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One Direction split was painful... but it was Harry wanted, says Louis Tomlinson
WHEN ONE DIRECTION began an extended hiatus at the end of 2015, much was made of the friendships and alliances within the world’s biggest band. LOUIS TOMLINSON was the natural leader of 1D and keen…

WHEN ONE DIRECTION began an extended hiatus at the end of 2015, much was made of the friendships and alliances within the world’s biggest band.

LOUIS TOMLINSON was the natural leader of 1D and keen for the group to continue their chart-conquering progress.

But his former BFF HARRY STYLES was ready to go on an indefinite break, leading to understandable tensions within the group. In part two of his revealing world-exclusive interview, Louis is brutally honest about that difficult period, shining a light for the first time on how the decision to split was made.

He says: “It was an uncomfortable time more than anything. We’ve always had a level of respect for each other in these meetings and we always said that 100 per cent honesty and openness is so important if you’re going to get on as a band. 

It made those situations a little bit difficult because I felt like I really was building up confidence in myself and in my place within the band and as a songwriter in the band.I could feel that potentially it was going to be a break. What was difficult was trying to understand how long that might be. So that process was kind of a little uncomfortable. 

You’re asking guys who have grown up being best friends to make selfish decisions, which they should do, based on themselves.“But it doesn’t change the fact that it was difficult for me to accept at first.”

However, 18 months on, with the launch of a promising solo career, Louis’ opinion has changed.

He says: “If you asked me now if I think it’s the wrong decision, I don’t think it was. I think the market and the fans and everyone had had so much of One Direction that regardless of any individual ventures, the market could do with a two-, three- or however long break away from us.”

Louis — who yesterday released his new single Back To You with rising star BEBE REXHA,— is honest that he is not as close to Harry as NIALL HORAN or LIAM PAYNE.

He says: “There’s no politics or anything. Inevitably in a band, you’re going to get some people who get on really well and some people who get on quite well. I have forever had a very, very high level of respect for Harry. He’s great in this situation, he’s great on stage, he’s a great musician and artist. It’s just one of those things that happens naturally in a band.”

Louis and Harry’s friendship was also dogged by a ridiculous five-year conspiracy by a group of determined fans known as Larries. 

They believe that the pair are in a romantic relationship that was covered up by 1D management, SIMON COWELL and even me (I promise you I’d have been delighted to report that Harry and Louis were an item if that were the case).

Sadly, Louis admits the pressure from Larry conspiracy theorists was a factor in their friendship struggling, especially given the serious relationship he has with girlfriend Eleanor Calder. 

He says: “I’ve never actually been asked about it directly. It’s a funny thing. It kind of happened naturally for me and Harry because a certain amount of the fans drew up this conspiracy. 

When it first came around I was with Eleanor, and it actually felt a little bit disrespectful to Eleanor, who is my girlfriend now. I’m so protective over things like that, about the people I love. 

So it created this atmosphere between the two of us where everyone was looking into everything we did. It took away the vibe you get off anyone. It made everything, I think on both fences, a little bit more unapproachable. I think it shows that it was never anything real, if I can use that word.”

In recent months I’ve asked Liam, Niall and Harry whether 1D could re-form without Harry or with former bandmate ZAYN MALIK.

Louis is clearly surprised by the question and takes a long time to think before replying: “When Zayn left, it still felt like One Direction, but we still didn’t feel like the whole. So then to even take maybe Harry out as well — it’s something that I can’t ever imagine, really. I feel like it’s got to be for the fans, and not for the three that want to get back together.”.

Louis is clearly keen for the band to get back together, but he understands that Harry — currently promoting his big-screen debut in the film Dunkirk — has not yet made a decision.

He says: “Harry is actually an inspiring person to watch as a businessman, as a musician. He doesn’t really lose, Harry. He’s a very, very hard worker and his potential is massive in so many different fields.

So I don’t know the answer, but if I’m Harry . . . I don’t know yet. Honestly, I just think it’s too difficult to say, especially with someone like Harry, who’s got so much potential. It’s just kind of a confusing place for him to be as an individual, to be like, ‘OK, what is next?’ ”

1D fans are asking exactly the same thing . . .

THE end of 1D was hard on all the boys – and now Louis has revealed how upsetting it was after their final concert in Sheffield.

He said: “I’ve got this video from the last show. There’s a minute of me and Niall hugging, just kind of sobbing like, ‘This is f***ing crazy.’

”Louis was always close to Niall, but being apart hasn’t dampened their friendship. 

He added: “Niall’s the best. We just get so excited about each other’s s**t.” Cute.


Holding on to Si

HE was discovered on The X Factor, and it was on that stage that One Direction gave their final performance in December 2015. 

But Louis has admitted he felt frustrated last summer when he wasn’t given a judging role following lengthy discussions about replacing NICK GRIMSHAW.

He said: “It was something that I would have liked to have done. But it’s business. That’s how it works. It was kind of surprising to see me essentially being replaced by LOUIS WALSH.”

But the Just Hold On singer held no grudge against show boss SIMON COWELL. He is the only 1D member to sign with Cowell’s Syco label after the pop guru masterminded the group’s success.

Louis said: “Simon has always been willing to listen. It was a no-brainer to me.”

It has certainly worked well so far.


FROM London to LA, Louis has lived around the globe since 1D began. But he still cherishes his home town Doncaster, where he shot the video for his new single.

He said: “I love it. I feel like I owe people from Doncaster. But I just get this feeling . . . I want to push Doncaster on everyone.”

Louis, whose baby son Freddie Reign lives in LA with his ex Briana Jungwirth, added: “LA’s very different to Doncaster. The people are chalk and cheese. I obviously cherish my time with my son and it’s fantastic for work and the weather is great, but I do cherish my time back home.”


LIAM PAYNE and CHERYL are one of the most loved-up ­couples in pop, but even Louis didn’t quite believe they were together at first.

Asked if he thought his bandmate was joking when he confided in him about his relationship, Louis said: “I’m not going to lie, I wasn’t 100 per cent. I’m not saying I didn’t buy it – of course I did. It was just a little bit surprising for me at first.”

He knew about the couple’s secret romance in February last year at the Brit Awards but kept his lips sealed.

Louis continued: “I remember being outside and sharing a cigarette with them and him being excited and trying to play it cool. But I’m really happy for him. I think it’s important that Liam has someone around him who’s going to really look after him. I don’t know Cheryl too well. I’ve always thought she’s lovely, so hopefully she looks after our Liam.”



Happy family snap: ep 173 vs 194

Chibiusa vanishing from the cute photo that both Usagi and Mamoru have is one of my all-time favourite subtle Sailor Moon moments.

Usagi and the girls never comment on it and it’s really only shown a few times during the season, but it is given enough attention that the show is obviously deliberately saying ‘So hey, remember how Chibiusa disappeared before? When Mamoru was lost to Usagi? Remember that thing happening?’.

It’s such a tiny little detail, and I love it.

(I actually spent a time wondering if the reason that Usagi never realised 'oh hey my future daughter ghosted the fuck out of the photo, the hell is with that’ was because the future had changed enough that Usagi and the others had lost their actual memories of Chibiusa and Crystal Tokyo….buuuut they mention her during Chibi Chibi’s intro episode, and the pink princess herself cameos into Usagi’s dream at the end. So let’s just to with 'Usagi had a lot on her mind at the time’).

*1 Holding Hands *
*2 Cuddling Somewhere *
*3 Gaming/Watching A Movie *
*4 On A Date *
*5 Kissing *
*6 Wearing Each Others Clothes *
*7 Cosplaying *
*8 Shopping *
*9 Hanging Out With Friends *
*10 With Animal Ears *
*11 Wearing Kigurumis *
*12 Making Out *
*13 Eating (N)Icecream *14 Genderswapped *
*15 In A Different Clothing Style *
*16 During Their Morning Rituals *
*17 Spooning *
*18 Doing Something Together (This Can Be Anything!) *
*19 In Formal Wear *
*20 Dancing * (here)

For the 30 day OTP Art challenge!

I’m still on it!! ‘m sorry I’m so far behind, I had some Problems with this one to be honest QQ
I decided to use Bara Sans for this one, since I had a poblem with the size difference and stuff QwQ but yeah, here ya guys go

Gonna be honest I skipped the gym a lot this week 😔 and I really missed it! So last night I said to myself, you’re going at 6am no matter what. And even though it was tough getting out of bed this morning, it’s probably the best decision I’ll make today.
Also I practically had the place to myself this early on a Saturday 😅

Is it really? I mean, is it really still this? Because for what I’ve seen, Nazis became a watered down term, enough to make far too many people game for the kind of people that actively practice this new dogma.

I mean seriously, it’s the year 2017, punching a Nazi was already an exercise in futility, considering how little of them there were out there to begin with, and just how insignificant they are, but now that this was turned into “let’s punch anyone that doesn’t share my views”, it has actually granted them power, giving them a stoplight they should have never had, which, in turn, has helped give power back to the right, from people simply tired of the far left’s shenanigans, the majority, to actual, honest to goodness Nazis, which are still a minority mind you, that now, tragically, have a platform to spew their shit. 

The whole thing is a clusterfuck, and ironic clusterfuck, and people like you aren’t helping matters, but hey, let’s keep calling Trump people Nazis, let’s keep punching them, and let’s keep ignoring why the fuck that living orange is now the leader of the world’s most powerful country. 

I graduated from college the week TFA came out. Literally had my ceremony in the morning on Saturday and went to a matinee to celebrate.

I was very stressed and depressed in the semesters leading up to my graduation but one upside of that… to be honest… was that I paid absolutely no attention to the development of TFA. I mean I heard general stuff, like the controversy over a black stormtrooper or the fact that people were concerned about the lack of women, which lead to Phasma being made a woman… etc. But I didn’t lose any sleep over anything, right. I was just too damn busy with my real life.

Last night I was laying awake in bed at 3 am angsting about whether Finnrey was gonna be canon.

I mean… getting back in fandom, reconnecting with my old love of the prequels, discovering TCW and Rebels, starting up writing fanfic, Rogue One, making more friends here on tumblr as I’m more active in a focused fandom (rather than just having a really catchall blog)… it’s certainly been fun and rewarding in some aspects. But it’s also been exhausting.

Mostly I think I have tricked myself into not being able to enjoy TLJ the way I enjoyed TFA. I went in to TFA with few expectations… mostly I really was looking forward to seeing the stormtrooper as expendable background fodder completely turned on its head as the main character was a stormtrooper. And I thought they kind glossed over that… coulda spent more time exploring Finn’s life, like even a montage of his day to day duties as a stormtrooper, but you know, I wasn’t really going into the movie with a checklist of what I wanted and needed to see.

After nearly two years I have so many specific needs for TLJ that I’ll never be able to experience it with the simple joy I did TFA. Because I know that I won’t get all the plot points and character beats that I want. I’m trying to set myself up for what I consider to be the worst that could happen, for disappointment, rather than just… idk… going on about my life and not letting the speculation and meta and discourse wear me out.

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I think if I were a musician I'd get really worried that abusers or toxic people etc are listening to my music, and like when I meet a charming person what if they're actually abusive and I'm telling them they're a good person when really they're shit. Idk I've had nightmares about it lol

I wrote many paragraphs in response to this and then deleted them all. When I answer things honestly I always worry that I am being problematic and that everyone is going to hate me and that i should shut my mouth, most good things that have happened in the long run have come from sharing honest thoughts so i’ll try and rewrite what i just wrote….. but better. 

Of course I speak to abusers and toxic people. Of course abusers and toxic people listen to my music. I am aware through victims contacting me of some rapists who listen to crywank. This is inevitable and something I have no control over. Crywank has over 50,000 listeners per month on spotify, not all these will be good people, especially when most people are abusive and toxic (or at least have been in the past). You may be abusive and toxic in many ways. I have found myself being abusive and toxic on a number of occasions. I think in some relationships you can end up with situations where two or more people are being abusive to each other. Everything falls on a scale of intensity and I think when it comes to things such as rape culture, I found it most helpful when learning about these areas to project it on my own history, to work through my behaviour and to acknowledge my missteps and the ways in which i may have hurt people. I am grateful for the language that has allowed me to highlight times when i have been inappropriate so that I don’t repeat this behaviour.

Good people can do bad things, Bad people can do good things. Identity isn’t infallible and we are not defined by our worst moments. Accountability is important. I’d much rather hang out with someone who was abusive, but is accountable for their behaviour, than with someone who hasn’t ever been overtly abusive, but would be if they felt like they had the chance. 

I get more worried in regards to shows as I have a lot of young and vulnerable fans and I don’t want to be bringing them into a space which is dangerous when they come and see me perform. I’ve only had to ‘have words with’ crowd members for their questionable behaviour on a couple of occasions although I’m sure it’s happened more where people in the crowd have been groped or pestered and I’ve been unaware and not done anything. Usually it’s all good vibes though.

I dunno, again i don’t think I’ve worded this well. I don’t really view people with a dichotomy of abuser and victim, or good and toxic. I think everyone has the potential to be abusive, some consciously some without realisation. I think some people have narratives in which they have been both victims and abusive at different points. I sort of judge people more not on their actions but how they have reacted to their actions. 

I’d want someone who was abusive to listen to my music if it would help them, and I’d happily talk to them also. I want my music to have a positive influence in people’s lives. My music is about hating yourself and being fuck-up and dealing with guilt and paranoia and a lot more, but largely quite nasty stuff. I think it would be naive of me to only want music (especially of this topic) to be catering for ‘100% good people’.  I want people to use my music to help them put themselves under the lense in the ways in which they do for others. I want them to judge, love and forgive themselves they way they do strangers. People tend to be a lot harsher on themselves. 

I dunno in regards to music and also my own identity and what i project online as a ‘tool’, I’d much rather be someone who helped people work through bad behaviour so that it isn’t repeated, than someone who is like “100% fuck all these people”.  I’m a bit lost at the moment and scared of expressing myself at times. I don’t like binaries. Despite being queer i get very nervous around a lot of queer communities. I very much so relate to the idea of there being space between binaries of male and female, straight and gay etc, but within some of these communities i see the most rigid examples of a good/evil binary, which doesn’t really mesh with my worldview. 

Again I’m sure I’ve said something problematic here and not gone into enough detail, I hope this makes some sort of sense.

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I don't know if this is an okay blog to put this, but I had to hunt for a blog that wasn't specific to a particular identity. To my gay, lesbian, bi, pan, queer and any other identity that includes attraction to the same gender friends, I am here as a child of a very religious upbringing, saying Im sorry if I ever lower my voice when I mention your partner.Maybe we do it everywhere.Maybe we only do it in specific settings.I am telling you honest as can be, we dont mean to hurt your feelings 1/2

2/2 Honest to whatever diety you believe in we dont. You just get so used to it not being a safe topic around family that sometimes, for whatever reason, that instinct sets in. The instinct that says “maybe that person over there shouldn’t here this”.I promise you it isnt out of shame. It really isnt. If anything its a sense of protection. Im not saying is an okay thing to do. But I did it accidentally the other day. And I just thought that it was important for people to know this(Sorry 1 more)
3/3 Because it’s important that everyone know that if this happens to you, ever, dont think it has to be because your friend doesn’t like that part of you. There are people who may not like you because of your sexuality. But those assholes are a different story. If someone seems really supportive all the time, then out of nowhere they’re not, don’t let your brain assume the worst and take you to a dark place. Talk to them. Because it may be a case of a good friend with a predjudice upbringing.

I get what you mean and thanks for sharing this. I think it could definitely put some people’s anxiety to rest to understand this tbh I never even thought of it that way

What’s your favorite funko pop? 

I’ll be honest, I was SO surprised to find our local B&N had any of the Arwen & Aragorn ones left. 

But I’m even MORE excited for my Occamy one to come from Hot Topic because it looks SO COOL. I’m a bit funko-obsessed, y'all 😅  Though I think my favorite is either Meeko or the GoT big dragons!

Today was the last day of my creative writing class, and I survived! Even better, it hasn’t put me off writing for life.

It’s been interesting, occasionally nerve-wracking, but it feels as though it’s taken most of the ten weeks to get to know the other people in the group.

For me, the biggest hurdle (once I’d managed to force myself to step through the door) was reading out loud something I had written. It brought back some fairly horrific memories of university, if I’m honest.

But I’ve done it several times now, and it does get easier, and it was worth it to get some real feedback on what I have written. Discussing what other people have written, and hearing them discuss what I have written, is by far the most useful thing about the whole process.

The course also meant I had to write something that isn’t fanfiction. Characters are hard. Plot is hard. The whole darn thing is hard.

About 2/3 of us survived to the end. For those who remember Awful Woman™ and her Awful Novel, she stopped coming after 4 weeks. I think we didn’t appreciate the brilliance of her novel enough. She wasn’t missed.

Anyway, enough rambling. I’m intending to go back in September. In the meantime I’ve got some time to write a bit of fanfiction, I hope.


Im a little late for this one.. Oh well enjoy!! x

Member: Jeno

Genre: Fluff i guess

Word Count: 678 just an extended drabble kind of thing

Summary: Just playing with Jeno’s new hair :) 

“I’m pretty sure it’s your turn to chose.” “But I don’t mind what we do.”
This was the struggle that both you and Jeno had to put up with just to see each other. Having neither of you as very head strong as well as quite indecisive almost always made it hard to do even simple tasks like choosing what to do for the day.

“You know what Jeno, just come over. I don’t even want to do anything, I just want to see you to be honest.
By now you were just about dying to see Jeno and you weren’t about to let your inability to decide on things get in the way of that.

The last thing Jeno had said to you was ‘don’t freak out’ of course you hadn’t any idea of what this could possibly mean. Unless Jeno brings a spider to your doorstep there will be no freaking out.

You were wrong.
You don’t believe you’d ever been more wrong in your life.
And you were most definitely freaking out.

Jeno had turned up to your house just as usual and you had opened the door for him. However what wasn’t usual was the boy that stood in front of you.
It was Jeno, you were sure of it. Only his hair, his hair was white!

"y/n? Your gawking.” He interrupted your thoughts with a slight smirk.
“YOUR HAIR?!” Seemed the only suitable response at this point.
“You don’t like it?” Jeno’s smirk seemed to fade.

Jeno was wrong, he was very wrong indeed. You loved his new hair. Only you just couldn’t seem to form words at this point.
You pulled him inside, shut the door and steered him by the shoulders into the lounge room and gave him the biggest hug.
“Jeno, I love your new hair.” You whispered into his shirt.

Jeno had been over for around an hour now and you had been dying to play with his hair. He was currently on the floor playing some video game leaning against the couch you were sitting on. You, however, were formulating an ingenious plan to play with his hair.

You almost had it. You almost had a plan. You’d decided that every so often you’d move just a little bit closer to Jeno. This would result in you eventually sitting directly behind him, which in this situation would be ideal.

Your plan almost worked. You had managed to get behind him, however when you put your arms around his shoulders and leaned down to whisper in his ear he jumped.

“WHAT DO YOU WANT?” He yelled but you were too busy wetting yourself to respond.
“I just wanted to ask if I could play with your hair.” You said through breaks of your laughter.
“You don’t have to ask baby,” Jeno replied before turning around and continuing on with his game.

You’d discovered that playing with Jeno’s hair was your new hobby.
At this point, you weren’t sure there was anything better.

“By the way, I’m really glad you got rid of those green highlights.”
“I thought you liked them?” “Don’t get me wrong, I did.” “'did’ is past tense.” He replied rather nonchalantly as if he didn’t actually care at all.
“Yeah like I did like them, it’s just..THEY WERE FADING. Like they used to be green highlights but they just kind of turned brown.”

“IM DONE!” You announced in a sing song voice. “What, done with what?” “My masterpiece, here stand up.” Jeno stood up and you took his hand and started leading him to your bathroom.

“Ok and close your eyes now.” You said as you pulled open the bathroom door. “AND OPEN.” But you weren’t greeted with the response you’d expect. Instead, all the gratitude you received from all your hard work was “What the hell have you done?” “It’s a mohawk!” You replied enthusiastically. “Ew babe take it out.” He whined. “NO BABE YOU LOOK HOT!” He laughed then looked you dead in the eyes and says “I’m serious, take it out.”

YOOUU LIIIKKEE? i like jeno :) 

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I didn't listen too intently to TAZ at the start, so about Taako's aunt; is it confirmed that they were not biologically related? I've seen her mentioned a few times every now and then in fanfics, but she's always written as a kind stranger who took care of him for a while.

To be honest, we know nothing about Taako’s aunt other than the fact that she made and taught him how to make food, and that she made a really good turkey for Lup’s birthday.

We don’t even know if she has a name or if she’s related to the twins; just that she’s good at making food and that the twins had a good time living with her for however long they lived with her.

Do with that as you will.

I was tagged by @shapeyoursmile @imhellafit and @gonewiththewind91 for a selfie so here you go :-)

Went swimming with my mom this morning and it was so lovely. We had a fight yesterday and some shared relaxation was a great way to get out good mood back.

Already flying back to Poland tomorrow. I’m not sure how I feel about it to be honest. But at least I feel loved and recharged :)

I tag @smaenni @karinashappiness @namlulit @black-lavenderr

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Azure: “Durian, it was all just a dream.  There’s no way you went to that place and met that girl.  Please tell me you realize that it wasn’t reality.  Please tell me you aren’t focusing on a dream again after coming so far.”

Durian: “Azure, I’m telling you it’s not a dream.  I was there, you saw the contraption outside, how could i have made that up?”

Azure; “I can’t believe this….after all this time together you’re pushing me away.”

Durian: “I’m just trying to be honest with you.”

Azure; “Listen I don’t know what’s going on with you right now, but I thought we had a great thing going.  Working towards maybe having a future together, but if your scared of that, don’t make up stories to get out of this relationship.  If your’e going to be honest with me, then actually be honest with me.”

jolifleurbleu replied to your photoset

Who is the last guy? I love him :D

That is Adrian.  ….. I’m gonna be honest here and say he didn’t come out as I had in my head; for that I’d need some seriously specific cc and probably bump my slider max by at least one, which I refuse to do because I’m a weird purist.  xD

He is supposed to be albino.  On top of being a vampire, that poor guy.  You have no idea how hard it was to attempt to convey albinism on an animal sim in TS3 in a subtle and not strangely creepy way.  At any rate, in every outfit - with the exception of his sleepwear - he wears sunglasses and he prefers not to be out in the sun at all (though he can be).  So ACTUALLY, Silas and him got into a scrap that took a nice in-step dance with my headcanon:

Silas wears the same glasses for his formalwear that Adrian wears in most of his own outfits.  Like the exact same glasses, down to the color pattern.

Silas got pissy last night about Adrian’s attire.  I’d love to think he was upset because felt Adrian’s attempting to usurp his style, as Silas does seem to come off as an entitled dick, when in fact Adrian’s eyes hurt from the sun.  xD

I like his hair though.  Pretty.  xD


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I came across your Tumblr via your YouTube videos, specifically the deleted Gravity Falls scene animations. You did them very well and I was wondering/hoping if you had any plans on doing more scenes in the future; I'd love to see a full version of the deleted Bill dream and Dippy Fresh's death.

Hello! I am pleasured to hear that!  ╰(*´︶`*)╯♡
Unfortunately, I do not plan on doing these animations.
“Bill dream“… I will be honest, I’m not strong in animation. And there are a lot of scenes and quite complicated animation for me.

But I can show you one abandoned project ;)

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