but if their good sides are a lot more and better than their bad sides

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94 and 95 for the Bravely Asks?

94: In which sidequest from Second did you have more trouble choosing a side?

Toss up between Khamers side quest and Profiteurs.

Khamers because ultimately I didn’t have the frame of reference to get that a literally impossible to get amount of pg wasn’t too bad of a price??? And I honestly thought I was deciding between “everyone starves to death,” and “the children will have it rough, but its better than starvation.”

It was a tough decision, and I felt a lil shitty, but I thought I made the right one by going time mage, then the game pulled that crap.

Profiteurs was tough because he had a LOT of points but he was kind of screaming ECONOMIC EXPLOITER and I was spending the entire quest wrestling with the relevance of this specific ad hominem. 

So I was kinda like, possible economic exploitation and good housing for gramps and kid? Or Family coolness but with fishing house of decrepitness and the creeping spectre of poverty and famine? Yaaay?

95: And which one was the most clear-cut?

Einheria vs Barras. Sorry Einheria, but i really prefer gender equality.

And Artemia vs Ominas’, wherein my main thought was PFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFT, like we’ll need a femto flare to kill the ba’al when we inevitably fight it.