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Golem Boyfriend (Part One)

A commisson for @kaylamoonbeam which I had an absolute blast with! I hope you guys enjoy it as much as I did.

   Years ago your family betrothed you to a great knight, and if you were honest he was a bit intimidating. He was so well loved in the kingdom and so dedicated to his job. He’s also very handsome, which would be enough to intimidate you. To make things worse he’s actually kind to you. But aside from that, he doesn’t really show any interest in you.

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Like this is an honest to god conversation that I’ve had dozens of times with different customers over the years. Whenever it happens to one of waiting staff, we come to the bar and everyone recites this conversation in the most bored, monotonous way we can.

Me: Is that a large or small [drink]?

Customer: Oh, um, a medium.

Me: It’s just large or small we have?

Customer (irritated): Oh, well then, just a regular.

It’s about now that we start signing internally forever.

Me: Is that a regular large or a regular small?

Customer (huffing): What’s the difference?!

At this point, it takes all my might not to tell them that one is bigger.

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Highschool Lams: Shy!Alex gives Jack a love letter~ :3c (pleaseforgivemeifthisistoomuch;w;)

Alexander: *opens his locker*

Laurens: Alexander!

Alexander: Um.. Hey John…

Laurens: I saw you running in the hallway and you seem like you were in a hurry this morning.

Alexander: Yeah, I overslept this morning so I had no time to be late for class.

Laurens: I know, I also noticed this letter that fell out of your backpack. *holds up the love letter*

Alexander: *blushes* I… I…

Laurens: *smiles*

Alexander: You… didn’t read it… did you..

Laurens: I did.

Alexander: *face turns red and covers his face* I’m so sorry!

Laurens: There’s nothing to apologize for the letter, to be honest I really liked it.

Alexander: You… did?

Laurens: I did. I had no idea that you liked me, to be honest I really like you to. So I was wondering if you would like to go on a date with-

Alexander: Yes! I mean sure I would like to.

Laurens: Great, see you after school Alexander.

Alexander: Yes!

Mine // {E. Dolan}

Description: Having an attractive boyfriend was a blessing and a curse. It was too often that I had to deal with witnessing girls throwing themselves at him. I couldn’t blame them, anyone with eyes could see just how irresistible he was. But, sometimes, my jealously gets the best of me. What does my jealously entail? Well, to put it simply, it shows the world that he’s mine

Warning(s): borderline smut🤷🏽‍♀️

Requested: [nopeee] // [yeahhh]

Word Count: [1,051]

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idk if you do imagines for Auston Matthews anymore but if you do can you do one where you used to be someone on the team old flame but now your happily dating Auston?

It was a little weird. It made you feel a little dirty to be honest. Like you knew every time you turned your back you just had to hope that someone wasn’t going to call you sloppy seconds. Or that the media wouldn’t put pressure on it like it does everything. That hopefully no one would remember the pictures posted from your relationship with Will. You wouldn’t be able to handle that much, but a lot of seemed to be blocked out. Then again, you weren’t exactly open and honest about your relationship with Auston yet. Only a few people knew. The team slowly learning as time went on because it was obvious.

Auston sat, unlacing his skates while he glanced at the few texts you’d sent him, while he was on the ice. Just a few updates about your life; that you think you did well on the test you had, you almost slipped on some ice, and that his sister liked your instagram picture so you had a little less worry now that his family didn’t like you. He smiled at his phone and put it down to get his skates uptaped. “Who’s that from?” Mitch asked, noticing the obvious smile Auston wore. 

“Nobody,” he mumbled but Mitch shoved him. 

“Come on. It’s Y/N, isn’t it?” he played, getting louder. Of course Mitch knew. He was nosy and got into Auston’s business too much to not know. Auston glanced across the room at Will when he spoke. The blond was busy getting his own uniform off that he wasn’t really listening. But it still had Auston’s stomach turning. He didn’t know how to approach this whole thing. He didn’t want it to end as badly as he thought it could. 

“Aw, it totally is. You’re like in love, it’s gross. I love it,” Mitch said to which Auston shoved him now.

“I’m not in love. Have you seen you and your girlfriend? Talk about gross,” he chirped. 

“Auston’s dating someone?” Bozak piped up from across the room. “Alert the presses and get this man into hiding. Girls’ll flip their shit on that one,” he joked. Auston just swallowed, wanting to talk about anything but this. 

“Oh yeah, Auston’s got a girl alright,” Matt said, a mean smirk on his lips. Because he knew. 

“Well who is it, Matts? Finally rope Mitch’s mom into going on a date with you?” Will asked and now the young star was sweating all over again.

A few of the guys started to laugh at the irony of Will asking. “It’s uh…we’re not-…” Auston tried but Matt stood up and took over. 

“I’d take it as a compliment. You know, someone chasing after my exes. Means I got good taste,” he said, smirk directed at Will now who just looked confused until it hit him. He sighed and turned around to pack up his stuff quicker than usual. 

i can’t speak for anyone else but imo the absolute best scenes in tlj were the ones that banked on nostalgia bc they were the only ones that made me feel anything. while im upset luke and leia didn’t physically reunite and it was really short, i still had tears in my eyes (and let’s be honest, it wasn’t from the writing, it was from the acting, the nostalgia, and how much i miss carrie)

the reason i loved tfa was because i felt emotion not just from the nostalgic moments, but also bc i loved the relationships and characters we were presented with. rey and finn and finn and poe both had such great chemistry that i didn’t necessarily need luke or han or leia on screen for me to enjoy the film, but tlj separates them for most of the movie and the characters are either wildly ooc or treated like shit to the point where i can barely even enjoy them by themselves. 

Just watched the newest miraculous ladybug and I have no words:

  • alya and marinette’s friendship continues to be my life force
  • marinette having 110% faith in alya when she chooses her to help out team miraculous
  • wow okay guardian, didn’t know your secret hiding place had a million hidden compartments okay then
  • alya’s transformation scene is so magical girl it hurts so good
  • that part where chat noir does his “imma kiss your hand and be suave gentleman thief” to alya/rena rouge and her response is “hit me up with LB’s digits please” (I’m all for fueling more of the wlw headcanons here because let’s be honest chat would definitely wingman for rena rouge if she wanted to date LB)
  • rena rouge’s special power scene is amazing though??? LB and chat’s scenes are very dramatic but hers is simple until she swings out the illusion and BAM hey, I just made half of paris look like something it’s not
  • I’m still not over that tbqh
  • the end where Alya wants to nerd out so bad to marinette but then starts doing the Super Secret Hero Lying Thing™ where all the lies are bad and no one questions it
  • anyway i am ready for alya/rena rouge to become a permanent thing

Elegance: Listen…I wanted to apologize.

Tenor: Apologize?

Elegance: When I told you I was pregnant…I…I don’t know. I guess I kind of expected you to have a different reaction. Which was kind of silly of me…

Tenor: I should have reacted differently though…

Elegance: No,you had the reaction I should have expected,Tenor. This is a huge deal. Any sane person would have reacted the way you did…so,I’m sorry I got so angry at you. And…I really do want you to be part of the baby’s life,if that’s what you want.

Tenor: Of course,I do.

Elegance: I’m glad to hear that…

Tenor: What…what about us?

Elegance: …I don’t know,Ten. To be honest,I miss you but…I think it’s best if we stay apart for now. We don’t need more things to worry about on top of everything else.

Tenor: Guess you’re right…

Honest Q&A: Oliver Amaranth

Sipping at his tea, Oliver’s jaw dropped the moment a particular flavor flooded across his tongue. “.. This is truth serum, isn’t it? You - dear friend - are an asshole.” 

What is your full name?

“Oli’to Valhan, but I prefer Oliver Amaranth, despite the protests of a particular individual claiming I’ve tarnished her good name. My sister, that is.” 

What do your friends call you?

“Oliver, Olipop, Olibro, Olicat, Olioli, the list goes on and on.” 

What is your favorite animal?

“Chocobos, what sort of silly inquiry is that?”

Where were you born?

“Ul’dah, though I often wish I had been born outside of Eorzea’s shit stain.” 

Do you have children?

“Two, actually! Chloette and Ruto, both of which are precious beans that deserve nothing but love.” 

Despite the truth serum, the ending of his statement still felt as though it was a fib. 

Is there a person/people you love?

“Multiple. My children, my fiancee, my sister, and my friends. Plenty of people, just not all in the romantic sense. Lunae ( @lunae-lux ) claims the role of lover, if you’re curious, which you probably are given you DRUGGED me.”

What is your favorite color?

“Dark blues, particularly ink, tend to be my preference.. Though purple can occasionally be nice as accents to an outfit. My favorite coat has purple details and I would never dare tarnish its glory.” 

What is your full occupation?

“I’m employed?”

Are you good at physical fighting?

“Decent enough, but plenty can best me without breaking a sweat.” 

Which form are you best at?

“.. Despite initially practicing with a sword and shield, I’ve fared better with a great sword, truthfully.” 

What about magic?

“Ohohohoh, I don’t mean to toot my own horn, but this is my field.” 

Which type are you best at?

“Arcanima and thaumaturgy. I cannot even keep a star globe floating for too lengthy a time, and conjury is far out of my zone of comfort. I also practice some other fields on the side, but speaking any more on that would incriminate me.”  There was a pause. “I hate truth serum.” 


“I just get Avigail to make me stuff when I so happen to need the help. I’m decent enough with alchemy, particularly poisons, however.” 

Any other skills?

“A few, but I’m not feeling like elaborating much further on this.” 

Are you an only child?

“If we go by traditional Keeper naming conventions, the ‘to in my given name implies that I am the second child of my family. With that said, I have never met the first, nor am I entirely certain they actually exist, so I consider myself an only child.” 

Where do you see yourself in five years?

“Hopefully somewhere better, given you’re here drugging me and asking me personal questions.” 

Have you ever almost died?

“Nearly every other day, for one reason or another.” 

Do you have a secret, not just a secret, but like a really big secret, hardly anyone knows?

“Everyone has their secrets. Thankfully, this serum is limited by the questions you ask, so I’m not inclined to offer up any dirty details.” A sly smirk presented itself at the corner of his lips. “And if you choose to go down this road, I cannot be held accountable for what I’ll do to you.” 

Salty or sweet?

“I was once told by some bizarre man within the Quicksand that I was - in fact - the saltiest man he had ever met. While I cannot tell you what that means, I do prefer saltier foods over sweet.” 

Do you like yourself?

“Every once and a while.” 

Do you believe in the Twelve?

“I do, but I also don’t give a single damn further than that.” 

Are you religious?


Do you carry prejudice with you?

“Only in jest: I find that enjoying differences between cultures and people in a humorous, albeit taunting light can be good for the soul. Others may disagree and claim me a bigot, and they are entitled to their opinions, but I’ll live how I like, thank you.”

What do you consider entertainment?

“Not being drugged and forced to spill my deepest, darkest secrets.” 

Favorite drink?

“Nothing like a glass of whiskey to drown my sorrows away.” 

Do you have any family traditions?

“No, I’m boring.” 

Are you a good person?

“By no standard would I ever claim myself good; even I’m not egotistical enough to be so bold. I will say, however, that while I may not be good, I would never go as far to say I’m bad either. I make mistakes just as any other would, and I hold myself accountable for my actions often when I wish I wouldn’t. That is a fair assessment, is it not?” 

Thank you for answering my questions.

“Fuck you.” Viciousness in his words, there was a faint growl in the final syllable, dragging on until he continued. “I’m actually allergic to truth serum, so when I projectile vomit upon you, be prepared. Asshole.” 

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Timeship + I’m not the jealous type, I swear

…this is probably in the therapist verse

“You slept with him,” Rip blinked.

“Yes,” Gideon looked down at her tea. She knew he wouldn’t have approved. She didn’t know why she had done it. But Rip had been on a work trip and she had gotten lonely. 

“In our bed,” Rip repeated her own words.

“Yes,” Gideon agreed quietly. She shouldn’t have told him. He never had to know. She should have just washed the sheets and forgotten about it. Rip never had to know. But they had always been honest with each other.

“I don’t think I can do this anymore,” Rip shook his head, “Look, I’m not the jealous type, I swear-”

“Yes, you are,” Gideon corrected.

“Alright yes I am,” Rip agreed, “But I want boundaries. And this is going to far.”

“But I was lonely. And it was cold. And it’s not like I ever bring him to bed when you’re here!” Gideon insisted.

“We had rules, Gideon,” Rip stated, “When we got that cat we agreed it would stay out of our bed. Especially off my side. And that you would still love me most!”

“I do still love you most,” Gideon rolled her eyes and moved into his lap so she could kiss him properly, “Do you have any idea how ridiculous you sound? You are jealous of a cat, Rip. A cat.”

“He gets all your time now,” Rip whined, “You used to be mine.”

“I am always yours,” Gideon kissed him sweetly, “And we have time together right now. You could put it to good use?” She smiled at him wickedly but before Rip could appropriately respond he felt something brush against him He looked down and sure enough, there was the reason for all his problems.

“It’s like he knows! He does this on purpose, Gideon!” Rip glared at the cat as he complained.

Gideon sighed, grabbing one of the cat toys they had and throwing it out the door. She made sure it closed as the cat ran after his toy, “You see? All taken care of. Honestly, what would you be like if we ever had a baby?”

“Probably be jealous of the attention you got instead of me,” Rip answered honestly with a shrug. He pulled her closer to him then, “Point is, I am yours and you are mine.”

Gideon smiled into the kiss, “Always.”

Admittedly not my best work, apologies.


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nickname(s): Ray, Ae, more others than i would care to mention

gender: nonbinary (something demigender i think???? the most descriptive one ive had is demiagender lunarian flux)

sign: leo

height: 5 6- 5 7 somewhere invetween idk

time: 7:11 pm

birthday: august 3rd

favourite bands: idek like The Donnas, and a bunch of singular artists like Halsey, Hayley Kiyoko, and a bunch of shitty 70s-80s punk

song stuck in my head: The Boys Down Here by Blake Shelton (10/10 would nOt fuccin recommend)

last movie i watched: ummmmm i think some gay netflix show called Jenna’s Wedding

last show i watched: Mako Mermaids if im being honest

when did i create this blog: I think January 9th or 10th of this year

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average hours of sleep: like 8 or 9

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instrument: none

what am i wearing: a blick art supplies tee shirt, sweatpants, wool socks, and my dads walmart hoodie

dream job: if i could be anything i would be an artist or a youtuber, but im prob gonna be a programmer

favourite food: Steak + potatoes

3 fave fandoms: uhhhh im not rlly in any fandoms tbh

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I honestly don’t see a problem with you being sponsored. There was a business opportunity and you took it. Like it’s really not a big deal, it’s time to act like mature adults.... and have a little chill. Not everything needs a reaction.

I agree with all of that. I think I have a right to endorse anything I want to endorse and lets be honest- who doesn’t like free stuff? But at the same time I also have to stick with my beliefs and think of my followers. I want you guys to have the best resources necessary, and I did kind of agree with those anons criticizing my sponserships that I was beginning to promote a sort of exploitation to students on a budget (although some of those messages were a bit overboard with me than they needed to be.) I never wanted to show that you had to buy certain products to be a “good studyblr” or whatever. I was fortunate enough to have these products for free and give you guys discounts to them; but I don’t want to keep up with something knowing that there are better options, or that I’m hurting those who could better benefit from it, for example, small businesses.

I don’t think I was wrong to accept the sponsorship and I don’t think the girls behind the company are bad people at all. It’s not my fault that some people can’t afford certain things, but it is my responsibility  to support the right kind of idealogy. 

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to be honest, i doubt rhaegar ever even saw lyanna (or even elia for that matter) as an actual person. To him, i think she was just a talking incubator for his super-special prophecy baby made from his Magic Sperm

Got it in one, anon.

Honestly, even if Lyanna had run away with him…she’s a child. He was a man in his twenties, who held so much power over her. It’s insane that people try to play this off, to say that “oh, girls were married off younger back then”…but Lyanna WASN’T married off to him. She was taken from her family to a different country and locked up in a tower until she gave birth to Rhaegar’s miracle baby.

You’re absolutely right, Rhaegar may not have even thought of her as a person, because he definitely doesn’t marry her or court her or even go through any proper channels. If he wanted to take Lyanna as a mistress, that might have been another story. But he stole her away in the middle of the night on the way to her brother’s wedding. A fourteen year old girl, who was to be the vessel for his Visenya, even though there’s a high mortality rate for girls that young who give birth. A fourteen year old girl who he took advantage of, who might have lived to a ripe old age if not for him.

Honest Questions and Answers with Enambris Rosen’ash

What is your full name?
“Enambris Siobhan Sólarupprás Stríðstúlka af Ros-og-Osku. If we’re talking simply names.”

What do your friends call you?
“Most of them call me Nam, nowadays.”

What is your favorite animal?
“Hm… I suppose probably lions. I had a stuffed lion as a child.”

Where were you born?
“Bloodbrine sea.”

Do you have children?

Is there a person/people you love?
“Several, if platonic love is included.”

What is your favorite color?
“Unsurprisingly, I am quite fond of red.”

What is your full occupation?
“Leader of the Glass Network.”

Are you good at physical fighting?
“I suppose one could say that.”

Which form are you best at?
“Swordplay in particular, though I can do quite a lot of damage with just shield-work.”

What about magic?
“Does fire count?”

Which type are you best at?

“I can do basic repairs on armor and weapons, and a few other things. Nothing really major.”

Any other skills?
“…I can sing.”

Are you an only child?
“Aye, so far as I know.”

Where do you see yourself in five years?
“Well, hopefully not dead but I’m not holding my breath anymore.”

Have you ever almost died?

Do you have a secret, not just a secret, but like a really big secret, hardly anyone knows?
“A few.”

Salty or sweet?

Do you like yourself?
“I do try to.”

Do you believe in the Twelve?
“Insofar as they exist from an existential standpoint, I suppose.”

Are you religious?
“Hardly. I’ve seen too much to believe in unquestionable divinity.”

Do you carry prejudice with you?
“I suppose I do, though I do try to let my rational mind remain in control.”

What do you consider entertainment?
“Fighting… drinking… sex… look I know it sounds like vices but I promise they are not.”

Favorite drink?
“Rum I suppose.”

Do you have any family traditions?
“Many… many traditions.”

Are you a good person?
“I hope so. I am trying to be, to lead as an example.”

Thank you for answering my questions.
“…Sure, I suppose.”

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I’ve seen a few people talk about how Emerald may inherit the Fall Maiden powers, but i’m not so sure myself. Mainly because, Cinder never actually cared about Emerald. Cinder had more serious emotions towards Ruby to be honest, at least Cinder thought about Ruby from time to time, even if it was hate. Emerald was simply a tool, and nothing to Cinder personally. She would be nowhere near her final thoughts. Ruby won’t get Maiden powers cuz silver eyes, Raven already has Maiden powers, and i doubt Salem can posses them herself. I think it’s most likely the Maiden powers will be randomized, maybe to a character we know, maybe to a new character in Vol. 6… Either way, I doubt Emerald was important enough to Cinder to be in her thoughts.

Edit: Assuming of course Cinder is actually dead at all. I believe she is, but who fucking knows with these people.

Some things I have to let out

It was only a few months ago that I started realising how the Fletcher Gen 7 story had a freaking lot of inconsistencies and, let’s be honest, was written quite poorly. I won’t mention all the illogical moments that made me cringe upon reading it again, but I could have done much better with bringing the idea to life. I think I was just rushing the legacy instead of sitting back and giving the story some thought. Even though it was a background for Nate and Tobias, I was only getting to know them, and it’s no wonder their personalities were presented in a wrong and weird way. I claimed they were close friends, but they barely talked and only made assumptions about each other’s feelings (just like everyone in that story, it felt like all the characters were strangers, even if they were supposed to be family/friends/couple). Their attraction at times was only shown as physical, when they are and always were so much more than that for me. Despite it being a starting point to one of my best ships ever, it wasn’t the piece of writing I can be proud of. 

I’m not deleting the original story, but I gave it a lot of editing so it became at least slightly tolerable. One thing I edited out is Tobias running away from home in a typical teenage fashion, leaving a note the night where he made it clear that he was bullied, and no one was looking for him (!!!). Everyone was just sitting there and crying because suffering is edgy and cool, while their son/brother/cousin/best friend might have been god knows where. For that scene, I was actually inspired by other stuff which wasn’t messed up to that extent, and I have no idea what was going on in my brain and why I even thought it’s okay. First of all, runaway storylines aren’t that simple – I won’t go into details, but doing a story with these themes requires a lot of research. Second of all, it’s just not Tobias. He was presented as a selfish asshole who wouldn’t even try to help his best friend and only thought about his own feelings, which didn’t seem to be real love. Love is when you’re ready to move the mountains for that person, and he was a complete opposite of that. Later, when I started writing other stories with him, I learned how wrong I was for portraying his personality like that. I never really thought of it in depth, which was a mistake because if you write, you have to think in depth. But Tobias, the real Tobias, would move the mountains. He’d do anything for Nate. He’d die for him. He knew his Nate. If something seemed off, he’d never throw a tantrum and leave him in danger, making everything about himself. He’s hot-headed, and stubborn, and may be many things, but he’s not a whiny child who doesn’t care about anyone but himself. He’s not heartless.

So, this post is mostly to say that Gen 7 Story isn’t valid anymore. It stays up on my blog as a reminder of my first attempt to write about these characters, and an indication of me growing as a writer. But it isn’t a part of canon anymore. Uni AU is the main canon universe between Keith’s accident arc and the Nabias marriage, and Adventures pretty much represents how they really are too, even if it is a bit more of a fairytale than Uni AU. Even those small stories like One Year of Partly Cloudy show them in a true light more than the original one. Tobias Fletcher is the guy who waited for months for the time machine to save Nate, even if Nate was brainwashed into killing him. He believed in him until the very last second, and saved him with the power of his love. The ending scene is how they’d normally talked out their feelings for each other. I’m quite proud of that story, actually. I feel like I redeemed him in it. In Uni AU, I’m trying to show both of them as real humans with real issues, but they still care about each other more than anything.

While Gen 7 story wasn’t perfect, it was experience, and I got to learn the true personalities of Nate and Tobias much later. Hopefully their real bond was visible in Adventures and will be visible in Uni. You may say I’m making a big deal out of it, but Nate and Tobias… So far, they’re the dearest and the most relatable characters for me, and it almost feels like I won’t let anyone represent them in a wrong way, even my past self. I hope I showed the true side of them since then. I hope that mess of a story will be forgotten and replaced by who they really are, which I’m trying to show now. I’m saying that not just because I’m self-critical, but also because I’m willing to develop, and my characters, who mean a lot to me, have to grow along with me. I don’t want them to be “simmy”. Some stories of mine, especially legacies and challenges like BCs, are kind of “dictated” by sims mechanics so it’s hard to make them realistic, and it’s perfectly okay, but this is not the case. These two have potential to become more than a part of half-assed storyline. I want to put thought into them, make my writing better through them, and endow them with real life qualities. It’s my goal for Nabias, and (I hope) for many more characters in the future. That was a lot of text, so if you got this far, thank you for reading, and hopefully what I’m trying to say makes sense.

You know what’s weird about being an ~older~ millennial? The fact that I was a child, an honest-to-god underaged child, in the 80s, the 90s, and the early 2000s. My childhood spanned three (3) decades. Like…holy crap. I’m young enough to have had a cell phone taken away for texting during class in high school, but old enough to remember life before the internet became a Thing™. Young enough to have been a kid during 9/11, but old enough to remember the tail end of the Cold War. Young enough to have mined Wikipedia for sources for school reports, but old enough to remember being limited to huge encyclopedia sets you couldn’t check out of a library. Young enough to have laser printed cartoon stuff off the internet, yet old enough to have had mimeographed worksheets in school.

I could go on, but my head is starting to hurt. Dang, I’m getting old.

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Serious question and I’m not criticising at all, as you said, we do what we have to do to be happy, but with regards to you unfollowing D, does that mean you’re no longer a fan? Will you be watching ACS? Do you still listen to his music? I suppose I’m one of the lucky ones that I’m a huge fan but couldn’t care less about his private life, doesn’t interest me in the slightest so I’m unaffected with regards to the engagement. Just curious 🤔

Wow, so many questions and I haven’t had my first cup of coffee yet lol. Ok, let’s begin. I am not currently a *fan* of D. No. I’ve got to be honest here. Will that change? Maybe. I haven’t decided yet if I’m going to continue to watch ACS, the chances are good that I will though if I’m being honest. I still rewatch the Klai/ne episodes, so I suppose I’ll still watch ACS. As far as his music, no. Probably still listen to Klai/ne duets though. 

I wish I could be like you, anon, and not give a shit in the slightest beyond his career. I do that for so many of the people I like, but with D/C, I’m way too invested. Gonna quote Brokeback rn “I wish I knew how to quit you”.