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In regards to Yuri on Ice the song

Hear me out. Okay for Yuuri’s Free skate song, Yuri on Ice. It’s so layered and interconnected. I’ve listened to this song ever since and wanted to do a little analysis of exactly which parts specifically are connected with each episode. (Ever since Victor was like, “Why’s your face so stiff/tense? You make it seem like you hated me when I first appeared in front of you) So here it is, I’m not even sure myself at this point but just my thoughts/rambles and I needed to get this out lol. (Btw, I’ve indicated the times so it may be good to listen to the song while you read this so you can hear the parts to it yourself too!)

00:00-00:53 (Pre-Anime-Ep 1) The Piano starts out by itself here – (When “Yuuri was fighting all by himself”) the keys are soft here but still beautiful in its regard. Yuuri is one of the top skaters so of course he can hold his own (melody in regards to the song). The only thing that was holding him back was his lack of confidence (which is indicated by the majority of soft notes).

00:54-1:17 Ep 1-3 - The violin comes in confidently with the drums (in a steady beat). This is where Victor’s sudden entrance comes in along with Yuuri’s support (all the love that surrounds him), his family and friends in the background. The drums remain a constant in this part nonetheless. This is the underlying support for Yuuri no matter which path he chooses (Ex. Mari’s talk with Yuuri). But so far, here the violin and piano’s sound is very distinct from each other as if it’s going at their own melody/pace. This is the part where Yuuri is still at unease in front of Victor. He’s a god/idol to him here still, so their melodies aren’t quite entwined yet. 

1:18-1:31 – Ep 4-7 – The violin and piano here finally starts out with the same note and are accompanying each other. But they aren’t quite there. The harmony is not as in depth and intricate yet.The piano is starting to be more confident in its tone though. This might be where Victor and Yuuri have had their talks (Ep 4 and 7) and  this is where Victor gets to know what Yuuri is really thinking. Their relationship and song really starts shifts at this part.

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Can any of my Spanish-speaking followers/anyone who knows more about this enlighten me: Is “Latinx” a crappy/unnecessary word, or is it a good way to describe people on the trans spectrum/whose gender identity is unknown? I’ve seen it used on Tumblr a lot so I assumed it was OK, but I just read a post containing quite a few comments suggesting that the use of “Latinx” was bad, and after Googling it I found an article suggesting that it’s only ever used by English-speakers (but there were quite a few rebuttals in the comments??). It seems like one of those things where I could end up pissing people off whatever I choose to say. If I say “Latino” someone could interpret it to mean I’m not being inclusive, but if I say “Latinx” someone could interpret it to mean I don’t give a crap about how Spanish works or how it actually sounds to native Spanish-speakers?? Maybe it doesn’t matter much either way? Idk.

Title: Satan learns how to take a shower

Rating: PG:13, Natan 

Summary: Satan kind of likes dinner and finds a new way to tease natalie 

a/n: This is my first natan fic (oh lord what have i gotten myself into) and im trying to get back into the swing of things 

Natalie continued to cut up the vegetables in her hand as she read over the recipe she had displayed on her phone. She was determined to make this meal the best one yet, and prove Lucifer wrong. She could be a good cook if she tried hard enough.

The door to the bathroom slammed, indicating that he was out of the shower.

He walked through the kitchen with a towel wrapped around his waist and another hanging over his wet hair.

Ever since she introduced him to showering he probably took two a day now.

“Nice shower?” she snickered.

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Quick Thoughts on the Samurai Jack Premier

Watched it about over an hour and a half ago. I grew up with Samurai Jack. It’s easily one the best Cartoon Network shows ever made, but it left my mind as no new content was made for it. I’ve rewatched key episodes leading up to the premier, and while the original show’s animation was always great, the new season blows anything previous out of the water. You can tell that the original team has grown artistically and are using new technology to its fullest. Every single shot was beautiful and it’s refreshing to see an actual action cartoon again on television again while most networks are sticking with slice-of-life comedies.

Spoilers after the break, which are just random notes

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