but idk if it works together


Bucky X Reader:

Alone together

Beating heart

Wild things: Part 1 Part 2

Peter Parker X Reader:

Why spiders? Why couldn’t it be “follow the butterflies”?

True Friends

Can’t Keep my Hands to Myself

Steve Rogers X Reader:

All Along The Watchtower (AU Prince!Steve X Peasant!Reader)

A/N: honestly idk why the only imagines I made with Peter had angst, I should work out on some fluff or AU with him sooner, also if you wanna request something ask on my twitter bc my tumblr made something to my ask I still didn’t figured out what yet, don’t be shy! :D

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anonymous asked:

i found a classmates tumblr and found out she had an ed and anxiety, depression etc. and idk how to go about it? she doesnt know that i know and shes already in therapy, but some of her posts were "if only somebody cared and asked me how i am" and "i have noone". and i want to talk to her but not out of pity? we have a lot of the same interests (didnt know that before i saw her tumblr) but idk what to do

well firstly i think she would feel very uncomfortable if you went up to her and was like “i found your tumblr”

you could start by just saying hi to her if you see her, then maybe asking how she is from time to time? just try and instigate a friendship! if you get any opportunity to talk to her at all - e.g. if you’ve got to work together in class, or you find yourself in a group of people all talking, just start talking to her.

ultimately though, you should know that it’s not your responsibility to do anything to help. it’s really great that you want to, and you should definitely go for it and try to reach out to her, but ultimately you shouldn’t feel like you HAVE to.

We are always stronger together 

Can you believe there is only a few day left before Voltron season 2 ???


What rivalry?

hogwarts finally works together
  • gryffindors: shit the death eaters are coming come on guys we gotta wreck their shit
  • slytherins: i got a list of all the secret passages around the castle and also their likely tactics for reasons, let's do this
  • hufflepuffs: let's work together guys! i believe in us! because let's face it we are the baddest motherfuckers around here
  • ravenclaws: okay so here's a thousand different spells we can use and if that doesn't work we can just throw chairs at them idk

I feel like we haven’t appreciated this moment as a fandom enough.

Like there was plenty of room behind her to walk but Fitz chooses to brush up against her to prolong the contact between them in that moment. Touches between these two are always significant and especially in this scene, it was a symbol of comfort between the two of them.

quick korrasami things:

  • are canonically Work Out Pals™, can and do bench press each other and have developed a post work out ritual of going out for coffee together before parting for the day
  • know when the other needs space or doesn’t want to be alone
  • sometimes korra can’t sleep after nightmares and gets really restless bc of them so she tries getting out of bed quietly to kill the hours in another room so as not to disturb her girlfriend, but asami always wakes up like 15 seconds after korra and joins her. she makes them tea and they talk idly until the sun rises and korra’s forgotten all about her night terror.
  • are literally?? so smitten with each other, it’s ridiculous.
  • asami: *pulls her hair up in a pony tail* korra: *gasps, clutches heart* bea utiful
  • whenever korra does the cute nose scrunch asami has to kiss it: she literally drops whatever she’s doing to kiss her it’s. that important okay.
  • when they go out anywhere together their outfits always fit and go really reallly well together. they’re not even actively trying or planning what clothes to wear, it just happens: they’re always the #goals couple.

“They’re so sappy, it’s disgusting.”
Clint’s snide remark is almost lost under Sam’s feigned wretching.
“Super assassins in love. I think it’s sweet”, Tony quips. “Would make for a great Lifetime movie, too.“
“You guys do realize we can hear you and I have a sniper rifle…?”


I will write a book one day about how I feel about every aspect of Emily Stone. She’s a full genius or she has found her genius and she’s given it so fully and beautifully. I think everyone who works with her, everyone who, you know, brushes shoulders with her or even kinda makes eye contact with her gets a shot of sunshine.

A CONCEPT: when Kara and Sara meet and start working together, Sara starts flirting with Kara profusely; there is no shortage of winks and sly remarks and finger guns here friends, and instead of telling Sara flat out that she’s not gay or even interested, she blushes and becomes flustered and giggles because wow Sara Lance is flirting with her and calling her cute and it is really hard to form words around someone that pretty. And eventually it comes time for them to part and Sara finally and very clearly asks Kara out and Kara, still flustered, cannot come up with a response to save her life but Sara takes a hint with her silence and says, “I get it, you’re not gay,” and Kara still cannot come up with words to even respond and so she kind of gives this nervous smile that makes Sara tilt her head and ask, “…or is there someone else?” And then Kara gets EVEN MORE FLUSTERED if that was even possible and she stutters a million excuses and Sara’s confused smile grows into a wide, knowing smirk and just nods along to all of Kara’s excuses before they temporarily part ways.

But when Kara gets back to her apartment after saving the world once more, with the help of her amazing new friends and allies, she thinks about Sara Lance and her unabashed flirting and her all too pretty smile and giggles to herself because it feels really good to get hit on, especially by someone as pretty as Sara. But then her friends’ words come back to her, swirling in her mind, a question she can’t help but ponder herself. “Or is there someone else?” The words echo over and over as she’s laying in her bed, listening to the ever bustling city outside her window and before she can stop herself, she can see the vibrant green eyes behind her eye lids and the ever-flowing, always perfect, always beautiful raven hair and a perfect row of teeth trapping ruby red lips and a smile that lights her whole world like the Sun does for Earth and…

Damn. Maybe there is someone else.

[A Continuation]

I had a dream once… Something that I know won`t ever happen… But I`m still happy because I was with them…

I remember I saw this picture somewhere in my relentless pursuit of rare LawLicht images where there was Licht and Ophelia in a school uniform and Lawless is staring lovingly at them (I actually have the pic in my phone but I don`t know who to credit so… yeah, I`ll keep hidden for now). I can really imagine them as this trio who, despite their differences, are drawn to each other by music and arts! Lawless and Ophelia being the stars of the drama club, and Licht, although part of the music club, plays for them more often than the others. I don`t want to imagine a love triangle (or Lawless not being able to choose between them or something) but I know I`ll love their everyday interactions!! 

On a side note, which is honestly the main reason why I drew this, IT`S THE START OF MY SCHOOL DAYS!! //gross sobbing

have a cleaned up but still ridiculous ‘brought together by a minor car accident’ au because jily. and llamas.

“Hello? Ma’am? Are you okay?”

Lily opened her eyes to find a boy staring at her through her car window with mild concern on his face. Two boys, actually. She blinked, trying to refocus her gaze. Didn’t work, but he was so pretty she almost didn’t mind seeing two of him.

“Are you okay?” he asked again.

Lily took stock—her knee hurt like hell, but the airbag had deployed and prevented serious injury. Her greatest danger seemed to be repeated sneezing from the bloody white powder still hanging in the air.

She rolled down her window. “I think so, yeah.”

“Thank fuck—I mean god. I mean shit.” He rested a hand on the roof of her car and leaned forward. “Sorry.”

“It’s alright,” Lily said, leaning her head back on her seat. “Did I hit the llama?”

The grin slipped of his face—faces. “You don’t remember what happened?”

“Er…I hit a llama?”

“No, you didn’t.”

“I didn’t?”

“Are you sure you’re alright?”

“There was a llama…right?” She swore there was a llama, and swearing, and swerving.

“A llama, or a mutant sheep,” he said, grinning slightly. Lily’s vision finally focused—there was only one of him now. He was far handsomer than her blurry vision had given him credit for. 

He had a very nice smile, didn’t he?

“You really don’t remember?” he asked. She shook her head. Or started to, but stopped, due to the pain. Good Teeth leaned forward. “Are you sure you’re okay? Were you unconscious just then?”

“No,” Lily said, because that was the appropriate reply when someone asked you if you were just unconscious.

“Right,” he said. She could tell he didn’t believe her. She didn’t believe her.

“Was I unconscious?”

“Maybe. And you didn’t hit the llama, you hit me.”

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