyst talent along with his Leader talent?

I think it’s a distinct possibility! Ouma’s despair role is interesting, because clearly it’s something he himself wasn’t the most aware of. Or rather, while he suspected himself of having been the intended figurehead for the real mastermind, and he knew he clearly had things about himself that were fitting for an “evil Supreme Leader,” etc., he didn’t know about hope vs. despair terminology, because those things weren’t something that Tsumugi actually busted out as her trump card until Chapter 5.

So while Ouma definitely seems to have been someone Tsumugi wanted to manipulate and use as a pawn the entire way through, I don’t think he actually was supposed to know or think of himself as SHSL Despair until the very end. Had everything gone according to Tsumugi’s plans (meaning if Ouma hadn’t been nearly as big of a pain in her ass as he was), she probably planned to corner Ouma with a remember light specifically designed and entailed for him, to make him “remember” about how he was “the successor of Junko Enoshima” and encourage him to go full Remants of Despair Leader, claim credit for everything, and ultimately be “defeated and talked down by students of Hope’s Peak Academy,” only to kill himself in a fit of despair just like Junko did.

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long overdue but thank you all so much for one thousand followers!!

I’ve thought a lot about what I could offer you guys for helping me reach this goal and I decided on a little giveaway- it’s not a lot and I’m open to suggestions on how else I can celebrate.

1st winner: a photoset (6 lockscreens) designed by you! these can be fandoms or specific requests but just tell me what kind of things you’d like and I’ll make you a set of lockscreens dedicated to you

2nd winner: the exact same thing as above however instead of 6 lockscreens there will only be 3 

3rd winner: the exact same thing as above however instead of 3 lockscreens there will only be 1

how I’m going to do this is everyone that interacts with this post will get their name written on a piece of paper which I shall put in a jar and winners will be randomly selected!


1. must be following me (kinda obvious as it’s for my followers)

2. reblogs will get you two entries, liking will get you one and both will get you 5 enteries!

3. I have the right to refuse lockscreen ideas if I don’t feel comfortable doing them and I have the right to refuse if I find you rude (I will choose winners again)

good luck!!

[Mercy76 Week ] Announcement

Hi All,

We are having a great week so far, with fanarts and fanfictions posted every day. It doesn’t matter if they are delayed, every contribution is worth the wait!

I wish I could thank you all one by one, and maybe I’ll do it at the end.

But now I’d like to talk about a beloved member of our Mercy76 family. Her name is @kazoomiller​. She is the artist responsible for some of the most amazing and lovely art about not only Mercy76, but also other Overwatch ships and heroes.

You can find her fanart on her blog, like this example or this one.

She is very talented in drawing that kind of art, and she does it because it’s the only way she is able to draw her characters and share her passion for Overwatch and ships.

Unfortunately some people straight up attacked her for what she posted around the Internet. Not only she got attacked for shipping Mercy76 as many of us have experienced,  but she got also bashed for drawing animals! Names she got called include insults like “fucking furry” (she is not one, just fyi), “Dog-fucker” and “Cancer of Overwatch”. Needless to say this hit her hard, harder than most. Coupled with some really bad RL problems this put her in a very, very bad mood.

So I was thinking: How about we show her some support? Reblog her art if you really like it, leave an encouraging comment or some constructive criticism! 

That said I propose you to dedicate all your entries for the last day, Day 7: Freestyle, to her. You don’t have to change what you already planned, just tag her and wish her all the love you can! Of course you can make something special for her.

Let us show her that this fandom is truly a family!


Hetalia Fandom Hub Interview: @bubbleteahime!

She’s a content creator, Taiwan expert, and bubble tea connoisseur! It’s @bubbleteahime!

Hello! Can you introduce yourself for everyone?

大家好! My name is zen. I am a 17-year-old Taiwanese by blood (and American by birth) student living abroad in the Middle East. In the fandom, I used to post pwgbta art, but I’m mostly reblogging now. I write and make edits occasionally but, mainly, I serve as the resident Taiwan person– an all-around consultant, information source, and fan of APH Taiwan and Taiwan. I like predominantly historical and reality-based Hetalia and aim to spread information and awareness on APH Taiwan in order to give her the portrayal she deserves (and lacks right now) in the fandom. 

How long have you been in the fandom and how did you get into it?

My entry into the fandom had been a late one, in 2013, beyond the heyday of Hetalia. The story goes that I found PruHun fanart and found out Hetalia existed. I loved the idea of personified countries, but really, what mattered to me most was whether my own country was represented or not, and she was! To make it worse, I more or less shipped Japan and Taiwan before I even knew Hetalia existed. So after I immersed myself in all the incredible fanart on pixiv and fanfiction from Taiwan, I was already irrevocably sucked into the Hetalia fandom. In short, blame my love for Taiwan and its relations with Japan.

Taiwan seems like a really important character to you! Are there any ways, besides nationality, that you find her relatable?

She loves food and sassing people, and I find that really relatable. Food is my life, and I’m prone to having a sharp tongue sometimes. Additionally, I, too, have become more of an anxious type in recent years. 

What is your favourite thing about the fandom?

I like how it can be very educational in nature! When you find the right people, you learn so much about other countries and regions- their cultures, histories, politics. It’s a beautiful thing when done right, and I’m grateful to have found these people in the Hetalia fandom.

Why did you want to become an Ambassador for Taiwan?

I have always wanted to play a similar role in the fandom. In fact, I had a plan to become fandom famous so I can spread information about Taiwan and encourage portrayals of APH Taiwan that actually reflect a Taiwanese perspective. There has never been much knowledge on Taiwan in the fandom, and I know that from all the fanfiction and fanworks I’ve seen in the fandom. There has been a lot of misconceptions about her and Taiwan in general, and her fandom reputation hinges a lot upon portrayals that could use some actual Taiwanese perspective/research/criticism. I have wanted to rectify that ever since I joined the fandom. So when the role of Ambassadors was announced on the Hub, I jumped at the chance even before the details were even released. I’ve been ready all my life. 

What do you enjoy most about writing and editing?

What I love most about writing is how I can express my country through my words creatively. There are a lot of things that get lost in translation, but I aim to bridge those gaps with my writing. I can directly show people the Taiwan I know through writing, and that’s what matters to me. Additionally, I think writing Hetalia fanfiction is also very incredible when you put into a lot of research on it. You allow people to see and learn about the history, the relations, of different countries and places in a way that’s more subtle, more interesting than in purely academic language. With edits, I aim to do that visually, but admittedly, I am much better and more comfortable with writing than editing.

What do you find most difficult about writing and editing?

Finding the time for them would probably be my biggest challenge. I have so many unwritten ideas I had to discard because I know I won’t have time to finish them. Other than that, I would have to say researching for accuracy because it’s time consuming, and sometimes you just can’t find the information you need, and putting the information together also is not easy.

If people want to research a culture, where do you think is a good place to start?

On a surface level, CIA World Factbook is a pretty solid place to check out for basic facts about countries (though I would advise being cautious because it does have an American perspective) and checking out the country’s own government website to get the basic facts from the country’s own perspective (which, also, you need to be cautious with because this is only the government’s perspective). Next, I would say extensive research from trustworthy sources– true, blog posts may be cool places to look for observations, but more often than not they’re by tourists. The best thing would be getting publications from people of that culture, but I know that’s difficult to come by, especially when you don’t speak the language. I usually look for academic papers and feature stories about culture on news organizations from that country or culture itself because they usually have an ample amount of credibility and evidence. 

Additionally, @writingwithcolor is a wonderful resource if you have specific questions about portraying characters of certain cultures in your writing.

Do you think being culturally accurate is more important than being canonically accurate?

I think there are many ways of interpreting Hetalia, but personally, yes, I do think so. These are personifications of real countries, real people, real cultures– that in itself comes with a certain kind of weight. Sure, Hetalia is just a manga/anime, and people should enjoy it as they please, but it is important to remember that sometimes the canon depiction of certain countries do not match the actual countries themselves. Himaruya’s depictions of countries is colored by his personal views, and more often than not, a lot of them tend to lack depth in research. I mean, I can’t expect him to do that amount of research for every single country, of course, but I would like the fandom to understand that. Often, I see Hetalia being the way people gain exposure to other countries that might not exist in their daily lives, and I think that’s great. However, ultimately, I think the people of that country, that culture, would and should have most say in the way they are represented by their countries’ “personifications”– sometimes the Hetalia canon just doesn’t reflect their perspective. So it can be pretty harmful for people to have the Hetalia canon projected onto these countries in real life.

Who do you look up to in the fandom?

I must say, there are a great many bloggers I admire in the fandom, but the ones I admire most are mostly part of the @historicalhetaliacollective. There I have truly found the corner I belong in, and I have learned SO much from everyone in the collective. (It’s sappy, but I love you all so much.) To name a few, @stirringwind, @yelyzavetaart, @tomato-bird, and @ilaaer have been incredible sources of inspiration to me in how they’ve used their art and writing to express and portray their knowledge and research. A good number of them have also used their fandom fame to spread information and awareness about difficult and/or controversial real life issues and histories– something that really is NOT easy to do on this site. @excelsorum has also been an amazing friend and inspiration to me, too. He put so much research into all his roleplay blogs, and we’re in the same boat of trying to rectify our misrepresented countries. He has probably been subject to most of my ranting and has helped me clarify a lot on my portrayal and interpretation of Taiwan. @iuius has also been a wonderful friend and inspiration who has been subject to my long-winded Taiwan rants. I really admire her art and the thought she puts into her designs! Truly, there are a lot more people I have not yet mentioned, but the people in the collective are truly dear to me and inspire me to continue in my endeavors of writing and spreading information about Taiwan and APH Taiwan.

Thank you very much to @bubbleteahime for being our interviewee this month! Please check out her work as an Ambassador, writer, and edit maker!