but if he did i'd hug him

What dating Matt would include:

-going to all his football games
-him looking up, seeing you in the stands, and then doing better
-him ignoring everyone after the game until he finds you and gives you a very gross sweaty hug
-“I got you a present”
-“I know it’s the third teddy bear this month, I thought you liked them”
-“that’s good because I have enough money for at least twenty three more”
-“yes I did the math”
-him acting nice around your exes and then calling them a**holes once they leave
-“wanna Netflix and chill”
-“wait what does it mean”
-“oh… Well we could do that too”
-him being super sweet and always waiting for permission before doing anything more than hand holding (but once he’s given permission he’s super affectionate)
-napping with him and not being able to escape his arms without waking him up because he has a VERY strong grip when he’s asleep
-general Matt being a cinnamon roll