but if i finish it

• 🌊 20/09/2017 - Waves 🌊 •

Half finished physics notes from class! Along with that biology notes, this might be my most good looking class notes.

🎧: I swear I’d burn this city down to show you the lights 💜


Bias: 10/10

Since this wasn’t an individual biography, bias gets ten points, none that I saw. 

Accuracy: 8/10

The book was very accurate, however, there were a few bits and pieces that seemed to be off so I shifted it to a nine. Accurate book, some stuff off about Andre. If you want me to make a list I marked the pages with inaccuracies. 

Entertaining: 7/10

There were times when I was tempted to put this book down and I was very eager to start another one. This book is good for if you’re inside on a rainy day and feel as if binge reading an entire book. Other than that, I found myself getting quite bored with it in a lot of places where it deviated and began speaking of things like averages that had nothing of importance.

Informative: 9/10

If you’re looking for a book that really goes into not only the Culper spy ring but other spies during the American Revolution as well, than his book is for you. However, there were a lot of points where I know Alexander Rose missed a lot of stuff of importance that should of been put in.

Calculated Average: 8.5/10, looking for an easy to read, quick book about early American spies? This is the place to go.