but idk i liked it

I crave a story where Victor and Yuuri’s child realizes that they don’t like skating all that much, even though they show potential. Victor and Yuuri are incredibly supportive and don’t project their own passions onto their child. Instead, they sign up their child to participate in a multitude of after-school activities and helps them realize their passion for the sciences.

That child later goes on to become the most awarded physicist in history. 

After receiving their Nobel Prize in physics, their child thanks Victor and Yuuri (who are both really old and still ridiculously in love) in the acceptance speech for always staying by their side and being the best and most encouraging dads ever. 


–it’s called Success;; look into it!

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lets put a happy crying bb sans here (i actually want to draw angst but hey we need some happiness over here). Good news for me boiz coz I got no school starting today till in 2 WEEK YAY~ btw i’m back to blue again MWEHHEHEHHE

Masafumi Komatsu- Reflection

so i was watching the untie the league trailer thinking this is kinda cool but i’m not gunna get majorly invested bcos dumbass fan rivalries keep ruining the dceu for me


dceu firefly confirmed???



I’m streaming NieR Automata again right now! If you interested, come hang with me and my cat.

Also, I’m planning on streaming some FFXV over the weekend! Maybe tackle some dungeons and take booty pics of the bros.

I love Ward Meachum in Iron Fist. Granted, I have over an episode left but he’s so relatable? Out of all of the characters ever in these Marvel shows, I feel like he’s the one character where you’re not like, “What a dick head! As if you’d do that!” Or just like ‘The Hero™’ Everything he does, every action he takes is understandable to me? Idk I just like that he’s well written and, like, chaotic but both self-preserving and tries to help but only in realistic circumstances. idk, man. His downward spiral is just like, natural or something? Just good shit. He’s the stand out to me for this series. Like, Danny and Joy and Colleen… aren’t shit. Colleen is alright but idk they’re all kind of blasé cliché except him. 

Hunk wakes up in a cold sweat, clutching the blanket. Keith grumbles and sits up next to him. “What’s wrong?”
Hunk shudders. “They did it… I swore they would never do it but I can feel it… they finally did…”
At this, Lance wakes up too, rubbing circles into his back. “Elaborate, buddy?”
Hunk curls up on himself and lets out a tiny sob. “Cheetos Sweetos, Lance. They finally came out with Cheetos Sweetos.”