but if u don't

Au (s) 2 and 3: Melon Sans and Sugar Sans
Au creator (s): @missladytale and @sugartalesans (it won’t let me tag them?? ;^;)
Requested by: @amber-acrylic
I have never drawn these two in my liiife, I hope they look okay-

I’m so proud of you guys I told u stressed out was my least fav song and not a single one of you has attacked me over it maybe y'all really are growing up :’) it’s finally the end of the discourse era we can all post our opinions again here on tumble dot com


                                             t a g   s e l f i e     ~

Hii ! I was tagged by lovely : @mytaeddy @y0ngsin and @heykook ; thank u and you guys are so beautiful that my heart breaks ! ♡  ; sorry for my delay.

this photo is recent and I found somewhat similar to this selca of kookie ; then I decided to take a selfie with bias Imao sorry , I am a trash shshshshs :v

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