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But It Happened, And That's All That Mattered

Summary: After being on a mission which lasted six months, four months longer than expected, you are reunited with Bucky again + fluff, emotions

Words: 679


I recommend you listen to this when reading!

Just an emotional one for all you out there! Hope you enjoy xxx Emma

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Six months.

You weren’t allowed to call in case anyone found his location. You couldn’t visit in case you were followed.

You had to admit it yourself, the doubts ran you crazy. Many nights you had lay waiting to hear Bucky’s voice and fearing he would never love you again. Six months had done things to you mentally.

Waiting in the foyer of the Mansion, watching the door intently, you sighed as you watched the helicopter hover down to grass. It was real, he was actually back. Leaping out the sliding door, pulling down his headphones and eyeing up the helicopter, Steve turned to the mansion, catching eyesight with you and Bruce. “You excited?” asked Bruce, obviously seeing your ecstatic reaction to just the helicopter. “Kind of, but I’m scared,” you admitted, turning to Bruce for assistance. “He could have met so many girls when he was away, no matter how secret he was meant to be,” you muttered, looking over to Steve who was yelling into the helicopter. “Don’t doubt him, Y/N. I don’t think you realise just how much he missed you too,” he replied, turning back to the helicopter.

Chewing on your bottom lip, you watched a pair of legs swing out the helicopter before looking up to see Bucky. His hair had grown; a lot in fact but the rest of him was as bulky and heavily built as ever. By the looks of it, he had leaned out a bit but his definitive muscles were still there. You had to admit it, you kind of loved the look.

As he scanned the room through the large glass window, you pelted for the door, heaving it open before catching eye sight with him. Six months… for this moment.

Sprinted towards him, your eyes tearing up, Bucky opened his arms out wide, encasing you into him and shrouding you in his build. “Oh my god, Y/N, my Y/N!” wept Bucky, gripped onto you tightly. His hair flew in front of his head, hanging over the top of you as you pressed into his chest. “I missed you so much, oh my god…” he teared up, kissing your head before cupping your back into his chest. “Don’t you ever leave my like that again, Bucky,” you cried, turning to face him.  After a few moments longer remaining in each other’s hold, you turned to the mansion, lacing each other’s fingers with each other and made your way inside.

“Y/N!” called Steve. “This man loves you to pieces… you should know that,” stated Steve, tapping Bucky on the shoulder before turning away to go and greet Bruce and Natasha.

“He… uh… he had to put up with me when I missed you, and that’s saying a lot about him. Good dude right there,” chuckled Bucky, looking over to you, marvelling at your appearance. You looked thinner and your hair was lighter. You had started to curl your hair, just like Natasha, and he loved it. You were wearing a new top and it was much bolder than what you used to wear. He never imagined you would have changed that much in six months but he loved it.

“You were that bad?” you laughed.

“Hey! Nothing wrong with missing you, I don’t think! What, are saying you didn’t miss me?” he smirked, knowing he had got you wrapped around his finger. “Aha, alright old man,”

“Old man!” cackled Bucky, turning away from you for a second, his hand tangled with yours as he admired the simplicity of the mansion again. “I’m only 100. I have air in my lungs, don’t I?” he smiled, pulling the cheesiest grin.

“Thank god you do because if you didn’t, I would be so lost,” you smiled slightly, turning to Bucky who seemed to be watching your face intensely. Cupping your cheek, he leaned in to you, placing a soft, gentle kiss onto your lips. It had been so long… so long.

“That was…”

“Long overdue… I know,” sighed Bucky, looking up to your eyes. “But it happened, and that’s all that mattered,”

S/O dying their hair

*high key wants purple so bad*


It was an average day when you got home.You had your hair hidden in a beanie though and hoped Jin wouldn’t notice. You went and got changed, making sure Jin was no where to be seen as you let your freshly dyed hair down. Your once black locks were now a light brown, almost blonde color.

You heard a gasp and turned around, coming face to face with an amazed Jin. “I love it! It suits you so well.” he said, rushing over to play with it. He smiled as he ran his fingers through it. “It really makes your eyes pop!”

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You tapped Suga slightly to wake him up, wanting to show off your freshly mint dyed hair. “Hey there.” Suga opened his eyes half way to look at you before yelling and falling out of bed. 

“Who the hell ar- oh. It’s just you.” A sleepy Suga said. He sighed and rested his head on the bed. “I though someone had broken in. I like the hair by the way.”

You laughed at his reaction and helped him up before pulling him back under the colors. “My appointment to get these done happened way to early. Let’s sleep some more.”

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“Do you think I could pull off colorful hair? Maybe like the black color you had?” you asked one day. Hobi looked over at you and your red hair before he squinted his eyes.

“I could see it. It’d probably look nice. Maybe a little lighter though.” You though for a little bit and nodded. The next day, jaws dropped as you walked into the practice studio. You had taken his advise on the lighter color and you looked bad-ass with your new hair.

Hobi watched you closely and smiled before running over to you and giving you a hug. “I knew it would look nice.”

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Rap Monster

Rap Monster sighed as he waited for you. The two of you had agreed to meet at the mall 5 minutes ago, and you were late. He texted you one more time.

Where you at Jagi? He got a response a few seconds later when he felt someone jump onto his back. He stumbled slightly before turning around to nag you, but stopped when he noticed your now purple hair.

“Purple?” he asked, taking some in his hand. “Damn. You look gorgeous with it.”

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You sighed at your boring hair and Jimin seemed to notice.”What’s wrong?” You told him about how you wish you could do something different, but you didn’t want a chance of ruining your hair.He thought for a moment before suggesting a new idea.”What about ombreing it to pink at the end? You know the pink I had.You would look good like that.”

You took the idea into consideration before making an appointment for the next day. You smiled as you sat down next to him. “If I don’t like it, I’m cutting all my hair off.”

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V was getting his hair dyed for the comeback, so you decided to go with him and do the same. Only, he had no idea what color you were getting. After several hours, you finally emerged out of the hair salon with your now blond, almost white hair.

When V caught sight of you, he almost choked on his food. “If I had known you’d look this good, I would have asked you to dye your hair a long time ago.”

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(this is his rumored hair color for this upcoming comeback)

You decided to go a little crazy with your hair. You walked in the door with your hair on a high bun, showing off your new blue undercut. You’d always wanted something a little adventurous,and now you had done it. 

You were walking through the kitchen when Jungkook noticed. The other boys were over and he trailed off from his sentence, staring at you.”Y/n? I kinda love your hair. It looks so nice.”

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Alec Lightwood Christmas Imagine: Miracle Night


Summary: Reader wants make cookies and Alec offers help even though he has never been nice to reader. They have good time and end up watching movies, which will lead them to something even better.

Word count: 1947

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“By the angel! This is nightmare!” I muttered under my breath as I opened another shelf, but there was no flour. 

I moved to the last one, praying to find it there. As I opened it, I smiled to myself and took out the pocket with flour.

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Friday Night (Prologue)

Jimin x Reader x Jungkook


Warnings: none yet

Word Count: 2,727

Summary: You decided to go to your friend’s party, and once everyone left they decided to play truth or dare..

The music was good, the drinks were strong, and you were having a blast. You were at your friend’s dorm for an ‘end of the school year’ party that had winded down, leaving you with your seven close friends. Your friends had left earlier after finding their next one night stand, leaving you with your closest friends. You kind of wished there was another female with you to distract them, but at the same time you enjoyed hanging out with them for the first time in months.

You were all seated around the coffee table, trying to decide on a game to play to get you even more drunk, (if that was even possible in Taehyung’s case), when Hoseok piped up.

“Hey! How about truth or dare?” you groaned, knowing how competitive the boys were from playing games with them many times, you would end up doing something ridiculous, “but there’s no limits.”

That snapped you out of your daydream, no limits? You looked around at the guys and didn’t see anyone object, so you agreed as well after making it clear that no one would be forced to do something that could cause injury. The game started out pretty tame, the guys only forcing out secrets they’ve been dying to hear. Who knew that it was Yoongi that was crying alone in the dorm one night while watching historical dramas.

“Hobi. Truth or dare?” you hear Yoongi ask, out for revenge.

“Truth.” you look over at Yoongi for the question and see him smirk.

“Tell them about the Disney movies.” You saw Hoseok’s  eyes widen and a pleading look cross his features. this has to be good  as everyone looked at Hoseok expectantly.

“I-… pass?” Hoseok looked around sheepishly.

“Fine, you can pass. But, you have to strip to your underwear.” Taehyung piped up, earning agreement from the other six.

“Okay, OKAY. IliketowatchdisneyprincessmoviesandImayormaynotcrywhentheyfinallykiss,” he mumbled, and you struggled to catch what Hoseok had said.

“I’m sorry, could you repeat that? I don’t think we all heard you.” Yoongi chuckled, poking Hoseok to get him to repeat what he had mumbled.

“I- I like to watch Disney Princess movies and I may cry when they finally kiss. TRUE LOVE IS MAGICAL OKAY?” Hoseok huffed as he crossed his arms in annoyance. The rest of you erupted into fits of laughter, unable to stop due to Hoseok’s confession. Yoongi was also being questioned as to how he knew this and to divulge the full story to everyone.

You were still laughing over the latest revelation when you heard someone call your name. You turned to see Hoseok looking at you.

“Truth or Dare?” He asked you again, obviously trying to move past his embarrassing truth. You pity him a bit when Jungkook starts to sing A Whole New World, and Taehyung pretends to cry. You think about your answer, wondering what they could possibly ask you if you were to say ‘truth’. There can’t be much that they don’t already know.

“Truth.” You say, and Hoseok smiles. Shit.

“Who have you thought about while masturbating out of the seven of us?” he asked you. That got everyone off his case pretty quick. You felt seven pairs of eyes on you as they waited for you to answer. You lowered your head and thought of the best way to answer him. Should you tell the truth, or should you try to lie? Leave it to Hoseok to find a way to ask two questions in one. “Well, are you going to answer or strip?”

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Stick-Gods of Egypt

(It looks precisely like the train wreck I was expecting back when they first announced the movie. Heck, I almost feel bad wasting a comic about it…but folks were asking, and of course Set would have fun with it for the sake of sowing chaos and ruffling Horus’ feathers. On a lighter note, if this looks familiar, it should!)

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Last night I had cramps so bad I wanted to carve out my insides with a mechanical pencil so I wanted to know how you think Curly and Tim would deal with Angel if she came to them complaining about stomach pain during Hell Week.

Tim,” Angela drawls, lazily dragging her eyes away from the TV and toward her oldest brother as soon as he walks into the house. She’s curled up on his recliner, nestled underneath a blanket with her arms crossed protectively over her lower stomach.

“I need you to go to the store.”

“Yeah? Well I need you out of my chair.” Tim replies, completely ignoring her request as he saunters into the kitchen. Angela hears a bottle being popped open, and a few seconds later Tim returns to the den with a beer clutched loosely in his hand.

He comes to a stop in front of Angela, and his eyebrows furrow together in confusion as soon as he’s met with his sister’s bare face. It’s rare that Angela doesn’t have makeup on, she took an interest in it as soon as she hit her teen years and has since refused to leave the house without it.

Which, now that he thinks about it, it was even weirder that she hadn’t left the house.

Maybe he should be worried, because, really, she looks horrible. Her curled up position makes her look weak and vulnerable, something that Angela certainly is not, so he decides to bite.

He sighs deeply, not really sure he wants to open this door, and sits on the edge of the coffee table. The old wood creaks under his weight, and he certainly wouldn’t be surprised if it crashed at any minute, which just gives him an excuse to make this conversation quick.

“Alright,” He starts, eyeing her warily, “What’s got you looking like shit?”

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#13 Silent Communication

A/N: I would like to thank all of you for the lovely feedback on the last part. I’m glad you enjoyed the softer side of Voight.

I would like to thank @justkillingtimewhileiwait for helping me kicking around ideas for this. I hope you guys like it.

Prompt 13: Silent communication - They never needed to speak in order to know what the other one was thinking or feeling.

Word count: 1,224

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Blood of Passage: Part Fifteen


Cyrian studied Nate’s slender fingers. Years of art discipline were worn in those hands and Cyrian knew what it would mean for Nate if they were ruined. He also remembered when he had saved Nate when his fingers were almost destroyed. The male thanked him through physical means; sometimes he wondered if Adrien knew about that peice of history between him and Nate.

“You going to live? Or is your crippling fear of broken fingers going to render you catatonic?”

Nate glared at him. “Fuck you.”

“Name the time and place.” He could feel Bay’s glare from afar. It would seem his back to himself again. He kissed the air between them. “You too, Sweetheart.”

Nate rolled his eyes and walked away, his arms over Bay’s shoulders. He turned to find Blake staring at him. “Paint a picture, it lasts longer.”

“Maze found you.”

“She asked me to come and save your sorry asses. No thanks needed.”

“You didn’t need to save us. We had the situation handled.”

“Careful, Sunshine. With an ego like that your head will become too big for your body.”

“Oh look who’s talking.”

“Whatever. I’m getting out of here. Places to go, people to kill. Busy male, I am.”

“I’m sorry about Tania.”

“Don’t say her name. You don’t get that honor.”

“She was my friend.”

“And I’ll be the last face you see if you keep testing my patience.”

Blake shook his head, “Mother, you’re a dick.”

He turned on his heel and walked away. The sooner he got from these fools the sooner he would have Malyus’s blood on his fingers.

Five foot five and a combination of hazel-green eyes, freckles and ash-gold hair, Baylor looked at him with a small grin and Nate was relieved he was okay. The male only went up to his shoulders but Baylor was a nonstop heart attack that would be the death of him.

“I am more than ready to get out of here,” Baylor said. The male was leaning into him, his fingers thrumming the spot right right above Nate’s right flank, his fingers a hummingbird’s wings against him. Nate loved it. “I need coffee and I need it now. I can actually taste it. The caffeine withdrawal is killing me.”

“You know that coffee stunts your growth, yes?”

Baylor glared up at him, “I hate you.”

He kissed Baylor’s temple, “Love you too.”

Baylor snorted, his fingers still fluttering at his side, Baylor slid closer to him and Nate’s heart was pounding in his chest, so he tightened his arm around Bay’s shoulder.

He could feel Zevakyn’s eyes on him and he looked to see he was right. Zev gave him a small nod and he returned it. Baylor looked between them and a frown tugged at his mouth. “What was that?”

“What was what?”

“That nod that looked like you just signed a blood oath.”

“He… told me to not hurt you.”

Bay’s eyebrows shot up, a flush in his face. “Why would he care if you hurt me or not?”

“Because he’s your friend?”

Baylor snorted, “I don’t have any friends besides Ash and you.”

Blake walked in time with them. “Now that’s just mean, Bay. We let you raid our personal libraries and you don’t even consider me or Adrien your friends. I’m broken. Just heartbroken that you have such a low opinion of us.”

Baylor’s face flushed and he started to stammer. “I-”

“Too late,” Blake said dramatically. “The damage is done and my heart is broken. It’s your fault and now I must mend the pain by seeking out low companionship. I just pray Aurora can look past this and still find me to her liking.”

There it was. That laugh that Nate rarely heard from Baylor and a sharp piece of jealousy struck him for it not being the one to make him do it.

“Blake,” said Baylor. “Aurora almost killed you. Why would she like you?”

Blake turned to Nate. “Neither you or Cassian told him? I’m shocked. My baby brother can keep his mouth shut after all. Someone find me a history keeper so we can mark this day down as one we’ll never forget.”

“Blake,” Baylor said. “You give a bad name to us blonds. Dacia and I are going to have to kick you out of the club. You are tarnishing our reputation.” Nate started to choke on laughter.

“What does that even mean?” Blake said.

“Your stupidity outweighs your good looks.”

Blake just grinned. “Bay, do you think I’m pretty?”

Bays face was red but he said. “Pretty stupid, yeah.”

Blake laughed.

Nate grinned. “Oh, Baylor. You are a delight.”


Zevakyn wondered if he would ever fit into a group like the one before him. With all their problems they would kill for each other and somehow, it made him feel incredibly alone. Bay looked up, meeting his eyes. “You didn’t die.”

He grinned at him. “Nope.”

“Did you forgo your usual talk-your-way-out policy?”

“I..yeah. I kind of guess I did.”

“Too bad.” Bay shrugged. “Although I did tell you.”

He snorted. “Yeah I guess you did.”

Bay looked so much different than he did only a week before. He was lighter and brighter and Zevakyn found he was happy for him.

As Zevakyn walked, he noticed Bay’s fingers. They were always moving, always in motion. It must be a tic. He wondered if Bay realized he did that.

“I’m glad you didn’t get dead.” Bay’s lips twitched, an amused glint in his eyes. “For such a nice male.”

Oh if only he knew just how unkind he had been in his life. How ruthless he had been and how that cost him his Chelia. But the look in Bay’s eyes..he wasn’t far from the truth. He was too smart for his own good. But if Bay could tell him about his past, he would tell Bay about his. It was only fair. And the male saved his life, he could never repay back a kindness like that.


Blake couldn’t stop smiling to himself. They were so close, the cave entrance just ahead of them and he could feel her at the end of it. She was waiting for him and if she was waiting, that meant she knew about the bond and if she was waiting it meant that they had gotten the process of her staying in the other courts for a while started. And the look on his brother and Bay’s faces were icing. They were all getting out and he was relieved. He just hoped Cyrian too got out. Despite him being a total dickhead to everyone. And that Adrien would be okay, Cauldron knows his brother didn’t deserve what happened to him.

“You reek.” Bay grimaced. “Please tell me you plan on bathing before eating. You’ll spoil your food before it even touches your lips.”

Nate opened his mouth, “I reject that statement. I smell wonderful.”

Bay snorted, “Yeah, eau de old blood really brings out the lavender in your scent.”

“Eat and bathe at the same time. Cauldron knows you’ve done it at least once before,” Blake said.

“I have not.”

“Have to.”

“How would you even know if I’ve done that? Do you walk in when I shower or something?”

“And see my brother’s bony ass? I think the fuck not. You leave plates in the bathroom and half the time I trip over an apple.”

“Either you’re lying or your are an uncoordinated man-duck who needs our mother to nurse your wounds.”

Blake ignored him and stopped. “Can you feel it?”

“The wind.” Zev said.

“Were at the end,” said Nate. “Fucking finally.”

He agreed.


Tarus clutched the sides of the toilet, chills and tremors convulsed through him as wet coughs burst out of him. He could hear the dripping of the water, the sound of a male’s sobbing in the next room. He could hear his own screaming in his ears. Everything was too loud and he couldn’t quite remember where he was.

The bile in the back of his throat burned as he tried to force himself sick, to get the tremors to stop and to come back from this thing, this sickness that made him unable to touch others without recalling images from his past.


He leaned backwards, his back to the wall before he looked at the female. “I’m fine.”

Cauldron,” Mazakynn knelt down to his side, her hand reaching out to touch his face. He flinched back, his head hitting the wall, and she froze. “Do you remember where you are?”

“I-” He faltered. No, he didn’t know where he was. Where was he?

“You are out. You are safe. You are in Varalis, the home of the Morrigan and her mate, Leta. I will not hurt you, Tarus. Neither will they.  Okay? Tell me you know that we won’t hurt you.”

He could see the sincerity in her eyes, the warmth of her smile but it was all drowned out by the thudding of his heart in his ears, the unshed tears in his eyes that made her image blurry. “I’m fine. Go make sure Adrien’s okay.”

“You are not fine. Tarus, who hurt you?”

“It was a long time ago. It doesn’t matter. It’s over and done with.”


No.” He was yelling and he hurt his own ears. He tried again, more quiet. “No.”

He tried to stand up, his legs trembled beneath him and he caught himself before he fell to the ground. He’s okay. Hes okay and he would be fine. He just needed to calm down. He looked to Maze, “I’m fine. Really.”

“Blake shouldn’t have asked you to get Adrien out. It’s obvious that physical contact triggered something in you. You should have let Nate or Zevakyn get him out.”

“I almost killed Blake. I was-”

“It doesn’t matter. The Blond Bimbo can take care of himself. You need to let someone help you!”

“Who?” He snarled. “My adoptive father who let priestesses carve me apart to cure my sexuality? The males who cut me open and take my blood by force to get themselves high? The males who tried to r-” He stopped short. “I have no one to help me. I can’t go home. I can’t see my sister and tell her who I am because if I step foot in that court, they will have to kill me to get me to leave. I can’t go home. I can’t get comfort from my family because my so called father doesn’t love me.” His voice shuddered. “I have no one.”

Her face broke apart and he realized he said too much and he didn’t know how to take back his words. He should have just said he was fine and to walk away. Instead, he let himself slide back down, his knees brought to his chest and his hands were in his hair.

The awful truth of it was, he had no one and he should have let Bay kill him in the Blood Rite. It would have been a kindness to die beneath the male’s hand and to never be able to feel this burden ever again.

“Look at me,” Mazakynn said. He didn’t.

Look at me, Tarus.” her voice was firm and he found himself dragging his eyes up to meet hers.

“I don’t have anyone either. Not any more. Unless you count Adrien.” She paused. “My father and brother beat me to a pulp and I learned to hide my bruises. I told myself that there had to be a reason for them to do this.  I watched what I said and did. I tiptoed around them both until I realized that it was them who were wrong and I fought back.”

“If you want a family, Tarus, I will be your family. We have both been fucked up too much to ever be considered sane.”

He blinked. “You don’t even know me.”

“I know you saved my mate.”

“Your mate? Adrien?”

She paused. “He doesn’t know. Please don’t tell anyone.”

His lips stretched into a humorless smile. “Who am I going to tell?”

“With dark humor like that,” she laughed quietly, “you will fit right along with the rest of us.”

Would these people just welcome him in after what he did? He almost killed the spymaster’s eldest son, the Morrigan’s eldest son. He threatened their youngest. When they find out they will kill him for it and he would burn in hell. He would never meet his sister or go home to the Dawn Court. It was the punishment he had expected since before entering the Blood Rite.

Mazakynn cocked her head, “Who is your sister?” He knew what she was doing. She was trying to get him distracted. To get him to calm the rush of panic in his blood.

“She’s the heir of the Dawn Court.”

Her eyes widened. “Aurora Luxmea is your sister?!”

“Do you know her?”

“No, I don’t but…”

He leaned forward. “What do you know about her?”

She hesitated. “I know that she had a poor excuse for a father. I know she’s highly skilled in combat and that Blake has the hots for her.”

“He told me he didn’t.”

“No, he’s not in love with her. But he is in lust with her.” She sat down next to him. “Is that why you tried to kill Blake? Because of his feelings for her?”

“No. I tried to kill him for trying to kill her.”

“Oh sweetie. Blake could never hurt Aurora. Ever. It just isn’t possible.” her eyes were liquid amber. “He may be a slut but when it comes to her, Blake would sooner cut his arm off than hurt her.”

“Then why is he so protective of her if he doesn’t love her? Why didn’t he raise a hand to me unless it was just to defend himself? Why is he so passionate?”

She snorted. “You give him way too much credit. I would tell you what I knew about them but I was sworn to secrecy and unlike my mate and his brothers, I know how to keep a secret.”

“You told me about Adrien.”

Her smile was a devious one. “Yes I did. But I knew you wouldn’t say anything.”

His heart had finally gotten back to its regular rhythm and he could finally breathe. He palmed his eye and groaned. “I’m sorry for yelling at you. I- I forgot where I was.”

“You’re sweet.” She said. “Too bad I’m in love with an arrogant hothead or else I’d steal you for myself.”

“Who would you steal me from?”

She brought her fingers up to her lips. “Can’t say.”

He felt himself start to smile, “that’s very considerate of you.”

“Are you better now? Do you still need me?”

No. But it’s a start.  “Go help Adrien.”

She flashed him a brilliant smile and headed out the door. Pausing for a brief moment she turned back around. “Welcome to the family, Tarus.”


Adrien pulled his legs up to his chest. He could hear his parent through his shadows. He could feel their rage and despair and he knew it was him that put it there.

“Our son is broken, Az. He is going to fall apart unless we help him. I don’t know what to do. Our son is too young to be like this. Those beautiful wings…what do we do? What do we do to help our son?”

His mother was crying and he knew right now his father’s arms were around her, his chin on her forehead and he’d murmur how it would be okay and he would do everything he could. Too bad Adrien didn’t believe his all powerful father could save him.

He laid his head down to his pillowed and curled up on his side, his tears wet against his face.


He opened his eyes, “Maze.”

She climbed up onto the bed with him, her warm fingers were pushing back his bangs, “Im so sorry this happened to you.”

“It’s my own fault.”

She sighed and laid her head next to his. “I love you, Adrien. I love you so. so much and it scares the hell out of me and I don’t know how to help you.”

He had waited so long to hear those words come from her but he didn’t want them. Not right now when it took him almost dying to get her to say it. When he felt like he had been disgraced and ruined and ashamed. So instead he turned away from her and closed his eyes, letting sleep carry him into oblivion.


Heres the next part:) I think there are two or three parts left before the next section of the story but here’s the next part of the blood Rite. Please, please leave a comment XO

As Minekura’s style has evolved over the years it’s interesting to see that Goku almost looks like he’s getting younger.

The Reload images are from Vol 2 and the Blast images are Vol 1 or 2 (Not sure where Sky Burial would be?)

Goku’s face is a bit fuller looking now a days and his eyes are wider and slightly less spaced apart, making him seem younger. Minekura also started making them lighter too and it looks a little shinier sometimes. And his nose is now more upturned instead of pointing down.

Obviously we still have bad ass grown man Goku, but he still has that baby face, which he hates. It’s okay, we know how you’ll look in 10 years, kid.

sweet-smaurent  asked:

Hello just wondering how you got so good at drawing clothes. My faces and anatomy are finally improving but I find the clothes I draw always come out flat and basic. Any advice you can give would be really appreciated thanks! (Also if it isn't obvious I love your art work sm)

Hi ~ 

First, thank you a lot ^^ 

Secondly, I used to love gothic lolita fashion, steampunk, and anything similar, so I would love a lot of corsets and poofy skirts and little folds, etc.

My advices would be first, to look a lot at other people’s art that you like, to see how much fold they do, how they draw this or this type of clothes, etc.

An important thing is folds, and then it’s up to you to see the amount of folds you decide to do. But whatever detail you put into it, the important thing is to understand folds. See the points of tension, how the fabric falls. I will link you to a bunch of tutorials I reblogged ^^ 

But my big points are : look at references, either drawn or real ones, and then look at tutorials explaining how the fabric fall and such. I would maybe also advice to try to put on some movement, especially on dry clothes (if the clothes are wet though, the clothes will be heavy and fall a lot and not have the same movement as some lighter dry clothes…), I don’t know if it’s clear. Also keep in mind the shape of the body under the clothes ! it will help a lot.

Aah I’m sorry this reply is really messy but really, I learnt mostly by looking at references and tutorials, trying things, etc.

I’m sorry I’m really bad at explaining things and all advice come in my head in a mess, so here’s links that will help you more :

Random Clothes References: 







Clothes Tutorials:



http://just-themys.tumblr.com/post/124664130907/i-made-an-art-masterpost (this one is a general art masterpost, but it has a “clothes” section)

http://just-themys.tumblr.com/post/111125771506/listsandmasterposts-faces-drawing-a-face-the (same)

http://just-themys.tumblr.com/post/95140543390/creepymasked-starrify-everything-please-tell (same again haha)

http://hassans-love.tumblr.com/post/101916057820/u-dont-have-to-reblog-this-bc-im-making-it-for (same, a “clothes” section)

http://just-themys.tumblr.com/post/126339919527/kelpls-someone-asked-about-helmets-and-also (not only clothes but headwear in general)


http://just-themys.tumblr.com/post/95001424042/hamishoswaldwinchester-dem-queer-animals (drawing pants)


I think that’s all I have, I hope it can be helpful ^^

Corey Seager #3

Requested by Anon: Can I get a Corey Seager one where he tells you he loves you after losing the all star game?

*Hiii!! This is too much fluff. Huhu I love it. I hope you enjoy this too. Thank you!:)*

Word count: 898

Originally posted by gfbaseball

The silence is unbearable.

It’s the kind of silence that you’re not used to – like when you’re staring at your mother after she walked in on you and your boyfriend doing x-rated things. Yeah, it’s not the fun kind of quiet. It’s uncomfortable, awkward, and confusing.

You hate it.

Not that you did anything to actually contribute to the awkwardness – you didn’t – but Corey is bummed about the result of the All Star Game and you’re not the best person when it comes to consoling people.

What do you do?

Nothing, that’s what.

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The Flash Reborn Thoughts

The Flash is back with an all new season. The show runners have promised that this season would be lighter since season 3 got so dark and it looks like it’s going to deliver. Candice and Grant had amazing performances this episode, especially Candice and I’m glad the media is giving her some well deserved credit.  To start off I loved the dynamic of the team with Wally and Cisco in the field, Joe being the bad ass cop he is and Iris leading the team and it looks like that’s how it’s gonna stay all season even with Barry back. Cisco and Iris’s clashing over getting Barry back was so well portrayed by Candice and Carlos. They both desperately wanted Barry back but were dealing with it differently. Cisco was the more optimistic of the two, he had a plan to get Barry back and was willing to try it. Iris on the other hand, of course she wants him back he’s the love of her life but that’s the very reason she was butting heads with Cisco she didn’t want to get her hopes up and have it not work because it would be like losing him all over again. Obviously, it works and he’s out due to Cisco and Caitlin developing a sphere that tricks the speed force into thinking Barry is still in there.  The look on Iris’s when they went to the police station and her seeing Barry for the first time in months to her realizing he’s not himself broke my heart. Candice is an actress most of Iris’s emotions were shown through her facial expressions. That scene with scrambled Barry at the also broke my heart because at the beginning of the episode she was being shut off but being alone with him even in that state especially because he was in that state she started to crumble and let herself be vulnerable. Speaking of scrambled Barry, major props to Grant because Barry was all over the place and he did a great job at portraying that. When Barry was in his beautiful mind phase like Cisco called it he was spouting off things from his past randomly with the emotions that come with it but also he was spouting random lines that we haven’t heard him say yet like “we’re gonna need more diapers” the tornado twins are coming it’s just a matter of when and how. Now let’s talk about Iris being Barry’s lightning rod, a term the show has yet to use but it’s clearly evident because just one touch and he started running all over the lab. Also, The Flash took over Barry’s body and got him to snap out of his scramble. When Barry did snap out of his scramble he had no memory of what happened in the speed force or after he got out. Barry and Iris have been reunited with an epic reunion, Barry (who is actually the fastest man now imagine that) was dodging falling windmills left and right. Once they were safe and the samurai robot was down Barry sets her down in the middle of the field and she said, “Barry, you came back to me.” He responds by saying, “Always.” What kind of beautiful, iconic romance is this? This episode was a great start to the season I’m happy that they’re letting Barry and Iris be happy for once and it’s nice that Iris is getting to express more of her emotions and Candice is already getting rave reviews for those scenes. We’ve got some great stuff coming up and I can’t wait to see it!

Warning for 2Doc one-shot under the cut! (more 2Doc than the last one)

Rating: pg-13

Warnings: well, 2Doc, cursing, references to alcoholism, I personally feel like anything pre-phase 3 has a bit of an eerie feeling considering we know what ends up happening so warning for that, 2D being awkward.

Summary: Takes place during their stay in Jamaica following the completion of the first album. When Stu hears Murdoc leave his room in the middle of the night he goes looking for him. When he finally tracks him down, the two share a moment of sorts.

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Maedhros and Fingon, fighting I guess? I wanted to practise designing fantasy armour and weapons. The armour was somewhat inspired by the style of Fire Emblem although I added many of my own touches. 

In Maedhros’ armour especially I considered the elves’ relationship with nature which is quite a prominent theme in the books, so I incorporated a leafish design into his armour. His shield meanwhile was actually inspired by the Jackson films. Being as strong as he is I imagine he would be more of a heavier armour type, although not so heavy that it completely slows him down (looking at you every RPG game ever made… -_- ). Fingon meanwhile is wearing lighter armour but carrying a heavier sword, mainly because I have a guilty pleasure for over the top weapons :p

While I have been practising armour design however, I clearly haven’t been practising anatomy because a lot of it looks quite bad in places >-< My background is nothing special either but considering I’m not a landscape artist, it feels like a masterpiece at my skill level.

Anyways I hope you can look past some of the flaws (as well as the horrible scanning) and enjoy :) 

Juntos (Cassian Andor)

word count: 4, 253

request: Can you do a Cassian fic where you’re his daughter and you sneak onto the ship to Scarif to help him and he doesn’t know until after they land that you’re there and help them get the Death Star plans?

requested by: anon

a/n: Alright, first due to Cassian being played by Diego Luna (aka the sweetest human being on the world) Cassian’s daughter will also be speaking Spanish(but like not a lot cause I didn’t want to also out the English translation). I speak both Spanish and English the dialogue between Cassian and his daughter was pretty easy to write and to me, flows pretty well. 

ALSO, you didn’t specify if you wanted a fluffy happy ending and if you know me by now, you KNOW I feed off of angst so…that’s the warning my friends: It ain’t gon be pretty.

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{PART 14} Being on a reality T.V show with GOT7 & BTS

Pairing: Jaebum x Reader (featuring members of GOT7 and BTS)

Genre: Fluff // Angst // Drama // Comedy

Summary: You are the leader of a very popular idol girl group. You are taking part in Koreas version of “Big Brother” where you will live with GOT7 and BTS for three months. You start to get close to Jaebum, GOT7′s leader. What will happen?

A/N: This scenario includes our lovely Mark Tuan ^_^ ALSO SURPRISE IT’S UP EARLY FOR ONCE YAY!

{PART 1} {PART 2} {PART 3} {PART 4} {PART 5} {PART 6} {PART 7} {PART 8} {PART 9} {PART 10} {PART 11} {PART 12} {PART 13} {PART 14} {PART 15}

“What the hell?! BamBam and (Y/N)?!”

Your eyes shot open, feeling disoriented from being woken from your hazy dreamless sleep. You looked directly in front of you, only being able to see BamBam’s neck, averting your eyes a fraction of a percentage upwards to see his lips just inches away from your face. You widened your eyes, reeling yourself backwards and collecting your own limbs that were currently wrapped and intertwined around BamBam – causing him to also wake up.

“Damn, you guys were having a party and I wasn’t invited? Shame on you both!” Jackson piped up, not being able to sense the obvious tension that was radiating around the room; most of it oozing out of Jaebum. Jaebum clenched his teeth so hard, he thought they might begin to crumble under the pressure that he was putting on them as he pressed his hands into fists.

“Calm down JB” Mark whispered from behind him.

Jaebum reeled his head back and looked at him – and if looks could kill, Jaebum would be sent straight to prison and Mark would be 6 feet underground.

“Oh my god, this is so embarrassing…ahh, I must have fell asleep. I was feeling really poorly and Bam was taking care of me. I feel a little better now anyway~” you said bashfully as Jackson bounced down on to the bed with the both of you, laughing with BamBam and making the air in the room a little lighter. You looked past Jackson to see Jaebum glaring in your direction.

“Oh no…” you said to yourself. You knew how this must have looked to anyone coming in to the room and not knowing the full context of the situation – especially Jaebum. Throughout your weeks in the house, Jaebum had really opened up to you and more or less told you about his past – about how he used to have a bad temper. He let you know that he has become much more patient these days, but sometimes it would flare up if something really got to him. And by the look on his face, it was as plain as day to see that he was nearly ready to knock seven bells out of someone. You rolled over on to your side, sitting at the other end of the bed and standing up slowly.

“Why are you all here anyway? Wait, there’s two missing…did something happen?” you asked, noticing the obvious lack of numbers in the room.

“To cut a long story short, Soonyi broke her leg and Haewon went with her. They’re both out of the house now.” Yoongi replied, noticing Jaebum’s strange stance.

“Hey man, you alright?” Yoongi leaned over to Jaebum, speaking quietly.

All Jaebum could see was red. Looking between you and BamBam, knowing Mark and Jungkook were right behind him and now Yoongi asking him questions. Without thinking, he shoved Yoongi with great force out of his way and stormed out of the room. Luckily, Yoongi landed right on a nearby bed, leaving everyone in complete and utter shock as Jaebum slammed the door connecting the bedroom and the hallway.

“What the fuck is eating him? I just asked a fucking question, Jesus Christ” Yoongi shouted after him. Jungkook immediately ran to his older members side, making sure he was okay – only to be shrugged off and told to stop fussing. Everyone began to talk quietly amongst themselves about Jaebum’s outburst, as you slipped into the bathroom to change and make sure you weren’t leaking – to your complete surprise you hadn’t. You cleaned yourself up and returned to the room, only to be met by Mark.

“Hey…are you alright? You really worried me earlier…everything’s okay? Your…um…condition?” you could tell by the look of shyness in his face that he very obviously knew that it was your time of the month. You sighed, half heartily chuckling as you leaned against the door frame, putting your head down and staring at your feet.

“Hey, I do have sisters and female friends you know. I get it. Periods suck. I’m sorry that you have to go through this…it must be tough.” Mark said softly, extending his arm and running his palm up and down your shoulder and arm. You smiled bashfully at him, meeting his gaze before noticing something strange. “Has Mark always looked at me like this?” you thought. Of course, Mark has looked at you many times during the duration that you had both been in the house – but something about this look was different. So different, but so similar at the same time yet you couldn’t quite put your finger on it.

“You got me. I was super dehydrated and low on energy. But I’m feeling much better now.” you giggled. “Listen, I don’t mean to be rude to you, but something has obviously really bothered Jaebum and I wanna go and make sure he’s okay. He didn’t say anything to you, did he?” you asked Mark with eager, innocent eyes. Mark looked at you, fighting an internal battle on whether or not to blurt everything out to you right now, or let you go to Jaebum. He wanted to tell you with all his heart about his true feelings for you. He wanted more than anything to confess to you – to tell you about everything that was going on. He wanted to pull you into the bathroom, away from the cameras, the public and the rest of the housemates. He wished with every ounce of his being that he could gently press you against the locked door, look into your eyes and lay gentle, chaste kisses on your lips.

“Mark?” you asked, seeing his eyes almost glaze over in a dream like state. Mark snapped back down to earth, opening his mouth and just trusting himself with whatever would come out first.

“(Y/N)…I..” he paused, his moral compass spinning in all directions as he blinked and swallowed hard, nervously twitching his lips to the side.

“…I..I think you should go after Jaebum. I think he’s upset at BamBam sleeping beside you. It would be better if you could explain to him yourself.” He said, his voice laced with tones of defeat. You scrunched your eyebrows at Mark, knowing that something was clearly bothering him. That was something you came to know about Mark – he was like a book. And you could read him as if it were your native language that you were speaking your entire life. Before you could interrogate him, Mark gave you a sorry smile, rubbing your arm one last time before turning on his heel and walking over towards Jaebum’s bed and sitting across from Jackson and BamBam’s conversation – pretending to join in. You exhaled harshly, before tightening the robe on your dressing gown, and making your way out of the bedroom in search of Jaebum.

You didn’t have to search too far for him, as you knew there was only one place that he would go; the garden. You put on your flip-flops at the backdoor before stepping out into the early afternoon sunshine to see Jaebum, sitting by the pool and brooding in the shade underneath one of the garden parasols. As you approached him quietly, Jaebum sensed your presence – causing him to look up at you suddenly.

“You shouldn’t be outside. Go back in and rest.” He said, rather coldly. He turned his face away towards the pool before you sat down on the lounger beside him. You sighed a little, hoping that he would be able to be calm enough to let you explain things to him.

“Jaebum, look…what you saw isn’t really how things were.”

“Oh really? It looked pretty cosy in there. First, Mark this morning. And now BamBam. Anyone would think you have a certain thing for the boys of GOT7.” He retorted sarcastically. You let out a scoff, widening your eyes and not believing the way he was speaking to you without even hearing what you had to say. You knew that he was most likely saying this out of anger, but you thought he should have at least had the courtesy to let you speak first.

“So you’re just going to judge the situation without even knowing? I was sick, Jaebum. BamBam came in and I started to cry because…because of everything. And he came in beside me to give me a hug and we both fell asleep. And that was it! Why would I have any reason to tell you a lie? In a few weeks, we’ll all be out of here and you’ll see for yourself. But don’t be sending messages my way to apologise. The way you treated Yoongi in there was awful. He didn’t have anything to do with it. You say you have a hold of your temper…huh” you let out all in one go, your emotions literally everywhere as tears threatened to fall from your eyes. Jaebum turned to you as he heard the shift in your voice go from frustrated, to upset. He couldn’t stand seeing you upset in the slightest, and you were pulling on his heartstrings as if it were your major. You held his gaze for a few seconds, before standing up and turning to walk away, just needing to get away from him in that moment.

“(Y/N), wait. Stop.” Jaebum grabbed your arm, leaning over to pull you back down on to the lounger. You sat back down with a thud, trying your best not to cry and get upset over what was happening. Jaebum took a deep breath in, chewing on his bottom lip slightly as he tried to find the words to say to you.

“I’m sorry I got angry. I’m sorry for scaring you. And I’m sorry for being so cold to you just now. It’s just…seeing you in the bed with him. It…it killed me inside (Y/N). I wanted to storm right over there and pull you away from him. Thinking about it logically now, I know that you’re telling the truth and nothing was going on. But I don’t want other guys to hold you like that. I…I want to be the man to hold you like that. Me, and only me.” His voice dropping on the last few words of his sentence as he felt a light blush creep on to his face involuntarily. You stared at him in awe, taking in the nature of his confession as you too felt your cheeks flush a little and your heart begin to beat just that little bit faster. Jaebum reached for your hand, taking it in his as he caressed it gently with the soft pads of his thumbs.

“I’ve been wanting to tell you for a while now, as I’m sure you know. But..I really, really, like you (Y/N). I want to see you outside the house. And I want to take you on dates, and I want to just…do everything with you. And seeing you with other guys like that just made me…I don’t know. I’ve never felt that way in my life about someone. It’s new to me, hence why I couldn’t control it. But…having you around me calms me. It’s like you can talk sense through my stubbornness and make me see things how they really are. I don’t know how you do it, but you do it anyway.” He looked down at your hand in his, noticing how small you were compared to him. Your heart began to hammer through your ribcage at his honest, heartfelt words as you were so shocked and quite literally relieved to hear him say what he did. You couldn’t help but grin from ear to ear as Jaebum looked up at you and mirrored your expression back at you. It was then that Jaebum put his arms around your waist and pulled you sideways on to his lap.

“Jaebum, no! Stop! I..” you began to protest as you were on your period and you would literally die of embarrassment if any of it were to leak on to his pants.

“Stop worrying so much (Y/N). I already know you’re on your period. Clothes can be washed if they get stained. Just…let me hold you.” he cooed into your ear, resting his hand on the back of your head as he tucked his arms around your waist and over your thighs. You weren’t sure if your heart was beating a million times a second or if it had completely stopped altogether, but whatever it was – it felt good. The warmth of Jaebum against you – his natural smell that intoxicated you from close proximity, the feeling of his gentle touch on you and his arms around you making you feel at home was like a slice of heaven on a plate, as you relaxed you body and melted into his embrace. Jaebum raised his hand to your chin, moving it towards his face as he stared at you with his dark, intense eyes.

“(Y/N), promise me that whatever happens, you’ll wait. You’ll wait, and you’ll trust me when I say that I have genuine feelings for you. That I…I want to have a real relationship with you outside of this house when we go back to the real world. Promise me that, okay?” you stared at him, completely bewildered by his strange words but incredibly curious nonetheless.

“O…kay…sure?” you giggled lightly, your lips just mere millimetres from his.

“Good. Because I’ve been dying to do this for so long.”

Jaebum closed his eyes, before pressing his lips to yours. Your chest was in your throat as for the first time in your entire life – someone had kissed you. You were nervous, scared and excited all at the same time. You felt awfully wonderful, yet wonderfully awful as you felt millions upon millions of tiny butterflies take flight inside your stomach, fluttering to the sound of the songbirds singing with the gentle afternoon breeze. Jaebum knew you weren’t experienced, so he took it at your speed, making small and deliberate movements against your lips – showing you his tempo. You closed your eyes, your only wish being that you didn’t bite him as you returned the kiss, moulding your lips against his as if you were putty, right in his hands. Jaebum’s kisses tasted like coffee and spearmint, as you opened your mouth a little wider like you had seen many times in the movies. Jaebum smiled slightly into the kiss, before slowly deepening it, taking your hand in his and pressing it against his neck and returning his to your waist. You had always imagined that your first kiss would go horribly wrong – that you would end up having washing machine syndrome and spew saliva out left, right and centre, or worse, you would bite the other persons tongue clean off and be forever known as “that chick who bit a tongue off”. But this – this was perfect. It was more perfect than you could have ever imagined.

Jaebum slowed, tenderly breaking the kiss as he tucked a stray hair behind your ear and smiled his award winning smile at you, his eyes wrinkling and completely disappearing into cute little half moons as you giggled girlishly. He held you for what seemed like forever, your feet swinging in the air from still sitting on his lap, when the moment was ruined by an announcement from Big Brother.

“Good afternoon, Housemates! Could Jaebum please make his way to the diary room – Big Brother would like a few moments with him. Thank you!”

“Damn it” Jaebum sniggered into your neck, tickling the small hairs under your ear as you chuckled back at him. He patted your bum slightly, motioning to you that he was getting up. He set you down on the lounger gently, before leaning in and kissing you on the cheek.

“Are they calling you in because of what happened with Yoongi? Make sure to apologise to them and him. They will understand. He wasn’t hurt, but you should definitely apologise to him anyway…” you said as he edged backwards giving you a coy smile.

“I’ll tell you everything as soon as I come back. Wait for me here, don’t move, okay?” Jaebum looked at you with flirty eyes as he backed up towards the house. You placed your head on your fist, you arm resting on your knee, as you watched him disappear through the door.

Not even a few seconds after Jaebum had left, Mark came running out into the garden to see you sitting alone – you only noticed him as he came practically sprinting towards you.

“Hey Mark!” you said, cheerfully – taking Mark aback as he stopped before you with so many questions.

“Why did JB get called in? What happened? He didn’t hurt you, did he?” Mark let question after question fall from his mouth as he leaned down in front of you while flicking his hair out of his face, diligently examining you and making sure you were okay. You brushed his hand away, laughing at him and how wrong he actually was.

“Actually…he didn’t hurt me at all Mark. The best thing in the world just happened to me!” you almost squealed with happiness. Mark looked at you, his face contorted in a mixture of relief, confusion and dread.

“The best thing in the world? What are you talking about (Y/N)? What happened?”

You put both of your hands on Marks cheeks, squishing them together and not being able to stop smiling as you reminisced about what just happened moments ago.

“Jaebum kissed me!”

“Oh…” Mark replied.

Press Restart?


Matt hadn’t caught on immediately to the noise of the others returning, only till they came nearing closer to where he was. He blinked behind his goggles while pausing in what he was doing, wondering what was going on. Through the time Mello and the others had been gone, he had been actually doing what he been told to do. Of course, at lot of times through it, he had been thinking of Mello, wondering where him and those guys had gone. What was Mello even doing now.

Suddenly, he saw as Mello came into the room he was in while going into another, calling for him to follow him in doing so. Matt clearly got a bit concern at catching Mello had been limping. What the hell had happen? The gamer eventually followed Mello into the bathroom that he now actually discovered was back there.

Matt came to find Mello perched upon the counter in his boxer briefs. It inwardly surprised Matt to become greeted with this sight of him. But still, what clearly grabbed more of his attention was the evident bleeding gash upon his thigh at the moment. Matt found his mouth fall open a bit, shocked. “Shit..” He muttered while looking at Mello pick at it, wondering if he needed him to get him anything now. He surely wouldn’t want the blond to bleed too death. However, it seemed Mello had other things on his mind like questioning about if somebody had bothered him while he had been gone.  The gamer wanted to yell at Mello  ‘Fuck that, dude you’re bleeding!’. But he couldn’t go about it in that way obviously. The gamer rather forced himself to remain composed now. Mello was surprisingly being very calm about it after all.

“…No..” Matt eventually answered lowly while still looking and being concern of that gash.

He saw Mello seem to prepare himself and pour a bottle of the liquor contents onto the gash now. It all was pretty disturbing. Matt had to admit. Right now, he saw he was trying so hard to remain calm with the wound looking as bad as it was. At least in his eyes it looked pretty bad. Furthermore, he knew he really hated to see Mello in so much pain. However, Mello also seemed rather knowledgeable at what he was doing with the wound, giving himself a feeling that this clearly hadn’t been a first with him getting hurt like it.

After asking for his lighter, Matt got out of his thoughts for the moment to promptly  fish through his jean pocket and pass the lighter over to Mello. If Mello knew what he was doing then Matt saw he would allow him to do it.

Through the whole excruciating process, eventually,  Matt felt Mello’s eyes finally go on him as he became done. Matt bit a little at his bottom lip, his eyes straying away as he wasn’t even able to look at Mello after all what he just done in front of him. He knew Mello wouldn’t be able to notice it obviously. At hearing his words, he found out he was still trying to chase after Kira, still maybe trying to avenge L’s death… Possibly even still trying to beat Near…

Matt knew he couldn’t say the same for himself on any of it. As when he left Wammy’s, he thought he gave up all of that shit, not wanting anything to do with it anymore. It brought up memories he tried to get rid of and in the end found out that he really couldn’t get rid of at all. His focus looked back over at Mello upon the thought. “…How long have you been doing this?” Matt found himself asking aloud before thinking over of if he should to Mello now. It was said through a quiet and leveled voice, despite how he clearly felt inside at the moment. The gamer really wanted to know of how long had Mello been a part of it after all. How long had he been possibly getting hurt through it. Matt inwardly was no doubt concern and wouldn’t want anything bad to ever happen to Mello after all.

Mello was relieved when Matt had a good first day. Although he was acting really weird, and wouldn’t look at him. He noticed some sort of sympathy from Matt, and maybe he doesn’t completely hate him after all. That gave him some hope that they could be close again. 

Putting pressure on the wound, he looked up at the other with a smirk. It was cute when he finally slipped up on his composure. It was clear that through out this process, Matt had been a bit uncomfortable. This however gave Mello the faux confidence in his decision to leave Matt behind. Maybe he shouldn’t go into too much detail about his past in the mafia. 

“Rod found me a few weeks after I flew out from Wammys.” Though his plans to use the mafia with the Kira case didn’t seem to work out as planned, he definitely was doing more drug scandals than detective work. He looked up at the other with a cheeky grin, “It’s…I mean this place is the LA mafia, Matty.” Hopefully Matt wouldn’t be too pissed off that he was dragged into this, but he was just a hacker. He didn’t have to pledge anything to them. 

It was just then that a busted looking Chip walked in with a duffel bag over his shoulder. “Hitting on the new kid already? You’re moving fast, Boss.” The guy grinned at Matt, before unzipping the bag to show it was filled with cash. Mello raised a brow, “I told you to pull out.” Not that he wasn’t happy with the outcome, he just didn’t need one of his top men getting killed. “Frank got shot, he’s in with the doctor now.” 

Slowly getting off the counter, he sent Chip to go get cleaned up before they went to go see Frank. “Good job though.” Nodding one last time before turning to Matt once he was gone, “Do you have extra pants in your car?” It felt like a question he shouldn’t be asking since they were still not on okay terms, but he really didn’t want to be walking around in his underwear. 

“Hey!” He yelled out at Matt as he was leaving, “When did you start smoking?” Mello wasn’t one that should be talking with drugs and booze being a daily thing, but he didn’t want Matt to be a smoker. Matt shouldn’t have even come here, he was too good for this place. Mello always saw Matt as better than himself, even when the gamer couldn’t see it himself. Sure he didn’t study as much as the blond, but Mello knew that if Matt wanted to be top at Wammys he could have. Which Mello sometimes secretly was grateful that Matt let him beat him.

Prince Charming in Disguise {m.c.}

Word Count: 850

Requested: Yes

Mobile Masterlist // Masterlist // Request

Being dragged to one of these concerts was not your plan for tonight. Actually you were going to study for the big final you had tomorrow, but your friend insisted that you already knew all the information. Constantly she nag and tell you to have a little bit more fun. Eventually it got to be super annoying, and that’s how you ended up here. This place was broken down, and it was under some abandoned bar. Bottles and cups of some sort of alcohol was being passed out around, and lines of drugs were being taken. This was for sure not where you thought you would be, but here you are.

Your friend promised you that she wouldn’t leave your side, but the minute she saw some of her other friends she was gone. Tattoo ridden people would constantly come up to you and offer drinks, but you kindly said no. Things were actually calm until the single note of a guitar filled the little room. Loud cheers and screams were heard, and before you were able to get out everyone started to jump and move around. The room started to feel super small, and your breathing started to accelerate. Before you were about to completely fall in terror you felt someone grab your elbow. Their touch was soft, and sincere, as they started to direct you out of the crowd. As you kept moving people slowly started disappearing, and you were finally able to breathe properly.

When you were finally able to catch your breath and your surrounding you decided to look at the person who saved you. You look over to be met with Michael. Bad-boy Michael who always skipped class. The one that had tattoos littering his pale white skin, and his hair never stayed one color for longer than a week. He must have caught you looking because a smile started to form onto his face. “Now why would an innocent girl like you be at one of these things?” You watched his movements as he pulled out a little box from his pocket. A cigarette and a lighter were pulled out. “My friend dragged me here and she ditched me. I have absolutely no clue where she is now.” Unintentionally his jaw locked, and he started to get angry all of a sudden. “She left you? Who brought you?” The cigarette in his mouth didn’t seem to calm him down any bit. His feet started to move him in a pacing pattern, and there was no sign of him calming down. “Michael it doesn’t even matter anymore. Can you please just take me back to my apartment?” Your voice seemed to calm him, and his feet stopped immediately. His eyes showed empathy as he nodded his head slowly. The both of you started walking towards the parking lot when you remembered what you had to ride back on. His black motorcycle sat there glistening in the light. Michael must have noticed how worried you were since he stepped in front of you, blocking you from walking any further. “Babe it’ll be okay. I’ll give you my helmet and you just have to hold on.” Butterflies filled your stomach when he said babe, but you ignored them as Michael was setting the big helmet onto your head. Once he strapped it all up he climbed onto the bike. You hesitated before slowly getting on, and snaking your arms around Michael’s waist. The loud revving of the engine was heard, and before you knew it the motorcycle was flying down the street.

The motorcycle came to a slow stop, and you were finally back at your apartment. Michael instinctively took off your helmet, and started to walk you up to your door. “Thank you Mike so much for one saving me from that place, and two for taking me home.” Deep down Michael hated when people called him Mike, but for some reason when it came out of your mouth he really didn’t mind it. He nodded a yes, and he turned to start walking back to his bike. Before he was able to get on you yelled, “Wait Michael why don’t you come inside. I’ll make some coffee and we can eat if you want?” It looked as if he hesitated for a second, but then he started to quickly move up towards you. You opened the door to allow him come inside, and he slowly stepped in. “Michael I have one question to ask you.” He slowly turned back towards you, and hummed in response waiting for you to ask. “Why did you take me out of there? I mean I hardly even know you, and whenever I do see you you’re always smoking or doing something illegal. So why me?” He stood there for a bit contemplating on what he should say. Before you know it he is right up in your face, and you could feel his breath as he talked. “Because you are the most beautiful girl in the world, and you do things to me that no one else could do.”

Guardian Angel Luke Imagine

I ran through the dark alley as fast as I could while rain pounded down heavily on the ground. Footsteps could be heard not far behind me but they were drowned out by the sound of my beating heart.

I picked up the pace as a road came to view up ahead, hoping someone would be there to help me before the frightening men could reach me.

“Keep on running princess, eventually you will tire and then we will get you!” The tallest of both the men called out. I looked over my shoulder for two seconds to see them roughly three metres behind with a determined look on their face.

I turned back towards the direction I was running in and pushed a metal bin over to block the path, hopefully slowing the men down in the process.

“Do you really think blocking the path is going to help you escape? Seriously princess have you ever watched a horror movie?” The shorter, more vicious looking man shouted as he jumped elegantly over the bin, the taller man following a second behind.

As I finally reached the road a hand clasped around my mouth to stop my screams as two other hands latched onto my arms, pulling me back into the alley. “I told you there was no point in running princess, you can never outrun us!”

I shook in fear, tears falling freely down my face as I was thrown into the wall opposite me. I groaned in pain when my shoulders and skull came in contact with the solid bricks of the abandoned building and a warm liquid trailed down my neck.

Lifting my hand up I carefully touched the liquid before bringing it back in front of my eyes. Just as I thought, my hand was covered with my golden blood, Ichor the blood of the gods.

“Zeus and Hera aren’t goi ng to be happy when they find out we killed their precious little girl are they? I think we should send them your head in a box and watch them have a heart attack in front of the council when they open it. What do you think princess?” The taller one, that I’d now named Aeron, asked with a grin plastered on his face.

“That’s impossible! You can’t kill me, I’m immortal! Does the golden blood not give that away?” I screeched, my vision starting to blur from the loss of blood in my body.

“That’s where you’re wrong. See this knife? Well this knife has the power to take away immortality. One stab and you’ll be dead.” Azar, the smaller man, smirked while twirling an intricate silver knife in his left hand.

My eyes widened and my palms started to sweat from the nerves. This is really the end? This is how I’m going to die? Killed by two demons who have a serious hatred for the gods and a magical weapons that can undo immortality!

I closed my eyes as Azar raised the knife high and waited for the pain to overtake my body. It never came. I heard a whoosh and when I finally opened my eyes Aeron and Azar were pinned against the opposite wall by a beautiful blond stranger. Their feet were dangling in the air as the stranger held them both above the ground by their neck, cutting off their oxygen as he glared at them.

“Now that’s no way to treat a lady. Especially one that is the daughter of Zeus and Hera, King and Queen of Olympus,” the stranger snapped as he tightened his grip on the demons throats. The demons choked from lack of oxygen as their brown eyes darkened until the pupils were no longer seen. Replacing the brown was a pure black, the original eye colour of a demon.

“Now I’m going to loosen my grip on both of your throats and I want you to apologise to the young lady for harassing her, you can do that right? Or do I need to force it out of you both?” He questioned looking back and forth between the two currently pale men in his hands. They shook their heads ‘no’ causing the stranger to smile happily and loosen his grip a little.

“S-sorry,” Aeron croaked as he took in a deep breath for the first time in a good three minutes. The handsome stranger nodded his head in approval before raising his eyebrows at Azar.

Azar glared at me with disgust before he spat out a “sorry”. I rolled my eyes already knowing that He didn’t mean what he said. He wasn’t sorry, in fact I’m pretty sure he wants to kill me even more now, thanks to blondie.

“Good.” Blondie nodded again in approval as he lowered the two men until their feet were touching the ground. He released the two from his grip and within the next second they were both dead on the floor, a knife piercing through each of their hearts. “Next time be more sincere. Your sorries weren’t good enough for me.”

He rubbed the dirt off of his black skinny jeans before turning to face me for the first time. My breath caught in my throat as I took in his appearance properly. His blond hair was styled in a perfect quiff with every strand going in the same direction. His eyes reminded me of the ocean as they were incredibly blue and he was at least 6 foot tall. A golden aura radiated off of him in waves and instantly made me feel giddy.

“Who are you?” I asked in awe, still staring at this inhumanly gorgeous guy in front of me. His skinny jeans hugged his long legs amazingly and his smile was so heavenly that my heart felt like it wanted to burst.

“I’m Luke, your Guardian Angel.” He lifted up his hand and took mine, giving it a firm shake before dropping it again at his sides. My hand felt like it was on fire from when he held on to it and when I finally looked back at Luke he was smiling at me joyfully. “You don’t know how long I’ve had to watch over you without introducing myself. It’s nearly driven me insane because I’ve wanted to talk to you so badly but I couldn’t. Not until you needed me to save you.”

I swear at that moment my heart skipped a beat at his words. He’s wanted to talk to me for ages now? He’s been watching over me and protecting me for a long time? He’s my Guardian Angel and has been waiting for the time to finally come save me and get to talk to me?

I wanted to scream out loud in happiness. Instead I counted to ten and breathed heavily.

“If you’re an angel then where are your wings?”

At that moment Luke’s face lit up even more, “Do you want to see them?”

I nodded my head a bit to quickly causing Luke to laugh at my eagerness. His laugh was the most wonderful sound I’d ever heard and it caused a smile to spread across my face. I’m sure that if we were in a room full of thousands of people they would all smile too. His laugh was that delightful.

A whoosh of air was heard, snapping me out of my daze. When I looked at Luke two enormous grey wings were spread out wide, each at least three metres long. Luke smirked and flapped his wings as I stared at them with mesmerisation. A rush of air passed me blowing my hair in random directions but it didn’t matter. The gorgeous angel in front of me was all that mattered at the moment.

“Can I touch them?” I asked softly, pointing to the wings that were still flapping back and forth. Luke only nodded and I took that as my cue to move. I stepped forward and raised my left hand, my fingers skimming across the silky feathers ever so gently before my palm came in contact with the quills. A shiver went down Luke’s spine and he shook it off, watching me as I touched his wings. They felt so soft underneath my touch and all I wanted to do was wrap them around myself and go to sleep.

“They’re amazing,” I finally commented, pulling my hand away and stepping back to give Luke some space. The loss of contact instantly made me want to reach out and never let go but of course I couldn’t do that. Instead I stuffed my hands into the pockets of my red coat and resisted the urge to lift my hands up and touch the wings again.

“Thank you,” Luke replied folding up his wings. In a flash they were gone and Luke looked like an ordinary boy again, not some heavenly angel. A part of me was sad that they were gone but another part of me was thankful that I now wouldn’t have the urge to touch them.

There was something though that I was dying to know the answer to and being the nosy person I am, I asked him without a second thought. “Why are your wings grey? Aren’t angels meant to have white wings?”

Luke smiled sadly and looked at the floor, kicking a few small stones around with his feet. I was almost sure he wasn’t going to answer until he looked back up and cleared his throat.

“My wings are grey because I’m neither good nor bad. My wings aren’t black because I’m not entirely bad and my wings aren’t white because I’m not fully good. I was told by protecting you eventually the good side of me would outweigh the bad side and I will finally get my white wings. Every time I help you my wings get a little lighter in colour and soon they will be pure white.” He scratched the back of his neck awkwardly and a blush crept onto his cheeks.

I knew it was too good to be true. I should have known there was something in this for him. A handsome angel like him wouldn’t protect a girl like me for nothing. He was only protecting me so he can get white wings. He doesn’t care about me, he only cares about himself.

Luke must have seen the disappointed look on my face because his immediately flashed with panic and worry.

“I mean, that’s not the only reason I protected you. I mean sure, I’ve been protecting you so I can get rid of my grey wings and finally have the white ones I’ve longed for but there is another reason,” he babbled, hoping he hadn’t screwed everything up. When I raised my eyebrows curiously he continued with a sigh. “I wasn’t going to tell you this yet. I was going to wait a few months until you trusted me completely but I guess I’m going to have to now. Princess you’re my destined.”

I froze in place shocked at the news bestowed on me. Luke is my destined? Luke is the person I’m meant to be with for the rest of my life?

It all made sense now. My hand feeling like it was on fire when he shook it, the shiver that went down Luke’s spine when I touched his wings, how I longed to reach out again after I let his wings go, and the insane amount of attraction I had for him. It was all because Clotho, Lachesis and Atropos made Luke my other half.

“You’re not angry with me are you?” I shook my head wondering how he could think of something so absurd. How could I be angry at him? I’d just found out he is who I’m destined for.

“Of course not. Quite the opposite actually,” I replied causing Luke to relax a little.

“Thank the gods, I don’t think I could handle it if my destined hated my guts.” This made me giggle a little. “Well I have to go, duty calls but if you need anything just call my name and I’ll be at your side as soon as possible.”

Luke stepped forward hesitantly and kissed my cheek before moving back and flashing me an award-winning smile that sent my stomach into a frenzy. His wings appeared seconds later and again made my hair blow in different directions.

“Until next time Princess.”

And then he flew away, leaving me in the pouring rain.