but idk just seeing it with the text makes me happy

a few weeks ago my mum and i were at the beach and there were two women bathing topless near us. this man got up and went over to the lifeguards and asked them to tell the women to put a shirt on. the lifeguard stared at him and said “well if you can have your chest and nipples hanging out, then why shouldn’t they?” and the man just looked stunned and walked away. this is the kind of thing that makes me have faith in humanity 

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What do you two lovebirds do to ease the difficulties of an ldr?

We send each other snaps very often. Whether it be yummy foods that we’re excited to snack on asap, pictures of ourselves, or random pictures of funny things and cute sunsets, we try to send pictures that’ll make us smile. We also skype every evening, even if it’s just for a little bit of time. To hear her voice every evening and to see her makes the pain in my chest feel erased. It’s hard, of course, but we try to fill each other’s lives with positivity. We also send each other good morning texts everyday and that helps start our days off right. And yeah, idk. We just try to make each other happy by doing the small things. And it’s really lovely to read all those long cute messages she sends me while I’m at work and I love pouring out my love towards her while she’s asleep or at work as well. We try our hardest to show our love for each other and I think that’s the most important thing that keeps us fighting strongly 😊

hey hey hey everyone, i need your help! i am making a zine (for what is essentially my senior project) and i need YOU!

so here is the deal - 
i am illustrating pieces of advice for adolescents, as my project for the last 3 years has been an exploration of youth. i am compiling the advice and stories and consolations of those who have experienced, firsthand, the trials of being a teenager.
this is very open-ended, tell me about the most important thing(s) you learned in high school - not just that you should have joined more clubs or done your work on time - but about discovering what makes you happy, sad, tired, anything. about heartbreak, about joy, about that house party where you cried, about being ~in love~, or not being in love. tell me about that thing that happened last summer that you can’t forget about, tell me why, send me the text that you have saved on your phone from two years ago. give me some words, sentences, poems, stories, somethings (which you have written of course) that represent the important things that have happened to you or near you or within you somewhere between your first day of freshman year and being handed your diploma. tell me what mattered, what matters.

if i use your words, i will mail you a print of my drawings/illustrations that will accompany it, along with another drawing and little surprises. and of course you will receive credit for your writing in my pieces and in the overall zine. we will be in private contact of course so that i can get your mailing address, etc. 

please email what you’ve got to say to srwestart@gmail.com (within the next week or so probably) and we will be in contact! feel totally free to message me/email me with any questions or comments or whatever, i’d be very happy to talk with you! and finally, even if you are not sure what to say but you know/have followers who might, i would be so appreciative if you reblogged this!!! 


So obviously I’m a white dude.

I just woke up and started scrolling through my dash, and since I follow several blogs from people of color, my dash is like 98% #blackout selfies. Then, I ran across the .gif of the Black man dancing behind the White girl who was crying (re: pointing out how offended White people get over Black pride).

You know what, though? I’ll be honest. I’m legit crying right now. I’m crying because all of these confident Black people are loving themselves and each other and that’s seriously amazing. I honestly can’t describe how exhilaratingly happy it makes me to see people being unapologetically themselves. But I do know that I will fully and undoubtedly support any Black person in their endeavors, especially if that endeavor is loving themselves.

Maybe I’m just up in my feelings this morning, idk.

Black Power.

I got so emotional when I saw this idk it’s just the cutest thing ever?? Look at baekhyun tilting his head like a little puppy, jongdae getting over excited he looks like he’s about to jump over that table, and a little kaisoo there. It’s a normal group photo but it feels so special its like they are all just hanging out at the bar together, talking about their journey together as a band and they get all tipsy then junma’s like ‘guys lets take a group photo real quick’ then they ask the bartender to take the photo and they all take a look at it and laugh at how dumb they look omg look im crying ha ha ha time to sleep