but idk if im gonna be finishing this meme lol


so im gonna start posting my art here!

i mainly draw p5 and goro but i also like ahs, rick and morty, danganronpa, and other video games so you might see some of that on here too who knows.

i also run an ask blog! Some of you may have came from here so… idk lol. i also run my other blog, karasu-kingyo, which is where i meme and edit my stuff ( i might talk about some p5 stuff on here too)

i’m gonna try to post at least 3 times a week, hopefully some finished drawings and maybes some wips idk.

i’m glad to do this. it’s a new start! now im gonna go make some brownies.

mythology meme {1/9} greek gods or goddesses


(Hestia, Ion. Histiê), the goddess of the hearth, or rather the fire burning on the hearth, was regarded as one of the twelve great gods, and accordingly as a daughter of Cronus and Rhea. According to the common tradition, she was the first-born daughter of Rhea, and was therefore the first of the children that was swallowed by Cronus.