but if one person gets to watch this film because of this post

Some Guzma Headcanons
  • Guzma loves piercings and has his nose and tongue pierced 
  • He tends to be really clingy and needy with the person he likes
  • He really likes the color purple (its probably his fav)
  • He likes to sleep in a bed that’s as big as possible because he rolls around a lot at night time
  • Guzma has really bad taste in music and likes super cheesy hip hop songs that he unironically jams out to at loud volume
  • He loves video games. He likes shooter games and Overwatch would probably be one of his favs. He likes good characters too
  • He’s into horror films but he likes to watch them with others (as a group of as a date) because he secretly gets a bit creeped out sometimes
  • He just… He just wants to be a bug type trial captain… Let Guzma be a trial captain 2kforever
  • He watches YouTube lets plays
  • He loves memes. Even the dumb ones
  • Guzma gets really paranoid when h sees chain posts and usually passes them on to everyone and people get so mad at him for it
  • He has a really loud obnoxious laugh. But its kinda cute
  • His voice is naturally very loud and booming, and he’s kind of tone deaf
  • He wears makeup, specifically eyeshadow and eyeliner. Plumeria and him share makeup tips sometimes
  • He’s incredibly ticklish and he hates being tickled because he starts crying from it

shadowhunters on vine:

-clary is the first to get it and she mainly uses it to show her drawing at an increased speed
- she also posts the occasional vine of izzy training with the heart eyes emoji as the caption
- she shows her account to izzy on their six month anniversary because clary had drawn a picture of izzy and she wanted to see the process

-izzy gets it afterwards, wanting to be able to support clary
- she has one series where it’s just her filming clary talking in her sleep
- another where she bursts into any room where alec is and points the camera at an object or person near him, exclaiming loudly ‘i cant believe you’re cheating on magnus!’
- one time the person was magnus

-magnus gets it so he can watch all the vines of alec, I mean can you blame him, one time was right after alec had come out of the shower
- magnus makes a series where he, izzy and clary do dubsmashes and lip sync videos
- another one where he tells people tips and tricks about fashion and makeup
- he makes vines of alec being domestic and cute without him knowing

-alec finds out when, after a meeting, two shadowhunters come up to him and ask ‘is this you?’ while a vine of alec making silly faces at a baby in a stroller as they walk down the street plays
- he decides to get it with the intention of revenge
- he ends up taking random videos of magnus doing literally anything and captioning it with the sappiest things: ‘he’s so beautiful’, 'so lucky to have him’
- he makes one where he films everyone watching a movie during a sex scene and covers izzy’s eyes
- 'you’re too innocent!’ 'fuck off, alec!’ 'oh she’s definitely not innocent’ 'tmi fray’

-turns out, luke was actually the first person to get vine and he has over 50k followers
- his most popular series is him making bad dad jokes
- second popular is him bringing in random animals into the institute and filming people’s reactions (he uses magnus’ magic to help out with this)
- 'why the fUCK is there an elephant in here’ 'i guess you could say there’s an elephant in the room, jace’

-jace uses his vine account to stalk the couples and make everything into a competition
- 'ooh you bought izzy flowers, clary? step up your game, raphael already did that for simon last week’
- he has a series where he makes bro jokes to alec 'is your hand heavy bro?’ 'no’ 'then let me hold it for you bro’ 'fine’

-simon gets it after he’s turned into a vampire
- for one of his series he gets clary to film him running at luke when he’s holding something and yelling 'catch me’ before jumping into his arms
- simon has had to pay for multiple broken mugs
- sometimes he films raphael sleeping while simon rearranges his limbs in different positions
- raphael isn’t actually sleeping but he doesn’t want to ruin his boyfriends fun

-raphael is persuaded to get vine by magnus and they end up filming themselves doing ridiculous dares
- later on he makes a series where he tries to teach simon spanish and rewards him with kisses
- he makes another one where he films magnus jumping onto alecs back at random times and climbing onto his shoulders while alec struggles to keep his balance

-even lydia joins in on the fun, she makes an account after jace films himself scaring her and he gets a bleeding nose for his trouble
- she makes a series where she films maureen and plays 'crazy in love’ and maureen has to stop what she’s doing and sing to lydia
- 'babe im in the middle of cooking dinner for you and it will burn- god damn it’

From what I’ve seen A Cure For Wellness is one of those movies you either really appreciate or you absolutely despise

Though most of the excuses I’ve seen for telling people to not Watch it At a
All don’t seem??? Reasonable to me??

Mostly the inc*st and r*pe bit towards the end

Say, you’ve got Split. A film I personally don’t think you should bother putting your money into. The reason for this is because it promotes the idea that people with the antogonists disorder are dangerous etc etc, demonising them, you get the point. It’s not a great idea, considering the issues these people already face in current media.

Then you have Acfw. It’s not promoting the idea that these are good things. It’s not fetishising them. As far as I know it’s not just thrown in for ‘shock value’ nor used as a gross 'joke.’ So I’m unsure as to why its considered as something that shouldn’t be in the film at all?

As for the rest, yeah I get there’s gore and some potentially triggering scenarios and stuff but it’s nothing that hasn’t been in shitty horror films or psychologicals such as Jacobs ladder, etc.

It’s a possibility that i’m just desensitized to it due to my stepdads constant watching of disturbing arthouse films and my stupid obsession with the Hannibal series, I dunno.

In other words I can get disliking the film if all that just Ain’t Your Thing, but I’m not sure I understand telling people not to watch it.

If anyone has?? An opinion they’d like to share feel free to add to this I guess??

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Requested by anon ;)) Sorry I kept it hanging so long , I legit watched one of the Harry Potter film to get myself inspired AWWWW YEAAAAA

  • pureblood
  • ravenclaw
  • isn’t a fan of quiditch surprisingly
  • Instead , he prefers playing basketball with jeonghan
  • he specializes in potions
  • some people are intimidated by him despite his small built
  • a really REally quiet guy when you first get to know him but once you get over that awkward phase he gets a lot more chatty
  • many older wizards used to make fun of his height so he turned them into snails for a day
  • which got him into trouble with the teachers [totally worth it]
  • #don’tmesswiththewooz
  • can be seen often with mingyu
  • despite their different personalities , they compliment each other
  • under all that prickliness woozi is actually a pretty nice guy
  • he looks out for his juniors and his friends without asking for credit #woozi4prez2k16
  • tutors dino in his free time [just because he dotes on the little munchkin]
  • Hopes to be a professor in the future but who knows ?

send in prompts or any AUs you’d like

admin lyn <3

mairzydotes  asked:

3, 14 and 16 for Updog?

Thanks, Mairzy!

3. What kind of video games would they play? Any specific titles?

I’ve never thought of him as a gamer, but if he was one, he’d play first-person shooters almost exclusively. He’d never get any better at them, because he’s just there to yell at people over voice chat.

14. If your OC owned a Tumblr blog, what kind of content would they post?

Zero original content. He mostly lurks and reblogs music, 80s movie gifs, and creepy/glitchy aesthetic posts. He has a Star Trek sideblog, but it’s mostly abandoned.

16. If your OC was a film director, what kind of movies would they make?

I can see him making a confusing, no-budget thriller with no plot, but lots of sex. Then at the last minute, Matter Baby asks if she can watch it, so he awkwardly cleans the whole thing up to be G-rated. No one likes it and he makes 3 sequels.

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Hey! So I'm one of the people who got pulled into cinema from the south and obviously a tad bit late since I never knew it was so much better than most of the shitty Bollywood films these days. Anyways, I've watched a few such as drishyam and Bangalore days which I absolutely loved. And others like Manam where I fell more on love with Shriya (who knew). Could you please recommend me some movies to get started with because I'm not familiar with anything really. Thank you -xo

another nice compliment to my ‘done with Bollywood post’ lol I’m really glad you enjoyed the movies you saw :) Welcome to the wonderful world of South Indian Cinema :)

Now I’ve made a few dozen of these film recommendations in the fast. I’ve noticed (as is the case with me) that a person watching films from an industry they’re not familiar with tends to have seen one movie they really liked, which has an actor or actress they really liked- and then work there way from there using that said actor/actresses filmography. 


My top 3 must watch: Bangalore Days (rom com drama)→ Ohm Shanti Oshaana (rom com from the female perspective) → Drishyam (crime thriller)

Dulquer Salmaan: 
OK Kanmani (modern romance) *in Tamil I know- but he is a Malayali actor* → Usthad Hotel (coming-of-age)→ Neelakasham Pachakadal Chuvanna Bhoomi  (roadtrip/romance) → Vikramadithyan (coming-of-age drama)→ Samsaaram Aarogyathinu Haanikaram/VMP (fantasy romance) or the segment from 5 Sundarikal (romantic anthology)

Nivin Pauly: 
Thattathin Marayathu (cross religion romance) →  Premam (romance) → 1983 (cricket drama) → Mili (heroine-centric motivational)  → Da Thadiya (body image motivational)

*I have a feeling Ennu Ninte Moideen will be somewhere up here but I haven’t seen it yet* Indian Rupee (satire)→ Classmates (nostalgia/romantic thriller)  → Ayalum Njanum Thammil (medical drama) → Mumbai Police (crime thriller) → Urumi (historical fiction) or Celluloid (biopic) or Memories (crime thriller) or Ananthabhadram *lol I found a Hindi dubbed + subbed version* (fantasy/horror) or Thirrakatha (romantic drama/biopic?) or Picket 43 (war/friendship) or Chocolate (rom com) *I’m sorry, this man has been in over 80 films, it’s hard to narrow down*

I’ll also do the Tamil one for Prithvi *again because he is a Malayali actor*:
Mozhi (drama) → Kaaviya Thalaivan (historical drama)→ Raavanan (thriller apparently? but it’s more a drama)

Fahadh Faasil:
Annayum Rasoolum (romance)  → Amen (fantasy/satire romance)   → Iyobinte Pusthakam (historical drama)  → North 24 Kaatham (roadtrip)→ Oru Indian Pranayakadha (romance)

Nazriya Nazim:
*because she has a fairly short filmography I’ll mix the languages- and make an exception on the doubling up rule*  BD/OSO →  Raja Rani (romantic drama) → VMP/SAH → Neram (comedy thriller)

Rima Kallingal:
*I feel like Rani Padmini will also ft. here soon* 22 Female Kottayam  → Nidra  → Zachariyude Garbhinakal  → Chiragodinja Kinavukal August Club or Happy Husbands *it’s so stupid it makes me laugh okay*

Pranchiyettan and the Saint (satirical comedy) → Amaram (drama)→ Oru CBI Diary Kurripu (investigative thriller)→ Pappayude Swantham Appoos (family drama) → Munnariyipu (crime drama) or Paleri Manikyam (mystery) or Harikrishnans (investigative thriller/comedy) *It’s hard to narrow this one down as well with some 350+ to choose from*

and for the Tamil one: Thalapathi  → Kandukondain Kandukondain

Kilukam (rom com) → Chitram (rom com/drama) → Nadodikattu (comedy) → Thanmatra (family/medical drama) → Devasuram (action/drama) or Kireedam (drama) or Thoovanathumbikal (romance) or Nammaku Parkan Munthiri Thoopikal (romance) AND Iruvar (biopic) in Tamil

Manichitrathazhu (psychological thriller) → Thira (thriller) → Innale (romance drama) →  Kanamarayathu (romance drama) → Meelaparambil Aanveedu (rom com) or Mazhayethum Munpe (romance drama) or Thenmavin Koombathu (rom com) or Yathra (romance drama) or Rudraveena (musical drama) *in Telugu*

But let’s try something different this time, a game of sorts- let’s make a pan-South Indian film rec list. The rules are simple. You say which industry you will be focusing on. You list your 3 most recommended (do not put them in again- only use one movie once throughout all the lists). Then you list the most ‘tumblr famous’ actors/actresses from that industry and/or your favourites. Under each name you list your 5 (lol if you can) most recommended films of theirs in order of personal liking- remembering to bracket the genre of the film. And if you’re a good sport like I am you’ll even add the English subbed link. I’ve focused on Malayalam because I’ve grown up on Malayalam films- but if we’re totally lacking in ideas, I can chip in on Dhanush’s, Suirya’s, Yash’s, Tamannah’s, Ram Charan’s and Prabhas’ rec lists (because I’ve basically seen everything with these people in it- but I’d prefer someone from the industry’s fandom doing it). Please feel free to chip in my dear South Indian Squad  

Going to the X-Men Apocalypse premiere was definitely one of the best decisions I’ve made lately! Besides managing to get pictures/autographs from most of the actors, me and my friend actually got to see the film! So worth getting absolutely drenched because welp, who needs an umbrella? Haha.

I’m actually surprised to read the reviews after, because it was pretty damn good imo. True it had some parts that could have been approached differently but good overall. Definitely going to watch it a couple more times. I don’t want to spoil anything, but feel free to ask if you want details. cherik cough

Also this was just too hilarious not to share. <3

More than ‘ler

So… this is weird. This is a tickling post, but not your average one. I actually just wanted to take a second to say this about being a ‘ler. It’s that, well, I’m not just that. I mean, yeah, totally all about the tickling thing, but that’s a small part of a person. I’m not just here to pretend to tickle people online. I’d love to just talk about games. Maybe discuss cool places to go or new types of food. Chat about how hyped we are for OITNB, Walking Dead or Civil War. Because for all the desire to tickling and everything, there’s no situation I’d love more than just sitting on the sofa, watching some terrible film and laughing at it with you, as we occasionally talk about how things are and maybe even get into deep topics.

A fetish isn’t a person’s entirety. So ‘Lee’s and ‘Ler’s, please just take some time to maybe talk to the people you talk to. I mean, like, really talk. About their day, about their music, about that time that they ended up calling an ambulance because a water fight went just out of control (true story, by the by).