but if she does i am going to buy it

EXO Reaction when you and your child wear matching clothes

I hope y’all like this! Ara~

/I don’t own any of the gifs used, unless stated otherwise/


*Jelly* “Hey! Don’t leave me behind! I have that jacket too! We are the awesome three Parks here!”


*Trying to get some info* “Tell me little one, where did your mom buy those clothes? I want some too… wait, she made them? How am I going to match now?”


*Pouts* “Why do I feel like a third wheel here? They are my family….”


“I want matching clothes too- wait no! I’m not going to wear a dress!”


“Did you just buy the same clothes for Jongin Jr and you? This is why I’m in love with you, you two look so cute” *Proud dad*


*He’s actually the one who does the matching clothes* “So today… they’ll wear something golden”


“Papa wants to eat you! You two are so cute… next time we three should dress the same” *Loves how cute his family is*


*Judging* “Why are they dressing the same… why can’t I be part of this… I’m the dad… I want to look cute-manly too!” *jelly*


“I swear jagi.. it never gets boring with you. I bet our little girl loved looking as beautiful as her mom”


*Always checks Instagram to see your new updates* “Woah boys look at this, they are dressing like Disney princesses today” *Fan number one*


*Confused* “Baobei? When did you become a baby? You look exactly like our little girl… wait… did we have twins?”


“Ughh I want to hold you both and squeeze you and never let you go because you look so cute with those clothes and ahh!” *Being the weird dad he is*

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I'm curious. What are your headcanons for how each character does Black Friday?

I’m assuming you mean modern AU.

Queenie- at Sephora, Bergdorf and Bloomingdale’s at 2 AM, shopping for herself and others, will elbow someone if need be

Tina- Ann Taylor Loft cyber Monday sale

Jacob- in a food coma by 9pm Thanksgiving night

Piquery- has people go out to get her a plasma TV as she tweets generic patriotic messages to the public

Abernathy- camped out in front of Best Buy and doesn’t even understand why

Sam- spent Thanksgiving at a bar, “comforting” crying women who don’t have a family feast to attend

Newt- drops $300 on PetSmart.com (cyber Monday)

Credence- to poor to give a fuck about frivolous sales

Graves- too rich to give a fuck about frivolous sales, pretends it’s because he is above capitalism but definitely had the help cook lobster tail with his turkey

Grindelwald- goes to sales just to laugh at human desperation 

i can’t stop picturing reina in some really long line to buy that shaved ice, hearing itchy shoe’s nails-on-a-chalkboard voice chatting her girl up again, and just snatching the ice straight outta some poor 9 year old’s hands so she could go and do what she does best: fuck that boys life up, and let me tell you i am here for it. she has that boy so scared, he was on a date with chikao. he is shook and so am i

I love when shippers try to make Harley out to be worse than she actually is so they don’t feel so bad about about shipping her with the Joker lmao 

‘’ b-b-but Harley is just as bad as the Joker!!1!1!’’

Bitch where??????????

Show me the evidence that Harley Quinn is actually WORSE than the Joker.

Of course I am not denying that Harley isn’t bad and is actually innocent, she’s not. She is a criminal. But she does have an innocent side to her that the Joker and most other Batman criminals don’t.

Just look at the episode Harley’s Holiday in which she is proven to be sane and is free to go from Arkham. We see her and her pet hyena’s casually rolling down the street, not a care in the world. She even attempted to buy and pay for a dress that she wanted.

Joker would NEVER be declared sane and set free. And if he ever was the last thing he would ever do is going down the street peacefully. No, as soon as he got out he would have probably killed all of those people or be plotting his next evil scheme.

Harley actually wanted to be good. To start fresh. Joker does not.

And about their relationship. Harley is a victim in some ways. She has never once hurt Joker just because. Because Harley for some strange reason believes that Joker cares for her. (He doesn’t. He can’t feel love). Joker is always verbally and physically abusing her for no reason. And when Harley tries to help him with his plans and what does she get? Pushed out of a window by him left to die on the street. 

When Joker is left alone, he kills people. When Harley is left alone, what does she do? Steals a diamond. BIG difference. 

So no, Harley Quinn is in no way NEAR as bad as the Joker. And if you actually think so then you don’t know her character very well at all.

When I went to see a friend in Arizona, 
when I flew on an airplane, 
it felt like falling but never hitting the ground.
I sat next to an old woman who hummed.
I got a nose bleed.
Did you know you can buy tiny bottles of gin?
They cost a fortune.
I bought four.
Are you suppose to flush the toilet?
Where does it go? 

We went to the Grand Canyon.
I always thought it was called the Graham Canyon.
I don’t hear so good.
A woman fell and died.
She went off the path, over to a ledge. 
She wanted a picture for all time.
Her friend put his camera on timer and ran to get in the shot.
He bumped her.
Her feet got tangled.
He grabbed but missed.
She fell.
She was 40.

I am 66.
I did not see it happen but you could ask a ranger.
I asked the waiter at breakfast.
He knew.
One of my sausages rolled off my plate and fell to the floor.
My omelet was cold.

If it had been the Graham Canyon no one would have died.
No one would be sad.
I would be able to sleep without imagining that picture
for all time.

we went to Once Upon a Child… last week? they didn’t really have shit so i finally got this poor Gloom Beach Draculaura that’s been there for months. i don’t really care about any of the stuff she’s missing tbh but it would have been better if she had her sunglasses. she does has her earrings btw, they’re just not visible bc of her hair.

it really sucks bc they’ve raised the prices on the mh dolls… maybe bc i’ve been buying them :^( who knows. now they’re like $10 for singles and $15 for bags with two and it’s not fucking worth it anymore so good job shooting yourselves in the foot bc no one is gonna buy that shit. like why am i going to pay $15 for ratty, mixed up, missing shit dolls? i’m not and most people aren’t. and usually with the two per bag dolls, only one is what i’m actually interested. so fuck it, guess i’m done with there for a while.

@syzara replied to your post “@probablylostrightnow replied to your post “I was not able to buy…”

Ohh that sounds pretty nice! That’s definitely more than we usually manage :P (then again, we were Up North For Reasons, so there is that. still have to fix that going out for dinner though! I need to fix that)

ah, belated thank you! And I do hope you guys manage a nice dinner at some point. 

/also, I am still DELIGHTED with my Ryder, though I keep forgetting the PS4 does cooperate with screenshots SO I haven’t really taken any yet?

/but she has such a nice jawline




Aries: I swear I’m gonna push everyone down the stairs like I swear


Gemini: Why do I even tolerate you, like I keep asking myself, wHY AM I FRIENDS WITH YOU? (me @ mandy)

Cancer: see this is what mandy does, like she sits in a corner and just stares at me until i look at her, oh my god (when i told mandy she’s fired, she went to the corner and sat there while staring at me)


Virgo: *working on a project* oH MY GOD GUYS I’M GONNA OWN 68344603 BUSINESSES IN THE FUTURE LIKE IF YOU WORKED THERE I’D FIRE YOU THERE OH MY GOD YOU GUYS SUCK (i’m so….leader born guys.)


Scorpio: I’m trying to ignore them and see if they actually want to be my friends

Sagittarius: I was about to pop his bloody jaw, dude I was so pissed 



Pisces: yOU’RE SO ABUSIVE S T OP (mandy hits my shoulder)

JT Anon on Branding

reading thru some of these “off the brand of Benedict posts”, and i think i see what people are saying, and why people i think, are reaching a breaking point. It started w the “if you like me, you’ll like her” comment. That set the course of this failed voyage, and people are jumping ship.

I didn’t pay for Sophie Hunter. Im not interested in Sophie Hunter. i didn’t buy Sophie Hunters CD, i didn’t pay to go see Sophie Hunters plays, i didn’t pay to go see Sophie Hunters art work. Im not interested in brand Sophie Hunter. she does not appeal to me. if i wanted to be a fan of Sophie Hunter, i would be, but Im not, so Im not paying for her.

Like it or not, celebrities are a brand. Marvel and the Mouse House sure are  fucking brands. As a fan of Benedict Cumberbatch, i am paying for Benedict Cumberbatch. I am paying for his brand. i am not paying for Sophie Hunter. if he had a spouse who seemed palatable, added positively to his brand, or at least didn’t get in the way of his brand, i would have no issue w whatever contractual agreement these two got themselves into.

the problem is, his brand is not only linked to having a wife in Sophie Hunter, it is charged with selling Sophie Hunter. lots of celebs have spouses and their family and family man image is sort of rolled into their brand. look at Brangelina. that whole family dynamic has added positively and basically become their brand, or a part of it, in a positive way. that is not the case here. w the case of Benedict, it is very obvious that his brand is being used to promote Sophie Hunters…brand…re-image..whatever the fuck they are trying to do. its obv that there is a deal in place. that she gets red carpet appearances and she gets to use his name. she gets into charity events and fashion shows. She gets to have X amount of positive tabloid covers. She gets to have her name and image attached to searches etc of Benedicts work. despite being the silent wife, she is using his image to promote herself as an independent brand. and its not what any of us paid for.

pushing Sophie Hunter has now become almost centre to the Benedict brand. he mentions fatherhood when it doesn’t even make sense. in small interviews where he is not even asked. she uses his name in all of her publications and work. he is not seen at official events w out her.

people are getting tired because they didn’t pay for Sophie Hunter. they paid for Benedict Cumberbatch, and now they can’t get him in an official capacity w out having to have her brand and image shoved down their throats. people are getting sick of it.  someone else put it perfectly when they said the add on of lesser quality. she is like the promotional emails you get from a store aft ordering something. eventually you unsubscribe and stop ordering because you’re tired of 12 emails a day reminding you of this other deal in that other part of the store.

she is diluting his image. it would be one thing if they were a power couple, she was interesting, she offered something, the family added to the overall image. now when i see BC on red carpets or at official events, i feel like Im being nagged. like Im being nagged and reminded that i have to notice brand Hunter too. i have to hear about her clothes (that she is selling) i have to hear about her shoes (that she is selling) i have to hear about her brand. i have to wade through these fucking emails before i get to what i want. As a consumer, I don’t like being nagged to death about the ad on.

i didn’t pay for brand Sophie Hunter. i don’t want it, and if i cannot consume brand Benedict Cumberbatch w out signing up for the Sophie Hunter email list, then i think ill just skip the whole thing altogether.

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There are no words.  Only gifs.

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Little Robot – A girl with a messenger bag full of tools finds a misplaced robot

Little Robot
by Ben Hatke
First Second
2015, 144 pages, 7.3 x 9.2 x 0.6 inches
$12 Buy a copy on Amazon

I am a sucker for little girls that can hold their own. The nameless little girl in Ben Hatke’s latest book does just that. She is independent, resourceful, and not afraid to go it alone. This graphic novel for the younger set tells the story of an isolated little girl who finds a misplaced robot and the friendship that ensues. She teaches him about the world from the beautiful (“Its a flower, its alive too.”) to the simple joy in skipping stones. The story darkens slightly as the company who misplaced our robot sends out a pretty ominous creature of its own to track and retrieve the little guy. It’s a touch of Johnny Five and a bit of WALL-E. When the little robot wants to stretch his wings is where the story gets interesting. While this little girl makes a friend, she isn’t always a good one. The little robot enjoys her company, but longs to connect with others more like him. While they are navigating their friendship, they must face the machine that continues to hunt them down.

Little Robot bridges the gap between picture book and graphic novel with its detailed illustrations and sparse dialogue (however it features lots of great sounds - making it all the more fun to read aloud). It’s enjoyable for children regardless of reading level as toddlers can page through the emotive illustrations and older children can take their time with the plot.

Little Robot is timely in that it fits perfectly within the current STEM and Maker movement. The little girl carries a messenger bag of tools that are her lifeline throughout the story. Also, there are the robots - adorable robots. Little Robot is a great introduction to comics and my current go-to present for the children in my life in hopes of exposing them to something slightly off the shelf. – Amy Lackpour

February 5, 2016

Shittest day of intern year (with a couple bright spots)

-got sick with a viral URI and walked around febrile and sniffly all day at work
-got my period and couldn’t even leave to get a pad, I didn’t have coins to buy one, and basically I had to make a complex layered paper towel thing to deal all day
-cramps and bloating all day
-it turns out that the intern I am subbing in for is absolutely not coming back this month and I am not going back to ID this year
-she does not have a family or medical emergency, which the Chiefs blatantly lied about when they spoke to me
-and she’s actually delaying her paperwork pending to finalize her return to work so she’s been essentially on vacation for two months (because she’s an idiot and she puts her hikes and travels out of state on Facebook)
-causing multiple people to be pulled from rotations to cover for her BUT I am the only person to be pulled for a complete rotation for her
-my abstract edits are due tonight but…
-my blue apron delivery was sent to my neighbor’s apartment and he’s coming home “late tonight”

So I am hungry, sick, tired, stressed, angry, sad, bloated, cramping, and exhausted.

The only bright spots are:
-I’m off tomorrow
-two patients thanked me today for being a good doctor
-I approached one of the program directors who has arranged for me to be on an ID rotation early on in 2nd year
-my team is really sweet and the med students are really good

Finally, anyone who is compelled to respond with some trite bullshit like “it’s not that bad, I’ve had worse” and “so many people are less fortunate than you be grateful” guess what this list isn’t about you. I’m a human being who happens to be in a profession that is simultaneously both overly maligned and glorified, who had a bad day, and have no trouble this evening eviscerating you with the written word. So shut the fuck up and move along.

Raise your hand if you think Taylor Swift has an ego problem you don’t want to support by buying her merch/ going to her shows/ paying for her music because she likes to talk over other people who are trying to talk about important issues like sexism and racism and capitalism, misinterprets and take personally everything they say, and then make it all about her like the problematic white feminist she is.
Fuck Taylor Swift. She has a nice voice, but so does Bieber and he doesn’t deserve my money or respect, either.

I wish people in this fandom understood that you can be up Taylor’s ass without going along with everything she says/does like I am SO up her ass like she goes on tour with crazy expensive tickets? I’m gonna go to 4 shows! she sells ugly ass mercy? I’m gonna buy it! she’s doing a show in Japan? I’m gonna stay up all night to get updates!

I love her SO MUCH I am so obsessed with her, but I’m still gonna call her out on being a white feminist. she’s closed minded about a lot of issues and I’m allowed to be upset about that. that doesn’t need mean I’m not a true fan, that doesn’t mean I hate her, it just means I have an opinion and a mind of my own