but if anything happens to juice after all the shit he's been through

A Package Marked “Return to sender”

Story by reddit user manen_lyset

My neighbor is one of those annoying wannabe YouTube personalities. Over the years, I’ve seen him cough out cinnamon, lay flat on the hood of his car as it slowly creeps down the driveway, and douse himself in lukewarm water, all the while screaming epic win, epic fail, or, fuck, epic maintenance of the status quo, for all I know. It can get tiring to watch him go about his shenanigans in the pursuit of viral fame. So, when he knocked on my door the other day, told me he was going away for a few weeks, and asked that I get his mail, honestly, it was a relief. I can’t explain the peace of mind I had knowing I didn’t have to brace myself for any of his stupidity for a while. I was always afraid his stunts would wind up bleeding over into my life.

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the night shift (m.)

;pairing — hoseok/reader

;summary — working the graveyard shift means you’re exhausted by the time 9am comes around. lucky for you, 9am happens to be your neighbors’ favorite time for obnoxious sex. lucky for them, you’re always up for a challenge. shitty neighbors don’t always have to be a bad thing.

;warnings — language | mild unintentional voyeurism/mentions of exhibitionism | slight instances of jealousy | unprotected sex | oral sex | face-sitting | mentions of masturbation | very mild cumplay | soft dom/sub tones

;word count — 11k

;a/n — this wasn’t the hoseok story i originally wanted to post this week but this idea really excited me. happy hixtape season, everyone!

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attention | jjk.
  • summary: “It’s like she got my attention for just a second, just one glance and that’s all it took. And now she’s all I can think about.”
  • genre: fluff, angst and some smut because it’s college! au.
  • words: 10,260 words.
  • warnings: drinking mention. smoking mention. vomit mention.
  • authors note: based loosely on charlie puth’s song attention. i had lots of fun writing this! sorry it took me so long to post again, but i’ve been trying for a long time. i hope you have as fun reading it as i did writing it. also jiimin is highly featured in this fic. - mo

Originally posted by jjks

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splinter (m)

» pairing: jungkook x reader

» genre: angst, non-explicit smut / college au

» word count: 6,518

» description: Perhaps in their last moments together, the pieces won’t seem so broken. That maybe even with their jaded hearts they can salvage some replica of what it all once was. 

» note: there are mentions of cheating in this story

People love to talk about the ‘what ifs.’

What if they had just kept going, what if they had chosen a different path, what if things had just gone the way they had so desperately wanted them to? Humans torture themselves with these thoughts, all while urgently grappling at the threads of their memories that led to the fork in the road where things went awry. They ponder them tirelessly, wondering if they could’ve done something different, only to realize in the end that it didn’t matter because what was done was done. It was that simple, yet again, people still loved to talk, ponder, and torture themselves with the possibility of what if — However, in your personal experience, there was something much worse.

There was a sub-group of sorts to the what-ifs, called the ‘almosts.’ Almosts are burning flames of misery because they tease you by getting so heartbreakingly close to what you wanted. They were in your reach, resting on the tip of your tongue, only to dissipate before you could swallow it down and make it yours.

So yeah, you weren’t a fan of the-almosts. But what you were even less keen on was being in the same room as your almost, the thread of memories making the air thick as it wrapped its way around your throat.

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Cradled In Love

Pairing: Tom Holland X Reader

Words: 2217

Warnings: “Angst to fluff to smut”. NSFW gifs (you know me by now!!)

Anon asked “I’m on vacation with my so called family which is breaking apart at the moment and um it’s really hard to be here with them and I can’t really enjoy this vacay so is there a possibility if you could write a tom holland one shot to cheer me up maybe with angst and fluff and smut and beautiful words of yours.. I don’t want to be here with these people and I want to cry every second of the day.”

A/N: So this is my first non-Bucky/Sebastian fic. It’s special because the anon who asked is having a super bad day…I know how it gets when family is a bitch to deal with (trust me all my extended family are a bunch of assholes!!!!) Anyway, here you go and I hope I did him justice. SENDING HUGS AND KISSES YOUR WAY LOVELY PERSON.

Permanent Tag List: @meganlane84 @mizzzpink @bringmetheemobands @kimistry27 @fireandicewillsuffice @vacam79 @amrita31199 @badassbaker @feelmyroarrrr @aekr @sexy-sea-basss @isaxhorror @actual-bucky-barnes-trash @cassandras-musings @kimistry27 @mo320 @ssweet-empowerment

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kitsunelover142  asked:

The attic AU looks amazing, cuz this is the first time I've seen it. Do you think you could summarize it? Because I went through the tag too, and I am still lost


//shoots off of a breach of trust chapter 8

• reigen loses the knife fight, mogami murders tetsuo, possesses reig, uses the policeman cuffs to keep reigen bound up in the attic. 

• reigami is immune to the cuffs cause he’s a ghost/psychic type pokemon but reigen is made of regular human so he’s outta luck

• mogami depletes the rest of reigen’s funds and runs the rest of his credit deep in the red because ‘hey instead of hopping from vessel to vessel, i can just keep this one dude because he has no personal relationships’

• BAD TIEMS FOR A YEAR (mob’s goin on 5)

• mogami likes to prattle terrible advice for a living (dying ?) so he gives reigen advice about how he’s an awful person and how his savior complex killed tetsuo, and HEY ! i think you deserve to be in this attic because you used people and dont matter to anyone ever in ur life - the proof is that no one is looking for you

• cursed blender corpse as a roommate

• reigen also has to live with the knowledge that if he caught mogami off guard, he could have peed on his corpse. if he has to know this so do you.

• only mogami eats with reigen’s body in attic au, because he has a food fetish.

• all other necessary toiletries n shower stuff is handled with mogami awkwardly standing by because he doesn’t want his vessel to do anything, like dying, or the macarena, without permission.

• if you ever have a question about a thing, the answer is probably “cause mogami”

-why didn’t reigen scream for help ? cause mogami

-why is reigen so skinny ? cause mogami

-why does the attic smell like something up and died? cause mogami

• after some time, mogami gets more stupid and throws a loud, physical temper tantrum at mob, who also deserves none of this. its so loud that reigen can hear mob apologizing in the midst of the noise. now Reigen Knows 

• reigen’s too apathetic about himself to try ghost murder with only a .05% chance of it working, BUT WITH A KID INVOLVED, HOWEVER 

[neil breen voice] that’s just not right

reigen shouts for mob to run, but mogami gets upset that reigen broke his ‘no screm’ policy and mcslices his neck as a visual metaphor to Shut The Hell Your Mouth. 


• cue reigen sawing through the wood bedframe with his handcuff chain, pulling upon dusty knowledge of hack sigils

• reigen gambles his life on this moment, and because he’s had so much yikes this year, the universe cuts him a break. 

• mogami does the [dies but not for good] anime scream

• reigen stumbles downstairs looking for the kid. holy shit i have a duty and a reason to exist now! reigen thinks. he finds mob, and mob’s saying something but reigen is too focused on ‘we gotta get out of this house Right Now because i dont know if mogami is dead dead and i just seriously pissed him off’ 

• he hoists the kid in his arms to skedaddle

• unfortunately hoisting involves at least 100% shredding where mob is involved, and because the conduit sigil was drawn on his chest he gets an instant tattoo

• mob asks reigen how he got through the barrier, and rather than tell the kid that he didn’t and that he’s bleedy mcbleederson, reigen fumbles the excuse that he’s a barrier specialist and that police! are a thing! mob’s too emo to understand anything and cries himself to sleep. he deserves any and all naps.

• reigen’s still bleeding out however, and his walking skills are only lvl 1 cause mogami. he gets about 2-3 blocks, but u know who lives around there ?

• tetsuo’s ghost ex machina (he formed back a la dimple with his biggest concern being the spawn point : jun)

• since reigen’s wiping his feet on death’s doormat, he can see tets and explain the what the fuck is up. he also gives tetsuo the remote to his body because tetsuo’s better at call of duty than he is and the call of duty is HELP US PLEASE

• tetsuo’s trusted popo position helps the police/hospital staff believe that the sigils are needed, so no one else gets shreddy.

• tetsuo peaces out and reigen passes out

• when reigen wakes back up, he’s in a hospital and his ouchies are dealt with. the special case of Holy Shit its a Real Psychic Child Who Needs Help kinda blindsides the staff, so reigen isn’t looked at closely. 

• Mob’s still working on not shredding folks so Reigen is turned away from seeing him. Also money. To quote Letters : “Reigen left the building owning less than he’d had when he entered.” 

• there goes reigen’s reason for existing

• as would realistically happen, reigen’s been evicted, his workplace repurposed, and reigen doesn’t have enough bat bucks or pleasing body odor to make his case.

• fluorescent lights are a literal trigger for reigen, because that was reigami’s main hang out spot outside the attic. so now any department store is a 1000 square foot lesson in dissociation and trying not to look like you’re drunk

• it’s a miracle reigen even managed to shoplift the tent he sleeps in (i headcanon a clerk saw, took pity, and took one for the team for im)

• he spends about a month in the tent, asking for muns for noms

• tetsuo gets the credit for saving mob, because he’s prettier than reigen, and so is his wife. reigen’s jimmies remain unrustled with this

• cue mob wanting to show gratitude to the man who brought him in. he brings it up to the other social workers/therapists, to which they go ‘uhhhh we’ve never heard of the guy’ 

• the more everyone finds out, the more this gif plays in the back of their heads

• the kageyamas eventually follow the breadcrumbs back to the popo . isa gives them the only info they have on reigen arataka : which is that he’s been listed as an (either missing or dead, depending on the version) person for a while.

• ritsu finds him, for mob, via spirit hoarde network (because like in canon, once’s mogami’s “gone” all the little spirits come out to play. and gimcrack asks to slurp some of ritsu’s spirit juice if he can run him errands. except THIS TIME, the kageyama family has had their fill of evil spirits using them, so Ritsu keeps them the fuck in line)

• i have a joke where they send out the spirits to find “a thin, brown haired man with a scar on his face, possibly wearing a suit” and it leads to sakurai

• when they find reigen he’s got one foot in the darkness and the other in a rainbow croc

• he’s not all there

•the kageyamas aren’t about to let the man who helped bring their boy back die via crocs so they bring him home

• hurt/comfort hijinks ensue, including a Colorful Boi, a game of illegal Uno, Crying over Spilled Noodles, Fashion Upgrades, Waterbending, and There’s A Lack Of Context But Dimple Shows Up One Day

The Princess & The Snake || S.P.


a/n: YAY!!! I love this story so far and I am so hyped about this part. I hope you guys enjoy it as much as the first one. You know the drill, like, reblog, and send me feedback! xx, aubree.

warnings: cussing.

word count: 1,884

(gif not mine; gif credit: x)

KEY: Y/M/N= your middle name; y/h/c= your hair color; Y/L/N= your last name.

Part One


❝A bad boy can be very good for a girl❞

- Melissa de la Cruz

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Harry’s Soulmate

Since the response to Draco’s Soulmate was amazing (and also bc it was Harry’s birthday on Monday) I decided to write it from Harry’s perspective! I still cannot believe the other fanfic has over 900 notes! That’s actually insane. Thank you so much and I hope you enjoy this just as much!

“Today’s the day isn’t it?” Ron asked when Harry entered the kitchen this morning to make himself breakfast. Harry sighed and nodded. He didn’t really care about soulmates. Thought it was rubbish to have to be forced together with someone just because the “universe” said so. He’d much rather find love on his own.

“Come on, Harry. You’re not even the least bit curious as to who she is?” Harry rolled his and continued to make his breakfast. “Harry?”

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A Package Marked “Return to sender”

by reddit user manen_lyset

My neighbor is one of those annoying wannabe YouTube personalities. Over the years, I’ve seen him cough out cinnamon, lay flat on the hood of his car as it slowly creeps down the driveway, and douse himself in lukewarm water, all the while screaming epic win, epic fail, or, fuck, epic maintenance of the status quo, for all I know. It can get tiring to watch him go about his shenanigans in the pursuit of viral fame. 

So, when he knocked on my door the other day, told me he was going away for a few weeks, and asked that I get his mail, honestly, it was a relief. I can’t explain the peace of mind I had knowing I didn’t have to brace myself for any of his stupidity for a while. I was always afraid his stunts would wind up bleeding over into my life.

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Jaws - Bucky Barnes x Reader

Summary: Bucky accidentally punches you in the face during a training session, which somehow leads to your first kiss and the promise of a date.

Warnings: Kissing.

Words: 1 328

A/N: Very boring drabble that is kinda similar to Lift in terms of the layout. Tell me what you think and please request!


Originally posted by you-didnt-see-that-cuming

She ducked under his punch, getting back up just as quickly and trying to elbow his chest. He grabbed hold of her joint and pushed her back. As she came rushing back in for a straight punch to his face, his metal hand flew right to her jaw.

She staggered back before falling to her knees. Her hair fell in front of her face and a few strands stuck to her glistening forehead, a long groan escaping her.

“Oh fuck, Y/N. I’m so sorry!” Bucky panicked, surprised as he thought she would have been able to see through his techniques as always and dodged his incoming attack.

He rushed to her side and knelt beside her, wrapping his arm around her back and using his free hand to remove the hair from her face. She whined in pain, trying to force a smile to not make him feel so bad but not being able to. “Okay, that one hurts… I’m not gonna lie.”

“Shit, I’m so sorry.” He carefully tilted her head to get better lightning on her jaw which was red, bruising and already swollen. “Fuck. That’s bad.”

“I don’t know if it’s anything serious, but I can taste blood?” She looked up at him. “Maybe that’s just normal. Also, my left ear is ringing, or it might be my entire head actually, I can’t tell the difference right now.”

Bucky kept repeatedly mumbling curses as he softly placed his bionic hand over the bruise. She winced in pain at first but the cooling of the metal was better than not having it there at all.

“Remind me to wear a hockey helmet for our next training session or something…” She began to push herself up from the floor. Bucky tried to help her by continuing to hold his arm around her back, which turned out to be very helpful.

“Woah!” He exclaimed as she almost fell forward, his grip of her tightening and keeping her on her feet. “You okay?”

“I just got punched in the face with a hand that’s literally made out of metal. Pardon me if I’m a little dizzy.” She chuckled, her voice strained from the pain radiating up her jaw and numbing the area around it. She turned to face Bucky, her hand carefully touching the swollen bump. “Does it look bad?”


“No.” He lied. “It looks alright.”

“Liar.” She could see straight through him, of course. She always could. “Oh man, and Tony’s birthday party is this weekend.”

“That’s five days away.” Bucky tried to remain hopeful.

She looked over at him, her eyes hooded and her eyebrows raised high, circulating the area where he had punched her. “By the sheer agony I’m in right now, I can tell this isn’t going to go away in five days.”

“I’m sorry…” He pleaded and she dropped her sarcastic attitude, feeling bad for the poor guy.

“I know you are. It’s okay. I’ve had worse. Remember when I got shot in the damn hand in Serbia? When I had to drive the car to the hospital with that hand, the gear lever nearly went through the bullet hole.”

He chuckled after seeing her smile at the brutal recall of a mission two years prior.

“Or when you went two weeks in pain because you thought your body was “healing slowly”, when in reality you had a completely broken arm?” He remembered and she nodded, quietly chuckling before suddenly closing her eyes, grabbing his hand. She pulled it towards her jaw and held it still over, leaning into it whilst still not looking.

Bucky watched in admiration as she dozed off for a few seconds in the comfort of his touch.

“Alright. I’m gonna call this a day. It’s getting late, I think. You must have punched my sense of time out of me.” She smiled and broke loose from him, heading for the gym door slowly.

“Maybe sleeping isn’t that good of an idea? You could have a concussion!” He warned, worried about her health truthfully.

“Don’t think so highly of yourself.” She joked, making it seem as if giving her a concussion had been something Bucky had strived for. He wanted to oblige and take her to Bruce, or anyone else that might be awake at two in the morning and have the skill to properly help her. “So goodnight, or good morning, or whatever.”

The door slammed shut behind her, leaving Bucky alone in the gym, feeling more guilty than ever.

He was sat at the kitchen table, eating the scrambled eggs which surprisingly enough, Vision had cooked. Steve sat across Bucky, Peter beside Steve, and Tony and Natasha on both short ends when Y/N came sulking down.

“Good morning- Jesus Christ.” Steve gasped as he got a look of her. “What happened to your face?”

The entire left side of her jaw was covered in a rich, purple bruise. As she smiled, she clearly did so more on the right side than the other. “Why don’t you ask Mr. I-Have-A-Metal-Arm?” She said, pointing to a Bucky.

“I’m so sorry.” Bucky repeated and she tried to smile wider but winced, letting it fall back.

“I know, Buck. Heard you the first, hundred, times.” She attempted to reassure him although it had little effect. “You better buy me something amazing to cover this up tho.”

“I don’t think anything can cover that up. That’s brutal.” Natasha said, her nose scrunching up in slight disgust at the vicious color of Y/N’s jaw.

“Thanks.” Y/N sighed, rolling her eyes, and taking a seat by the table. Vision left the stove and came to her aid with a plate of scrambled eggs and bacon. “And an honest thank you to you, Vis.”

“You want some ice for that?” Tony tried to help as Y/N grabbed the chilled glass of orange juice in front of her and held it against her jaw. She shook her head subtly and shut her tired eyes, propping her elbows on the table and leaning her head against her free hand.

“I’m good.” She said and pulled herself together, opening her eyes widely to wake up and taking a sip of the orange juice already by her mouth. “I’ll avoid training sessions with Bucky for awhile though.”

“I’m s-”

“Cut it. I’m alive, aren’t I? Still breathing. Heart’s still pumping.” She said and shoved a fork full of bacon in her mouth. The breakfast carried on, following up with an overly large glass of chocolate milk on Y/N’s part. They all chatted, bickering as usual, before everyone retreated to their own corner of the Tower  to continue their days separately.

As Y/N made it to her room, there were two knocks on the door. She didn’t have to guess who it was. She knew it was Bucky and she knew he would try to apologize once more.

She pulled the door open and barely had time to confirm it was him before a pair of soft lips crashed upon hers. She staggered backwards and Bucky broke loose, eyes blown wide. “Let me take you out to dinner, as an apology for punching you.”

“And you had to kiss me to ask me out!?” She questioned, out of breath. Bucky shrugged.“

“No, I just wanted to.” He said like it was the most normal thing in the world to walk around kissing.

“Well damn…” She closed the space again and savored another kiss, sighing in relief. She tried to not cause herself too much pain, letting him do most of the moving.


“Don’t you dare say that word one more time or I swear to god I’ll punch your jaw.” She threatened and he chuckled, lips hovering in front of hers.

“It wouldn’t leave as much as a scratch.” His lips curled around hers, tasting the sweetness lingering to them.

“You’re so cocky, you know that? It’s tiring.”

The L Word (Bucky x Reader) NSFW - One shot

Summary: You and Bucky have an agreement, but you can’t help but to push his buttons.

Word Count: 2297

A/N: Smutttt, all of it, Bucky is dominant and jealous. 

You stood at the bar, heels completely aching at the pumps stuck to your feet. You sipped your rum and coke, turning back to Sam who stood with you at the bar. He looked insanely handsome, wearing a blue suit instead of a traditional black, and opted out of a tie.

“Wanna dance?” He grinned mischievously, offering you his hand. You shrugged, giggling in response and throwing your drink back before taking his hand and getting on the floor. The avengers were stuck at yet another one of Tony Stark’s fancy parties, too fancy for your liking. Everyone was rich and snobby, something you could never manage to be even if you wanted to. You shook your head at the people circled around Tony like sharks, presumably laughing at a joke they didn’t quite get.

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In My Dreams

Pairing: Bucky X Reader

Words: 1747

Warnings: Angst. Language. 

Prompt: I had a dream about you.

A/N: Reader can see and influence dreams. It’s a weird power I know but it makes for perfect awkward interactions. Also, I just needed an excuse to use that gif because damn it looks like our favorite super soldier. This is for the lovely @buchonians because she reached 1K and woohoo celebration time. Congrats darling :) I’ll add the tags later. Reminder that Bucky and Permanent taglists are closed.

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frostbittemyheart  asked:

Omfg I love coming on your blog! Makes my experience in Kpop much more fun! Can I request a Jackson scenario? Where a fight turns into sexual tension. #dadsykinks4thewin thank you kindly!

I love you

In trouble:

“Jackson don’t touch me.” You snarled wrenching your wrist from the male’s grip walking into your shared house.

“Really Y/N? You’re going to be like this?” Jackson questioned slamming the door to house kicking off his shoes.

“You know what, screw you Jackson. Why don’t you just go find the girl you were eye fucking and talk it out with her.” You said angrily moving towards the kitchen to rummage through the fridge finding a bottle water to chug down your parched mouth. Sighing Jackson came in the same space as you balling his hands up lightly he eyed you.

“Y/N it’s not like that and you know it.” He urged as he stare at you.

“Really baby?” You asked blinking your eyelashes and of course he fell for it smiling lightly thinking he was off the hook.

“Really baby girl.” He said gently pressing close to you.

“I have words.” You said sweetly smiling. “Piss. Off.” You barked chugging the rest of the water down before you made your way towards the room down the hallway. You heard Jackson growl and punch the way before he came chasing after you into the room.

“Don’t you dare walk away from me!” He commanded staring at your frame his own body shaking and red.

“I do whatever I want. I don’t see anyone here who owns me.” You snapped at him moving to walk into your closet. “And quite frankly I don’t want any excuses. You’re sleeping on the couch tonight buddy.” You pushed a pillow at him starting to strip your clothes slowly.

“Because you think I was looking at another woman?” Jackson asked with his voice raising and bless the poor neighbors if they heard you. It wasn’t the fact that Jackson had been looking at another woman shit happens and sometimes you do it. You’re human. But that was over the limit. He kept staring at her while you were talking and holding his hand. It was embarrassing to see others look at you and judge your relationship.

“Jackson.. Please. Just get out.” You said softly pointing at the door. Voice quivering and eyes welling up you sighed softly. More than anything you felt your pride being hurt. You weren’t good enough for him. Not sexy enough and if a woman could so easily take his attention then what were you.

“Don’t you fucking dare.” Jackson shouted. He hated seeing you cry he hated himself for what he had done. It wasn’t like she was all that, she was just different curvy like you but she wasn’t you and he knew in his heart he only wanted to be with you. But how to prove it? “Don’t you cry behind another female or male.”

“HOW CAN I NOT?!” You yelled out tears streaking down our face as you balled up your fist tighter. “You looked at her like how you used to look at me! When did you stop caring Jackson? When did I not become enough for you? When wasn’t I sexy enough or beautiful enough to make your heart melt?! Will you leave me.. Daddy?” You said the name softly looking down at your feet as the running tears made soft dark puddle droplets beside your feet into the light brown carpet. Hearing you call him daddy broke everything in his mind. He only could focus on one thing, his cock stirring in his pants. He knew he had to make it up to you and this was step one. Sex didn’t change everything but it could make you see how needy he was for just you.

Sighing when he didn’t answer you walked out the room wanting to leave the tension filled space but Jackson snapped out of it. Following you he roughly pushed you against the wall causing you to gasp. You were going to scream at him but he silenced you with a kiss his hands ripping at your shirt. He tore the fabric wide open causing you to gasp giving him access to your mouth. He sucked on your tongue with his own dominating the kiss as his hands shoved up your skirt. His fingers found your panties and almost tearing them he roughly moved them to the side plunging two fingers inside of your damp pussy. Jackson pulled back to eye you with intensity and need.

“Do you really think I’d ever leave you for another fucking girl? Do you ever think I can’t fucking live without you? Huh! Your sassy ass mouth and charming ways. And let’s not forget this sweet pussy that I just love cumming in so much. You’re my princess and nobody else will fucking lay hands on you.” His words were almost a growl causing your stomach to tighten up as your pussy got wetter. He quickly gripped at your hips with one hand using his strength to lift you until he was wrapping only one of your legs around his neck and the other around his waist. Pulling back his drenched fingers he tongue fucked you sucking on your pussy harshly. Head moving side to side he made sure to run his tongue over everything once. Curving it and thrusting it rapidly against your spot causing you to cry out and pull at his hair trying to get him away from you but it didn’t work. His free hand gripped at your breast kneading the flesh one by one until he felt you tightening up on his tongue. Pulling out from you he sat you on your feet and spun you around to face the wall pinning you there. His free hand moved to yank down his zipper freeing his shaft. He kept his pants on gripping at the base of his cock to rub it up and down your dripping folds. In one go without warning he slammed into you pushing you both against the wall so that he could feel you up and you could take all of him. You cried out hands bracing on the wall for support but it didn’t last. Jackson pulled your body back a bit so that he could grab at your hips and pound into you. He growled out at how you started to scream for him, your juices sliding out of your wet cunt and onto his shaft. He spread your legs wide pressing a hand down your back making you arch so that he could angle his hips and abuse your spot. Again, and again he plowed into your pussy his hands switching from leaving bruises in your hips to grabbing at your breast and playing with them. Occasionally he slapped at them and pulled on your nipples causing you to damn near sob against the wall from the pleasure and pain. A hand drifted down to your clit and he rubbed at the bud quickly not giving you any time to prepare for his assault on your pussy. Your eyes rolled back and your back arched more. Legs shaking you were resting your head against the wall so that you could hold yourself up in some kind of way. You couldn’t even warn Jackson of how close you were because all that left your lips were gibberish mixed in with his name but in a few more thrusts he had you shouting for mercy, cumming on his cock and going limp in his hold. Jackson pressed you back against the wall continuing to abuse your clit and fuck into you from behind slamming his hips against yours. You tried to pull away your body was sensitive and buzzing but he didn’t have that. Causing you to squirt as you came again Jackson filled you up to the brim his cock releasing long thick ropes of cum inside of you. Jackson felt his own legs buck and he held you against the wall letting both of your breathing calm down before he spoke.

“The fact that you think I would leave you. For anyone amazes me. I may look but I know what I have, or I wouldn’t be with you. You’re an amazing woman and I was an asshole for checking her out like that. And I could blame it on being a man or I can just man up and say I’m sorry. So, I apologize and if it happens again I will take whatever repercussion you give me. But I love you Y/N. Your pussy, your body and your smart-ass mouth and attitude. You’re my world and no matter what no woman will be able to change that.” He waited for an answer but when you didn’t say anything he looked at you frowning seeing more tears.

“I’m not crying.. You’re crying.” You teased shoving at him. “I love you too. But you’re still sleeping on the couch. After you carry me and bathe me.” You teased him but he only thrusted his hips forward wrapping his arms around your waist.

“Or we could both stay here and fuck like rabbits until I get it right.”

afraid of (1500 words)

the bunker is quiet after jack leaves. there’s something in the air, a mix of agitation and resignation – it hurts to breathe, or maybe that’s just dean.

sam turns in almost immediately after the initial shock, after cas hurried to both of them and looked for injuries. turns out he still got the juice because he insists on healing dean’s small scratch for no reason whatsoever.

now it’s just both of them, sitting there awkwardly, dean inspecting the dirt under his fingernails, cas nursing a beer. this, dean muses, would be the perfect opportunity to – well, say something, but he doesn’t know what or rather, how.

nothing he says could ease the pain of losing jack, anyway, and that should be his top priority now. it certainly is cas’, if his crestfallen face is anything to go by. so dean’s lost in his own thoughts, alternating between hating himself for being so hostile to jack and hating himself for being a selfish bastard who’s happy that he’s got cas alone.

it’s curious, how easy it was to fall back into his old patterns with cas – to tease him affectionately, to issue and take orders between them, to, well, stare at him with unabashed amazement. he likes to think it’s because cas is literally back from the dead, but really, it’s just a regular old day in his life.

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tell me if I’m wrong (tell me if I’m right)

For Nurseydex week prompt: July 19th – gender/sexuality

“Come on, Nursey, let’s hook you up!” Holster’s voice is half-lost in the pounding bass that’s been shaking the Haus for the last two hours. “Yeah, bro, after that filthy fuckin’ shot you netted tonight, you deserve it!” Ransom has got one arm slung over Holster’s shoulder and the other over Nursey’s, and both his captains are grinning at him in a way he knows usually leads to trouble.

“We know for a fact that girl in your poetry seminar–”

“—Melissa,” Ransom supplies.

“Right, Melissa, is just waiting for you to say go.”

Nursey tries to stifle his grimace. “Melissa’s nice, but I’m not interested,” he says, sipping from his cup of tub juice. His eyes flit to Dex instead as he joins the darkened mass of people dancing and grinding together a few feet away.

“Come on, bro, you haven’t hooked up in weeks,” Ransom protests, and Nursey shoves at his head playfully. “I’m chill, if I find someone I like I’ll go for it, but I’m good where I am.”

“All right, man,” Holster says, slapping his shoulder before stepping back. “C’mon Rans, let’s go make sure Bitty hasn’t lost his shoes or some shit.”

Nursey appreciates their efforts, he does, but they’re wrong – he hasn’t hooked up in over a year.

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Circles and Lines (SMUT)

A/N: hi this is the first time I’ve ever written anything that wasn’t for school let alone a smut (imagine having to write smut for school rip) sooOoOoo I hope it’s not too shitty!!

“Come overrrrrrrrrr.” Your best friend of years, Gray whined through the phone. You let out a deep sigh. You’ve been working your ass off all week, trying to balance school and YouTube. Not anywhere near as popular as the twins, of course, but you’re working your way up, it’s been a dream of yours since a kid to be known.

“Grayson I’m exhausted. Please, let a girl relax.”

“I have a great idea! Come over and relax here!”

“You’re not giving up anytime soon, are you?”


“Ugh. Fine. I’ll be there in 30.”

“Thanks, love you Y/N!”

“Yeah, yeah whatever.” You hung up, sagging your shoulders. You loved Grayson (more than he’d ever know sadly), but it felt like a chore getting into the car and driving to their home. Your shoulders were throbbing in pain as you were silently cursing yourself for giving in so easily.

Once parked in his driveway, approaching the door to knock, it swung open showcasing a smiley Grayson, immediately engulfing you in a giant hug.

“Y/N! I missed you so much!” He said in the same voice one would talk to a baby in.

“Gray, I saw you last week. Calm down.”

“That’s a week too long. I missed my favorite person.” He pulled away and frowned. Your cheeks turned red from his words and your heart beat a little quicker from such a small comment.

“Alright, alright, let me into your house now.” He stepped to the side and you walked in, making a beeline to the couch, flopping onto it immediately. Unfortunately and accidentally, a lot of weight was put onto your shoulders and a yelp in pain followed.

“What’s wrong?” Grayson asked, lifting your feet so he could sit.

“It’s my shoulders. They hurt like real bitches. I hope I’m ok, but it shouldn’t be anything too bad.” You said, reaching to rub the spots that hurt the most but they were too far of a stretch.

“Ah I know that pain all too well. Usually a massage makes it feel better though. Do you want a massage?”

“Oh ha no that’s alright, I’ll be A-ok.” You could barely handle what his hands did to your body just LOOKING at them. You can’t imagine what kind of malfunction your brain would go through if the feeling of his rough hands trailed your skin.

“I’m just trying to help, Y/N. You’re getting a massage whether you like it or not.” He removed your legs from his lap as he stood up. He then straightened your body upright.

“I don’t really think that’s- oh.” Your sentence was cut short by the tender feeling of Grayson rubbing your shoulders. The pressure of his fingers helped knead the soreness you’ve had there for a while away, and you sat there limp as his hands worked their magic.

“How about we go to my room and finish this there?” He whispered in your ear a few minutes later. His hot breath sent shivers down your spine and warmth to your heat. Oops. You nodded reluctantly and almost whimpered when he removed his hands from your shoulders, the pain returning almost immediately. Grayson grabbed your arm and began leading to his room. You were confused as to why he felt the need to do that since you’ve been there a million times, but you kept your mouth closed. Passing Ethan’s room, you took notice on how it was empty, along with the rest of the home. Huh.

Grayson closed the door as you both entered his room, and ushered you over to his bed where you lay down on your stomach, your head turnt to the side watching him.

After approaching you, Grayson climbed on top of his bed and straddled you, his crotch pressing down on your ass. He began his work again and it was even better than before. Some moans slipped out of your mouth, relief from the pain finally being granted.

“Don’t make that noise.” Grayson said in a low voice. You turned to look at him, seeing his eyes visibly darken and felt a poking on one of your ass cheeks.

“Oh. Sorry.” You said weakly. Man, toughen the fuck up girl.

“Take off your shirt.” Grayson said, his eyes burning into yours.


“Because I said so. Shirt. Off. Now.” It was like his eyes held some sort of mind control, because before you knew it, you were ripping that bitch off.

“Bra too.” He demanded. Fuck. After you took your bra off you covered your boobs with your hands, then lay back down on your stomach.

Now you could feel the roughness of his hands as they worked oh so softly, working at untangling every knot ever created. He rubbed in circles and lines, varying pressure in different areas.

“This might hurt a little.” Grayson said, his voice low. He dug his elbow in, then swiftly cracked places all over your back, feeling so heavenly. You couldn’t hold back groaning his name.

Grayson stopped his wonder works abruptly and grabbed your face. “What did I say? No. Moaning. Especially not my name.” The poking in your ass cheeks was feeling a lot more prominent now.

Nonetheless, he continued, his hands moving from shoulders, to mid back, to the side of your boobs where they were massaged very lightly. Your nipples hardened against the soft bed. What was this boy doing to you?

Grayson shifted himself so now he was facing the lower half of your body as opposed to the upper half. “Leg massage.” He mumbled. You were about to protest, saying that that very obviously wasn’t the problem areas he should be focusing on, but like before, your lips stayed shut. His muscular hands started at the ankles, then calves, then thighs. He parted them open slowly and your breathing was becoming uneven. This could not be happening. No, this is just another fantasy. There is no way on this green earth that Grayson Bailey Dolan was actually inching his fucking fingers up your thighs and closer to your soaked core.

Grayson rubbed your heat lightly through your shorts and you whimpered slightly. Holy fuck. A finger poked through the shorts and panties that desperately wanted to be taken off and felt around your labia.

“Fuck, Y/N. You’re so wet for me.” Grayson groaned and you could come right there right then. “Flip over.” He instructed. This time, you didn’t cover up your boobs when facing him.

Grayson’s eyes met yours as you grazed over his perfect features. What the fuck is happening. He leaned forward and cupped your face. Just before he could close the space, you stopped him, pressing your foreheads together.



“Ho- wh- what’s going on?”

“Y/N. I want you to listen to me very closely.” You nodded. “I’ve been in love with you since the day we first met. I’ve been wanting to do this for however that long was.”

“Are you being serious? Are you sure you mean me?”

“More sure than I’ve ever been of anything. I love you, Y/N.” Welp, that did it for you. Immediately, you smashed your lips against his. Grayson’s mouth fit perfectly with yours and you groaned out of satisfaction. This all lived up to your fantasies. He licked your bottom lip, asking for entrance which was granted gladly. Gray’s tongue mingled with yours. Nibbling and pulling on his bottom lip, he growled into your mouth, making goosebumps form on your arms. His mouth left yours as it traveled down your neck, biting and marking it’s territory.

“I want to make you feel good. Let me make you feel good.” Gray breathed in between kisses. You groaned his name and he chuckled against your bare skin. He sucked on each nipple lightly and shortly before moving down to your shorts and panties, pulling them off in the blink of an eye. You lay bare in front of him.

“Uh, everything ok down there?” You asked. What’s this pause for. You lifted your head to meet his eyes. You shuddered when seeing his lust-filled gaze.

“Wow.” Is all he said before directly licking a stripe up your core. Wow right back, Grayson. “You taste even better than I imagined.”

He slowly swirled his tongue from your entrance to your swollen clit, tracing the edges painstakingly slowly.

“Gray, please.” You begged.

“Please what?” His hot breath fanned your heat, automatically making you more wet.


“Doing what? I want you to say it. Beg for it.”

“Eat me out, Grayson, I want you to make me cum.” You said breathlessly.

Supposedly that worked for him because he broke eye contact and stuck his tongue right back into your pussy. He made it so he was just far down enough for his nose to press against your clit, increasingly adding pressure, then licking up and making figure eights.

“You’re. So. Fucking. Sexy.” He spoke in between laps. You moaned out loudly in response. He pulled his face away, it glistening in your juices, and started to rub you with the same fingers that were previously doing wonders on your shoulders. And boy, those fingers were about to do even better things to your core.

He dragged his fingers lazily up and down, spreading more of your juices in their wake. He teased for a little longer before sticking a finger into entrance making you yelp in both surprise and pleasure. He began to slowly pump the finger in and out before adding another.

“Grayson, fuck.” You whimpered.

“You like that? Do you like the way my fingers feel inside of you.” You let out a weak ‘mhm’ in response. “I know what would feel even better.” He pulled his fingers out of you, bringing his head up so you could watch him lick his fingers clean. Shit man.

He stood and undressed himself. In that moment, you have never seen anything more beautiful or sexy and it made your core throb. You wanted him so badly. He rolled a condom over his long, thick length before getting ready to enter you.

“You ready?” He asked.

“More than ever.” He captured your lips and made a deep stride into you. Your walls clenched around his long dick as he filled you completely. You moaned into his mouth and he bit your bottom lip.

“Fuck Y/N you’re so tight.” Grayson moaned, which turned you on even more if that was possible. He found a rhythm quickly and soon found your g-spot, hitting it head on. You were in euphoria.

“Oh my- Grayson.” You dragged out the ending of his name. You reached down to rub your clit as he continued to slam into you, which he apparently didn’t like. His hand shot out to pull yours away and then tighten around your neck, his thumb opening up your mouth.

“When you’re in my hands, only I get to play with your clit, got it?” His hand added pressure and his brooding hazel eyes bore into your own. The only sound you could muster was a long ‘mmmm’. You had to admit, you never thought that you’d be into choking, but this was undeniably turning you on.

“Oh. You like it when I choke you? You’re so dirty, I love it.” He smirked as he stuck his thumb in your mouth, which you swirled your tongue around and he chuckled. His other hand reached down to rub your clit and he got back in his rhythm. Your orgasm built up a lot quicker now and you started to feel a knot form in your stomach.

“Gray. Grayson. I’m close baby.”

“Not yet. Hold it for me princess. Just a little.” You whimpered and you didn’t know if you’d be able to but you were trying. You focused on his face and you wish you could take a picture and frame it because hot damn. It looked like he was in deep concentration, a thin layer of sweat sitting upon his forehead.

“Ok baby girl. Cum for me. I wanna feel you come around my dick. Keep your eyes open when you do.” He grunted and that was it. You came, crying out his name. Your orgasm hitting you hard, making your thighs quake and you held onto his biceps. Your walls clenched around Grayson’s dick and you felt him cum inside of you. He rubbed your clit as you came down from your high. He soon pulled out and lay down next to you.

“Wow.” Is all you could say.

“Wow is right. You’re amazing.” He breathed. You turned to your side.

“So. What you said about you being in love with me or whatever. Is that true or were you just saying it so you could get into my pants.” He turned to look at you then grabbed you hand, intertwined your fingers, and kissed your knuckles.

“I was being completely honest. I am completely honest. I love you, Y/N. So so much.” Your heart fluttered and you cracked a huge smile. So this is what it feels like for someone you’ve been in love with for forever tell you they love you back.

“I love you too, Grayson. So so much.”

For the record, your shoulders had never felt better.

chapter lV: are you a loser too?

summary:  Eddie Kaspbrak and Richie despise each other, it’s just too bad that they’re anonymously best pals on tumblr. This is gonna be good…

read on ao3!

last chapter!



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thank you to my amazing beta @losvcr <333

Richie watched Eddie walk into work the next day with bloodshot eyes and unbrushed hair.

Richie sat in his respective shop, pretending to dust as he looked at Eddie fumble with his keys, drop them, and then stare vacantly at the fallen keys on the Welcome! Mat. As Richie stared at Eddie, he felt an overwhelming feeling of guilt, which he knew he was deserving of. ‘How could I have just left him?’

When Richie had arrived home, he sat on his bed thinking for hours. He pondered over his decisions, sometimes taking a pity break where he would cry and wonder why this quandary was his to fret over. There was a part of him that of him that really regretted not telling Eddie that trashmouthrt was him , but he aware that Eddie would think that Richie had been deluding him this entire time, and would hate him, irreparably.

So, Richie wouldn’t tell Eddie. Ever.

Richie sighed and looked out the window again, realizing he had drifted off. He saw that Eddie was gone, and Richie knew that he had to get things sorted out in For the Record before he could help out Eddie. Richie physically winced when he thought about Eddie now, the ache of guilt in his stomach flaring up.

An hour later, Richie was done doing some minor maintenance and made his way over to Rainbow Bouquet. He walked through the doors and saw a group of preteen boys, all hunched around the counter, giggling and nudging each other.

Richie frowned when he saw them, and didn’t see Eddie anywhere. “Hey guys,” Richie announced, crossing his arms. The boys whirled around with guilty looks on their faces.

“What are you doing?” Richie inquired, attempting to look around them to see what they were just hunched over.

The young boys looked at each other silently, and one bolted out the door. The others quickly followed in suit.

Hey!” Richie exclaimed, considering running after them. Then, he saw what those boys had been surrounding just a few moments ago.

“Shit, Eds…” Richie murmured once he saw Eddie fast asleep on the counter. He had crude drawings on his face and his cast had LOSER scrawled on his previously pristine cast.

Richie shook Eddie awake and Eddie woke up with a start. “Oh… Hey Richie, sorry. I didn’t mean to fall asleep, I had a rough night and-”

“Look Eds, before you say anything else, you may wanna take a look in the mirror.” Richie requested with a grimace.

Eddie’s brows furrowed and he hurried off to the bathroom, with Richie on his tail. Richie stood in the doorway of the bathroom while Eddie examined his face. Richie saw Eddie’s eyes start to well up with tears, and Richie quickly stepped in.

“Hey! Don’t worry about it, sunshine. It was just a couple of stupid prepubescent boys who obviously had nothing better to do with their stupid lives, okay?” Richie reassured frantically, not wanting Eddie to cry.

“…I shouldn’t have worn all pink today…” Richie heard Eddie mumble as he examined QUEER written in messy handwriting on his forehead.

“Eddie, it had nothing to do with you. Hold on, I’ll be right back, I just need to stop by the grocery store so we can get you cleaned up, cool?” Richie asked this, but was already heading out the door.


Eddie was furiously scrubbing at his face and cast to try and get off the sharpie that was stubbornly staining him. He was already having a pretty shitty day. He got no sleep the night before, because all he did was cry, waking up with red eyes, being too tired to function normally, and trying to de-thorn the new roses. Needless to say, a group of boys coming to draw on him while he was asleep was the icing on top of the cake.

As Eddie was going to try scrubbing his cast again, Richie came bursting in the shop with a lemon and a kitchen knife in his hand.

“Viola!” Richie exclaimed, grinning down at Eddie.

“Why the fuck did you buy a lemon?!” Eddie hissed, pinching the bridge of his nose.

Richie rubbed his neck and said, “Well, I googled how to get sharpie off your skin, and they said to use lemon juice!” Richie sliced open the lemon, right on the granite counter, and squeezed the juice on the paper towel.

“Upsy daisy, Eddie Spaghetti.” Richie said as he patted the counter, gesturing for Eddie to sit.

Eddie sighed and climbed up on the counter. Richie began to gently wipe at the marker on his face. Eddie closed his eyes and sighed, unaware that he let himself in front of Richie.

Eyes still closed, Eddie said, “Thank you. I had a long night, and this is really sweet of you, actually.”

Richie’s face went bright red, and he was very grateful that Eddie’s eyes were shut.

‘Hey, what if it really wasn’t Eddie at the cafe last night, and I just had some weird hallucination!’

Richie finished cleaning Eddie’s face and whilst throwing away the lemon, he asked, “What happened last night?”

Eddie sighed and rubbed his eyes. “I… I guess… I was stood up.”

Richie grimaced. ‘So it wasn’t a hallucination.’

Richie put his hand on Eddie’s shoulder. “I’m so sorry, Eddie. Whoever it was, they’re the loser.” Richie said, looking down at Eddie’s cast.

Eddie looked skeptically at him, and then after seeming to think things over, he relaxed. “Well, it really is my fault. I was an idiot.”

“You’re not an idiot.”

“Yes, I am.” Eddie’s face scrunched up and he shut his eyes. “I…”

Eddie sighed and confessed, “I met him online.”

‘Yep, it was definitely Eddie.’

Trying to thinking of a way to react, Richie gasped and said “Oh, wow! Online? That’s dangerous. And bad!”

Richie groaned internally. ‘Way to go, James Bond.’

Eddie didn’t seem to catch on to Richie’s obvious bluffing. “Yeah, I know. It was really idiotic of me, but he was so nice and understanding. I didn’t think he would stand me up.”

‘Is this entire day going to be filled with guilt?’

Richie couldn’t just watch Eddie mope. “Listen, Eds. Whoever that guy is, if he skipped out on you, that was the biggest mistake of his fucking life, gotcha?”

Eddie looked slightly taken aback. “Uh… Thank you, Richie. It’s not that big of a deal, but it sucks for him, sure.”

‘Good going, Richie.’ He thought to himself.

Richie saw that Eddie was looking down at his cast. “Hey,” Richie said gently, “I’ll see if I can find an extra sharpie to cover that up?”

“Don’t worry about it, Richie. Once a loser, always a loser, right?”

Richie frowned, “You were called a loser when you were younger?”

Eddie nodded. “I was called a lot of things. A kid who wears rainbow shorts and a fanny pack isn’t necessarily the coolest guy in school.”

Richie sighed and leaned on the counter where Eddie was sitting. “If it makes you feel any better, I was called a loser too. My buck teeth and loud mouth weren’t as great as I thought they were.”

Eddie gave him a soft smile. “At least you don’t have buck teeth anymore.” Eddie teased, tapping Richie’s lips twice.

Richie felt his face light up and he laughed. “Hey, don’t say anything, Mr. Fanny pack.”

Eddie pretended to gasp. “For your information, they are very convenient and comfortable. You can carry anything and everything you need.”

“Like this?” Richie asked before grabbing Eddie and hauling him over his shoulder.

“Richie! Put me down now!” Eddie screeched as he screamed with laughter. Richie continued to run around Rainbow Bouquet whilst carrying a screaming Eddie, who was pounding on his back.

After a particularly painful punch to his back, Richie set Eddie down on the counter. Richie groaned and held his own back. “Gee whiz, Eds. I think you just knocked my back out of alignment.”

Eddie stuck out his tongue and protested, “Hey, you started it. I would never physically injure someone if they didn’t antagonize me. I’m a lover, not a fighter.”

A lightbulb went off in Richie’s head. “Hold on a sec, Eds.”

Richie raced into For the Record, and rummaged through his drawer. He found and uncapped the red sharpie, running into Rainbow Bouquet again.

“Hand me your broken arm.”

Eddie hesitantly gave Richie his hurt arm. “What are you doing?”

Richie quickly did what he needed to do, and showed off his handiwork to Eddie. “Look! All fixed.”

Eddie looked down at the cast, and saw that where Loser used to reside, now said Lover with a V where the used to be. Richie started to get nervous when Eddie didn’t say anything after a couple of seconds, but when he saw Eddie’s watery eyes and smile, he knew he did the right thing.

“You know what, Rich? You’re not that bad afterall.”


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summary: Sam Holland is a Greaser who is ready to fight anyone, but he’s still the biggest softy around and when he meets you… God damn, someone better catch him when he falls.
pairing: sam holland x reader
warnings: talk of murder, hinting at abuse, catcalling, fighting
a/n: this is set in the 60′s and it’s gonna be one hell of a ride alright? im not the best at fight scenes but hey, pls no hate ((:
tags: @lovelyimagines , @spacedoutsher, @spidergirlwanab

Sam Holland sat in the living room with his brothers while the two lamps worked their hardest to create enough light for the living room and the kitchen. Tom, Sam’s older brother, laughed loudly as his best friend, Harrison talked about one of the girls in his neighborhood. Harrison Osterfield was one of the Socials, or also known as, Socs. They were a group of rich kids who had everything handed to them on a silver platter. He was basically born with a silver spoon in his mouth, but somehow, he found a way to like the Greasers.

The Holland boys were Greasers. They lived in bad neighborhoods and didn’t have anything handed to them. Sam was only sure that he had only gotten a bad reputation handed to him. Actually, anyone who was born into a Greaser had a bad reputation. Sam didn’t really blame them if he were honest since they were pretty violent and was known for being very different than the Socs.

Sam sighed and lifted himself from his seat on the beaten up old couch, his hands flying to his hair to comb through it.

“I have homework to do,” Sam noted when the boys looked up at him. Harry bit his lip in laughter as Tom and Harrison busted out in complete and utter mockery.

“Lil’ Sammy has homework,” Harrison laughed as Sam rolled his eyes.

“Paddy is asleep, don’t wake him,” Sam warned while Harrison lifted himself from his seat across from Tom.

“And what will you do if I ‘accidently’ wake him?” Harrison challenged as Sam let out a deep sigh, his fingers tapping rhythmically against his thigh.

“Harrison,” Sam spoke as he chuckled as waved his hand, in a way of telling him he was kidding. Sam rolled his eyes again and walked back to the shared bedroom of him, Paddy and Harry. A small pallet was made on the ground for the last boy in while there were two beds. One was occupied by Paddy and the other would soon be occupied by him.

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anonymous asked:

reddie prompt! eddie gets cast as the lead in a school play and he has to kiss the main female, richie gets so jealous he does everything in his power to join the cast too and ruin the play

I’ve used this prompt to make a second chapter in my Reddie fic! So bless your heart anon! Head over to Archive of our Own and leave reviews! Or reblog! I love both.

For other chapters - 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7 | 8 | 9

Chapter 2: Here I Go Again by Whitesnake 

Richie was holding his stomach cracking up, “Romeo and Juliet?! You can’t be fucking serious.”

Eddie’s cheeks went bright red. He knew the guys were going to make fun of him the minute they found out about the school play. “Listen, I’m doing shit in AP English and Mrs. Lane told me that if I tried out for the school play, she would give me extra credit. They needed more guys!”

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