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Ok since I’ve somehow gained like 40 followers in a week, and since it’s 4/13 and everyone’s screaming about Homestuck, have an update on how we are celebrating 200 followers here COMBINED with celebrating 4/13 and celebrating Dave

First: I’m writing yall fanfics. 1000+ words each. First 10 in my ask box will be written. Literally just the first 10 unless I feel like doing more lmao. This is for 200 followers. Just tell me what you want!

Second: for everyone! I’m gonna do a group CMV! You don’t have to be in cosplay, it can just be you!! Or be in cosplay if you want-I’ll probably do Karkat but it doesnt matter. It’ll just be a fun thing for us to do! More info below the cut (:B This is for 4/13 even though it’ll obviously be late

Third: Anyone and everyone send in something about Dave, any form of Dave, whether or not you are Dave or not, anything. Send in something, a favorite quote, something you love about him, something about him that makes you proud, something that makes you laugh, why you love him-anything related to Dave (includes Davesprite, Davepeta, any kidswapped, speciesswapped, etc Daves, and so on)
These will all be compiled together into a little notebook or something. I’ll post a digital copy, and if any Dave wants a physical copy made by a Karkat with decorations and shit, I’ll fucking send it to them (guess what-no cost 0:B heck yea) This is for celebration of Dave!

I know these are kinda drastic but I really would love if you guys would participate in them?? I’ll be reblogging this periodically as it comes together, and stuff will be open for a while. For the Dave celebration one, I’ll leave it open for a while-no closing date set yet so keep an eye out for one!! I’ll put everything under the tag #dave is loved compilation

More info about the “CMV” for lack of a better thing to call it below


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i'm still hoping that god johnson was lucifer's dad's way of reaching out to his wife/son maybe for whatever reason he cant manifest in a regular body or can't return just yet so it was his way of speaking out cuz idk it would be REALLY unsatisfying if that honestly wants god at all idk

Oh, it was definitely God. I wrote a post about it here. He can’t manifest directly, but he used a human as an intermediary in a probably unprecedented attempt to sort things out. But unfortunately, when Lucifer found out there was any kind of catch, he rejected the whole thing immediately, the same as with the Chloe situation. If any part of it is any less than it seems, welp, burn that motherfucker DOWN (especially where his dad’s concerned). There’s no possibility of nuance or thinking things through. It’s either all true or all false.

Unfortunately, therefore, what Dad tried as a way of clearing the air instead made the situation even worse, so Lucifer is about to go off completely and is even more convinced that his dad hates him and wants him to be miserable. This isn’t necessarily Dad’s fault, but yeah, it backfired big time.

Btw my shirt came in the mail a couple of days ago, but I’m not sure yet if I’ll keep it - I’m really afraid of the print peeling off in the washing mashine (it’s that sticky kind idk how to call it).

I’m really excited to actually have some official merch in my hands for once though - they never make anything avaible in germany -__-

one time i was walking through downtown with my dad and we passed by this white guy who told my dad to “go back to China, asshole.” thankfully my dad was distracted and didn’t hear him (he has poor hearing) 

and there was another time when my family and i were hiking through a forest and we passed by 3 white boys who were chilling outside. i was walking a little bit behind the rest of my family so i was the only one who heard when one of the white boys looked at me and my sisters and turned to the rest of his friends and said “too asian!” and laughed like it was some hilarious joke

and another time, a few weeks ago, i was walking through campus and when i was about to walk pass an old white guy he looked at me and said “fuck you” under his breath 

and idk i find it really funny how white folk hate us asians and yet we make their clothes, their cars, their phones…. and they love our smooth skin and our skincare routines and our eyes and create new “”“"makeup trends”“” to look like us…but then say “ching chong !!” to their friends or expect every asian women to work at a nail salon or cleaners or expect every asian schoolgirl to get on their knees and please them like ????

and idk sometimes i think about this late at night and it hurts me a lot 

so i guess shoutout to all my asian women who experience these things on a regular basis and don’t seem to get a lot of solidarity or support from the Tumblr community (POC community included.)

((maryann, 18, grey-romo pansexual.))


its midnight so technically I can post this -

A year ago today on November 6th I created this character. Her name is Eden, she’s 17 and a witch. She was the beginning to making my life better after leaving a rough community I had been apart of for 3 solid years, the day before I made her. The community despite having its good and bad ends had more bad ends than I could handle. It was harming my well being more than it was helping it. I was miserable, angry, or anxious, 90% of the time.

After one of my best friends actually helped me in getting away from the community in a way I couldn’t return easily, Eden was the next step to recovering, and since then I’ve made many more beautiful children, and haven’t looked back. The community was all fanbased characters as well, I hadn’t made an actual regular OC with no limitations for 3 whole years. This was one of the most refreshing things I had ever done when I finally made something original again. And my friend Madeline helped me develop her,  we’ve made dozens of OCs and stories. Stories that go into depths I cannot describe to you properly because I am so emotionally invested in them down to my soul that idk if anyone could understand the way I do. I will never stop loving my OCs, my friends OCs, and the OCs I have yet to create. 

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Can you share the recap of Niall's interview?

Sure. Here is the recap from a lovely anon who hooked me up cause i couldn’t listen:

Anonymous said:OKAY! It started with them being silly and taking a bit to get into it. To be expected I supose, as them being friends, they’re very sweet together. Talked about words Niall has picked up being in LA. Garbage, rad, sneakers. Then they talked about Niall’s LA home and his bathroom. You can see into it from the hills apparently! Asked about the Ryder cup. Niall said it was mad, with a great crowd. How he was nervous around one of the players, Paul O'connell. (cont.)

Anonymous said:A bit more about golf. (He asked if he could swear on radio as he recounted a tale from one of the players.)(Said player said One Direction were shit.) They’re… so Irish it’s hard to understand them! Talked about Niall’s travels! Asked if he “found himself”. Said he went to Australia because of his cousins, then Bali, where it rained a lot. Then the Philippines, Cambodia. Said ‘finding himself’ is a bit much, but it was freeing for him. Said he’d go again. (Eoghan went with him.) (cont.)

Anonymous said:Talked about the release of This Town being out of the blue. Said he learned from being in One Direction that holding off on talking about it minimized the risk of it leaking beforehand. Said he wrote it in March or April. Said he didn’t have real plans to release anything/go solo, but had made good relationships with people in the biz, wanted to get back to writing, and started writing “for anyone”, sent it to his manager and “it went from there.” (cont.)

Anonymous said:Quite coy about how he went from not having plans to do anything and then wanting to release the stuff he wrote. Talked again about Shawn Mendez, writing with him, but they haven’t met yet properly. Kind of hinted at meeting and “jamming”. Eoghan told him he could open for him (Eoghan)(lmao) at the Christmas Ball. Niall giggled it was adorable. Mentions of One Direction. Nothing like “they’re coming back” just referencing that Niall is a “One Direction lad.” (cont.) (one more)

Anonymous said:Last one! Niall said he’s not making any plans/trips for the next couple months. Was given “Honorary Verified Listener Sponsorship” or something along those lines idk it’s a thing for regular listeners. Overall it was kind of boring I hate to say. (Too much golf talk.) And those accents, my goodness. But Niall remains very charming with his promo! Love you, MB. Hope your meeting passes quickly! 

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have you ever noticed that when there are “no cameras” like in airplanes or subways or in the car or whenever there is not television thing going on, baekyeol a l w a y s sit next to each other, yet on showtime, they gave some space and sat around other members mostly. Idk, i just think that if they were doing any kind of fanservice for the “baekyeol ship” they would do a lot more on tv and not only when they think no one can see them?

Yes, we’ve noticed! It really gets to me because it makes no sense but at the same time it’s all I could really wish for. Mostly, in their everyday regular lives, they’re pretty much glued to the hip and inseparable. Always sitting together, just enjoying each other’s company. But on TV, their interactions are less there. Which brings me yet again to one of the reasons why we ship this couple, the fact that they don’t take advantage of the fact that they’re shipped. On the contrary, they make it even harder for shippers sometimes. 

Many ex-Baekyeol shippers have left the ship only because they think Chanyeol & Baekhyun are not interacting with each other anymore, and that they stopped caring and wanting to be together. Which, in my opinion, is a very untrue statement. Those people were obviously not paying much attention. The fact that Chanyeol & Baekhyun are being less touchy on TV is actually a good thing, because if the skinship were too excessive and very in-your-face the pairing could just be for sale and monetary business, which would be terribly bad. People have left to bandwagon on other ships which are obviously planned and only used for jokes and money, but they disregard such a cute, subtle and  adorable pairing as Baekyeol? Makes no sense!

Every EXO fan should pay attention to Baekyeol, because of their beautiful relationship. Their bond goes beyond the rest, it’s truly something adorable. Like you said, if they really wanted to trick people and get that $$$, they would have the best interactions on Showtime or on any TV show where everyone can see them and witness what they’re doing, rather than on award shows or airports or anywhere else. Guys, Baekyeol is no joke!

Thanks for asking ^^ 

-admin SFS

Exactly. We’ve seen candid photos of Baekyeol going out together, shopping together, eating together. They sit together at the airport or plane etc. They are constantly interacting, but we are only aware of that thanks to the fans who takes photos of them. Sometimes, these photos are even slightly (or more…) stalker-ish, but I’m guilty of looking at them anyway. Reason being, just like admin SFS has said, Baekhyun and Chanyeol don’t make it easy to ship them sometimes (thankfully, I like difficult). It’s like they deliberately want to appear off the radar. Especially when the cameras are rolling. Still, we baekyeol shippers are ninjas, so we notice stuff.

This is also one of the reasons they are so suspicious. Not to mention, they talk about each other all the time (whether away from one another or not), but when they are together on screen, it’s like they monitor themselves, so they won’t appear too close. Especially Baekhyun.

We are so curious how it’s going to be now, with the beginning of the new era. We can hardly wait!

-admin MTL