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Six of Crows band au?

- Jesper is percussion, drums. It gives him a rush being able to make that much noise

- Nina  is the singer plays bass

- Matthias plays guitar and piano

-Kaz, the singer’s boyfriend does management

-Inej is the singer, she had a very lovely voice but get nervous on stage

-Wylan is the songwriter and plays like 20 instruments (mostly flute) and adds them in when he feels needed, also sometimes does back up singing Jesper faints

whovian-fallen-angel: Me, never had it done before, unless you count the online ones

whelp, here’s a reading that’s technically online, but also managed by biased and unpredictable Real Hands with blood that pulses through them, probably.

KIND OF WANDS: MIND - Do you feel challenged right now? That’s opportunity. As strange as it might seem, adversity you face right now is here to develop and shape your grater future self and decisions. Just don’t get caught up in your importance, just because you solved a problem doesn’t make you better than other test takers.

THE EMPEROR: BODY - Right now, you’re caught up in what outside forces consider and describe you to be. Maybe the environment you’re in places restrictions on how you think you’re supposed to look, or eat, or do. Whatever its asking of you, its not necessarily healthy. This might be a moment to stand up to greater forces in your life, or to evaluate what the world around you is doing to your self perception.

PAGE OF PENTACLES: SPIRIT - What connects these two issues? There’s something keeping you from connecting the dots between what you’re trying to make happen and what you’re equipped to handle. Time can help, whether you’re aiming for concentrated attention on something in particular or just want to develop something greater than what you’re currently caught up in.

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What do you think about Arima's sadistic smile when he fought Kaneki in V14 and in Jack? Do you think Arima is a guy "I'm just doing my job guys, not enjoying it at all. I'm forced to do it"? I felt your Arima's interpretation is a bit OOC. Sorry.

See, that’s the thing. I know Ishida commented on Arima being “sadistic and massive” but i honestly have yet to see any sort of sadistic behaviour from him.

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at club titiboo
  • kumatora: yo son what do you want to drink
  • lucas: uuuHH???? WATER???
  • guy at the restaurant: WAHTTER??????WHY DO YOU WANT WATER AT A HIGH-END bAR LIKE THIS????
  • lucas: i-i don"T KNOW????? I JUST WANT WATER I GUESS?????
  • lucas: bu T IDON'T LIKE SODA???????? WHY?????I JUST WANTED WATER?
  • guy: TOO BAD
  • lucas: *sobbing*

beautifulblacktear  asked:

hey i want to celebrate yule this year but idon't know how. i don't have a altar or an athame. but i do want to do something with yule do you have any suggestions?

The first yule I ever celebrated was done without anything and I just stood outside and stared at the moon every night. It was very humbling and I wish I could get back to the mind set I was in at that time. You don’t need things to get closer to the God and Goddess.
That being said, it’s fairly simple to get together a make-do altar. Go outside, gather pine cones, pine needles, snow (yes, it will melt, no that doesn’t matter), etc. You can use candles from the dollar store, it’s not entirely difficult nor expensive to put together.
You can also use Christmas traditions, as they usually come from old Pagan traditions.Christmas trees and wreaths are great because it’s a representation of nature that people usually have out around this time of year.
Make use of the resources you have, google it, look online. There are so many resources at your disposal and it’s difficult for me to give you all the different options and tell you what is going to feel the most comfortable for you.
As always, good luck and have fun :)

eternal-clexa-deactivated201701  asked:

Will nobody talk about the fact that Jason fucking loves Clexa and his cute commander? Idon't think he would want her to be out unless Alycia would want to be out. What do you think?

I agree with you, though Jason’s priority is always the story. I don’t think he would kill her without a VERY good reason. On the other hand, Alycia said some time ago she might have underestimated how big a commitment it is to make two shows so… What if she did want to be out?