but if i see you little shits being ungrateful for this


Okay what the fuck guys? (Not all of you) I’ve seen some posts saying that the 2nd books cover is Shit? And a second book is a horrible idea? Imagine how Dan and Phil feel seeing this shit. They put so much into this just for us and you’re being ungrateful! You should be ashamed honestly. A second book was a great idea. The cover is cute and quirky. Just like Dan and Phil. Stop being haters because it doesn’t make you look any better. If anything it makes you look like a little bitch who doesn’t deserve to be a part of the Dan and Phil family, especially when you are talking down about their hard work. There is so much I want to say but in not going too. Keep your selfish opinions to yourself or get off the internet. Thank you.

anonymous asked:

Can you have depression when you have great life? I just feel like an ungrateful little shit who doesn't appreciate having amazing family, friends, and basically everything. I know I'm more privileged than others and never had shitty life but I'm still depressed and anxious and don't want to live anymore. I just feel like I'm faking it but at the same time why would I want to feel like this.. I don't even know why I told you this but I just needed to tell someone who wouldn't laugh and judge me

Sorry for the late response—I only use tumblr mobile and it’s harder to see messages now.

Mental illness manifests in anyone regardless of privilege. Mental illness is illness and doesn’t discriminate. It’s not being ungrateful. Depression and anxiety plague me, a white, able-bodied woman with a middle class dad.
Don’t feel bad for recognizing this in yourself and seeking help.