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Filling the prompt “a fic based on Glasgow? Like how they meet and all of the sudden there falling in drunk in love? You may have something similar but I’m thinking like she wraps him around her fingers and the boys all talk about how he’s whipped and like when she can’t be with him, he’s just wants her to himself”

You’d met Van at your favourite bar and it was cliché as all fuck. He arrived late, and everyone in your newly combined social group was already drunk. He walked to the bar and perched on a stool. Jess, the bartender, walked to him and took his order. You watched as he hesitated, not getting up. He stayed on the stool and started to sip the beer.

“Maybe… instead of looking, staring at his back, you could just go talk to him?” you friend whispered in your ear. She was right; you were staring and chewing your lip and being super fucking weird. Nodding, you stood up and walked over and took the stool next to his.

“Hey, Y/N. The usual?” Jess asked.

“Um. I think maybe we need a couple shots, to catch this one up,” you said. She smirked and nodded. Van looked over at you. “No fun being the only sober one," 

"You ain’t that drunk,” he replied smiling and looking you up and down.

“I am… holding myself together.” He laughed, his pointy teeth on display. Jess lined up two shots each, and put a cider next to you too. You clinked your teeny tiny glass against Van’s, and downed it. He scrunched his face up and it was so human and beautiful. The second shot went down easier.

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female character challenge
thirteen: a female character in a book

very slowly, using two fingers, annabeth drew her dagger. instead of dropping it, she tossed it as far as she could into the water. [..] annabeth tried for a dumb-blonde smile, like: oh, silly me. nobody who knew her would have been fooled. but octavian seemed to buy it. [x,x]

“I reckon she finds Ben C as repulsive as Melania finds Trump”.

That’s what I will never understand of Weirdo. Ben is a really handsome  guy in my opinion, he’s sweet and kind too and …last but not least  he’s extremely clever. He’s high educated and one can always learn from him when he’s talking about his work. Some ppl think that Ben is a big time professional but not so handsome, they only  enjoy his performance and that’s ok but nobody in his/her right mind would be disgusted by him. A friend of mine doesn’t like him as a man (she doesn’t like Brit, Germans and similar, she likes dark Italian guys) but she said “he’s really talented, I have completely different tastes than yours but I buy tickets to see his movies and yes he’s  much more intelligent than the average in the industry ”

Now, why didn’t Weirdo pick another actor up in order to coattail his fame? Why she decided he was the right one to drain money from if she cannot stand his touch? which, I say it once again, it’s completely insane.

Maybe because of her  “previous” job she thought she could act as if he liked him in a business dimension…but she failed and I guess he never asked for her services. I am evil I know, but I am not giving a rat ass (like Anna said once) to what Nannie and the “good ones” might say about me.

When she told Karon “pretty much where to go”, I am referring to the first “stomp-off performance”, she reacted like that ‘cause he seemed not to want to hold her hand.  He didn’t want to play along since the beginning. She despised him…so why having resentment against someone who doesn’t wanna touch you but you want to avoid the contact with his skin at any cost on your turn?

I’ll never understand her logic.

And Ben cannot be seeing as a repulsive man by anyone, some probably think that he’s just a normal type of man but surely not to be despised. 


unholy-vengeance  asked:

Bartender GoM + Kagami consoling a girl who was stood up, and they eventually start falling for one another

Yee yee some good shit right here. Thanks for the request!

Kuroko: He watched her for an hour. She sat excitedly, and that happiness gradually left her over the course of the hour. Kuroko already knew, he’s seen it so many times in his work. He set a vanilla milkshake in front of her, figuring something sweet would make her happy. She looked up in surprise.  “You looked sad, I hope this makes you smile, miss. And I hope that guy that ditched you realizes he’s made a mistake.”

She smiled lightly and accepted the treat. Kuroko checked in on her when he wasn’t bombarded with drink orders. They spoke for a while, Kuroko finding himself liking her as they chatted.

“You know, I think you’re better company than the guy I was meeting anyways, Tetsuya.” She smiled happily, sipping on her third shake.

“Ah, there’s no need to compliment me, _____-san, I should be complimenting you.”

Kise: The girl at the end of his bar sat there sulking for the past two hours. He knew she was waiting for someone who wouldn’t show up. The bar was fairly empty, so he decided to check in on her while he had the time. He set a sweet drink in front of her. “Hey, are you okay?”

She looked up with a weak smile and nodded, then eyed the drink. “Oh, I didn’t order anyth-”

He cut her off with a grin. “I know! It’s on me, I hope you feel better!”

They talked when he had free time, and he started questioning how this guy ditched her. Who would want to? She’s awesome!

“____-chii! You should come by more often! You’re really cool!”

She grinned back and nodded. “I’d love to! You’re cool too, Ryouta!”

Aomine: Okay the hot chick at the end of his bar was alone and waiting for a guy that’s not coming. He’s so making a move. He slid a shot of strawberry vodka in front of her, and leaned over the bar with a smirk. “Still waiting?”

She looked up, clearly offended at his bluntness. “What’s it to you?”

“Just wondering why someone as beautiful as you is still waiting for some douche who isn’t going to show up.” He shrugged. “I mean I guess waiting for me is a good reason.”

“Ah, a douche who isn’t showing up is better than a douche who did show up, I’m afraid.” She smiled lightly, shooting the drink. Aomine grinned, he’s all about this.

They bantered and teased each other whenever he was free. Aomine actually took a liking to her, and she liked him too.

“Well, you’re not the douche I wanted, but you’ll do.” She smiled softly, making Aomine roll his eyes and pour her another drink.

Akashi: He did feel horrible for her, just waiting there with nobody coming to meet her. His shift has technecally ended, but he’s going to stick around to talk to her while his co-worker takes care of the rest of the bar. He made her a sweet drink to cheer her up.

“Hm? Oh, this isn’t mine-”

“It’s on me, flower. I figure if the man you were meeting can’t buy you a drink that I would.”

She was a bit off-put, but the two of them talked for a while. Akashi managed to get her to open up, and he couldn’t imagine why someone would stand her up. Akashi offered to take her on a date, and she was surprised, but gladly accepted the invitation.

Midorima: He doesn’t care. He doesn’t care. Nope. Not at all. He did not send over a free drink because he felt bad. Absolutely not. Nope.

He felt so bad for her.

He asked Takao to take care of the bar while he talked to her, and Takao made a stupid suggestive face at him. He rolled his eyes and walked over to her.

“Hey, you shouldn’t be sad.”

“Huh? What do you-”

“You got stood up. Don’t be sad. If he’s willing to stand you up he’s not a worthy man. It’s not a loss, if anything, it’s your lucky day, nanodayo.”

Yo look at Shin-chan with the superstitious pickup lines!”

“Takao!” He hissed, then turned back to the girl, who was laughing lightly. “Oh, what?”

“Your friend over there is pretty funny, Shin-chan.” She smiled happily at him. “Thanks for the drink and stuff.”

“You have to say nanodayo to him!” Takao shouted.

“No. You don’t, nanodayo.” Midorima rolled his eyes.

She just smiled. “Well, thank you, Shin-chan.” He sighed at the name, and ignored her whispered ‘nanodayo’.

Murasakibara: He ignored everyone else to make her smile like she did when she first came in. He gave her the sweetest drink he could make, and stood in front of her.

“Nn… Don’t be sad, Pretty-chin…”

She was a bit taken-aback by the nickname and the drink, and she offered a sad smile. “Ah, thank you. Guess you could tell I was stood up?”

“Well I’m your date now, so I guess not.”

Her eyes widened at his bluntness, and she giggled. “Alright then, I’m _____.”

“_____-chin… I’m Murasakibara Atsushi.”

Kagami: He wanted to make her happy again but he didn’t know what to do. He thought about it for a while before he decided to act. He made sure nobody needed him before he slipped over. He’s practiced his lines of encouragement in his head like five times, he’s fine.

He nearly dropped her drink, and he grinned nervously.

“Hey, so uh. Um. You got stood up but don’t let the fuckboys hurt you, okay? Alright cool. Seeya, you’re too cute for fuckboys anyways. Uh, yeah. Just. Yes.”

He walked away, he knew he sounded like an idiot. He heard her laughter behind him and he smiled lightly. At least she’s happy again. She called him over a bit later, a happy smile still on her lips. “Hey, thanks. You made me really happy back there.”

He grinned. “Ah, I can’t stand to see people sad.”

Mabifica headcannons

because i couldn’t sleep

  • Mabel ALWAYS send a good morning/good night message with a lot of cute emojis and Pacifica can’t sleep well or get up until she reads it
  • On holidays and weekends when they visit each other (Pacifica on weekends and Mabel on holidays) they spend all day together
  •  Also Mabel took a lot of pictures of them and publish them on instagram but she keep a few for her own when she miss Pacifica SO bad 
  •  Mabel makes a lot of presents (sweaters, draws, plushies) for her gf and Pacifica buys her really expensive gifts but the best present that Pacifica could gave her was when she says for the first time “I love you” and Mabel was so happy that almost cry and she kissed her a lot of times bc her gf is so precious 
  • In public Mabel is the one that is always touching/holding hands/hugging but when they sleep together Pacifica is the one that can’t stop holding Mabel’s hand
  • Pacifica kept the “a-paw-logize” sticker and many others in a box but nobody (even Mabel) knows it

Hey Taylor. So I figured I would do one of those things where people tell their stories of how you’ve helped them and how you came into their lives..so this is mine. I would always hear your songs on the radio when I was younger throughout the fearless era, so for Christmas I asked for your album. (I was probably about 7 or 8 years old.) So Santa got that for me, and I would always ask my mom to play it in the car for me. Speak now came out, and I remember I had a babysitter and she went on my moms computer and started watching the music video for Mine, and I loved it. When red came out..I kept asking and asking for my mom to buy it for me, and she kept saying I’ll get it for you Christmas, so for Christmas I got it, and that would always be played in the car. I constantly listened to it. I decided to make a fanpage after a while of listening to red, I really started to appreciate having Taylor’s music there for me when nobody else was..even though Taylor didn’t know who I was, I still felt as if I had a connection with her, as if she was my best friend. I remember being so upset that I couldn’t attend the red tour (because of money issues). I asking remember being so excited to watch the 1989 live stream, and when I heard shake it off I couldn’t stop dancing to it! I bought 1989 right when it came out, and I’ve played it so much that my parents are sick of it. I remember thinking..Taylor has come so far and been so brave..she’s so kind and humble and genuine, I really want to me more like that. My parents told me that I couldn’t attend the 1989 world tour and I was devastated. My family has gone through a lot lately and of course we didn’t have the money. Then one morning my friend called me screaming that her parents bought her tickets!! She said she could bring a friend but she hadn’t decided who yet. Later that night she told me that she was taking me!! I was screaming and so happy! We started planning for our costume immediately!! Throughout this era I’ve become so close to Taylor. She honestly is my happiness. Whenever I’m upset, or happy, I always turn her music on. On August 18th I was scrolling through my tumblr mentions..and I saw that she followed me. I had to look at it several times before I believed it was real and once I did, I was screaming and crying and I literally was having trouble breathing. I’m so thankful that I’m not a complete stranger to my idol now. I love her so much and I’m so lucky to have someone who treats their fans as well as she does. Lately I’ve been through a lot of problems just involving my friends, and my family has gone through A LOT as my parents are splitting. Taylor has kept me positive throughout all of this and I really hope someday I’ll be able to thank her in person for all that she’s done for me. I’ll be at the first night of Toronto on October 2nd, in section 530, row 21, seats 1-4. Even though our seats aren’t very good, I can’t wait to see you for the first time ever Taylor!