but if you click on it it's hi res again

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uh oh... on carols blog ppl were like im so over youtube and alfs vlogs because the cuteness is nrmal too us now and i always thought ppl were being dramatic and i thought surely you cant stop watching someone who uve been watching for years right? but its starting to happen to me. loool 1st i never got excited or giddy about his vlogs going up. 2nd it takes me days to click on the and now i occasionely click on them. guess im over it then. thought it would never happen.

We’re all going to get over it at some point. It’s normal. I’m not there yet but I haven’t been watching the vlogs purely because it’s been the same thing with the shop over and over again plus Alfie hasn’t been home in days so that means no cute moments lately xx


emofuri is hard to use i am angry may tiny flashback art calm my rage click for dumb captions huhuhu

edit: I-I LITERALLY /JUST/ REALIZED I forgot his mole so just preTEND ITS THERE