but idk what is this lol

straight ppl r so fucking weird dude

im like…halfway out to my parents and it’s so weird. like i was forced out to them sometime after sophomore year but they seem to have completely forgotten that hellish weekend and continue to act like im straight and me being gay was just a phase or smth. Hm

So I was thinking...

Everywhere in the Drarry fandom you see that Draco always steals people’s Harry’s sweaters, curls up in front of the fire, snuggles up with people Harry for warmth… 

Because Draco is always cold, right?

But then consider this; Draco always got huge baskets filled with food from home (usually sweets, which are high calorie things) and he was already described as skinny before the stress from sixth year made him look like a skeleton. So even when he ate quite a lot he was skinny. Of course this could just be because he was a growing teenage boy, but it could also be caused by a high metabolims rate. Aka he can eat whatever he wants to and won’t gain a single pound. 

Now the energy from that food still needs to go somewhere, and as someone whose social circles are filled with these kind of people I know from experience where this energy goes to; Heat. People with a high metabolism rate are hotter than a forest fire. They also often need to eat extra during periods of stress or sickness because they have no fat reserves.

So consider this; Draco with a high metabolism eating more than Ronald Weasley due to stress. Draco being super ashamed of that since it’s unfitting for a pureblood to order and eat larger meals. Draco being the one Harry snuggles with because wouldn’t it make much more sense to get cold from losing a part of your soul (i mean soul-less people are usually considered to be cold people) instead of hot? Harry ordering three deserts on their first date and calling it “our new tradition from now on”. Harry putting too much on his plate and passing parts of it on to Draco so he doesn’t have to feel ashamed for getting a mountain of food. Draco loving Harry even more for all of his kind gestures. 

Anyway I’m going to have lunch now