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Tobias: 20. Do you fall in love easily? Archer: 32. Who’s your 3 am thought?

Tobias: Not at all. Honestly, I had all but given up on the idea of ‘true love’ until I met my husband. Even when I first met him, I can’t say I expected it to be much more than another passing fling. But the more I got to know Archer, the further I fell. I was gone before I even knew what I had in store *chuckles* The only man I ever fell for so easily, my love. 

Archer: Usually the screaming child demanding a bottle & a diaper change :p

“I teach English at a community college in Queens. I love the job, but I hate grading papers. I’d prefer to just have one continuous discussion about Shakespeare. I envy the math teachers who can just put their tests through a Scantron machine. Placing value on a student’s writing is much more nuanced and complicated. What if they have great ideas but their English language skills aren’t as developed? What if English is their second language? What if they’ve faced major challenges in life? Do I ignore those things? Or do I consider context while grading? I want to set high standards and prepare my students for what comes next. But so many of them already have a self-defeating attitude. And I don’t want to discourage them any further.”

Fallout OC Questionnaire

Whether your OC is a Lone Wanderer or Sole Survivor, these questions can be asked by others to know more about them! Or simply be used as a guide to further develop your character. Ask away, luv!

  1. Which Fallout game are they from?
  2. Which faction(s) did they join and which did they destroy? Why?
  3. What is their S.P.E.C.I.A.L.?
  4. Give us a summary of their backstory.
  5. What’s their full name and does it have a meaning? Do they have any nicknames and how did they get em?
  6. What’s their sexual, romantic, and gender orientation? Do they feel comfortable telling other people?
  7. Do they have any mental illnesses? How do they cope?
  8. Do they have any medical conditions? Is medicine/ treatment available for them?
  9. How much do they care about their outer appearance? What’s their “beauty routine”? How often do they shower/ bathe?
  10. What do they fear the most?
  11. They’re biggest flaw? Do they recognize it as a flaw?
  12. What are they most insecure about?
  13. What Wasteland threat do they fear the most? (ex. Deathclaws, super mutants, raiders)
  14. What’s their zodiac sign or which one do you think they relate to the most? What are their placements (if you know them)? (ex. Aries sun, Taurus moon, Aquarius Venus)
  15. What’s their Myers–Briggs Type? (ex. ENTP, ISFJ)
  16. What Harry Potter house would they be in? (ex. Gryffindor, Ravenclaw)
  17. Which Pokemon Go team would they choose? (ex. Instinct, Valor, Mystic)
  18. Out of the nine forms of intelligence (rhythmic, spatial, linguistic, mathematical, kinesthetic, interpersonal, intrapersonal, naturalistic, and existential) which one(s) are they really good at and which one(s) is(are) their weakest?
  19. What natural alignment are they? (ex. Lawful Good, Chaotic Evil)
  20. Do they have any hobbies? What are they?
  21. Do they have a favorite holiday? How do they celebrate it?
  22. What’s their favorite season?
  23. Do they have a temper or are they level headed?
  24. Do they express their emotions freely or hide their true feelings?
  25. Are they a leader or a follower?
  26. How do they come off to others? What first impression do they usually make?
  27. Do they prefer to travel alone or with company? Who have they traveled with if any? Current companion if any?
  28. Would you describe them as selfless or selfish? Does it depend on the situation?
  29. What do they find most attractive in others? Name at least one psychological and physical trait. (doesn’t have to be romantic attraction)
  30. Do they flirt often? How easily do they fall in love?
  31. What’s their love life like? Are they interested in anyone or in a relationship?
  32. Do they prefer to solve things diplomatically or using violence?
  33. What is their combat style? What range do they prefer? Do they sneak?
  34. What weapon(s) do they always carry with them?
  35. Their most prized possession?
  36. Their thoughts on power armor?
  37. Favorite armor/ outfit?
  38. How’s their aim? Do their hands shake while pointing a gun?
  39. What are their thoughts on having to kill on a daily bases in order to survive? Does it take a toll on them? Or do they shake it off rather easily?
  40. Thoughts on death if any? (ex. Fear it, accept it)
  41. Do they move around a lot or prefer to have a place to call home?
  42. What’s their favorite location?
  43. Their opinions on ghouls, feral and not feral?
  44. Do they scavenge for their supplies or simply buy them?
  45. Are they the type to get distracted and go off to an unknown nearby location or do they stay on track?
  46. How do they sleep? Are they picky about where and how or can they sleep basically anywhere?
  47. What’s their favorite radio station and song? (post-apocalypse)
  48. What’s their favorite post-apocalyptic food? Are they a picky eater? Do they know how to cook?
  49. What’s their favorite beverage? Do they drink alcohol?
  50. Do they have any tag skills?
  51. Anything they like to collect? (ex. Unique weapons, Bobbleheads)
  52. Are they good at disarming traps or do they constantly miss them?

(Add other questions you want to be asked if I missed any)

wouldn’t it be great if we talked about religion and church not just as a list of dos and don’ts, but instead about the things we can do to get closer to God? like, imagine being raised that there is no way to be perfect, and you’re not expected to be, but you can make choices to do or not do things that bring you closer or push you further away from God.

i think a lot about how i’d raise my kids as Christians. and for me, that will be the distinction. it won’t be “do this because i said so” or even “do this because the bible says so.” it will be a conversation about how the choices we make affect our relationship with God, so our choices should be about developing that relationship, not pursuing some idea of what makes a person a “good” Christian


Me: Lindsey and Nadia have started to have a lot of scenes together this season, where do you see that relationship going and…

Bob: *laughs* Like what? Ooooh. What are you implying…?

Me: *laughs and mumbles*

Bob: Go on, go on elaborate!

Me: I mean either romantically OR platonically their relations-

Bob: Do you see Luna and Raven romantically? Do you honestly….?

Crowd: Yes

Bob: Okay

Me: Well at least platonically, do you think that relationship will develop further during this season?

Bob: I haven’t seen the last episode but I saw the one where she kind of like calmed her down. I mean do you think like *stops mid-sentence*.  Oooooh. No. No, wait. There is a lot of stuff that does happen and if I was to say anything, it’s just an absolute spoiler so I’m just going to back away from that but yeah, I think its gonna go in a very unexpected direction if that’s…. yeah VERY VERY unexpected for YOU and everyone else here…


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I hope I'm not starting any type of discourse on your blog, but you have a very good understanding of Alec so I wanted your opinion. In s1, we didn't saw Alec refer to Jace as his brother, but now in s2, he's doing it all the time. Do you think that there's some specific reason to that, like Alec already moved on this fast, or the writers just won't handle Alec moving on from Jace in a proper way?

anonymous asked: What do you think about Alec’s feeling for Jace as for now? I know some people don’t like how it’s being handled in the books. Do you think the show is going to do the same thing?

OK I’ll answer this once but I won’t address it further bc I’m not interested in going in circles with ppl who support them romantically and will never change their mind (not referring to these two asks but other ppl.)

The show has followed Alec’s emotional development, including his feelings about Jace, from the start. To me, how Alec refers to Jace is scratching the surface. Alec’s internal conflict was much more complicated. For a multitude of reasons, how he felt about Jace could have never developed into anything healthy and while we entered his story only recently, Alec has likely been trying to work through his conflict for years. He has always known that he needed to move on.

The way I see it, Alec’s main issue is two-fold: 1) he didn’t know how to move on; and 2) he believed one of the reasons he had to move on was because all attraction to men was wrong. I feel like for Alec, it was all tangled up in one big ball of this isn’t right and I can’t have this. In other words, because he felt he couldn’t have feelings for his brother/parabatai/best friend, he also believed he shouldn’t have feelings for other men. The homophobic society he grew up in only reinforced this notion.

Season 1 is about Alec coming to realize this isn’t true. Part of the catalyst is the easy interest Magnus shows in him. Given Shadowhunter society, I think it’s safe to say that until Magnus, Alec has never interacted much, if at all, with anyone who openly likes other men. Magnus owns his bisexuality and more than that, he’s compassionate and kind. Alec sees that and he starts to realize that feeling something for another man doesn’t automatically make you wrong because, well, it’s not like Magnus is wrong, is he? And we start to see the result of his progress: as he accepts a date from Magnus, as he stays overnight, as he kisses him. Every episode has been Alec taking one more step towards accepting himself.

So I don’t believe we should regress the emotional development Alec’s had throughout the entirety of the first season by suggesting that he should still somehow be hung up on Jace because it’s “too fast.” There’s nothing abrupt about it; it’s been ongoing from the start. His relationship with Magnus is more than a “ship”; it’s about two men growing and healing as individuals through the act of being together. For Alec, this means allowing himself to explore his sexuality, to explore being in a healthy relationship, and being open about it. It’s also important because the idea that lgbt+ people can’t have platonic feelings for the same gender needs to be left in the past. Alec has many people he cares about, but only one of whom he is pursuing a romantic relationship with right now. To suggest otherwise is saying that we are incapable of having a close caring bond with someone of our own gender without it being inherently sexual.

Tonight watching the Cubs play and thinking of changes in life, I thought back on one of my heroes… Michael Jordan who after massive success in basketball retired and played baseball from 1994-1995. I love that he took on this new challenge developing himself further as an athlete and person.

We humans are multifaceted. There are many layers to our dreams, goals, and challenges. Often there is much unseen and unknown by others that can seemingly be a roadblock in our path. Although, we are here to love and support, our journey is our own.

Because of our unique experiences, it is easy to forget that others do think or feel the same way that I do. Knowing that helps me be more patient, loving and seek for understanding. Being able to view actions and experiences from all perspectives takes practice. Overcoming fear does not happen immediately but is a process. Be patient. Be diligent. Be kind.

Cancer Decans

~ Cancer Decan 1 (June 21st - July 1st) 

I am ruled by the Moon. My personality is characterised by sensitivity, generosity and creativity. My sensitive nature and emotional awareness makes me a natural psychic. I have a tendency to just “know” what others are thinking and feeling. I can choose to develop these natural skills further and be rewarded by helping others. And helping others is what I like to do the most. I am extremely generous and will do anything for anyone. I do not accept great accolades for my deeds but gain an enormous sense of satisfaction from giving. I am a true giver. I crave a sense of security, and I love and desire close family relationships that I can nurture and be nurtured by. I also possess a high level of creativity and can turn my hand to many career paths that allow me to use my talents. I am most happy in the company of close friends and family, where I know I am well loved, admired and respected. My main flaws are over-sentimentality as I have a difficult time being objective when it comes to emotional issues.

~ Cancer Decan 2 (July 2nd - July 12th) 

I am ruled by the planet Pluto. My personality is characterised by mystery, secrecy and psychic abilities. Like all Crabs, I have strong abilities that help guide with my decision making. I am an extremely private person and do not like to reveal too much of myself to anyone, this includes close friends, lovers and family members. I am quite secretive and will keep your secrets well. No one ever knows me fully and I have air of mystery behind my eyes. Unlike other Crabs I do not allow my heart to overrule my head. I am emotional and sensitive but have an analytical mind that affects my judgement. This can lead to the feeling of confusion as my head is telling me one thing and my heart another. Nine times out of ten, I follow my gut instinct as it never steers me wrong. I have immense emotional needs and I am happiest in a secure loving relationship. I give a great deal of love, loyalty and respect to a lover and expect the same in return. If my relationship is tested then I will work my ass off to overcome problems and rebuild a loving relationship. If my relationship is one sided then I will just walk away and never look back. My main flaw is that I tend to have a jealous streak.

~ Cancer Decan 3 (July 13th - July 22nd)

I am ruled by the planet Neptune. My personality is characterised by intuition, empathy and optimism. I am somewhat of a dreamer and like to fantasize, stretching my vivid imagination. Poetry, creative writing, any kind of art are all areas I excel in. My kindness and compassion make for me being very empathetic and I can easily understand the feelings and emotions of others. I have a fascination for the unusual, extraordinary or unconventional. I am interested in the stranger things in life, the supernatural, spiritualism and like to find out about different cultures and beliefs. I adore the idea of being in love and being romanticised. This sometimes leads to disappointment with relationships that fall short of the romance novel ideal. However because of my positive optimism, this disappointment soon diminishes and I move my thoughts and dreams onto other romances - real or imagined. I enjoy my own company and like to have my alone time. This time allows me to dream some more and also are times when I can get in touch with my inner self and strengthen my intuitive skills.

You Me Her

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Chapter One: Nature

Word Count: 999

Notes: This story is based off my Drunk(er) Riley one shot. It’s not a prequel or a sequel to the one shot itself but a reimagined and further developed story as it’s been highly requested I turn it into a multi chapter fic. This is a TRIAL chapter. Yes, it’s the first official chapter of the story but I’m just testing if people want me to continue so be sure to leave me a review if you do want more :)

↠ ♥ ↞ 

Riley sits in the bay window in the lobby of the Mount Sun Lodge. She’s got a heavy boot weighing her foot down and a heavy heart weighing down her mood.

Riley stretches as much as her body allows her to in order to look out the window and take in everything Mother Nature is displaying. Riley hears movement on the stairs and sees Lucas approaching her, he looks nervous as he sits down.

“I’m sorry I got mad at you for talking to Evan,” Lucas opens with an apology.

“That’s alright,” Riley half smiles her heart already sinking. This was it. This is the end.

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Non-Writing Things to do That Can Make You a Better Writer

People talk so much about the different things you can do in your writing to help make you better. You can just write a ton, you can fill out plot charts and character profiles, read a thesaurus, skip editing altogether until you’re 100% done etc. But what about things you can do that aren’t even writing related that’ll make your writing better?

Here are a few things you can do in your free time that’ll give your writing an edge and add something more than just writing doesn’t.

1. Study Psychology

I didn’t go to college. I’m almost 22 and living a great life without having technically “furthered” my education. But one thing I decided to study and learn about on my own was psychology and it has helped my writing IMMENSELY. When you learn about how the brain works and why certain types of people behave a certain way, it can completely change the level at which you develop your characters. If you know just how a tragic event can alter someone’s psyche, you’ll be able to write them in a more realistic manner and it will make much more sense to the reader.

2. Read

People often ask me when I tell them I’m a writer, “where did you learn to write” since they all know I didn’t go to college. I just say, “By reading,” and this is 100% true. When you get lost in a book and are really enjoying it, ask yourself why. Why is this book so captivating? What does this author do to grab my attention? When you are reading new material by many different authors, you’ll naturally and sometimes even subconsciously learn what to write in order to make your own book better. 

So read a lot. Read often. And read different authors and genres because even if you’re not writing a horror book or a romantic book, you may have those elements within your story.

3. Meet a Lot of People

I know this can be really hard for writers in general because we have a habit to be introverts who enjoy nothing more than sitting in the comfort of our own homes and away from strangers. To be honest, I would rather talk to my characters than to real people, but that won’t help me be a better writer.

However, if you go out and talk to new people and hear their stories and experiences, it can really help provide you with inspiration for your own characters, and you’ll also hear about experiences that you’ll never have the opportunity to live - which can develop your characters, your plot, and more. 

This will also give you material on writing new personalities for characters. Since we have a habit of writing what we know (because it’s more realistic this way), if you meet someone with a super interesting and unique personality, using them as inspiration can help you create a character you never would’ve been able to before.

4. Experience New Things

“Write what you know” is a popular phrase when it comes to writing advice and it’s true. But if you’re someone that doesn’t really do anything or go anywhere, what you know is going to be super limited - and so will your writing. 

In order to branch out and make your writing more diverse, you’ve got to go out and experience new things! Go to that party, take that road trip with friends, hell, go get arrested! All of the crazy, dangerous, and even normal things that you experience will all come through in your writing and having more experiences will give you more things to realistically write about or work into a novel.

5. Learn About Different Cultures

The most incredible thing (in my opinion) about human beings is that we’re so diverse. There are so many cultures and religions that we don’t even know about and all of them can help you with your writing.

Why? Because you learn to be empathetic. One of the best qualities any writer can have is empathy. When you know how someone else feels or can put yourself directly in their shoes, that will be loud and clear in what you write since you literally have to do this for whatever your characters are going through.

The trouble is, many of us are so sheltered in our own cultures and beliefs that it’s hard to truly be empathetic and branch out emotionally. Learning about different cultures and the way others live their lives can give you a wealth of knowledge that can help make your writing unique, beautiful, and much better.

6. Travel

Now, this isn’t always an option for a lot of us because traveling is so fucking expensive! I live in the U.S. and let me tell you, there aren’t very many different forms of culture and cuisine. I have to drive at least 8-10 hours just to get somewhat of a different form of food. Which means that my knowledge of different people, places, and foods is pretty limited, which is why I plan on traveling a lot.

Traveling not only helps put you right in the middle of a new culture, but it’ll also give you more material to write about. Instead of just googling a picture of a certain area and describing it from that, you will have been there and can depict it much more realistically; the smells, the humidity levels, the sounds, the awe of the sights, the temperature of the breezes, etc.

You can find tons of advice on how to make your writing better that just involves opening a word document and just writing, or editing, etc. But with these things, you’re really making yourself a more well-rounded person, and THAT, in my opinion, is what will make you a better writer.

This is the most important Gem Harvest leaked image ;)


…Ok, I’m obviously joking. 

But still, sarcasm aside for a minute - it’s genuinely nice to see them doing something together again here.  With the rest of the Crystal Gems being in this episode, I was slightly concerned that it’d take some of the limelight away from Peridot and Lapis; I’m always really aware that they’re not actually considered to be “main” characters compared to the other CGs (they’re obviously not even in the show’s intro yet, which is kinda sad in my opinion). 

I do hope that most of the episode focuses on these two.  Not because I’m expecting an actual full-on 30 minute Lapidot-fest or anything (although that’d obviously be awesome ;P) - but because they deserve it.  A longer episode like this is the ideal opportunity to further develop the beautiful relationship that these two have with each other. 

Whatever happens - I can’t wait!

Thank you everyone for following my tumblr and commenting/liking my art! (1000+ followers! I can’t believe it! I am so Happy!!! Thank you so much everyone!!!) 


I am so happy that I got into making comics! I was really struggling with my art for the longest time and hit a depressing wall. I felt like I wasn’t making anything that I can be proud of. I couldn’t figure what to do, so I decided to go back to my roots. As a child I remember drawing storyboards/comic strips of my favorite TV and movie characters and show them to my sisters. So I decided to make my first fan comic about Miraculous Ladybug and post it online. (I’m a huge fan fyi!) Making that comic brought back the love of making art that I had lost over the years as I grew up. “A city of Lies” also helped me develop my original comic story further (http://eternalcomics.tumblr.com/) and I learned so much from making it! Please stick around for more comics to come! I’m a fan of many stories and plan to make more comics to share!

As artists… I realise that those of us in the cultural sector have failed to adequately address the feelings of frustration that people of many nationalities – including, as yesterday made clear, many Americans – harbour with their societal structures. There is deep anger and scepticism. Trump saw the extent of this anger and, much to my surprise, by reflecting it he must have appeared to offer some kind of hope – albeit in deeply polarising, populist terms that are clearly racist and misogynistic. This result leaves me with food for self-critical thinking that I will need a long time to digest, but it is clear that we have to reinvent the cultural sector from within, further developing its potential to become an agent for societal change.
We must not remain inactive. We have no choice but to use this moment as an opportunity to give rise to new movements built on respect and empathy, and to really listen to those who feel unheard. We can only do this if we embody and enact the values that are essential to nurture our societies: generosity, inclusion, the empowerment of everyone. If we, collectively, do this, we can work towards a future that is sustainable and trust-driven for all.

Ok so I had a request to do a little meta on something and this might be a smaller version of a bigger one i’m gonna  do. But I wanted to look at Daryl’s flashback in the lineup, which is in canon btw and the significance of the scenes chosen so lets got..

(gif by @oohhshiny)

This is an interesting look inside this theory about the flashbacks that’s gaining a little traction for me as well. Especially when you get further into the season and see the scenes and the story arcs develop. So take a look at Daryls here for a moment.

It hightlights  his story this season so far as well as making interesting points about what he remembers, in canon, on what may be his last moments. Because these are Daryl’s memories here. Rick was not present for all of these.

So we the ‘your my brother’ scene with Rick, and the scene of them goofing off in the car here. Highlighting the bond between them. Its sort of forshadow of his reunion with Rick in ‘Heart Still Beating’. One of those scenes involved Rick telling him that its’ ‘not on him’ before calling him his brother and this is a very significant moment to Daryl. The hug they later share sort of reflects this moment in reinforcing this for Daryl when it comes to Rick.

The memory of the scene with Maggie (which also shows up in her flashback I might add) is definiatly a direct foreshadow of an upcoming scene with him and Maggie in which they discuss Glenn and his guilt over it. Part of the arc for Daryl this year is his guilt over this, and the scene is forshadowed as being necessary to both characters as a catharsis and a way of moving forward for both of them (cause like I said, its in hers too). Theres a reason Daryl remembers this scene.

Now the Caryl moments, which have been often discussed. The very distinct possibility that the showing of the reunion hug from ‘No Sancturary’ not only shows the importance of that moment for Daryl, and his feelings for Carol but forshadows the reunion in ‘New Best Friend’ that we saw as well.  See what. I’m getting at here?

The intriguing inclusion in this flashback is the one of the bus scene from ‘Seed’. Its intriguing for 2 reasons. 1) It’s significance to Daryl, cause it was included in his canon memories. Its obviously important to him at that moment, and I and others have said, it might have been the first moment he looked at her a bit differently. Not just as a friend in others. It has importance to him. 2) It was put in canon by the showrunners and a corresponding moment has not been aired yet that reflects this one. It was put in there, I think as a possible reminder to the audience, but why that scene and not the ones in the trailer?

I have stated it was, at least for me, one of the first moments that I considered to be turning of the possible nature of their relationship from mere friendship to possibly something more. I think a lot of us have said that too. It’s very important in the history of the ship.

So ask again for anyone to ponder, why is it included in Daryl’s canon flashbacks at that moment he thought he would die if there wasn’t an importance reason why?

Think on that one a bit..

I am in absolute shock that this account now has over 1,000 followers. How did that happen? I AM ABSOLUTE TRASH. I DO NOT DESERVE SUCH KINDNESS. When I first joined the indie world, I had about four muses from Shameless (US). LOOK AT ME NOW. This blog would never have developed as much as it has without the help of ALL MY WONDERFUL FRIENDS AND WRITERS, so. Without further ado have a much-needed, full of cheese follow forever.

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i CAN believe y’all made me write this

Hi everyone.  I decided to make a more detailed amendment to an earlier meta post I made because there were some deep flaws in what I wrote and I don’t feel that it succeeded in communicating what I originally intended.

I wanted to start off by saying I’m deeply sorry for one of its core failings.  I failed to consider the emotional investiture of those who identify with fictional narratives.  I used my personal viewpoint on fictional narratives and created a post that assumed it was ideal and was feasible or even desirable. Further segregation of fanworks does not ensure that they are only consumed by intended audiences, and puts a huge onus on anyone to develop a certain level of media literacy in order to just participate in fandom space.  By advocating only one kind of media critical approach to fanwork, I alienated many people and in many cases, revictimized people by using the ideology of their oppressors.  I further contributed to a dismissive environment that refused to acknowledge a growing push for change.

While I do think that media literacy is becoming an increasingly essential skill, and I do think the good representation vs bad representation argument is too frequently simplified to an idealized portrayal vs anything else argument; my original meta assumed these were foundational absolutes and were not presented in a way that invited discussion but instead were paternalistic.

It’s really very ironic because my original intent was to argue that the way and means of arguing against mlm fetishization have been paternalistic and not sufficiently intersectional.  Many people have interpreted my post to say that criticism isn’t allowed and I don’t entirely blame them because the post ended up becoming an argument from tradition and concluding that slash tropes are inviolable by the virtue of the slash fandom’s history in being an outlet that women could transform their own experiences of misogyny into fantasy.  I literally just restated the argument of the current fandom status quo. 

I never actually wrote down my real concern, which was that a large amount of the current slash fandom still only approaches fictional mlm through the lens of slash conventions. For them, slash is a vice.  They may have completely progressive and fulfilling relationships with mlm in their real lives but slash is equivalent to porn for them.  The issue with dealing with a vice is that such products don’t follow conventional psychological, social, or economic models.  One of the few universal tactics against vice is stigmatizing that behavior. I’m kind of uncomfortable with that implication.  None of the arguments or meta I had come across offered solutions for those who now cannot engage in sexualized fantasy without social consequences.  All you then do is move the problem underground.

I was considering going through my original post line-by-line but I’m sure you’re exhausted enough.  Ultimately I share the same goal as many of you and that’s an increasing awareness and production of works that take mlm’s lived experiences into account.  I was overly reactionary in my initial foray into this discussion but, like for you, it’s an important topic for me.

Thank you.

Man Face Monday - Stop, Look and Look Some More Edition

Hey Pal! How’s it going? Another week ahead of us. But this one is different, special and full of promise – because we finally get a new episode! What will happen? I have no idea. Been trying to avoid the spoilers, mostly. But hopefully there will be some cool new Prometheus developments, some sexy Bratva faces and the like. Without any further ado, here is some face to get us through the day on onto Wednesday!

Mayor face, non? Steadfast, earnest, bright-eyed and bushy-tailed! 

Broody almost weepy-face. Because he feels. so. much.

Bless @feilcityqueen for her gif below. This one says, I just had a teachable moment and I think I learned something.You go, face!

Originally posted by feilcityqueen

Danger face. Do not mess with this dude during this face. 

Hot boy face. This needs no explanation except he is beautiful. 

And finally, to fuel your angsty dreams, the I’m broken and the only thing that will fix me is a kiss from you face. That is one powerful face, my friends. 

Well, that’s it for me. Must get on to the business of the day. I hope you have enjoyed some face on your dash. I make these edits not just with admiration for the face, but for you, my dears. You do deserve pretty things. Take care and be good to yourself this week. 

I hope the tags below the break work. They have been dicey lately. 

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anonymous asked:

Sorry to ask this but I'm so confused! When people talk about writing cursive do they just mean writing with the letters joined up? Because to me that's really strange as I haven't written each letter separately since I was about 6? And doesn't writing each letter individually slow you down as well when writing essays?? (Sorry there are so many questions there 😂)

hello! yes, cursive is a type of handwriting that has all letters connected. they used to teach it in elementary schools after everyone learned how to write each letter individually, but i think that stopped (which is crazy to me. cursive helps further develop your brain and handwriting skills.) 

it’s definitely faster to use if it works for you! but, i know some people that just cannot do cursive, so writing each letter separately is faster for them. 

on a side note, i feel like almost everyone can do a hybrid of cursive and normal type right now, because that’s how i write and how a lot of the people i know write. you just figure out which letters make sense connected together and which ones don’t. 


“Is it okay to just watch? Won’t you be left out alone again? Is it scary to join that circle?… There is no such world… where someone would rescue a person who doesn’t do anything and just watches in silence. Don’t cover your heart. Show your determination. If you really wish it, I’ll stand by you.”