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“Peace. Land. Victory. I’ll give you Sea Dragon Point and the Stony Shore, black earth and tall trees and stones enough for every younger son to build a hall. We’ll have the northmen too … as friends, to stand with us against the Iron Throne. Your choice is simple. Crown me, for peace and victory. Or crown my uncle, for more war and more defeat. What will you have, ironmen?”

Word Count: 4241

Genre: Smut*

*Warnings: Dom!Namjoon, rough oral… kind of rough in general.

Summary: Meeting a cute boy at a fancy party, and Namjoon punishing you for listening to his flirtations.

A/N: Idk if CEO!Namjoon is a thing, but here he is. This is actually something I wrote for my editor, because you never fail me! Thank you for your continued patience and encouragement. I mean when I say that I can never thank you enough. <3

     The lavish smelling perfume that permeated the room burned your nostrils, black tuxedos and designer cocktail dresses crowding the room as waiters sauntered from person to person with tall glasses of wine offered on shining silver trays. People were paired off here and there in the grand entryway of the hotel, their voices chiming boasts of their wealth. It was a scene you had become all too familiar with, but one that you were never comfortable in.

      The small chatter of the people around you did nothing to drown out the annoyance that crawled up your spine. Even the thick sips of the sweet red wine in your hand didn’t offer any kind of solace from checking your phone every five minutes, glancing at the time and your text messages both. They disappointed you every time as well, as the time dragged on and you still received no confirmation of your boyfriend’s appearance.

    “I may be a little late, but that’s all.” Namjoon had said, watching with an intense gaze as you slipped the red cocktail dress down your curves. The pink of his tongue glided over his lips as he eyed you, his Adam’s apple bobbing as he swallowed back his lust. You lived for moments like these, where his often unnoticed appreciation for you showed. Catching himself in his weakness, his expression fell flat once again, causing you to sigh as you smoothed the dress down your hips. As usual, those moments were never long and he never let you divulge in them for any longer.

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Ok low key I notice sometime that tumblr likes to make fun of how white people look and it really bothers me. I mean I know that beauty standards are super problematic, and tend to favor white people and maybe attacking how white people look will (idk) “break” those standards….but I still think attacking looks is below the belt…
Like people are privileged in some ways and put down in others. Like I’m Latina, and a woman, but I’m privileged bc I’m in a middle class family and in college and am white passing. I’m privileged in some ways but in others I’m not. Like a white guy is super privileged, but may have major image issues (not being tall enough, not being muscley enough, acne, not have facial hair whatever is a source of the negativity) and I don’t think it’s fair to attack them. Their insecurities should not be targeted, even if they are a white guy.
We can’t be body positive and tell everyone to accept themselves then turn and attack people for things we told them to accept about themselves.
Tldr: please be body positive to everyone because anyone can have insecurities and don’t be a jackass

  • Johnny: I sing, I dance, I rap, I speak fluent English, I'm tall, handsome, I have a good sense of humor, and guess what, TEN loves me. What do you do?
  • Mark: I debut.
  • Johnny: You 'debuted', you don't even use proper grammar
  • Mark: I debuted. Thrice. So, 'I debut' is actually what I should be saying.
  • Johnny: Watch me, I will debut, someday.
  • Donghyuck: Do you have a specific date?
  • Johnny: ... I will...
  • Doyoung: Instead of debuting you should just go and teach 'Future Tense' to middle-schoolers.
  • Mark: Why only future tense?
  • Donghyuck: ...
  • Taeil: ...
  • Doyoung: ...
  • Johnny: Enough.

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Hi, could you please write some jasaphael with this prompt: Imagine that A is the nice tall one and B is the smol angry bby. Bonus: A frequently picks B up like a cat to calm them down. Bonus Bonus: C is the medium one who hitchhikes on A’s back and is secretly a bit jealous of B. Obviously, A would be jace, B would be raphael and C would be simon. Thanks bb ;*

sorry for the super late reply, I legit forgot i even wrote something for this? forgive me, also icon goals

idk if this is what you wanted, but ya know

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-What’s DarkpathAU?-

I needed a way to better reference their outfits, and I know some of you have been asking about references for them too, so here’s this. Including a sloppy height chart to show how much everyone’s grown (or lack thereof). Baymax is super tall now thanks to his added leg stilts, because Hiro is fully convinced that taller - more menacing, and “we want people to fear us”.

So Baymax is now overly huge and has many problems with doors, poor guy (added a zoomed in ver of the nerds sheet because of this reason, and seriously it was so hard to cram Baymax onto there BUT I TRIED MY BEST) Also I took off their helmets so you could see their hair and headbands and stuff, minus Fred who is nearly perma stuck in his suit by this point.

Fight Destiny's Edge + Trahearne
  • Rytlock: He was already scary but now nobody knows what he can do. You don't know, you will be fighting him blind and he will beat you to a pulp. But he might find your spunk admirable enough to put yourself in his good graces. Fight Rytock if the hospital bills are worth it.
  • Eir: She is nine feet tall with biceps as big as your head. Her organs probably have muscles too, and that only matters to you if you can actually get close enough to try and hit her before she sticks you with one of her arrows. But she's also a Norn and physical violence is some sort of friendship ritual to them, so only fight Eir if you've had a drink first.
  • Caithe: Are you joking? Caithe is ruthless, her breakfast is tougher than you and she has killed people for less. She probably knows how to get rid of bodies, too. Don't Fight Caithe.
  • Zojja: If you could get Zojja to agree to a fistfight you would win. But she won't, she'll berate your ego until you agree to brawl with her golem instead just to prove you aren't a pansy. Then you'll feel bad because you lost and because you got played. Don't fight Zojja.
  • Logan: You probably have a pretty good chance against Logan, I don't think I've seen him make it through a dungeon without needing a res. His armor is pretty tough but a helmet would mask that beautiful face, so just aim for his exposed cranium. Fight Logan. Do it.
  • Trahearne: I know you want to fight Trahearne because he looks like a limp nerd, but he's a limp nerd who survived over 20 years in Orr BY HIMSELF. You're lucky to make it 30 minutes. Did I mention he can summon fight flesh golems at once? Don't fight Trahearne.

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I was just thinking, what would female clones troopers look like? Give me you guy's best idea's. Also what about what about head canon for female clones.

You can check out this post for what I think (cis) female clones would look like.

A female trans clone would look different depending on when she started her transition (or if she did at all).

An intersex clone would have wild variations between each one, whether they have two ovaries and two testes, one of each, two of one and one of the other, etc., and whether they actually function enough to affect hormonal imbalances.

Frankly, I think female clones would be just as capable as the male canon ones. They’d be buff and super cool and pretty tall, so therefore not typically “feminine”. Obviously, they’d say they were all sisters and perform the same rituals that the male ones would.

Idk about menstruation though…they’d need a healthy amount of estrogen in order to maintain their body, so obviously it’s not like they wouldn’t have ovaries. I highly doubt they’d ovulate frequently–maybe they’re tampered with so that every few months, they get a “period”, but nowhere near the intensity that regular cis women would get it. Or it could be an every month thing, just very little ovulation, and a very “mild” one at that. Very little pain, symptoms, etc.

Lol I just like science man.

I’m sure there are some female clones who’d want to look pretty like a typical woman and feel sort of insecure around civilians for it. Other ones don’t care, and of course there’s going to be internalized misogyny for some others who think they’re “better” than civilian women because of their capabilities. 

If the Star Wars universe is still as sexist in this AU, then the risk of kidnap and slavery for female clones would be 100 times higher than it is for male clones. The risk of everything would be higher. 

tw3nty qu3ti0ns tag

i was tagged by the amazing @slythersim​ & @chaoticsimblr​ thank uuu

Name: jason borne

Nicknames: none that i know of 

Zodiac Sign: capricorn maybe idk

Height: not tall enough ;(

Orientation: ummmmmm i like personalities igggg

Ethnicity: im dark and thats all i know

Favorite Fruit: i love me some banana and honey or like some banana milk shakes oml i must love bananas ;))) hehehe

Favorite Season: winter cause i like it when its cold cause i sleep better

Favorite Book Series: i dont read but i used to love geronimo stilton

Favorite Flower: idk my flower types but the hibiscuses are pretty af

Favorite Scent: i had some candles that were supposed to smell like krispy kreme donuts but they smelled like vanilla so those

Favorite Color: black & purple

Favorite Animal: llamas & alpacas like who wouldn’t want one (also an axolotl cause theyre cutee)

Coffee, Tea, or Hot Cocoa: im a sucker for starbucks but i just had some hot cocoa yesterday and it was bomb although the marshmallows melted so quickly like why put them in there if theyre gonna disappear into the chocolate goodness? idk dont get me started

Average Sleep Hours: gosh maybe 8 or 9

Cat or Dog Person: well i only have a dog but like i want a cat too so both

Favorite Fictional Characters: isabelle from acnl or any of the bobs burger peps (preferably tina)

Number of Blankets You Sleep With: one 

Dream Trip: i wanna go to the bahamas (wait i am in may yasss)

Blog Created: i think i made it somewhere in january

Number of Followers: 894 (idk who u are or why u follow me)

i tag all the amazing people who need something to doooo

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okay so im 5'9 180lbs and ive been on and off starving and binging for three years and i just wanna be pretty and skinny and good enough do you have any tips. what do you think is an ideal weight i think 120 but idk thats just kinda what ive always wanted

I would aim for 120-125 possibly since you’re quite tall. Exercise is your best friend lady, fuck losing weight, if you turn most of the fat you have into muscle through healthy exercise you’ll be surprised how good you look

@mklutz said:
Stiles and Derek pern AU- like is Derek the grumpiest person in harper hall? Does he have a beautiful singing voice and a terrible scowl? Or like, is Stiles in charge of the dolphin station once Menolly is masterharper and Derek is a fisherman or idk but dragons

So I don’t know enough about Pern to write a fusion, but I took ‘idk but dragons’ and ran with it. DRAGONS!

When Stiles is thirteen years old, he falls in love. 

She’s over ten feet tall, with gray-green leathery skin and a plump, yellow belly, bright purple eyes and an ungainly wingspan that makes her topple when she spreads them open too wide. 

In the time it takes for the dragon to bury her too-warm muzzle in the palm of his hand, Stiles knows he wants to spend the rest of his life with her.

Her handler is gruff, dark-haired, wide-shouldered, and scowling down at him. He’s got a burn scar running down the outside of one forearm, and the flight vest open at his throat reveals an angry red claw mark on his collarbone.

Stiles maybe falls a little bit in love with him, too.

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onceuponymous said: One time I was convinced my teddy bear was possessed so I touched the horn of each one of my five stuffed unicorns to his heart. Not sure that applies here.

onceuponymous said: Every home should have at least five stuffed unicorns

She has a pile of stuffed animals. IDK if there are any unicorns, but there is a three foot tall Jaspersprite. 

zenosanalytic said: Bombard her with logic proofs! Censure her ill-advised and irresponsible short-cutting around personal development!! Yell Maths at her!!!

Ok let me find my geometry homework from 8th grade

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Tag you're it! Once you get this you have to say five things that you like about yourself, publicly. Then send this to ten of your favourite followers. SPREAD POSITIVITY!! (I know you send me this but I like you soo)

Oh bloody hell Eva I don’t like myself enough to answer this twice! (Why the hell am I using these as bullet points wtf am I doing)
Let’s see how this goes…
> After a year and a half of braces, my teeth are finally straight
> I’ve been told I have pretty hands (??idk either??)
> I like to think I can dance (I probably can’t but I enjoy it)
> My eyes are an unusual colour (stfu L they’re just green)
> I’m quite tall for my age, and people mistake me for being older than I am

Thanks for boosting my self esteem Eva xxx

ruthc93  asked:

It's not Valentine's anymore but for the Valentine's ship ask meme: all the even numbers up to 20.

ooohh ilu

2. Is there a ship you didn’t like at first but ultimately started shipping?

i guess technically coldflash? like, i prefer coldatom, but even i can’t deny that coldflash is basically canon?? or close enough to not matter. still prefer coldatom, even if leonard and barry are…..in love…..

4. Name a popular ship you don’t get the appeal of.

hahahahaha cc. i love sara and i love leonard and they are bffs buuut. sara prefers women, leonard has a Type and that Type is tall, gawky nerds who want to see the best in people. sara is not tall, gawky, or a nerd. 

6. What is your most angsty ship?

root/shaw? idk, every ship has the potential to be angsty but i am…so gone for root/shaw, and i refuse to watch s5 of person of interest because i will Not [spoilers: see root die] i will Not watch that, so yeah I miss like half the sexy times [spoilers: EVEN IF THEY FAKE] but also then they are both alive at least, even if they’re not together, and then i can just…live in a world where they both make it out alive. 

8. Your oldest ship; the one you’ve shipped for the longest time?

my first ship was drarry and i still go there so, i guess that.

10. Is there a ship that makes your skin crawl?


12. What is your favourite canon ship?

root/shaw. i’m love them!!

14. Is there a ship you feel gets undeserved hate in fandom?

i can’t think of one….

16. Is there a ship that made you realise something about yourself?

um literally Skimmons helped me realize (again) i was bisexual (after i went back in the closet after high school…it was not just a phase, guys, btw)

18. Is there a ship the writers have ruined for you?

i mean…..they continuously ruin my ships by KILLING OFF HALF THE SHIP orrr by NOT PUTTING JONAH ON THE WAVERIDER orrr by BRINGING JONAH BACK WHEN RIP IS MISSING orrrr

and i assume u meant not including 20 bc u know i’ve created fan content for a ship lmao