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   Please keep in mind that, however hard my muse may argue something or however confidently they make a statement, they can be wrong. It’s my muse’s opinion, and my muse talking, and their perception is skewed.
              Do not feel like everything out of my character’s mouth is the truth, or that I’m godmodding. 


Is it better than E•MO•TION?: Ed Sheeran: ÷

Pitchfork rating for Ed Sheeran: 2.8

Pitchfork rating for Carly Rae Jepsen: 7.4

Conclusion: No.

Unpopular Hetalia Opinion: Violent RusAme

I know well RusAme is commonly known for Cold War, and often first things that come to mind when thinking about Cold War is hatred, sarcasm, and violence.

And that’s why it’s no wonder many RusAme canonverse fanfictions that’s based on history contains violence, ranging from verbal sarcasms to actual punching / shooting that’s very bloody and violent.

Seems reasonable. Cold War -> Hate and Rivalry ->  Violence. Easy to think.

But I just find it’s kind of exaggerating to “personify” Cold War as two men exchanging blows / bullets directly. Because direct combat between USA and USSR actually never officially happened. It’s more like lots of verbal threats and provoking other people to attack the other, but never directly make a move. Because making the first direct attack in the Cold War would make one of them (USA or USSR) as the “villain”.

And frankly speaking, USA and USSR were both superpower nations that were very cautious in their move, which explains why Cold War went on for decades without actually growed to the actual direct war between USA and USSR like Axis vs Allies in WW2.

True, there were few instances of indirect wars that made USA and USSR soldiers to oppose each other, but like I said before, it’s indirect as in they support opposing sides but not directly attack each other, like in Korean and Vietnam war. In other instances like Polar Bear Expedition, England tricked USA soldiers to make them end up facing Bolshevik’s soldiers which was not their original purpose being there, which made USA troops’ morale down and making it one of reasons that made the expedition failed. In short, yes they might be throwing few punches there but it’s all within indirect context like ‘you punched my friend so i’ll punch you’ or ‘sorry i was tricked by others to be here, i’m just defending myself here’ not just a mere shallow ‘you irritate me that’s why I punched you’.

So it just makes me think those over violent fighting portrayal between USA and USSR for Cold War in numerous hetalia fanworks are too exaggerating, since most of them were done in a mere shallow context of ‘you insulted me so i’ll punch you’. Lots of propaganda, threats, insults, yes. But actual direct punching / shooting until they’re badly bruised and bloody? I think that’s too unrealistic historically. Maybe a few punches here and there in the few indirect context I explained in previous paragraph but never directly.

Even in hetalia, Hima only draws Ivan and Alfred to be bickering and throwing insults / sarcasms at best, but never actually fighting by fists / guns.

They don’t even touch each other in those scenes. 

And before you drag these scenes to tell me I’m wrong that hima did portray them actually fighting:

I’m just gonna say, those are just AU and not the actual canonverse world, which doesn’t follow any historical facts at all.

Lastly, I understand that exaggeration sometimes is needed in writing fiction (even fiction that’s based on facts such as hetalia), to make the story spicier and more interesting. But still, it’s an exaggeration nonetheless and I just want that point to come across this part of fandom that loves portraying Cold War RusAme as an actual instinctive physical brawl fighting instead of intelligent calculating mind games like it actually was. 

Not to be dramatic but the looks Mako and Korra give each other in the series finale are and forever will be the most loving and heartfelt expressions in any fiction universe and nothing will convince me otherwise

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luna x ginny i see stars nestled in the soft curve of your smile

doodle edit series (pt. 2)

Parents complain if I stay home all the time and tell me to go out. I take a two in a half week trip to visit bf and friends and my parents get upset that I’m gone for too long. What do you want from me– I’ve been gone for far longer why are they making a big deal now.

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There's been a lot of top!Link around lately and I've just been needing subby bottom!Link like I need air~~ what are your thoughts? (I like switch!Rhink as much as the next guy, I just want to balance things out!)

Hi oh my gosh anon, you have come to the right place, because if there’s any hill I will die on, it’s the Link-Neal-is-a-submissive-little-puppy (sometimes featuring actual puppy play, if that’s your thing) hill. I love and respect all the viewpoints of all the various beasts and I will always support the production of more porn, whether it be mike up puffed he or not, but oh man, anon. Oh man. Link is such a sub.

I just think it’s impossible for someone to be as high strung and anxious as he is, and to crave control as much as he does, without needing to just give it all up when he’s in private with someone he trusts as much as Rhett. Control freaks who need to be controlled is my fucking JAM and Link is like the poster boy for that kink. And Rhett is such a level-headed and doting guy, there’s really no one better to take Link apart until he’s crying into his pillow and then bundle him up and kiss him all over and hold his water glass for him and support his weight in the shower and scrub his hair when he’s too tired and out of it to do it himself. (Seriously, give me ALL the aftercare, because you fucking know Rhett is amazing at it.)

Just imagine the relief Link would feel after a day of writing and stressing and trying to delegate and failing because he doesn’t trust anyone to do things perfectly, when Rhett gently takes his phone out of his hand and leads him to bed, slowly and methodically ties him up until Link can barely even squirm, and edges him until he’s crying into the pillows. The whole day’s weight would just lift up off his shoulders until there’s nothing but Rhett’s mouth and hands and his deep, even voice, whispering soft commands and even softer praise.

And don’t even get me started on the pain kink we all know he has, because nothing goes better with submission than a little pain kink. They’ve probably had to take out a separate insurance policy on their toy chest, they’ve poured so much money into it. Because Link is not opposed to a bare hand on his ass, but why limit himself to that when there are heavy floggers when he wants a nice dull thud, sharp whips for a sting, violet wands for when he just needs that thrill of electricity, and spreader bars to keep his legs spread wide when Rhett lets the riding crop just barely graze his balls? The possibilities are endless, and we all know how much Rhett likes to shop. New toy day is Link’s favourite day. They’ve got cuffs, they’ve got ropes, there’s whips and paddles and wands and even whips that attach to the wands (affectionately known as “whippy-shocky”), and yet Rhett is still finding new things for them to play with. (Link tries hard not to think about how much each thing costs.)

I didn’t mean for this post to be this long but I am passionate about this subject, okay. Thanks for the ask, anon, I hope I… delivered? If it’s relevant to you, @santamonicayachtclub and I are working on a longer fic set in an a/b/o universe that we’re hoping to post the first part of soon…ish. We’re slow, but it’s a labour of love.

Speaking of labour, how about that breeding kink Link has, huh?

i know people feel like they messed up how magnus showed alec his cat eyes and ruined another first for malec or whatever but i completely disagree i love that it was shown in the way it was with magnus being in charge and just showing the lightwoods and being like “this is who i am” and alec’s little peak of interest… loved it

keeping yuuri on the ice

Many of us were expecting Yuuri to win the gold and for Victuuri to retire into domestic bliss after having found each other. But perhaps we - like Yuuri - missed the fact that Yuuri’s own skating has value beyond being for Viktor or embodying his feelings for Viktor. 

Yuuri still doesn’t know that Viktor was empty and unfulfilled in his lonely God-like position (and may likely be done with figure skating in general?). Yuuri still believes that him continuing to skate is holding Viktor back. While he still believes this, Yuuri retiring to put Viktor back on the ice amounts to Yuuri again not seeing his own value as a skater, the value of continuing to push himself and his value to Viktor. 

No wonder Viktor’s pissed off. 

I still believe Viktor did not truly intend to return to competitive skating. Nothing about his expression or his previous monologues suggest he’s super keen to return. But Viktor has always met Yuuri in his own ‘language’ in order to keep Yuuri close to him. Yuuri will be a delicious katsudon to channel his Eros? Viktor loves katsudon. Yuuri wants to call these ‘good luck charms’ instead of wedding rings? Viktor will call it a good luck charm. 

And now that Yuuri has equated attaining gold to leaving Viktor and leaving skating? Viktor will fight to keep Yuuri from the gold, so that Yuuri will keep skating. And if that means making a comeback himself even if he’s not 100% about it, Viktor will do it. Skating has always been their love language so this is Viktor desperately saying stay close to me through his actions.  

Looking back, it’s pretty masterfully executed. Viktor fires Yuuri up before the free skate by emphasising all he has sacrificed for Yuuri to win gold. This seemed really out of character at first - Viktor’s love isn’t conditional on Yuuri winning gold and we know this. But Yuuri has ‘already made up his mind’. Viktor reassuring Yuuri of his love (eg. ‘I will love you no matter if you win or lose’) would reaffirm the romance issue but it would not keep Yuuri on the ice. So Viktor says he wants to kiss the gold medal. Yuuri has to win. To Yuuri, this seems like it’s acceptance of Yuuri’s decision. Skate a perfect program, give Viktor his final present (a gold medal) and retire. 

But Viktor has other plans. After the skate, he essentially says to Yuuri, ‘you skated a great program but you still need to beat me.’ Will his own comeback motivate Yuuri to continue skating? Maybe - it certainly excites Yuuri. But Viktor has to be sure. Yuuri can’t win the gold. So now it’s up to Yurio. It’s no coincidence Viktor chose this moment to insist on breaking the news to Yakov - when he knew Yurio was listening.

I really don’t think it’s skating, for Viktor. 

Note Yurio being the one to see through Viktor’s comeback talk and zero in on the main point, which is Viktor’s desperation to prevent Yuuri from retiring from skating. Let’s not discount the fact Viktor put aside all that happened at the beach and make himself both vulnerable and humble by hugging Yurio - this is a crisis and Yurio understands this and skates the skate of his life, all while thinking he will make Yuuri regret retiring for the rest if his life by winning. Viktor’s not the only one who sees value in Yuuri’s skating as its own existence – Yurio’s noticed it from the beginning. And Yurio wins, and it’s working - Yuuri is fired up. 

Now it’s time for Viktor to sink in the final hook. He’s failed as a coach, clearly. He doesn’t get to kiss Yuuri’s gold medal. How sad. What a regret. 

There’s the Yuuri he loves, this (and not making his own comeback) is what gives Viktor his ridiculous Minami!moe eyes. A Yuuri who wants to continue to fight. A Yuuri who will stay with him.

So these two idiots confusedly stumbled into what they both wanted - to stay together - without having a proper conversation about how…that doesn’t necessarily need to involve skating. But right now, it does need skating. 

Stammi Vicino therefore achieves the dual purpose of both reassuring us their romantic relationship survives but also that one of them being on the ice should not be at the expense of the other. If this becomes a thing in Season 2, Yuuri needs to understand that if Viktor chooses to leave skating, it’s Viktor’s own decision, and not a sacrifice Viktor is making to keep Yuuri on the ice. 

This is a conflict the writers have left unresolved - and it’s something I think they need to resolve to move forward. Hopefully a second season will give them the time and nuance to do this in depth. 


Title: Lingerie

Pairing: Lance Tucker x reader

Request: Hey 😊 Could I request one with Lance Tucker where the reader and him are in a relationship and he is away on a competition for a while and then he comes back earlier and surprises the reader with a gift, like new sexy lingerie he bought or Idk? 😏😊

A/n: I need opinion on this one, my first Lance Tucker smut, I don’t know if I’ll write another one? Another important thing is after this fic, i will not be writing for a while, maybe a week or a bit more, so as to take care of some personal family issues. Thank you for understanding

Warnings: NSFW, explicit Smut

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You groaned, watching as the latest Jessica Jones episode rolled it’s credits. You pulled off your earphones, checking the clock on the nightstand. It was nearly eight at night, and it was only Tuesday. It was another damn week before your Olympian boyfriend’s competition ended. You cried out in frustration as it was another week without Lance or the mind blowing orgasms he was always sure to give you.

And that was when you heard it, the familiar sound of the door clicking open. You frowned, it couldn’t possibly be Lance, he told you last night over Skype that he still has another week to go before coming home. Could it be Hope? You remembered her visiting just a few days back. “Stupid fucking competition” you cursed, getting up from the bed and heading towards the hall, ready to greet Hope and another unproductive day of milkshakes and girl talk.

“Don’t you look sexy” you glanced up, squealing with joy and excitement as Lance stood at the door, his brown duffle bag in hand, and that smug smirk you had grown to love together with that man. “But you said another week, you fucking liar” you joked, pushing him as your boyfriend slid his hand down to your bare ass, squeezing the soft flesh.

“In my defence, I missed you” he replied, and picked up his duffle bag. “You just missed fucking me Tucker” you added, watching as he grinned, realizing where you were bringing this conversation to. “You missed my cock Angel?” He growled, licking his lips as you slid your hand down his chest, palming his half hard cock through his pants. “I want your cock Lance, please, I need it” you moaned, feeling him harden.

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jughead being w betty or archie doesn't erase his identity???? hes ace not aro he can still date ppl -__-

yeeeeah,,, too bad he canonically doesn’t date bc he doesn’t like dating, the simple idea of it makes him feel uncomfortable. and just in general, everything abt relationships makes him feel uncomfortable. so like, stick to w/e you want, but seeing ppl shipping him and using this poor excuse to justify it disgusts me, feel free to unfollow 👌

1036. Lily and James' first time was in the Room of Requirement. They didn't mean to spend the night there and didn't even know the room existed until then- it just happened. When they came back to the dorm they found banners that said "it’s about bloody time" and all their friends clapping. Sirius even came and shook their hands. Lily didn't know where to bury herself but James enjoyed every second. He felt like he just won but not at Quidditch- he won something much more important, Lily.

Alright so we have a lot of people saying “Jikook stayed in this room” and other people saying “Nope, it’s this other room”. Here are the reference pictures…I guess.

and here is option a:

And here’s option B:

Now I personally think it’s option B, mainly because the furniture and the background looks a lot more…Dark? than the first room? Idk…I need opinions.

pairing: promptis

word count: 2034

warnings: game spoilers, (ch. 13 spoilers)

notes: a long awaited MT!Prompto AU fic based off @chocobaesposts bc i love dying and being dead

notes 2: i havent written anything in years

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