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a toast to magnus bane

y’all have no goddamn idea how important shadowhunters is to me. (and to a lot of others who are like me)

it’s a silly fantasy show, i get that. it’s not some emmy award winning art with groundbreaking cinematography or some soul-shaking message. it is a somewhat silly fantasy show on a b network with a side order of lite social issues. 

but i get to see myself in characters on a silly fantasy show.

i am represented on a silly fantasy show and as a bisexual south east asian woman, do you realize how rare that is? i can count on one hand the number of south east asian characters I’VE seen as a regular on a popular tv show.

i am not the first person to say this, and i will not be the last. but magnus bane is so fucking huge for me. (i realize harry is not se asian, that’s a whole other can of worms i won’t get into, but i have nothing against him for getting this role. asian rep in general is fucking lacking, so… GLOSSING OVER THAT.)

but asians and particularly south east asians and south asians… we don’t get to have complex characters in silly fantasy shows.

we don’t get to be characters like magnus bane, the slightly eccentric and wildly powerful warlock who’s desired and has this insane fleshed out past, who has more stories to tell and a life and love.

and if you’re a part of the lgbt community on top of that? forget about it.

we’re lucky if we’re the nerdy best friend or the unattainable hottie who shows up on screen for a couple minutes with a snarky quip but is still second to the white lead. 

growing up i had mulan. and i had jasmine because her skin color was closest to mine. and i still love them both, but it is something amazing to go through life and finally see a character and be able to say … that’s me.

and magnus bane is that for me. aline penhallow is that for me. samantha with only her 30 seconds of screentime is that for me.

and as many things as there are that shadowhunters needs to fix, i will be forever fucking grateful for them. 

if SU had never attempted to be deep and meaningful in the first place, i doubt anyone would be trying to criticize it. but it was literally made….to be deep and present these issues. it was MADE with the intent of being analyzed and looked over like this. rebecca sugar said so herself? (or at least one of the crew members did, idr who)

when you aim to talk about big issues and then fuck up horribly with said issues, its only logical that people would point that out. this is what its here for!

underneath the cut you will find ##54 80x80 gif icons of the fine man that is matthew daddario from his RAW spread. why? bc he owns my ass. these were made from scratch, so all credit goes to me ?? other than the texture idr who i got it from but shoutout to them ig ?? don’t redistribute as your own. please like or reblog if you use.

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okay so I’m fully, ardently in the “it was all true” camp, and not just because I would cry forever if Homer the basement gang weren’t real, but I was listening to “Can’t Find a Better Man” in the car, and…

has anyone analyzed this bit yet? because this…really fits the “basement folks were a protective projection of OA’s subconscious for survival’s sake” theory.

That said–and I actually feel like I saw someone else suggesting this a few months ago, but idr who, or what exactly they said–that  first line could also indicate that the abandoned house gang might not be real. Is that…am I just crazy? Is there a chance she’s imagined them? 

idr who said it but someone mentioned that they wondered what happened to the gz after the fall of phariah dark and i have an idea. (which is inspired by Chinese history… especially the dynasty cycle and 20th century China.)

phariah wasn’t the first ghost king, but he was the last. the secession of the throne was always passed through violence - sometimes it was by a powerful ghost, other times through the effects of a people. since ghosts have an unending existence, some reigns stretched centuries while others lasted only a few months. each reign was able to further develop the gz as a civilization, but the ghosts loyal or kin to the ruler would always receive favored treatment. sometimes the civilisations would bleed over into the real world and that’s how ancient religions were inspired (eg; zeus and odin were previous ghost kings).

phariah was a set back in terms of a lot of the growth experienced from reigns. he destroyed bureaucracies, cut back relief and aid programs, focused the military only at dissenters and left “disloyal” regions to deal with their own violence, and kept potential enemies at each other’s throats instead of his own. he promoted violence in his name as a method of propaganda and suppression and directed it at ghosts loyal to the previous ruler. the ghost zone under phariah dark was riddled with state sponsored violence, scattered/decimated opposition, and general chaos.

a small group of ghosts from the previous reign were the ones that finally defeated phariah and the fright knight. but since they were destroyed in the process, there was no entity to rally behind to form a new government, which led to regions/haunts being ruled by local lords - kinda of like the warring states period. no one ruler has been able to unite the ghost zone since the fall of phariah dark, but many have tried.

(i also just wanna add that i totally see the observers as remnants of a previous reign - one that was overtaken due to their inaction and ineffectiveness like the late tokugawa shogunate or the late qing dynasty.)