but if i had to be honest

“Donald Trump is the literal opposite of Fred Rogers.”

I posted that earlier to my facebook feed, and I’ll be honest…  When I did it I was kind of hoping it would encourage my friend who studied the life of Fred Rogers extensively to chime in because I knew he would have something pertinent to say.  I was not wrong.  

“Fred Rogers had such a huge problem with both Regan (who he programmed his show against) and Bush Jr. (The latter of which is much more complicated as they had a relationship that tested Fred’s boundaries.) that I can’t say “I can’t imagine how Fred would react” I know how Fred would react based on his interactions with the lesser evils of Reagan and Bush:

1. Had he not been retired, he would have themed weeks specifically against what Trump was putting in the news cycle. When Trump mocked a disabled reporter he’d have a week on disability and inclusion, when Trump promoted sexual assault, he’d program a week on respect and physical boundaries, when he bad mouthed women he’d have strong women on for a week. Fred would have travelled to do a week on Mexico and he would have moved in an Islamic neighbor.

I know this for a fact because these are the actions he took with Regan both with his “conflict weeks” and his traveling to Russia for remotes during the Cold War.

2. Fred would have attended events Trump invited him to but he would do so on his terms. He would participate in these events as well as long as it was on his terms. Because Fred would rather speak truth into those spaces then avoid them. But Fred would not accuse, he would just bear truth, refuse to be seen as supporting an evil and exit.

This is what he did to respond to the love the Bush family had for him and his work. He even offered prayer at one of their fundraisers: but it was a challenging prayer, one insisting that those in power and privilege use that for the least of these and especially children. After delivering that prayer Fred exited the building and sat outside like a kid after soccer practice waiting for his ride, spurning the thousands of dollars a plate dinner not even gladhanding with the bushes after.

When asked why he said he had reached the limit of what he could do before becoming an accuser. He wanted to challenge but never accuse as accusation was what Fred associated with the devil.

3. Fred would accept invitations to news programs when those programs allowed him to educate parents on countering the negative things coming from the president for their children. He knew those things affected children so he wanted to spread tools on helping them reject war, violence, hatred, oppression and racism.

He did this during any presidents term if it didn’t prevent him from meeting an obligation to children (he once turned down a spot on Nightline to talk about violence and children, one of his main causes, because he had a visit to an elementary school that same morning and knew he wouldn’t be mentally present for it if he was planning for Nightline in the afternoon.)

So we need to be like Fred. Getting in between children and any normalization of Trumps ways or words. Fred would have been diligently working on how to handle Trump in the land of make believe. Just like when King Friday started building nuclear bombs with money he promised to schools. Yeah Fred wasn’t subtle.” - Rev. Kevin Ireland

That Tipsy Q & A

I had high hopes for the Q & A but have to be honest I found it to be a bit flat compared to the ECCC marvel. The first time I watched it I was slightly despondent. The second time I realized that these two were probably super exhausted and ready to drop! They were all over the place with their responses and expressions, which I found somewhat entertaining.

So, my recap:

Setup: a sofa/couch could have been provided but I think people know that if these two are close enough and tipsy enough, “no room for Jesus” antics or more might ensue. So they gave them two chairs instead and kept their hands occupied with drinks.

Hands and body parts: these two were so restless with their hands! Seems like if they can’t touch each other, they don’t know what to do with their hands. They scratched their necks, head, etc, and touched themselves instead! But we see where your arm went for a moment, Mr. H. There was also way too much blinking going on.

Questions: uninspiring and somewhat predictable, so it makes me wonder why that New Year question was in there. They both looked too scripted when responding, which could mean many things but I don’t want to go into that.

Break time: backgammon?! Seriously? Like, for real? They needed a better script for their down time because they are so not doing that during breaks. There might be some twisted pretzel going on in the trailers.

Mongolia: i took it as Sam not wanting Cait to go anywhere without him and/or to places that he will not be going/have interest in going. Or, they are just pulling out collective legs.

We: there was way too much “we” going around. do they share each others’ copy of the books?

At times it seems that they were trying a bit hard to pretend like they don’t know things about each other. Other times, it seems like crumbs galore. These two are so playful, crazy, and comfortable with each other. And that’s what I take away from what they have so generously given us this evening.

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“I really hope you’re honestly okay..”

“No, I’m completely fine.” Tony was quick to say reassuringly, eyes wide and honest. “You saved my life.” 

The worried and curious crowd had disappeared after knowing that he was out of harm’s way and not in need of any medical assistance. There was also loud words of praise and claps on the back for the savior of Tony’s life.  

“It was nothing.” Steve replied, cheeks slightly flushed as he brushed it off. “I couldn’t just let you get hit.” He found himself momentarily stunned by the grateful smile that Tony gave him and found that more warmth flooded into his cheeks. 

“But it’s not everyone who would have reacted.” Tony said before sheepishly rubbing the back of his head. “I shouldn’t have been texting while walking across a busy road. I would probably be dead or seriously injured if it wasn’t for you.” It was then Tony’s turn to blush but he held his gaze as he earnestly said, “So thank you, really.”

Steve took in the endearing sight before giving a soft grin. “You’re more than welcome.” 

They stood in silence for a few moments and Steve was about to blurt out some excuse to (reluctantly) leave when Tony looked up at him. 

“Hey, there’s this really nice pizza place like five minutes from here.” Tony began, sounding almost shy. “It’s really good and I was wondering if you wanted to go with me as a form of thanks from me?” 

There was hope. 

“That sounds nice, yeah.” Steve agreed immediately, glad that he didn’t have to part from him yet. This man that he had saved and was now drawn to like a moth to a flame. 

He couldn’t put a finger on it but there was just something about him that Steve wanted to find out. 

“Awesome.” There was that smile again that managed to send tingles down Steve’s spine and he almost shivered in pleasure with it. “It’s right this way.” Tony said, pointing in down the street and the two of them began walking slowly, getting to know each other. 

This would be the story of how they first met. 

dear porn blogs: if you actually had good photography with skillfully used lighting and conscious compositional choices more complex than ‘genitalia close up’ I might not block you with a grimace of disgust on my face because, let me be honest with you, your use of imagery is boring and almost medical in its lack of erotic impact. try harder.

I feel as though the Sherlock fandom isn’t reacting to the end as well as everyone had hoped. But hey! We still have that nice interpret it as you will Parent!Lock canon ending so. Oh and everyone isn’t dead! That’s a good thing. Whether or not it is queerbaiting is up to you but I think in reality it wasn’t because honestly you can choose if they’re together or not. We still have fanfics.

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Can I share my honest opinion? Sometimes I think Harry & Louis have broken up. I love Louis but his life is a mess, people forget Harry is involved here too. Most of us would be unhappy being in a relationship with this kind of chaos all the time .I fully believe Harry would do anything for Louis but I also wouldn't be surprised if Harry has had enough too ? His well being also matters & I can imagine watching your partner fake a child this long would ruin even the strongest of relationships.💔

You’re always welcome to share your opinion!

I know a lot of people agree with you. It definitely hasn’t been an easy path for them, that’s for sure. From the beginning they’ve had to deal with way more bullshit than they probably ever imagined possible and yeah, this particular situation must be even MORE difficult. But it could be the case of wanting to fight HARDER for that person.

I’ll be the first person to admit that i don’t think their story is as fairytale perfect as a lot of others here will. I’m far too cynical for that. But I look at this past year, and I see the fact that they were often completely off the map for a big chunk of the year at the same time, and other big chunks when they were definitely in the same city. I also am one of the people that believes that Harry was going to be doing a lot more this year. I think Another Man was going to be a stepping stone to something but it didn’t happen and I personally think it’s because he decided to take the time to be there for Louis and his family instead.

Obviously it’s all up for interpretation. we’ll never know the full truth but that’s just how I see things.

You know, when I saw the new Murdoc picture this morning I had the slightest inkling that, in the anticipation of the inauguration, they might be building up to making some kind of statement. I disregarded the thought because I didn’t want to assume that the entire world cares about American politics and Gorillaz is typically so overtly political. And then they proved me wrong in both accounts.

I’m still at my internship, so I don’t have time to thoroughly break down all of my thoughts about the single but I do want to comment about the politics. I believe that we need the arts more than ever right now and if I’m being honest, Gorillaz has often not been political enough for me. Yes, some of the lyrics allude to certain topics but they have not always made straightforward statements about specific issues when I wish they had. Releasing this single when they did says so much about their awareness of state of politics today, along with the potentially dire consequences the actions of our elected leaders could have on the majority of the world. It shows a desire to use their platform to stand against the policies touted by the far right and imo, that means SO much.

I challenge anyone questioning the direction Gorillaz seems to be taking with their politics to think about the role politics has played in art and vice versa, especially in the rock and alternative genres. Be it theater, art, film or music, artists have used their voices and creations to document and interpret the state of the world in which they live. This is not a new concept and the result are often powerful and impactful. For rock music, it’s been more important than ever where music is a form of protest and cultivating communities where self-expression is valued. In recent decades, the genre has become increasingly white and male, and for me personally, there has been skepticism in just how intersectional it is able to be. Gorillaz decision to release this single today, to make this statement show me that the creators ARE conscious of these “dark times” (to quote Murdoc) and are willing to embrace some of the tenants of rock/alternative music (and art as a whole) to stand in solidarity with those most vulnerable. I’m happy to see them including themselves in the conversation, and understanding that now is not the time to say nothing. Welcome back, guys 👏.

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Can I be honest? I don't really understand when people say they think Sangwoo can get help and be a "happy couple" with Bum? I HIGHLY doubt Sangwoo can or will ever change his ways. Plus, I don't get the ship in general. I really had hopes that people started KS because they found it interesting, not because it's "yaoi". Do you have any opinions on this? (I'm sorry if this is a bother or came off rude in any way!! Not many people I follow or know read KS, so I'm just curious)

TBH Sangwoo has done such horrible things I think it’s a bit unfair to put that on Bum. Even if he did get help and was able to function in a healthy relationship he is not entitled to a healthy relationship. Sorry but like? You kill hella people, and take pleasure in murder and rape and people want you to be happy? Like? Sorry. I’m not one of those people.

Sangwoo needs to atone for his crimes, and Bum did some bad stuff too but I certainly dont want him to be in a relationship with Sangwoo. No. Never. I’d never support them dating

Tbh, I’ve seen a few fics of AUs where theyre in a happy relationship and I get so nauseated. Sorry but no… That’s not realistic, thats them being in a make believe world that alters their characters so youre shipping two completely different people who are made up with the same names, and? Sorry I just cant get behind it.

This is just me tho

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Probably a stupid question, but did you ever read Pride & Prejudice & Zombies? I did, because I saw my school library had it and thought it'd be good for a laugh. But I actually really liked it??? Like there were a couple things that were like "...eh?" But I liked how the zombies were incorporated and it felt almost natural? (I haven't seen the movie and don't particularly desire to based on previews. But I enjoyed the book)

I read it years ago, and to be honest the impression I came away with was that it was two kinds of good writing kind of smashed together. The zombie bits were good, but for me, the seams between the styles of Austen’s original text and the added-in bits were enough to often jolt me out of my enjoyment. I’d sink back into liking the story for a few paragraphs and then it would switch out to the other text again and I’d be jerked around, again. As a concept, it was pretty well-executed, and a lot of fun; but style-wise it didn’t flow well at all, I thought.

While the film has its issues (its Mr. Collins NOT being one of them, honestly Matt Smith nailed it and that’s probably the best Mr. Collins I’ve ever seen in any adaptation, ever,) I remember while reading that some sections would honestly just do better in a cinematic format for the fight and battle sequences in particular. The exposition and basic info about the rise of the dreadfuls was key to have in the text, of course, but as the action is so much more action-y, I think it’s probably for the best that it was made into a film.

I got the purse-bow

So for the wardrobe ticket event, I had no idea what I wanted to get for the weapon… I … pretty much have everything I want, and the ones that I do want were not available from this event. So I had narrowed my choices to couple of different bows for Rena… 

but… omg this BOW. It’s amazing.
It’s a fucking purse lmao

To be honest, I could’ve chosen something that I would use more often, like.. Classic Maid (Blue), but I feel like that’s something I can buy later in the future… But this bow is part of the summer wear stuff that not a lot of people buy… or even want to sell… soooo yeah. I love this lol it looks so awesome lmao it’s a purse A PURSE LOL

“Im going to shoot!!!… Oh wait, this is a purse, lol, what am I doing”


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On guan shan's phone it said it had 3 other messages (wouldn't it showing mean its unread???) i wonder who they could be! Thoughts???

before replying to this, can i just say how amazing everyone is for noticing all the little details old xian puts in the chapters?? this fandom is seriously awesome and im so thankful to you guys because without you i feel like i’d miss so much!! okay, the sap moment is over, sorry

okay, so, im gonna have to trust everyone on the unread messages, because im gonna be honest and admit that i still have a phone from the dark ages so i have no idea how an iPhone works (it’s embarrassing, i know), but yeah, from what i read around in the tags the fact that the ‘3’ is showing at the top of guan shan’s phone means that those messages are still unread, which is interesting because that would strongly support the theory that guan shan already had he tian’s message box opened for a while by then, ignoring all those other texts as he thought about whether to write to he tian or not

as for who those messages might be from………aah, i really wonder!! i guess one could be from his mom, maybe?? from guan shan’s phone we can see that it’s 8 p.m., but she could be out doing a late shift at work and texting something to guan shan. we don’t really know what’s her job (or if she does work, im kinda assuming she does, but we can’t be sure), so this could be a possibility, but in general i think that they might be from some people from school?? it’s true that from what we’ve seen he doesn’t seem to have any real friends, but i feel like he must have acquaintances, at least in his class. in ch154 we saw him playing cards with a guy, so it wouldn’t be strange to assume that they have each other’s numbers and text from time to time for school stuff. the gray haired dude we saw in that same chapter is also one of guan shan’s classmates, and maybe they’re not friend, but again, it’s possible that they may talk from time to time (im still lowkey hoping he will appear again in the future)

so, yeah, this is what im thinking right now, but it’s something very interesting to speculate on, so if anyone has any other theory, please let me know, i would love to read it!!

ok im gonna b honest bc as open as i was abt yeri joining, if this “turning point” involves any type of lineup changes im not gonna b very happy. 

yeri being added was okay bc at the time rv hadn’t even had their first anniversary yet, they were still fresh. but like, NOW they’re an experienced, established group heading into their 3rd anniversary. it would make No Sense (and probably enrage a lot of people), if there were any lineup changes this far into the game

What Art is to me

The arts gave me a voice,The arts told me that I had a voice, and now I will use this voice to say this: Music was my solace when I had no friends, music gave me color and feeling even when I was void and empty. Donald J. Trump wanting to slash The National Endowment for the Arts makes me sick, and to be honest very sad. It is times like this where we turn to art so we can make sense of chaos that is going on in our lives. Not just as musicians, thespians, an artist of any mediums. But for the people that appreciate it, patrons, fans,and devoted followers. It can just be that temporary escape from life and all the crazy things go along with it. Without art,the world is dull and muted. It is how people can connect best,it is the universal language. I refuse to see something that I care so deeply about get thrown away like garbage, so I will use my voice, we should all use our voices.

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Hey, just so you know, @d0peyy ripped your video off youtube and posted it without source. You can file a copyright thing claim with Tumblr for that, if you're so inclined. Figured I'd give you a heads up cause it sucks when the rip has more notes than the original.

Damn I just had a look at it. 7000 already for fuck sake. I’ll have a look at setting a copyright claim but I don’t know how well it can go down; first time to do such a thing to be honest. Still I’m greatful for you bringing this to my attention and happy that your supporting the official source =)

Dearest Peaches,

I never tell you this straight-out, but… you are my sunshine, my rock, my best friend. You are one of the reasons I can hold on. Our inside jokes are innumerable, our time spent together immeasurable and priceless. You’ve given me rocks and sand, I’ve given you Batman. We always give each other exactly what we want, whether it’s honest advice or weird who-knows-what. You’ve always been there for me, and I’ve always tried to be there for you, ever since that first year when you invited me to your birthday and I went to your party instead of my best friend’s because I got your invitation first and had already RSVPed. That caused a huge conflict, but I’m glad it happened so that I could give you the potato analogy a year later and we’d become best friends after that forevermore, and I got out of what would become a toxic friendship. You’re the reason I don’t bleach my hair and dye it 50 different colors, and the reason I don’t wear too-short skirts or heels or lipstick that’s 30 years too mature for me and definitely not my color. You saved me, Peaches, and I’ll always be your Wing-Pear if you’ll be my Wing-Peach.

Love always,


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My boyfriend has Mercury oppose Uranus and Neptune, while I have Mercury sextile Uranus and Neptune, but I feel like the aspects work in his favor while I struggle with them. Any help on why this may be?

that’s really strange… Maybe since sextiles and trines are free flowing energy, it creates too much of whichever planets involved. so an overabundance of uranian chaos with mercurial indecision and scatterbrained, disorganized tendencies. to be honest with you, all throughout my more than decade of being part of the astrological community, I’ve had a hard time putting aspects to words, they’re more of an abstract concept I can feel.

maybe your mercury is the lord of houses that have hard aspects. what I mean by that is, mercury rules whichever houses have gemini and virgo on the house cusp. maybe your 12th house cusp is 14 degrees gemini (just giving an example) and pluto at 14 degrees scorpio is quincunx your 12th house cusp, or maybe saturn at 14 degrees pisces is square your 12th house cusp (just stabbing in the dark with random guesses) so then that would make your mercury feel harder.

maybe your boyfriend has already worked past the hard parts of his mercury opposite Neptune and Uranus and they have become his virtue. like Albert Einstein has Saturn square Mercury and he worked thru seeming stupid in his school years…. That was kind of the point of my post “Astrological Counseling Based on Your Most Afflicted Planet”. you could search for that.

Robert is right.

Not in lying to Aaron about his whereabouts. But we gotta put in perspective why he does it. (Except for it kinda coming easy to him)
Aaron is a master in self sabotage and sporting some biphobia as well.
Robert is not gay!
That’s a fact. He’s bi, he has accepted that and there’s nothing he has to come to terms with about his sexuality.
And Aaron questions that part of his identity again and again. It had to push him over the edge eventually.
He can’t make Aaron happy if Aaron doesn’t give himself the chance to be happy with him.
And to be honest I don’t wanna see them get married before this issue gets sorted out.

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Why do you love her so much??

How could I not? It’s not often you meet someone who is as loving, caring, loyal, and honest as her. Yeah, she’s had a past, but I love her unconditionally. She could tell me the worst thing to ever possibly go through her mind, and I’d still love her as much as I do now. She could gain 300lbs and I’d still look at her like the most beautiful girl in the world. She’s my dream girl, and the way I love her is a way I will never love anyone else, guaranteed. She’s got it all. And when you can sit here and look/talk to someone and just be caught in awe by who they are, like I get with her, you know got the right one.