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Thank you so much, oh my gosh. You nearly made me choke up in class haha. You don’t know how much this means to me for you to tell me this.

I hate that I’m so flimsy on my choices, but at least for now this has delayed or put a stop to me deleting my content. I really don’t deserve these kind words, so thank you for supporting me whether I wanted to give this up or not. 

Honestly, I wish you the best in anything to do, and thank you thank you thank you for the support. I tend to be an overly sensitive person and though I try really hard to make friends on this site, I guess I’m just compensating for what I don’t really have in a way…so this means something

Anyway again, thank you! You’ve given this girl some shots of motivation.

- ❤︎ Devina

anonymous asked:

I really want to be a good ally for people with autism. My little brother was recently diagnosed with autism and I want to help him and protect him as he is growing up. I've always had a hard time establishing an emotional connection with him, and I feel as if I cannot help him since he never tells me what's wrong. Do you have any tips for being a good ally for him and the autistic community?

uhh idk i guess maybe like….. you could go to blogs by autistic people that are like talking solely abt autism related things and try to see if theres any like shit on that sorta thing

and to be an ally to the whole community just… listen to what we’re saying lmao cause so many “allies” ive seen are good in some accounts (not supporting autism $peaks, not using person first language, not using functioning labels, etc) but then turn around and ignore autistics on other accounts and idk im tired so if anyone else wanys to add anything please do so i cant think

stupid story time: the first therapist I saw was trying to find reasons I should feel good about myself and he went back to when he asked if I did any drugs or drank which I hadnt and he put a lot of emphasis on how that made me a good person and that should be the basis behind my self worth and like what a shitty thing to tell an impressionable teen to put their emotional worth into???  And like I dont think it’s a good thing that I havent and the more I think about it the more I dont mind the idea of trying but at the same time I feel like I’ll keep thinking about that and think that I’m making a horrible mistake and am scared of trying anything???

The therapist also turned out to be like really really racist and awful and mostly made me feel worse (he also just kept talking about his neighbor the whole time? like comparing my achievements with him?) so I dont put any stock into anything he said