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If You Love Me, Come Clean

by @victoryjacketwiththethieves on AO3

Pairings: Harry Styles/Louis Tomlinson, Zayn Malik/Liam Payne

Chapters: 15/15; 120k words

Rating: Explicit

Summary: “Can I help you?” Louis inquires, with a hand on his hip and the tone of someone who feels like doing the exact opposite. He’s already had enough of this character, and he hasn’t even said a word yet.

The tall and unkempt boy turns to face him. In a substantial contradiction to his overall rough appearance, his pale green eyes flash with child-like amusement. This only serves to agitate Louis even more.

“I don’t know, can you?” the yet-to-be-named boy utters with a teasing tone, striding towards him. Louis focuses on his voice, which is low, and husky, and not sexy at all. He sounds like a chainsmoker, Louis notes to himself, and this observation is in no way an attempt to distract himself from how incredibly disarming the boy looks up close.

Louis pulls his thoughts together in time to respond, “Well, that depends on how much of my time
you’re planning on wasting.”

Or, AU in which Louis works at a recording studio where Harry’s ‘up and coming’ and ‘exciting’ soon-to-be famous indie band has just signed a deal to record their debut album at, and Louis’ never even heard of them for Christ’s sakes, but that doesn’t stop him from repeatedly catching the eye of the raven-haired, eyeliner-wearing, and slightly dangerous-looking frontman (but he’s not interested, he isn’t.)

thank you to @louiswantstomarryharry for making me this edit and also thank you to @melmanpur for letting me use your manip!

some Jae headcanons

•  catching him staring at you from the corner of your eye is nothing new
•  he often does this for ‘inspiration’
•  “y/n, I’m trying to think of these lyrics…what rhymes with mitochondria?”
•  for some reason he’ll always come to you when he’s stuck writing, as if you could automatically have the answer to everything ????
•  since he’s so tall he loves teasing you about your height whether you were shorter than him or even the same height
•  pretends as if he doesn’t like skinship in public places
•  but he’s secretly itching to grab your hand or nuzzle into your neck
•  he’s just a soft man when it comes to you
•  jae never lets you pick the music in the car “my car, my rules…unless it’s our songs then yeah go ahead bae blast that fire”
•  idk i just see him being a huge night cuddler and into soft 'I love yous’
•  like cuddling on the bed isn’t enough for this fool
•  you gotta have like 4 fluffy blankets and some rad music playing in the background
•  and he’ll sorta entangle his whole body around yours until you both get comfortable and he’ll demand that you play with his hair bc it feels so good when you do it
•  he would just lay there, pressing kisses to your neck and shoulder every few minutes
•  he loves kissing your nose btw
•  bc he lives for that annoyed expression on your face whenever he sneakily kisses you
•  he never lets the other members get too touchy with you
•  esp Wonpil tbh he knows the maknae line is always up to something and yall are always pranking him
•  naming at least one of his guitars after you bc he always wants to have you around
•  yall having competitions to see who could come up with the cringiest nicknames, and using them on the other members
•  him taking ugly selfies and sending them to you to cheer you up <3
•  pizza dates!!!
•  you can really see it in his eyes whenever he says 'I love you’
•  it’s like the whole world slows down and he’s biting his lips in anticipation bc he really wants you to know that
•  “like I know we goof off and meme a lot but I really love you, you know? Like, so in love with you its kinda gross…I mean not really, I kinda like it, but like…my heart, man, sometimes I just-”
•  all of his stress disappears when he leans his head against yours
•  he just feels so safe being close to you and holding you and tbh that feeling of being in love scared him at first
•  but now he wants the whole world to know that he’s stupid in love
•  love this dork forever and kiss his forehead a lot!! 💜

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Josephine/ Adaar fuels my life, enough to make a comic and draw sketches of them all the goddamn time.

Also I MIGHT have exagerated Adaar’s size but oh well, the bigger size difference the better am I right?

YALL SIT IN YOUR CHAIRS BC I’M BOUTA UNLOAD MY SHARE OF PETTY. Now I have never wanted to cosplay. I have nothing against it, it’s not my thing simply. I’ve not been big on anime. My best friends have been begging me to go to cons and cosplay for YEARS. Seriously I don’t budge. NOW I MEET THIS GUY. STARRY EYED. Tell my homies I’d cosplay for him. Put a dollar in the falling too fast jar Sienna.  AND AFTER TWO MONTHS HE GHOSTS ME FOR FOUR DAYS  EVEN WHEN I TELL HIM I’M IN THE ER (it was for my finger but still) THEN OVER THE PHONE ENDS THINGS AND TRIES TO ASK OUT MY BEST FRIEND SAYING SHE’S MORE HIS TYPE. WOW. Now I’m short…5′0 and he’s not tall either like idk 5′4 or 5′6 or something but he tells her I’m too short for him AND I’m not active enough ??? to which my golden girl goes “Homie she forces me on hikes I’m 10000% lazier than her” and his problem too is I wouldn’t ever cosplay with him for cons???? So this sweet angel of a best friend TELLS THE TRUTH LIKE “UHHHHHH ACTUALLY SHE TOLD ME SHE WOULD COSPLAY  FOR YOU AND SHE AND I ARE GONNA GO TO AX THIS YEAR” This arrogant little venus fly trap’s anus has the AUDACITY TO SAY “Just stick her in an animal costume” as if I can’t do something cool????? SO MY PETTY LEVEL IS I’M GOING TO AX THIS YEAR IN AN EXCEPTIONAL COSPLAY alsoiamsleepingwithhisbestfriendandhedoesnotknowlol

nepenthe (m)

members: jeon jungkook, reader, a hint of jin on the side.

words: 5,261

summary: you’re jin’s soulmate. jungkook is an immoratal who’s been bound to you from the beginning of his existence. he’s helped you through everything in your past lives. this time is no different once you discover commitment isn’t your best friend.

a/n: this may or not be the start of a small series, idk depends on whether or not i finish my list by my birthday lmao. but anyway happy EARLY birthday @jinxkook​!! since this was meant to be posted on your birthday, and i prepared a sweet lil letter and all, i’m not gonna delete it, but i sincerely hope it’s a good day for you, you really deserve it dude. stay happy (and please take care of yourself) much love. ;]

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oooh can you do #15 (imaginary friend au) with minghao? i'm so soft for this idea lol thanks!

AU #15 (Request from this list)

I love requests pls request more they keep my life going anYWAY! This reflects my past on making an imaginary pet, and this is based on that. All the memories…

  • This starts when you were a little Y/N, like about preschool-kindergarten age

  • You were an only child, and a very imaginative one at that

  • So your best friend was of course, imaginary

  • When you first imagined your friend, you were really bored just sitting in your room

  • So you thought, “what if I just imagine a play mate?”

  • You decided on making an imaginary dog which you named “Boy” because you could say “good Boy” (I legit thought this when I was little lol)

  • So playing with Boy was fun, but you wanted to be able to talk with someone

  • Boy was a dog he couldn’t talk duh

  • So you made a human imaginary friend, a little boy your age who had access to all your thoughts and would talk with you about whatever

  • You named him Minghao

  • Overtime, Minghao started to gain his own conscious; he had his own thoughts

  • Lemme just quickly explain: Minghao will only exist when you imagine he is somewhere you can see, and when you imagine him, there is always his figure which is semi-transparent; he also ages with you

  • With his new “brain” he decided he wanted his nickname to be The8 bc it sounded cool

  • Minghao would play with you, and when you didn’t make him “exist” he would do his own things in the imaginary realm

  • Those things included learning wushu and martial arts lol

  • So you would always play with Minghao and practice singing

  • Cue little kisses on your cheek

  • So you loved him but not as a boyfriend obviously bc you’re like 4

  • There would be moments where you’re talking to yourself and your parents walk in like

  • “Who are you talking to?”

  • It was cute, but they did tell you people wouldn’t want to be your friend if you always talked with just Minghao

  • Minghao understood, and so you had to start talking with real people once school came around

  • When you went to elementary school, you would still play with Minghao and Boy, Boy usually appearing on your lap or under a desk if you wanted to see him

  • You did think if Minghao came up then he would distract you so he kept his distance during class

  • Once middle school rolled around, you stopped thinking about Minghao

  • It wasn’t immediate, but finally one day you forgot he existed

  • Minghao wasn’t happy about that

  • But he kept his distance

  • And he slipped away

  • Watching your life unfold through your memories

  • (O_o That sounds creepy but you get the idea)

  • Let’s fast forward to high school

  • Near the end of sophomore year, to be exact

  • You’re getting stuff from your locker at the end of the day

  • And suddenly-

  • There’s this tall, buff boy with a sports sweater and other characteristics of a stereotypical jock

  • And you gasp loudly

  • Is that…Minghao?

  • “Yes it’s me” he says in your head “Now tell me…why did you neglect me all these years?”

  • “Minghao I didn’t mean to-”

  • “Then why did you forget I exist”

  • And you shake your head to process what’s happening, and he’s gone

  • Following weeks, you have that thought of Minghao somewhere in the back of your head

  • And you keep seeing his semi-transparent figure in your classes or wherever you are

  • It starts to actually worry people bc you keep getting so distracted and scared for your life that your grades are dropping

  • Next year you think you’re going insane

  • After a few months of school starting, you pass by someone in the hallway that catches your eye

  • Your friend immediately elbows you

  • “Y/N! You better stop staring at the new kid!”

  • “The…new kid?”

  • That night, you can’t stop thinking about the new kid…

  • And how much he reminds you of Minghao

  • The next day before first period starts, you bump into the kid

  • And he just smirks at you and bites his lip (excuse me boi no one asked)

  • “Watch where you’re going; I wouldn’t want to hurt that beautiful body”

  • And you just get so flustered and run off with these new feelings

  • Idk what kind of feelings… Love? Hate? Crushes? Wanting to throw up?

  • And by lunch EVERYONE in the school knows about the new guy flirting with you

  • When you sit down with your large friend group at lunch, you hear someone call your name from a table away

  • And some jocks of the school are turned to you and you see the new guy staring at you and winking (bOI YOU BETTER HIDE)

  • You look away immediately, and all the guys start whistling

  • But they misunderstood; you didn’t look away bc you were embarrassed




  • After class, you’re getting stuff from your locker again

  • And when you close it, there’s a tall boy right next to you, leaning on one arm on the wall

  • “So, feel giddy yet?” He asks, biting his lip again (making you feel attacked)

  • “About what?”

  • “About me”

  • “Minghao how are you even real?!”

  • “Mm, let’s just say I got enough strength to…become visible. Oh and also imagine up a pretend family and birth records, all that”

  • And in your brain you’re debating on whether or not to slap him for ever coming into your life

  • “Oh Y/N, you really don’t want to do that”

  • Well shoot

  • You forgot he can read your thoughts

  • But you can’t control what you think

  • And that’s the worst truth

  • The reason why Minghao decided to become real…

  • Is to basically torture you for forgetting him, by making you embarrassed, and him knowing your every thought

  • So over the next few months he flirts with you tirelessly, and also gets really savage and burns you

  • This is what he’s know for at the school tho, being great at sports and martial arts, being savage, and constantly flirting with you

  • Like random cat calling in the hallway

  • But the worst is he’ll grab your wrist if you try to walk away and his grip is so strong it hurts

  • Probably all that sports practice

  • Or even hold your waist making you v uncomfortable

  • The thing is you’re confused, and you start to wonder if you actually like him

  • One day you finally get fed up with him making you feel confused internally, wondering if you love him or if he’s changed too much

  • He appears beside you at your locker, and he leans in to kiss you, planting a kiss on your lips with heavy breathing

  • Cue you slapping his neck

  • “Wtf Y/N?!?”

  • “Stop bothering me. End of discussion”

  • “Fine. Answer my one question: Why did you push me away? The person who made you happiest? The person you liked the most?”

  • Cue the tears flowing

  • “Because…that’s not true…”

  • “What”

  • “I loved you the most. More than anyone else”

  • All the thoughts of your happy childhood rush back to your head

  • Then a puppy appears at your feet

  • And suddenly there’s like a huge surge of light and Minghao has a brighter…aura (?) (Idk man)

  • You look down to see the semi-transparent dog at your feet is Boy

  • And you realize why Minghao was acting like this

  • He just wanted to live the life you had, or better yet, live it with you

  • But when you forgot him he couldn’t see you anymore

  • He only could read your thoughts and get jealous every time you thought of a guy

  • Minghao changed for the better

  • Instead of being a pain in the butt he treated you nicely and respected you instead of constantly flirting

  • He kind of left you alone bc he felt like he bothered you too much

  • But one day of senior year you just walked up to him and he asked you out

  • He didn’t really ask you just kissed him

  • And you now have a boyfriend who can kick butt for you bc his wushu skills and his savageness, but can be the ultimate cinnamon roll when you are feeling depressed

  • Like Thughao will diss anyone who bullies you and then kiss your forehead like immediately after

  • But let’s just say no one ever knew he was imaginary

“Hey Y/N, want to get a puppy after we graduate?” “Too soon for these thoughts, 8. Too soon.”

*GIF has been deleted dang it* (It was Hao with a puppy)


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I don't know how to child, but I'm writing a biography outline for my characters. Is there a chart that shows approximately what percentage of their adult height they will be at what age, generally speaking? (Looking more specifically for at what age someone who's destined to be unusually tall will think of themselves as big enough to fight adults, and can't really narrow it down more than idk teenagerish sometime.) I know this is highly variable due to lots of factors, just looking for average.

Hey there! 

So I’m not sure exactly how much this helps, and it’s kind of an odd chart, but this is the CDC chart for the expected height and weight for boys: 


The chart for girls is here: 


Both height and weight are shown by percentiles, with height and weight in both US (inches / lbs) and metric (cm / kg). 

I’m using boys because I found that chart first, but you can look at the same chart for girls if your character is DFAB. 

So looking at this chart, a 10-year-old boy in the 50th percentile would be about 51″ tall (4′3″) and about 70 lbs. However, a 10-year-old in the 95th percentile would weigh about 100lbs and be 59″ tall (4′11″). 

Fast forward to 12, when boys hormones start going crazy out of whack and the fighting instincts really start to take hold (oh, puberty). A 95th-percentile 12-year-old would be 5′2″ (62″) and 130lbs. That’s not huge, but still large enough to have some measure of confidence in their size and strength, especially if they’re an athlete, in going up against an adult. 

By 15, this kid might be 6′1″ (73″) and 175lbs – a truly towering figure, and someone who will definitely be feeling his oats when it comes to physical prowess. 

But to quote somebody famous (probably): It’s not the size of the dog in the fight, it’s the size of the fight in the dog. Meaning, your character might be small compared to an adult (even at 12), but that doesn’t always stop people from fighting. If you’ve ever seen a Chihuaha take on a mastiff, you’ll realize that aggression and surprise count for a lot in terms of mindset. 

So I would say any time from 10 to 12 on would be appropriate for your kid being willing to fight an adult. I’m not saying they’ll win – that depends on lots of things, and kids are generally at a disadvantage, especially if the adult has fighting experience – but that might be when they try. This is down to personality as much as anything else. 

I hope this was helpful! 

xoxo, Aunt Scripty


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Any headcanons for Clarisse? I don't really see much for her (especially Clarisse x Selina and I can't recall the ship name for the life of me)

I do (and the ship name is Ruegard)

• So I’ve always imagined her as having a body like Cheryl Haworth’s
• She owns more bandanas than clothes (she has one on every colour, and even wears them on her wrists just in case she loses the one she’s wearing on her head in battle or something)
• If you’re being a dick to her, she will just pick you up and hold you up to her level
• She’s so tall like wow
• The best butch lesbian ever
• (Vodka aunt)
• Can I say, the best trans girl ever?
• She actually has a French accent – it gets fainter the longer she stays away from home, but it’s still definitely there, you can’t ignore it
• Other shirts exist other than flannels??? Sounds fake
• Idk why, but I love the idea of her being obsessed with cryptids and conspiracy theories? She scoffs when people joke about them, but if you get her drunk/tired enough she’ll tell you in full detail why the government is made up of lizard people
• Totally dating Silena
• She loves picking up her girlfriend and showing her off like ‘you see this shitheads? This beautiful girl is mine’
• Actually blushes very easily
• Sucker for cuddles (and honestly gives the best hugs on planet earth)
• She loves petnames
• Loves watching horror films with other people so she can laugh as they scream
• She has a pet which is this tiny, delicate little budgie which she absolutely adores (Silena insists on calling the bird Smol-ee)
• Looks fucking gay and fantastic in suits like holy shit, wow, she looks amazing
• She doesn’t actually swear a lot since she’s around kids most of the time, and when she does it’s in French
• Is actually really good at cooking and finds it really relaxing
• Has to wear glasses later in life and looks fab in them
• Despite her dyslexia, she actually really likes poetry?

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I noticed that a lot of artists are short?? Am I not looking enough or have you seen it too?

??? tbh i havent rly noticed :o personally im like 173 cm tall so idk

finally starting on this nonsense

before i do animatics i usually do really bare model sheets of anyone i’m gonna be drawing a lot. nothing proper but just enough that if i ever get lost abt how tall characters are to each other/their environment/color palettes/etc i have an easy reference

i HAD one for pip when i did blow us all away but idk where it went LOL (it also wasn’t as important cus there weren’t any color motifs/symbolism like there’s gonna be in say no to this)


-What’s DarkpathAU?-

I needed a way to better reference their outfits, and I know some of you have been asking about references for them too, so here’s this. Including a sloppy height chart to show how much everyone’s grown (or lack thereof). Baymax is super tall now thanks to his added leg stilts, because Hiro is fully convinced that taller - more menacing, and “we want people to fear us”.

So Baymax is now overly huge and has many problems with doors, poor guy (added a zoomed in ver of the nerds sheet because of this reason, and seriously it was so hard to cram Baymax onto there BUT I TRIED MY BEST) Also I took off their helmets so you could see their hair and headbands and stuff, minus Fred who is nearly perma stuck in his suit by this point.

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Firstly, I really love how responsive and friendly you are to anons who ask you strange Silm questions sort of out of nowhere. You are such a delight to this fandom! Secondly, if it's not too much trouble, I was curious about whether you generally have very strong mental images of characters, and if so, would you like to share any of them? I ask because I saw you had great fancasts for some of your OCs, and I wanted to know if you had clear pictures in mind for any canon ones too.

Lovely, kind Anon! You are incredibly sweet to say so! I am actually incredibly bad at fancasts (you will note I do not have one for the ostensible protagonist of an original series I’ve been working on for idk how many years) but I love you so I’ll give it a go. 

I’m not the first person to note this but Cykeem White makes a gorgeous Fingon

Michael Lockley as Aegnor? Pretty enough to be an elven prince and the hair

Zoe Kravitz as Aredhel? White Lady of Gondolin and I Just Killed This Thing And Now I’m Gonna Wear It (And Maybe Kill You Too)

Sophie Turner as Maedhros because I confuse him and Sansa in fanart enough anyway, may as well go for broke. Also, she’s like 9ft tall. 

Honestly I just love the idea of Blackarachnia casually climbing on Blitzwing like not even necessarily trying to be cute or seductive, just because it’s convenient for her

Trying to see over the heads of a crowd made of giant warframes, and you’re Autobot-sized? Giant warframe boyfriend has shoulders that double as a handy viewing platform! 

Can’t reach something on a high shelf in the lab because your employees are tall assholes? Scale the boyfriend until required height is achieved! 

Walking in heels all day making your feet sore? That backpack thing Blitzwing has for his cannons is the perfect place to rest, although no guarantee that he’s headed to the same place you need to go. Also good for curling up in spider mode when you don’t feel like talking to anyone 

And Blitzwing’s really chill about it too like yes I know I have a spider on me that’s my gf isn’t she great?


moodboard: asha/yara greyjoy 

“Peace. Land. Victory. I’ll give you Sea Dragon Point and the Stony Shore, black earth and tall trees and stones enough for every younger son to build a hall. We’ll have the northmen too … as friends, to stand with us against the Iron Throne. Your choice is simple. Crown me, for peace and victory. Or crown my uncle, for more war and more defeat. What will you have, ironmen?”

Here’s a sneak peak at two characters I’m developing, the Tall Monochrome Bi Superhero and the Short Pink Lesbian Assistant, who go around defending ppl from other ppl and are both trans gals and most of the main characters in the story will be trans because honestly there isn’t enough positive trans representation anywhere so why not just give them as much as possible at once

BTW tall monochrome is NOT impaling short pink i just,,,, didn’t know where to put the spear

Also idk names yet rip