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My favorite two seconds of the first Wander Over Yonder episode I ever saw:

That frame is, as its letters indicate, THE GREATEST. Funnily enough, as episodes of this particular show go, the episode is not the greatest, although it is “The Greatest.” Do you follow? Good.

Anyway, I got the preview download of this one way back in 2013 (free Craig McCracken!), gave it a look, wasn’t particularly moved, and proceeded to more or less forget about it until the Season 2 hype started. Not everyone fell hard for this show right away. There were those of us who grew to love it by degrees. Looking back, though, there’s a great deal to love here, and not just the apocalyptic red-pink color scheme. Craig has a field day in the opening establishing a pastel planet populated by huggable beings who look like Happy Meal toys, only to send a totalitarian army marching through its in-progress Bingleberry Festival on behalf of the local skeleton overlord, laser-gunning every pretty flower and cute creature in sight. The scene elicits genuine sympathy, but there’s something wickedly funny about watching a bubblegum town like Bingleborp get burned out like a Smurf village in a UNICEF PSA. 

Into this maelstrom march our heroes, one of whom is eerily undaunted by the destruction at hand. If I had a complaint to make about this episode it’s that, while laying some good basics (Wander Wanders, Sylvia punches, Hater hates), it fails to deliver quite the elusive synthesis we’ll grow accustomed to over the course of the season. It’s good fun to watch Wander, in folkloric fashion, cut the bony legs out from under Lord Hater’s bloodstained robe by challenging him to a round of carnival games. 

But the rapid-fire energy of the delivery doesn’t leave much room for subtlety, and it’s the shades of personality that the characters will reveal later (Wander, for instance, is not an oblivious will-o’-the-wisp so much as a clever eccentric with an empathy overload) that make their romps funny. This episode can be tiring as a first dose. It’s a lot more fun on the rewatch. 

Even that hug at the end improves with context. The first watch doesn’t tell us much about the relationship between Sylvia (tough) and Wander (not so much); we know only that they’re traveling buddies. Further episodes expand on our understanding of their odd half-friendly, half-familial bond until a moment like this one goes from an obligatory cute cartoon ending to a genuine reason to smile and readjust the heartstrings. 

This is why I tell people giving Wander a shot to wait it out–it only gets better as it goes, and Season 2 breaks the mold with a gleeful abandon that necessitates an understanding of Season 1 to fully enjoy. Every fresh episode gives this opening jaunt more weight. A third season would make “The Greatest” even greater.

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Could Queen Nefertiti's Tomb Reveal Secrets From Egypt's Shadowy Past?

She was married to one of the most eccentric pharaohs. But after his death she may have reigned on her own––as a man. If researchers have found her tomb, what’s inside could change Middle Eastern history.

Every time something is discovered in Egypt’s Valley of the Kings, the whispers begin. Is it the queen? Has she finally been found? They’re asking about Nefertiti, the legendary beauty who was married to one of ancient Egypt’s strangest pharaohs. Her burial site has never been found, and its location is one of the enduring mysteries in Egyptology.

The buzz is now as loud as ever, as scans of King Tut’s tomb indicate there may be hidden chambers behind sections of walls. Questions have inevitably arisen about possible links to Nefertiti, and whether archaeologists will peek behind the walls to find room after room filled with the dazzling grave goods of the long-lost queen. Read more.

A really cool journal article about reptile behavior!

In case you’re ever wondering “what does it mean when my reptile does [x behavior],” this is a very nice journal article from the journal of the British Veterinary Association. It is peer-reviewed and has a very nice chart of different behaviors and what they might indicate. Please keep in mind that all animals are different- but that said, this is a pretty good starting point for understanding reptile body language and how it’s different from mammals, birds, or other types of creatures kept as pets.

The link without a hyperlink: http://m.inpractice.bmj.com/content/35/3/123.full.pdf

Also, in case you are wondering where I found this, it was linked in that baby alligator post that’s going around- this one here. This alligator is not happy! This is an alligator that’s closing its eyes to block out the visual stimuli- yeah, the mouth looks like a smile, but that’s just how alligator mouths are.

Title: Satan learns how to take a shower

Rating: PG:13, Natan 

Summary: Satan kind of likes dinner and finds a new way to tease natalie 

a/n: This is my first natan fic (oh lord what have i gotten myself into) and im trying to get back into the swing of things 

Natalie continued to cut up the vegetables in her hand as she read over the recipe she had displayed on her phone. She was determined to make this meal the best one yet, and prove Lucifer wrong. She could be a good cook if she tried hard enough.

The door to the bathroom slammed, indicating that he was out of the shower.

He walked through the kitchen with a towel wrapped around his waist and another hanging over his wet hair.

Ever since she introduced him to showering he probably took two a day now.

“Nice shower?” she snickered.

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One more Top-O’-The-#Amp shot for TeleTuesday this week. Here’s my 1968 #Telecaster with its lovely #Jaykco strap sitting on its lovely ‘65 #Fender #Vibrolux #Reverb.

Our mutual IG friend, and inspirational #LesPaul owner @rpcc2 has tried this #guitar out, and I’m sure he will agree that it’s not the easiest guitar in the world to play! Mostly because the #frets are so low as to be only a mere illusion! They are basically an ephemeral indication of where frets *might* be located some day…should you ever choose to install them. They may as well be painted in for all the good they do! :D

BUT…if you can get past the fret (or more accurately the “#fretless”) situation, this guitar sounds fantastic…very raw and VERY #twangy thanks in part to its 1966-dated 1meg #CTS #potentiometers!

#vintagetelecaster #vintageguitar #fenderguitar #vintagefender #tel #guitars #guitarphotography

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