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Summer Rose Theory

So with Raven revealing that Ozpin is the one who gave her and Qrow the ability to turn into birds made me really think about something. It shows that Ozpin has a great amount of powerful magic, and now that we’re learning more about him, we’re getting an idea that Ozpin may have done some shady stuff before or that he will do many things to try and stop Salem. 

And everyone is still asking the big question: what happened to Summer Rose? There’s been many theories tossed around, especially after the reveal of silver-eyed warriors. But with the reveal of Ozpin giving Qrow and Raven the ability to transform I suddenly had a thought and rushed to look this over something again. And that is the very first opening of RWBY.

This scene right here

Ruby’s silver eyes have been foreshadowed since the very first episode, so this scene suddenly tipped me as possibly more important than we realize. 

First, Summer Rose is there in front of Ruby. But then in the next shot she’s disappearing. 

And then we have this shot. Summer is gone and it’s the moon that’s shattering.

And now lyrics from Summer’s part in Red Like Roses Part 2

“I didn’t have a choice.

I did what I had to do.

I made a sacrifice, but forced a bigger sacrifice on you.” And “Want you to know that for eternity i’m shattered”

And Summer’s key phrase we know her by: Thus Kindly I Scatter

And now i want to point out more hidden emphasis on Ruby and the moon from the openings and her trailer even:

So a big question and theory now is: Because of something with Ozpin, did Summer Rose become the moon we have now in Remnant and is why it shatters the way it does?

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hc where will comes out to eleven by accident so he asks her to not tell the rest of the party. “wait, you knew?” mike asks her “you knew this whole time and didn’t said anything? what happened to all that ‘friends don’t lie’ bullshit, huh?” “i didn’t lie” “no, you just hid the truth” eleven looks at mike as he keeps walking in circles on his basement “is that bad?” “that you didn’t told me-” “will likes boys, is that bad?” “no? i-i don’t know” “do you, mike? do you like boys?” “i like girls” “so you like both?