but idk maybe i miss him

Ok so I'm gonna try to predict lance's vlog

He’s gonna start out super excited. He’s gonna say something like “the name’s lance, I’m the pilot of the red lion and I’m a total ladies man.” Then they’re probably gonna show clips of lance striking out with girls.

But then he’s gonna mention something that reminds him of home and then he’s gonna say that he misses earth. Then they’re gonna do the clip of him saying that he misses home in episode 4.

Then he’s gonna end up talking about maybe being a 7th wheel. And they’re gonna show the escape from beta traz clip.

But then he changes the topic

Maybe he talks about keith either right after talking about girls or after the insecure stuff. Basically he’s gonna mention something about Keith. Idk what, but I’m calling it here.

And then this post happens

Lance mentions something like: *whispers* “Ok I remember the bonding moment but don’t tell Keith” or he’s lets it slip while talking about Keith. Maybe he does something like in escape from beta traz where he says Keith is cool. Or he mentions he doesn’t know why Keith made a big deal over the bonding moment. And then Keith is gonna walk by and say “I THOUGHT YOU SAID YOU DIDN’T REMEMBER” and then the camera falls over and lance is gonna run off screen and Keith is gonna chase him.

egobang mystery/horror au idea (loosely based on the game Ib): 

dan moves into a new house and finds a weird painting up in the attic covered with a thick blanket

when he goes to take the blanket off he sees it’s blank; all that’s there is an empty green background as though the person is missing from the portrait

he’s about to cover it again but something convinces him to take it downstairs and hang it up on his living room wall for some reason

the next morning he goes downstairs and freezes, because there’s a man in the portrait now, a beautiful man dan doesn’t recognize

he thinks he’s going crazy because the man keeps appearing and disappearing from the painting over the next week

so dan caves and does some research. he finds out the man in the portrait is named arin hanson and he was a famous artist known for his “magic-quality” paintings

the kicker: arin used to live in this house and mysteriously vanished one day

dan calls the realtor but she denies there being a portrait in the attic, saying the place was completely cleaned out before dan got there

dan tracks down arin’s friend, ross, and asks about him

ross tells him that arin was a genius with paint, in fact “sometimes his paintings were so lifelike it was scary”

dan hesitates but finally tells ross about the strange portrait

ross wants to see it so dan takes him there and ross stays for a couple days to also witness arin’s portrait appearing and disappearing

ross is convinced it means something important 

“what if…his paintings did something to him?”

so one day dan takes the painting down and is inspecting it when he realizes his hand goes through the center of the canvas

so he goes through the canvas and finds himself in a strange painting world where everything looks like it was painted. it’s beautiful but also unsettling. the people are strange and the world is disjointed and odd

he manages to leave without incident and by this time he’s gotten ross, his friend barry, arin’s old friend suzy, and an art critic named brian involved

they go into the painting world and discover that it was created by arin, whether on purpose or accidentally remains unclear

they quickly find out mentioning arin makes the people careful, as though they’re hiding something

so now dan and his friends have to navigate this weird, horror-filled painting world that gets weirder and more hostile the farther they go to find the missing artist (and find a few surprises along the way)


zelo for @choijnuhong

paletteroller  asked:

Ever drawn swapfell sans, or did I miss it?

The thing is neither the original designs, nor the most popular ones fit well with how I see SwapFell. Plus the most popular designs are often associated with… uh… things I’d rather have nothing to do with.

I’ve tried drawing SwapFell Sans before the way I see him, as a kid/pre-teen and as a lousily-designed adult, but… I don’t have a set design for him. Maybe, something like this, idk:

Touch | Shawn Mendes Imagine

A/N: I feel like all my spent up ideas over the past 3 months are pouring out because writing two in one day is unheard of in my world. BUT I LOVE THIS. IDK I HOPE YOU DO TOO. 

Word Count: 1,917

I was frustrated.

Shawn was gone to visit his parents and I had to stay home from the visit, unfortunately. He had only been gone for maybe five hours but I missed him already, however, my body missed him more.

I sat down on the end of the bed and checked my phone. I had asked when Shawn would be home hoping I could hold off. But when he said he wasn’t sure when he’d be back I told him to hurry home, hoping he’d understand what I wanted. But Shawn still hadn’t checked his messages yet.

I knew he needed time with his family, but I also needed time with him.

Sitting on the end of the bed I was unsure of what do. Or well I wasn’t unsure, I was very acquainted with what I could do, but I wasn’t sure if I should.

Does it matter? I finally asked myself. No.

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Jon x Female Reader

♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡

Imagine looking after Ghost whilst he’s missing and when Jon discovers it was you who took care of him, the two of you bond. 

♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡

\ Request from anonymous /

could you do a Jon Snow imagine where the reader is introduced to Jon after Ghost’s disappearance (you know how Ghost was missing until the 5th episode of season 4)? so maybe she had been taking care of Ghost that whole while and he became attached to her, which is why Jon and the reader form a bond :p TY! idk if that made sense, I hope it did lol

♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡

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Lovebug [e.h x reader]

Pairing: Evan Hansen x Reader

warnings: fluff, idk maybe some swearing?? doubt it though.

Word count: 1,028

Requested?: lol no

oh my goodness, im back! and its with evan!!! I just really like this song and Evan would be so cute in the situations so i was just like ‘why not bih??’ anyway, i think its cute so i hope you enjoy it!

Lovebug by The Jonas Brothers song AU 💓🐞

xoxo cass

Called her for the first time yesterday
Finally found the missing part of me
Felt so close but you were far away
Left me without anything to say

You told him to call you. You came to him! So he should press the call button, right? Your number was right there on his cast under Connors signature. ‘He ignored all the ‘what ifs’ swirling in his mind and focused his attention back at the glowing number on his phone. Just click the button, Evan!

“Hello?” your voice rang through his phone and he immediately relaxed a little at the sound of you.

“Hey, its um, it’s Ev-Evan! You uh, told me to call you so… here we are” he rambled off in between nervous laughs.

“Oh, hey! What’s up?” Your voice brightened up and he heard your smile through the phone.

It felt like you were right there with him somehow and for once, he didn’t feel nervous talking to someone. Maybe it was the phone barrier that made him feel less self-conscious or maybe it was the fact that you seemed genuinely happy to hear from him, it made the butterflies in his stomach dance wildly.

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The Art Of Aggressive Language

Summary: Based off of this one part of UNHhhh (below) which I thought was freaking hilarious

Pairing: Bucky x Reader

Warnings: funny shit and stuff

A/N: I saw this one episode of UNHhhh and saw this part and died laughing so I thought I’d make a quick lil one shot-drabble based on it. Hope you like itttttttttt

You stood by the bar, one arm resting on the counter while the other was occupied with a drink. Your eyes scan the room seeing Tony, Clint and Wanda, arms around each other’s shoulders as they swayed and sung along drunkenly to the song that was playing.

Sam and Vision were in the crowd, cheering the three on (well, Sam was. Vis was just there to keep tabs on Wanda to make sure she didn’t do anything stupid although, she was doing something stupid at the moment) and Steve, Bruce, Natasha and Thor were standing on both sides of you as you watched your friends make fools out of themselves.

This was a typical Tony Stark party. And you were loving every moment of it.

The current song ended and Wanda frowned, taking a big gulp of her beer just as Vis stepped up and held a hand out to her.

“Come on, Wanda.” he says. “Let’s get you to bed. You’re drunk.”

“But I don’t wanna.” she whined, stomping her foot like a child.

Vis cracked a smile at the brunette. “You’ll thank me later now come on.”

She sighed and was about to give in when Wanted Dead Or Alive by Bon Jovi started playing. Your friend gasped and ran back to Tony and Clint, squeezing in between the two. The trio belted out the lyrics while the crowd cheered them on.

“Woo! Yeah!” Sam shouted. “Those are my friends!” he turns around. “Those are my friends! Woo! Get it!”

“I’m a cowboy, on the steel horse I ride!” Tony shouts, a hand on his stomach as he squeezed his eyes shut.

“Wanda, please.” Vis begs.

“I’m wanted…” Clint sings next.

Vis lets out a laugh. “Get down.”

Wanda raises her beer bottle in the air. “Dead or aliveeee!”

You throw your head back and laugh at the very drunk brunette before turning your attention to your drink. As you down the last of it, you see someone walking up to you through the glass. You put the cup down and see Bucky coming your way with a smirk on his face.

“Don’t touch me.” you say, backing up fully into the bar counter. “Please don’t touch me. Please don’t touch me at all.”

You knew he saw how drunk you were beginning to get and you also knew that he came over to take you to bed (because you always complain about the hangover afterwards) before you got too drunk.

“Doll,” he starts off in a sultry tone. He stops in front of you and placed his hands on each side of you on the counter, trapping you before leaning forward to whisper. “you’re drunk, beautiful. And you’re gonna regret saying here longer when you wake up in the morning. You always do.”

“But I’m having fun with my friends.” you pout, gesturing to them.

“I know, gorgeous, but I’m trying to help tomorrow morning you.” he says, leaning in even more and your breathing catches in your throat. “You’ll-”

You cut him off in the most serious tone.

“Unless you’re gonna slam this fucking nasty roast beef cream pussy hole, you stay the fuck away from me.”

Beside you, Bruce and Thor both choke on their drinks and Nat and Steve cover their mouths to stop themselves from bursting into laughter.

Bucky pulls away and gives you an incredulous look before doubling over and clutching his stomach as he laughed. “I can’t believe you just-” Bucky shook his head, still laughing and takes a few steps back.

“I’m being serious.” you say.

Bucky’s laughter dies down but his smile still stays on his face. “I know you are but maybe tomorrow, yeah?”

You look at your friends who aren’t even looking at you before nodding. “Okay.”

You take Bucky’s hand and let him guide you to your room while behind you, you’re friends burst out laughing.

A/N: Tell me what ya thinkkkkkk


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anyways i hope mark has the best eighteenth birthday ever like i hope sm gives him the entire day off and he gets to sleep in without a worry. maybe skype his folks back home. i bet his brother has some funny story to tell him and vice versa. i hope he gets his favorite meals whether they be takeout or cooked by taeyong. i hope he doesn’t worry about what he eats or missing a day of practice. i hope he can just relax and enjoy his day. maybe sit on the couch all day and watch netflix or youtube or smth. maybe go to the park and people watch. idk. i just hope he spends the day however he wants.

I already see people making connections between the stranger in the weblum and Lotor however??

I’m struggling to believe they are the same person because of the appearance of the spacecraft. This person, whoever they are, has been stuck inside this weblum for A WHILE judging by the vine-like growths hugging their ship to the creature.

Haggar seemed to call on Lotor like he was?? readily available?? I feel like there would have been talk of a missing prince, you know, EMPEROR ZARKON’S SON, but that’s just my opinion. Maybe it is Lotor and nobody really keeps dibs on him, idk. This is just my reasoning on why I think the Galra in the weblum might be a entirely different character.

Being around kids is sadly validating that heteronormativity is so hurtful to lgbt+ kids or all kids for that matter

A 4 year old girl I babysat told me about an adorable girl in her gymnastics class that she likes. She literally asked me “are girls allowed to marry other girls because I wanna marry Abby?”

-I couldn’t say anything bc I met her parents through church and I’d probably lose my babysitting job

Same girl told me she wished she was a boy so she could marry a girl. Like the poor little girl isn’t allowed to know she can marry a girl she likes bc why?

I remember when my cousin was younger we had a “girl” elf on the shelf and our elf one night showed up in a little christmas tree with an elsa barbie and my cousin was convinced that our elf and elsa were married. Like it was the cutest thing ever but our uncle literally told her they cant get married because thats illegal. She freaking comes back with “ They got married in the north pole so it’s not illegal.” like kids can make shit up just like adults can. He just kept arguing with her. A grown man fighting with a 7 year old because she has a healthy imagination? ok.

My cousin who’s 6 has been begging me since he could talk to paint his nails and do his makeup. He has adhd and is literally the most energetic child, will not sit through a movie but will watch me do my makeup for an hour, mesmerized.

I played pretend salon with him the other day and he was so happy but the actual saddest thing when he heard my door open he jumped scared that someone would come yell at him for being happy and doing something he likes. HOW FUCKED UP IS THAT?

-I can’t let him actually paint his nails or put on makeup because when I do I get in trouble and so will he

Same little boy told me the other day he wishes he was a girl. He asked me if I ever wanted to be a boy. I answered honestly and told him yes.

-I tried not to elaborate much so he wouldn’t get in trouble for repeating it. Do you know how much I wanted to tell this child that he’s feeling such a common thing though? or that he doesnt even have to be a girl to wear makeup or paint his nails? or if he does want to be a girl then thats OK??

THE MOST FUCKED PART IS ITS ALL MADE UP. Gender roles/stereotypes are made up and they are hurting our children.

Like come on people! These kids have had only heterosexual media shoved down their throats their whole existence, yet they still have these questions and feelings!!! and I’m telling you the children i’m talking about are sheltered catholic kids who have no exposure to anything promoting positivity towards lgbt+ people. How are these feelings so unnatural if children who know NOTHING about gay people/culture have these questions.

Maybe parents don’t see this because they are so heavily clouded by their upbringings. or these kids trust me because i’m their babysitter/cousin and they know I won’t yell at them for asking valid fucking questions. Idk how parents are so blind that they can’t see they’re hurting their own children.

How does my mom still refer to my potential future life partner as he him your future husband man when I don’t even fucking know. Why can’t we let our kids discover these things themselves????

ps. I know gender identity is not the same as sexuality I’m not sure if I miss worded anything, if so I’ll change it.

anonymous asked:

Do you guys mind explaining what happened with Laci Green or linking to a post about it? Idk how I missed what happened

She’s always been terrible at taking criticism from anyone she deems a sjw and has had problems with being transphobic and islamophobic. I thought maybe she was getting better in the past couple of years but she started dating an anti-sj/gamergate type of guy.

Now she excuses him favoring white supremacy, parrots anti-sj rhetoric, pretends to be a moderate, a middle man inbetween two extremes while visibly favoring anti-sj and anti-feminism, seems to be blocking or ignoring any criticism or anyone trying to reach out to her (She called Kat Blaque a sociopath), becoming more transphobic and so on.


  • Seokjin: *sniffles* I love cliches.
  • Yoongi: I hate cliches, the couples are the worst.
  • Hoseok: Hey, I'm going to the store, be right back!
  • Yoongi: *looks longingly at the door* He's gone and I already miss him.
  • Seokjin: ♡ щ(ಠ益ಠщ)
I feel like a conspiracy theorist but I think there really must have been someone else in the room during the Osaka V LIVE

There have been lots of analyses on this but there’s one thing that’s really convinced me. Here is the link for anyone who may not have seen it yet: http://www.vlive.tv/video/11149/BTS-Live-in-Osaka

So, we see in the beginning that the bathroom area is dark

but later, the light is clearly on.

The thing is, there are only two times we can’t see Jungkook between these two frames. The first time was when he walked in that direction to get bread but it was still dark over there when he came back.

The second was when V flopped onto the bed but you could see Jungkook messing with the nightstand as he was going down and his shadow on the bed until he came back into the shot. He also talked to V during that time and it sounded like he was right next to him still.

At first, you could see JK’s shadow to the left.

It stayed there until we saw it move to the other side.

If you watch the video, you can see it more clearly. Anyway, he must not have moved away from the sides of the bed and I don’t see a light switch even on the wall near that bathroom area. In other words, there’s no way he could have turned on the light during that time and we can clearly see him on camera after that. It makes no sense for Jungkook to turn on that light anyway because they weren’t going over there but it does make sense for Jimin to turn it on, if he was hiding. 

I just don’t see any other way it could have happened besides someone else doing it, especially with all the other evidence that Jimin was there.

Yo look. After this whole business with Shiro is resolved, I want something to happen to Lance. Like, he gets separated from them all for like, several weeks. Or he decides to quit. Whatever happens, the rest for the team doesn’t know where he is or if he’s okay. And I want them to just. Not function well. Without Lance there, the rest of Team Voltron just doesn’t work together as well as with Lance. It’s not even the fact that they’re down a Lion, since Allura or Coran could technically pilot the Blue Lion, but just that they’re missing Lance. Fighting the Galra is just that much more difficult without Lance and they’re forced to struggle their way through battles in between looking for him. Meanwhile Lance himself is off on his own adventure and maybe starts to think that it doesn’t really matter to the rest of the team that he’s gone or that maybe they don’t really miss him all that much - not because they haven’t found him yet but just because y'know anxiety - and so he doesn’t make super much of an effort to get back to the rest of them or whatever. But then Team Voltron DOES find him because they’ve been looking so hard when they’re not in the middle of fighting the Galra and like everyone is absolutely overjoyed to find Lance again and as soon as he’s back things just start to go right in battles and they win more easily and idk I just really want a big important arc where the focus is on Lance and his character development and the end of the arc is Lance realizing that he’s actually really important to Team Voltron even if he maybe doesn’t have some skill as obvious as the others because there’s a reason he was chosen to be a Paladin and by gosh he’s gonna be a good one




“Hey Y/N!” Conor shouted as he walked into your and Joe’s flat before being pushed aside as Jack ran past him and embraced you in a hug. 

“Y/N!!” He said lifting you up and spinning you a little before setting you back down.

“Well hey guys.” You said setting away from Jack to pull Conor in for a hug. “I missed you two.” 

“Not as much as we missed you.” Jack corrected, turning his head when Joe came down the stairs.

“Thought I heard you two.” Joe spoke running a finger through his hair. 

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