but if there was ever a good indicator it's that one

Title: Satan learns how to take a shower

Rating: PG:13, Natan 

Summary: Satan kind of likes dinner and finds a new way to tease natalie 

a/n: This is my first natan fic (oh lord what have i gotten myself into) and im trying to get back into the swing of things 

Natalie continued to cut up the vegetables in her hand as she read over the recipe she had displayed on her phone. She was determined to make this meal the best one yet, and prove Lucifer wrong. She could be a good cook if she tried hard enough.

The door to the bathroom slammed, indicating that he was out of the shower.

He walked through the kitchen with a towel wrapped around his waist and another hanging over his wet hair.

Ever since she introduced him to showering he probably took two a day now.

“Nice shower?” she snickered.

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 During the last North American tour, Charlotte posted this picture (caption reproduced below as well) on Instagram:

Did not buy this unicorn hood. Eternal Regret.

I saw that, thought to myself, ‘That looks like something you could find in Portland’ (the city where I grew up; it’s a bit of a weird place) and then carried on with my life. This was in late-ish April.

However, the thought’s been in the back of my mind ever since. The lovely exxag used this picture for the Hell Yeah Delain challenge, and I commented in the tags that I would persevere in finding the unicorn hood. I thought I was making a joke. After all, it’s been three months, what would the likelihood of that be? A few days ago, though, I went shopping on the street in Portland where one normally goes to vintage shops (likely where Charlotte went). 





(I am going to give it to her. I don’t think that I’m going to get much use out of it)

(also I apologise that I am not nearly as cute as Charlotte)

do you ever feel guilty that you can’t convince someone that what you’re saying is worthwhile? like i’m trying really hard to relate things that are important to me to this person in my program, but every time we talk about anything that is extremely important to me, i feel inadequate and like my logic is being ripped apart. and tonight i felt like he took it to another level that indicated that he doesn’t really care about trying to be friends with me. but a couple of really, really actually good friends in my program pointed out that it’s not about me, just that no one has challenged him in a way that i’ve challenged him, and he’s probably never had to seriously question himself or his beliefs about the world before.

i usually don’t post about personal stuff on my public tumblr because i’m scared that like people from my high school will see this stuff and think it’s about someone they know, but that just tells you how long it’s been since i used tumblr to post about anything really specific to my personal life. 

i’m totally okay right now but i don’t know, i just want to put this out there. i want to affirm myself somewhat publicly as someone who spends a lot of time thinking about things that matter a lot, and i want to reiterate what my friends said about other people’s reactions to my work having nothing to do with the effort that i actually put into my work–that, if someone dismisses me, it is not because i’m not doing my best to communicate, and it’s not because they don’t give a shit about me. it’s because they are literally programmed to not get it. and i’m also mad at him and i want to say it’s also because his ego would get in the way of him getting it.

flowerfoxwings asked:

What anime have you watched? If you watched some partially or don't remember much or don't like too much, please indicate. Or you can just not list them XD

I’m anime trash green tea buddy I’ve seen so many different anime but i’ll just list the ones that come off of the top of my head

Ohshc: funny as hell one of my favorites 

soul eater: binge watched it two years ago,its amazing

ore monogatari: i havent finished it yet but its cute

kamisama kiss: its really cute and pretty funny but i prefer the manga

genkkan shoujo nozaki-kun: the. funniest. shit. ever.

hetalia: most of my friends are hetaila trash and its great,its about country’s and history 

aot: i never finished it but my dad likes it a lot (i also like levi >//<)

hunter x hunter: its pretty good so far i’m only like 20 episodes in (i really need to finish it i haven’t watch it in a week or two..also gon and killua are my children)

haikyuu: volley ball anime filled with dorks its pretty good too(hinata and kageyama are my other children)

bleach: I  remember nothing from the show but its supper long and is also pretty good

uhh thats all i can remember off the top of my head besides naruto,dragon ball z and bobo-bo bo-bobo there are a lot more i just cant remember right now..


Like most of us, I too wish to go to University one day and hopefully become a successful person. I was aiming for the states, but my parents think that education in the UK is better, though I think otherwise. 

Nonetheless, I found this University which is pretty well known and I was really amazed by it. University College London (also known as UCL), it is located in London (its indicated in the name). 

I personally find all Taylor’s graduate capabilities important. Though, this institution requires students to be particularly good at communication skills.

As I’m not the most sociable person you’ll ever meet, I feel that this is an area where I can really work on to improve myself as a whole. Communication skills are rather important, more so when you’re going to be in an unfamiliar environment for a decently long amount of time. 

I wish to get into UCL and hope that my A levels course right now will help me get closer to my goal.

anonymous asked:

Could I have an overall reading please? ☺️ And thank you so much in advance

You’re very welcome!  I have the 2 of Swords.  This card indicates a tough decision that you’re facing.  Usually, it offers no answer and that’s why I find it to be one of the most frustrating cards ever.  Basically, you know you have to make a choice and it’s a hard one, and this card is pretty much just throwing up its hands and saying “good luck!”  So my advice to you, is, face it with all the pros and cons on the table, and meditate deeply before taking action.

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