but if i do... it'll be awesome

  • Me: gotta do a bunch of stuff tonight, rly important that I get at least THESE things done - rly important
  • Brain: make a list abt it
  • Me: k, did it, awesome, good list
  • Brain: make another list abt it
  • Me: ...k, if it'll make u happy, I'll make ONE more list abt it
  • Brain: make another list abt it. make a list of other lists to make
  • Me: no, the stuff on this list for tonight is rly actually important, i have plenty of time to finish it all if i can just get started
  • Brain: make a detailed schedule of the times and order in which to do all the things on this list
  • Me: no i just gotta get started and it rly won't be that hard to get thru
  • Brain: but make an agenda. make a list. make different agendas for each possible way u could organize ur time tonight or order the tasks
  • Me: ...
  • Brain: make a list of things to do tomorrow. make several possible agendas
  • Brain: make a list of things to do this weekend
  • Brain: make a list of everything that needs to be done by the end of the month
  • Brain: make a schedule of important dates and events for the rest of the year
  • Brain: make a budget. make a budget and detailed plan for saving up for a vacation
  • Brain: plan a vacation. include literally every detail of every possible thing that will happen during the vacation.
  • Brain: organize gas receipts in a spreadsheet. make a spreadsheet. make several spreadsheets
  • Brain: look at different phone plans. compare plans and factor into a budget. make several budgets for different plans. look at new phones. make spreadsheets for the phones and plans
  • Brain: price compare for ur meds. organize ur meds. make a schedule for taking ur meds and a spreadsheet to track them. make different spreadsheets to put in different locations
  • Brain: make tracking charts for brushing ur teeth. taking a shower. doing ur laundry. doing cat litter
  • Brain: compare different brands of cat food. make new budgets for each option
  • Brain: make a list of all these things to do. think of other things to do to put on the list. like vacuuming the couch. vacuum the couch
  • Brain: 😊 I'm so helpful wow 😊 what a good brain 😊 don't ignore me 😊 I'm not gna stop until u do all these things 😊 wow good brain yea 😊 yw ❤❤

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This isn't really a question, but just thank you. Recently I've been having some trouble with people and my emotions and mentality and some days are so incredibly tough, but then again I know it'll get better. Your streams really help me whenever I'm feeling down, and I've met an amazing friend because of them. I don't know what the point of this was, you don't have to respond to this at all I just wanted to you know that even though we've never met you mean a lot and matter a lot so thank you.

whoa! Thats super awesome to hear! I’m glad the streams are able to help lift your spirits some way even though I don’t know what I’m doing on them half the time haha

Don’t thank me though, I don’t do anything, I just stream, its honestly the ones that come to the stream that make it what it is. Otherwise I wouldn’t be streaming! so thank them more than me :)

Another one of those weird quick mood doodle paintings haha. :D This one I call ‘Jay’s compassion’, and it’s something I’ve been trying to write - about how Jay got his mabari, Apostate. :) That story will show up soon hopefully, but basically he kinda sorta stole her. Only kinda, though, idk if it counts as theft if someone tells you to get rid of something for them and you keep it instead and fix it and it becomes way awesome…?

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Thought that was an epic episode but now I'm really ready for FS to have a scene together! With only 3 eps left, will it be next week or are they going to drag it out right until the last second? And do you think it'll be a win for Jemma or just more pain and her not getting through? Either way, hope they get a scene (and can't wait for Jemma to kick Papa Fitz's ass) ! Thanks for your awesome theories :)

Hi Anon!

We are all ready for Fitzsimmons to be reunited and I swear this is the writers kind of paying us back for all of the sass we had in A about them not being together…because this is SO MUCH worse.  

Like I said in my meta, I have not been to the point of tears frustrated with a show like this in a long time.  And its not that I’m not enjoying the story.  I just want so bad for them to be reunited, for someone to save Fitz, for someone to even be trying to get to him.  Every week we see how much he has suffered at AIDA and his fathers hand.  But no one is actively trying to get him out or get to him anymore.  

They have kept Fitzsimmons apart for a reason.  Mostly because yes, its building up to an epic scene (I’m almost picture a twist on the LMD scene from 15).  I think if Jemma wasn’t going to have an effect on him they would have had the face to face meeting already.  But because she is going to help get through to him, they have to save it for the very end.  Because from a story standpoint, like it or not Looking Glass had to get going, we had to escalate the stakes, so part of that was keeping Fitzsimmons apart.  

Another factor is we (most but not all) of us want Jemma to be the one to get through to Fitz.  The fandom would have flipped if it wasn’t Jemma that got through to him.  We have seen with the others that it takes a BIG emotional upheaval and the person they are closest too.  Coulson it was Daisy and an assist from Tahiti.  May Coulson with the kids/Mace’s death.  Mack…really hasn’t come around yet and is still just trying to protect his daughter.  Mace never came around either.  He died seeped in the fantasy.  Fitz has only come across Daisy and Radcliffe who didn’t do much.  Jemma’s “NO!” in 17 DID effect him but the programming was re enforced immediately by Papa Fitz and Ophelia.  

Its all been building to next week guys, they know we are desperate for this reunion and for them to come back together.  We also have to get Fitz back in some way in order for him to help stop it all, they have to stop The Doctor.  We know that Jemma is going into action with her going for Papa Fitz…and that means she must be going for Fitz.  There is no other reason for him to go after him alone.  

Me: -wakes up suddenly at 2am- I should write more BatIM fic for the sole purpose of making fun of Sammy

Markiplier Reaction Compilation Starter Sentences.
  • "Oh hey! Party down here!"
  • "Aaaaahhh my voice is gone!!!"
  • "But I suspect that there might be some deadly creatures in this dungeon..."
  • "OH!!"
  • "...I suspected correctly!"
  • "That seems like something that WOAH HO ho ho ho ho-kay!"
  • "Oh God! What do I do?!"
  • "I'm not Benedict Cumberbatch, I'm me!"
  • "____, is a big bag of dicks!"
  • "Da-na-na-na-na-na-na-na-nun! Ballora. Da-na-na-na-na-na-na-na-nun! Don't kill me!"
  • "Don't mind me yelling! I YELL WHEN I'M NERVOUS!!"
  • "These casual bongos have turned sour!"
  • "I was wabble jabbling!"
  • "Why is it wet?"
  • "Oh! I got my exotic butters!"
  • "____, no! ____!! ____, no!!!"
  • "Woah! Oh God, you stupid pig!!"
  • "Wait...Why'd you just scream?"
  • "Ohhhhh....Hi!!!"
  • "Oh my God that was so stressful!"
  • "Why would you do that?"
  • "Why is dog no come protect me?!"
  • "Okay, so the first night is never usually that bad in any of the games, so I'll play through- AAAAHHH FUCK! WHAT THE FUCK?!?! AAAUUGGHHHHH!!!"
  • "Why does a child's life have to be a hell hole?!"
  • "I saw a beak, thrusting at me from the darkness."
  • "Aaaaaaahhh I think I might have heard something!"
  • "Hoooo I see you there!!!"
  • "I don't wanna say anything in case I miss something and I don't wanna do anything in case I do something!"
  • "Take your cupcake, and ram it up your BUTT!"
  • "This is going to be an ass-blasting bitchloid!"
  • "YEAAAAAAAAHHHHHHH!! WOO-HOOO! I did it, I did it! With skill and triumph and vim and vigor!"
  • "I'll buy that crown back for, like a dollar."
  • "Mommy's here to throw you in the closet and never remember you."
  • "You thinking about boobs too?"
  • "I am the King of Five Nights at Freddy's!"
  • "I'm so boned."
  • "I'm alive?!"
  • "Remind me to punch you in the face 10 times more than usual."
  • "What are you going to do to me when you find me?"
  • "No, close the door! Close the damn door!"
  • "Are these the sexual anomalies?"
  • "They are trying to stab me in my patootie!"
  • "Oh hello! AHH!"
  • "Die?! I picked up a piece of paper and you tell me to die?!"
  • "Isn't that a little extreme here?"
  • "What was that?"
  • "AHHH! Fucking crimeny Christmas!"
  • "Good God your smile is awesome."
  • "Come on! He's coming!"
  • "It'll work eventually!"
  • "Oh no!"
  • "Oh he's coming!"
  • "Just don't hurt me!"
  • "Um...hi."

I wish my mom could see me now. I think she’d be so proud of me. I was talking to my dad today about her and everything that’s been happening within the last few weeks and he said she’d definitely be so proud of me. 😭 Like I started tearing up over Skype and had to apologize (which my dad of course said it’s good to cry sometimes). Idk, it’d just be cool to hear her actually say it and tell me I’m doing okay. I miss her, but I know she’s watching me and smiling.

How I ended up being fucked over by Puella Magi Madoka Magica
  • Friend: Hey look at this girl from an anime I wanna cosplay!! *shows me picture of Mami*
  • Me: Oh wow that's awesome
  • Friend: The anime is really good, you should watch it! Look at all the other characters! *shows cute photo of all the girls*
  • Me being bored: Well this actually looks pretty cute, I'll watch it
  • Me five hours later after binge watching the whole season: *sobbing* WHY WOULD YOU DO THIS TO ME?! *more gross sobbing*
  • Friend: Mwahaha... okay there is a sequel movie on netflix trust me it'll make it better
  • Me stupidly: Okay then *sniffles*
  • Me another two hours later after watching Rebellion: *sobbing harder* WHY DID I TRUST YOU I HATE YOU I DON'T EVEN KNOW IF I SHOULD BE HAPPY OR SAD
  • Friend: Well your ships came true didn't they?

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hello! wcif everything in your new furniture post? have a nice day 💕

I’ll work on a post that lists everything, butttt, heres a few places to start, @budgie2budgie (may your simlish dreams come true), @peacemaker-ic , @stefizzi , @aroundthesims , @kiwisims4 , @veranka-s4cc ummm there’s a couple of things from @tukete and some friggen awesome recolours by @bottsbotts ! that’s all I have got for now! \(★ω★)/

Okay, so there is a new cartoon entitled Nella the Princess Knight (it premiered at Nick Jr. a little while), and I’m loving it so far. I know, it’s for little children, but please listen to me…! A black young girl, who’s also a princess AND a knight, and also teaches about empathy and bravery, and helps others to develop leadership skills? That’s awesome!

Do you have any idea of the impact it’ll cause on little black girls? They’ll be inspired by Nella! Representation matters, ain’t that right?

Plus, it has that magical girl transformation sequence, and you know damn right I’m a sucker for magical girl tropes.

I have the feeling this cartoon will be great!

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What are your wants/speculations for dragon age 4? (In light of the new concept art?) and when do you think it'll be released? And lastly, are you excited!

In looking at the new concept art (particularly the costume ref sheet), I suspect that we’re going to be seeing a lot more of Nevarra than I had originally anticipated - which is awesome. While I obviously can’t know for certain, I’d almost bet money that design with the fanned helmet and skull-like mask is a Mortalitasi (second one from the left):

The variety of (what I assume are) Tevinter and Qunari armor designs supports my assumption that DA4 is going to feature the conflict between Tevinter and Par Vollen, perhaps even an escalation in aggression - unsurprising, given that they’ve been hostile enemies for generations and the next game will most likely take place in Tevinter, at least in part. 

The characters that look like they are dressed for desert climates make me wonder precisely where they will pop up. It could be somewhere in Tevinter, as the Imperium does cover quite a bit of land with a variety of climates. But they could also be from the Anderfels… which would suit the inclusion of Wardens in the mix.

Then, there’s everyone else: the return of the Crows (are we finally going to Antiva?!), donned in armor that is strikingly similar to that one piece of Zevran art from World of Thedas 2 (which makes me hope this means we’ll be seeing him again), two dwarven ladies in and out of armor, and the obvious return of both the Dalish and the ancient Elvhen. 

I have no clue when this game is coming. Assuming the scope is similar to Inquisition, therefore requiring an equivalent amount of dev time… There was a span of roughly 3 years between the releases of DA2 and Inquisition. But keep in mind, they were changing from Lycium to Frostbite - meaning a lot of that time had to be dedicated to rebuilding Thedas from the ground up. If DA4 uses the Frostbite engine, then its dev time might be significantly shorter than Inquisition’s. They’d have a lot of assets from Inquisition that they could use “straight out of the box” or begin modding to suit a new purpose.

If I had to guess, then I’d say DA4 will probably be announced sometime after Bioware is done riding their initial promo hype train for Andromeda. It would make sense for them to focus their attention there in the months leading up to and following the game’s release rather than distract potential buyers with news of another exciting game to look forward to. Once the game has been confirmed… I wouldn’t expect to see it released until late 2017 at the very earliest - though I’m leaning more toward late 2018.

And as for the last part of your ask?

Hell yes, I’m excited!

Originally posted by hotiekiss

Gimme new locations! Intrigue! Subterfuge! Lonely elves with questionable decision making skills! I need to know how that cliffhanger ends, dammit!

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Okay, to add on to your freaking amazing post about Savannah and Wade... it would be SO awesome if you could write a fanfic about them! Integrate their story into what we see in GTH!

oh….. oh

listen don’t get me invested in this bc i will do it

  • Ruby: Well, looks like we're in another alternate dimension.
  • Weiss: Are we at Rooster Teeth or RTX? I'm scared to look.
  • Blake: We're at neither.
  • Yang: Yeah we're at a bar, The Sundrop Lounge by the looks of it...AND HOLY DUST IS THAT ME? LOOK AT ME! I'M OLDER!
  • Blake: Why is my bow around your neck? Wait...THAT'S ME ENTERING THE BAR! WEISS YOU'RE BEHIND ME! IT LOOKS LIKE I'M YOUR SECURITY.
  • Weiss: Now that's just ridicu-OH COME ON HOW DID I GET ANOTHER SCAR?
  • Ruby: And look! I'm coming in next! Why do I have an eye patch? And I-I've lost my arm...it's made of metal.
  • *Yang, Blake and Weiss stare worriedly at Ruby but she grins*

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Hi! I just read the 074 post and just wanted to let you know that we are not dissapointed! You know, most people who are into Avatar are also into Voltron, and that's because it's not the bending only that we love: It's about art, good stories and cool characthers. And if you make an original comic, I know it'll be awesome. Also it's great that your OC's will now have their own world, and everything will be canon. Éxitos <3

Really thanks for understand! and yeah, the amazing stories and characters are the why we are in these fandoms, and I hope I can do a good story too :’)

Gracias xD

Eye Candy Meme

∟[½] Colors - Blue


Furuya Satoru || Diamond no Ace, ep. 117 (ft. Sawamura Eijun)

  • Fox: So you're mute?
  • Neo: ....
  • Fox: Yeah I'm blind. It can be a pain at times but I've mastered how to see with sound. Is it tough for you not being able to speak?
  • Neo: ....
  • Fox: I'll bet. You have a pretty awesome defensive fighting style. I don't think I've landed a single hit on you yet.
  • Neo: ....
  • Fox: Speaking of single. Are you? It'll be cool to grab a coffee with you sometime. I don't think I've ever met anyone who listens as much as you do.
  • Neo: ....
  • Fox: Sweet! I'll pick you up at seven!
  • Neo: ....
  • Fox: Why thank you I am pretty handsome.
  • Neo: -_-

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For the drabble thing: 64! I really don't know how you'll manage to fit this in, but I bet it'll be awesome XD

Yoshi! My dude #64 prompt coming right up: “Just don’t buy a goat. I don’t care what you do, just no goats.”

“We should get a pet,” Stiles thought out loud.

There was a long pause before…

“Just don’t buy a goat. I don’t care what you do, just no goats,” came Derek’s response. Stiles failed on the couch, and while his computer didn’t fall he did end up smacking his foot on the coffee table pretty hard.

“So a hairless cat–?”

“No goats. No hairless cats,” Derek said sharply while he crossed the room and ended up seated under where Stiles’ legs had been spread out. Maybe a goat wasn’t there thing, but Derek did say he didn’t care. A hairless cat could be totally cool with all the weird skin and big ass eyes. It would probably hate Derek and Stiles would enjoy every second of them hissing and growling at each other.

The hand rubbing his calf pulled him out of his thoughts.

“How about a fish? Those are easy,” Derek suggested.

Stiles rolled his eyes, “Derek those are the worst. No tricks, no cuddles, no nothing.”

“You can cuddle with me when I’m in full shift, not quite a dog but close.”

“Last time I tried to make you play fetch you got all growly and pissy.”

Derek huffed and sunk back into the couch, “while I look like a dog I’m still intelligent in that form.”

“Oh so you want me to stop doing that ear scratch thing–” Stiles started with a smirk

“I didn’t say that,” Derek rushed out before adding, “how about a real dog. One that will play fetch with you and one that would listen to me.”

For a moment Stiles thought it over, rolling his lips between his teeth before pulling up a new tab on his computer.

“Alright, but we’re naming him Goat,” Stiles said with finality.

“Only you would name a dog Goat,” Derek laughed, “but sure. We can name him Goat.”