but idr who

if SU had never attempted to be deep and meaningful in the first place, i doubt anyone would be trying to criticize it. but it was literally made….to be deep and present these issues. it was MADE with the intent of being analyzed and looked over like this. rebecca sugar said so herself? (or at least one of the crew members did, idr who)

when you aim to talk about big issues and then fuck up horribly with said issues, its only logical that people would point that out. this is what its here for!

idr who said it but someone mentioned that they wondered what happened to the gz after the fall of phariah dark and i have an idea. (which is inspired by Chinese history… especially the dynasty cycle and 20th century China.)

phariah wasn’t the first ghost king, but he was the last. the secession of the throne was always passed through violence - sometimes it was by a powerful ghost, other times through the effects of a people. since ghosts have an unending existence, some reigns stretched centuries while others lasted only a few months. each reign was able to further develop the gz as a civilization, but the ghosts loyal or kin to the ruler would always receive favored treatment. sometimes the civilisations would bleed over into the real world and that’s how ancient religions were inspired (eg; zeus and odin were previous ghost kings).

phariah was a set back in terms of a lot of the growth experienced from reigns. he destroyed bureaucracies, cut back relief and aid programs, focused the military only at dissenters and left “disloyal” regions to deal with their own violence, and kept potential enemies at each other’s throats instead of his own. he promoted violence in his name as a method of propaganda and suppression and directed it at ghosts loyal to the previous ruler. the ghost zone under phariah dark was riddled with state sponsored violence, scattered/decimated opposition, and general chaos.

a small group of ghosts from the previous reign were the ones that finally defeated phariah and the fright knight. but since they were destroyed in the process, there was no entity to rally behind to form a new government, which led to regions/haunts being ruled by local lords - kinda of like the warring states period. no one ruler has been able to unite the ghost zone since the fall of phariah dark, but many have tried.

(i also just wanna add that i totally see the observers as remnants of a previous reign - one that was overtaken due to their inaction and ineffectiveness like the late tokugawa shogunate or the late qing dynasty.)

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Man just the other day i was in class with homeboy talkin bout nothing.

Him: “Oh , you know they’re making a new wonder woman movie with..” *idr who*

Me: *remembering that glorious edit of Serena Williams in that Wonder Woman costume* “Eh I’d love if Serena were Wonder Woman”

Him: “Serena?..”

The look on his face already made me want to gag.

Me: “Yeah… Serena Williams.. Tennis pla-”

Him: “Serena’s too black to be Wonder Woman.”

Me: looking home boy dead in this face thinking bout how he “The Darkest Night of All the Land” would have any audacity to comment on skin tone shades… I’m in awe.
The disbelief sways me.

Me: “Too black?”

Him: “Yea , like she’s too black.. Wonder Woman is from the Amazon.”

I almost drop the topic because this guy is really smart. Like I usually aim to be best in class and dude is always the only thing close to a challenge. And i don’t even know anything about the Wonder Woman Comics because he starts talking about the way it’s written.. but then…?!

Me: “So you’re telling me Hollywood hasn’t changed anything from how things are written in books when they produce the movie ?”

Him: “Not when it’s made to be that way.. like Wonder Woman’s charact-”

Me: “So you mean white people aren’t out here playing Egyptians.. and Scarlett Johansen wasn’t just the whole lead role in a movie about a book that was centered strictly around Asian culture?”
*every image reference clouding my mind of every time the character placement was off*

Me: *remembering he used “she’s from the amazon as a rebuttal* –"And i know you’re not going to sit here and tell me she’s from the amazon .. like black people wouldn’t exist in the amazon when you know black people exist in pretty much every part of land you can think of despite what media will fool you into thinking.”

Him: “The Amazon isn’t real–”

Me: “Oh.. so now you’re telling me Serena Williams is too black to play a fictional character from a place that isn’t real???”

Him: *talking about how its written in the comic or w.e*

Me: *thinking about how Serena is and can be all those things* Ok?

Him: *realizing he fucked up* “You know what _ never mind.. you’re annoying.”

Me: *is annoyed*

This the same dude that’s always projecting to be so pro-black. I thought we were on the same team. I was rooting for you!

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what happens to hai in that adelina/zane au?

In another universe Hai rode into the Wyvern Court on a steed of gold, and in another she kissed a blue tipped boy who smiled when he says her name.

In this universe she dreams.

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whether intentional or not, Luke would be an annoying boyfriend; more often begging for attention with fingers against your skin or head popping up between you and your phone screen and typically his ‘love me! I’m funny and cute!’ brand of obnoxiousness was endearing but when you’re tired and stressed and his teeth are playful against your shoulder and your jaw between whines of ‘babe, i’m bored’ you can’t help but snap, throwing an exasperated, ‘luke I’m busy can you just give me five god damn minutes?!’ in his direction and like the big child he is he’d get up from the couch, mumbling a quiet ‘fine’ and walking away to sulk by himself and even though you’d immediately feel a little bad for snapping, you’d carry on reading until the irrational frustration in your shoulders had dissipated and it’s not until you retreat into the kitchen to start making dinner that you see him again and he’d push out an exaggerated sigh, making sure you know that he’s still annoyed and for a while the two of you are mumbled questions and eye rolls, neither of you willing to admit that you’re both overreacting, too proud to be the first to apologise despite the triviality of the entire situation so luke busies himself with a drink and you’d turn just in time to see the juice he’s drinking miss his mouth entirely, instead dripping orange down the white of his shirt, your hand flying to your mouth to stifle a giggle and his face would drop for a moment before he’d let out his own chuckle, his lips falling into a pout as he looked up at you and you’d shake your head, walking towards him to graze your teeth against his jaw, voice mocking him with a ‘babe, i’m bored’ before he’d roll his eyes and stop your teasing with a kiss.

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Zunkari Anon)) Ok ok but who's Jenny? I've heard her name a couple of times arround here but I still don't know who she is...

she’s a fanmade character who idr how but she got into the canon and she’s steph’s girlfriend when steph goes to college yes yes