but idk how to get rid of it in this colouring

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Could you do a graphic tutorial for/post/120855259626/throne-of-glass-by-sarah-j-maas?

I’ve never done a graphic tutorial before so I hope this helps. I’m assuming you have basic knowledge with PS6 because that’s what I use. For this graphic we’re going to use the polygon lasso tool and marquee tool so I hope you’re familiar with those.

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Hi there. 
I’m Kris and I am not a studyblr.

I’m making this Masterpost because I am intent to make my last year in high school a great one (I’ll actually settle for decent).
I have major depression, anxiety, and several other mental illnesses so I understand more than anyone how tough (to put it simply) school work, and school in general, can be. I have already taken a few steps towards having a more positive attitude going back to school; such as changing my self-image to make myself feel more confident, like cutting/dying my hair, buying nicer clothes and makeup, etc. As well as setting up a desk full of school supplies in a small room off of my bedroom, which will be my study room, and also buying a huge book on how to do well on the SATs. 
Another way on having a calmer attitude is figuring out what you’re going to be doing after this year is done (for me it’s my senior year, I know this won’t be applicable to all). I know it is a hard and stressful subject but having a plan, no matter how small, in place will help a lot. Also, writing positive/motivational letters to yourself to look at. 
I have recently written a short letter called “Dear Past Me” which contain things that I wish I knew in 8th and 9th grade. But it is applicable advice to anyone really. Here it is.
Whenever You’re Feeling Sad/Anxious/Stressed/Bored (Websites & Games, Art, Music/Sounds, Movies, TV Shows, Books, Self-Care, Comfort Food)

I have faith that you will all do well this year. I wish you all the best of luck. 

New Year, New Start, New You

  • New (School) Year Resolutions
  • Goals for 2015
  • 3 Steps For Creating a Powerful Self-Image
  • Personal Image & Appearance (Highly Recommend)
  • Self-Image Makeover
  • How to Change Your Image
  • 10 Ways to Reinvent Your Look
  • How to Change Your Appearance 
  • How to Improve Your Image
  • 7 Drastic Ways to Change Your Appearance Before You Graduate High School
  • How to Choose a Hairstyle
  • Find Your Perfect Hairstyle
  • Choosing a Hairstyle: Men
  • How to Choose the Right Hair Colour
  • How to Take Care of Your Hair
  • 32 Makeup Tips No One Told You About
  • 10 Makeup Tips Every Woman Should Know
  • 57 Life-Changing Makeup Tips
  • How to Take Care of Your Skin
  • 20 Simple Ways to Take Great Care of Yourself
  • Best Nail Tips
  • Healthy Eating
  • 30 Days of Yoga (YouTube Videos)
  • 10 Workout Secrets
  • How to Change Up Your Style
  • How to Change Your Style
  • How to Change Up Your Wardrobe
  • How to Be Confident  


  • Back to School Tips
  • Positive Message
  • Dear Headphone Users
  • Tips for Being an Intellectual Badass
  • Self-Gradebook
  • Unlock Creative Genius
  • 5 Facts That Will Teach You How to Learn
  • What Type of Learner Are You
  • How to Create a Kickass Powerpoint Presentation
  • Tips on Having Neat Handwriting
  • How to Not Fall Behind at School
  • Sending Emails to Teachers
  • Things to Avoid Doing
  • 13 Incredible Back-to-School Hacks You Won’t Believe you Survived Without
  • How to Get the Most Out of Your School Year
  • Free Education
  • Free Online Courses from Top Universities 
  • Things to do to Control Stress During School
  • Search for Information for School Essays
  • Online Version of Photoshop for Free
  • Insanely Cool and Important Research Manager and Academic Social Network
  • Websites Worth Knowing
  • How to Pick Out a Laptop
  • Idk what to do with my Life
  • 10 of the Best Educational Channels on YouTube
  • Educational YouTube Channel Masterpost
  • 6 Resources That Have Changed my Life
  • Top Tips for Top Grades
  • How to Disappear Online
  • Wolfram Alpha
  • Awesome Free Apps for Students
  • 20 Apps for the New School Year
  • 16 Apps All Students Need
  • How to Ask for a Recommendation Letter
  • How To Shakespeare
  • Learn Things for Free
  • Research Websites
  • Healthy Study Snacks
  • Guides to Life
  • The Education System Won’t Really be Teaching you Important Shit Like This
  • Life Hacks
  • Life Hacks Worth Knowing
  • Course Books or Internet


  • Things to Remember When Studying
  • Reasons to Study NOW
  • Studying Hacks
  • Study Tips Review
  • What Helps us Memorize Stuff Better
  • Study Planning Options
  • How to Get Motivated to Study
  • How I Study
  • 12 Hacks That Will Improve Your Studying
  • A+ Studying Life Hacks
  • Study Playlists
  • How to Study Like a Straight A Student
  • 16 Studying Hacks for Finals Week
  • 14 Life-Changing Studying Hacks & Tips
  • 20 Study Hacks to Improve Your Memory
  • Studying Life Hacks
  • Studying Tips
  • Ways to Prepare for a Test
  • Learning Styles and Study Tips
  • How to Start Studying
  • How to Start a Study Session
  • Studying for People with Terrible Memory
  • Subject- and Class-Specific Study Tips
  • Online Study Guides
  • Learning How to Study Masterpost
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  • Best Study Apps
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  • How a Person Who Hates Math, Studied for Math
  • Red Board Study Tip


  • My 2015 Organization System
  • Bullet System Journal
  • Bullet Journaling
  • How to Bullet Journal
  • How to Use Your Study Planner
  • How to Create Your Own Life Binder
  • Organization Tips
  • How to Choose the Perfect Planner
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  • How to Organize Essay Notes
  • Google Keep
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  • Journal & Planner Masterpost
  • How to Draw Ribbon Banners


  • Asian Languages
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  • Language & Linguistics Masterpost
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  • Conjuguemos - Online Workbook for Languages
  • Linguistic Approaches to Language Learning: Link Roundup
  • 3 Years of all Things Linguistic
  • Google Translate Alternative: Linguee
  • Language Website
  • Helpful Websites to Learn Languages
  • How to Study Spanish
  • Spanish Vocabulary List Masterpost
  • French
  • French Editor Resource
  • German Masterpost


  • How to Write the Perfect Essay
  • Creating a Fictional Character
  • Essay Checklist
  • Last Minute Essay Writing Tips
  • How to Write Long Papers
  • Create Your Own Font
  • Transition Words
  • Paste Your Writing and Get Free Revisions/Notes
  • Essay Writing Tips
  • Introductions
  • Conclusions
  • Parts of Speech
  • Words that People Get Mixed Up
  • Microsoft Citation
  • Paraphrasing Tool (One of my favourite sites)
  • Plagiarism Checker
  • Tone Vocabulary List
  • ZenWriter
  • How to Approach Poetry Analysis in an Exam
  • Connecting Words to Essay Writing
  • Tools for Referencing
  • This Site Grades Your Essays
  • Advice for Writing Papers
  • Creative Writing Resource
  • 60 Awesome Search Engines for Serious Writers
  • Sites for When You Can’t Think of a Word


  • How to Study for the SAT/ACT
  • ACT Masterpost
  • SAT Prep Books
  • SAT & ACT Prep Materials
  • 100+ SAT Vocab
  • How I Hacked the SAT
  • How to Take Standardized Tests
  • Should You Retake the SAT/ACT
  • SAT Masterpost
  • ACT Test Guide


  • Feeling Sad?
  • A Recipe for Self-Love
  • Mental Health
  • How to Avoid Stress
  • Sleeping Tips
  • Self-Care Masterpost
  • Anxiety Help Links Masterpost
  • 10 Tips on How to Handle Stress
  • The Self-Care Masterpost of Masterposts
  • Productive Self-Care Ideas
  • Self-Care/Self-Soothing Masterpost
  • Relaxing Masterpost
  • Sounds to Soothe Anxiety


  • How to Wake Up Earlier
  • Waking Up Early
  • Good Habits for the Morning
  • How to Wake Up Early
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  • 10 Tips for Using a Planner
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  • How to Take Notes: From a Textbook
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  • Sketchnote Tips
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  • Getting the Most Out of Lectures
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Specific Subjects

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  • School Masterpost
  • You’re Gonna Ace the Shit out of Everything this year
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High School

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  • How to Find a Fucking College
  • Virtual College Visits


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  • Short Stories
  • Improve Your Reading Speed and Comprehension


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  • (Illegal) Books for Free
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  • Also Some Free Books
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  • Preparing for an Interview 
  • Strong Words to use on a Resume


  • Essay Typer
  • Select Your Math Class, Insert a Problem, Get the Answer
  • Plug in Any Equation and it will do it out and Solve it for You

More Help/Tips/Advice

Tom Holland x reader

Tom has acne from the spider mask, you help him and tell him he is the cutest tom

Heyhey yall! Im not really getting any requests so I decided to write something I came up with,, Idk where I found this but Tom apparently said that the Spider-Man mask causes acne or something (this probs isn’t accurate but whatever) anyways I hope y'all still enjoy this xx


You launch yourself onto Toms bed, earning a groan from your boyfriend. It’s 2pm and he’s still in bed! It makes sense though, he’s been filming a lot for the Spider-Man movie and giving so many interviews. You smile at how cute he is and try to peck his lips, only to be met with the bedsheets he was laying under.

“Did you just pull those up so I wouldn’t be able to kiss you?” You ask faking a hurt expression. You’re answered with another incoherent sound.

This isn’t like Tom. No matter how tired or how busy he was, he had never rejected a kiss from you.

You try to pull down the sheets but he has them clenched in his fists. So the only logical thing to do, of course, is to climb under the sheets as well. But again your boy pushes you away mumbling a quick ‘babe stop’ at you.

“Tommo, what’s up? Is something wrong?” Concern is spread all over your face.

He slowly comes out from under the covers, giving you an almost ashamed expression.

“It’s just… I’ve been filming so much and all these hormones and stuff and the Spider-Man mask is just not good for my face but I try to keep it clean but it doesn’t work and I mean look at me! I look ridiculous with all these spots!” He moves his hands in chaotic manner as he rambles on about his skin being unclear.

You can’t help but smile at your boyfriend, blushing and rambling about how he doesn’t want you to be grossed out by his skin.

“Tom, I honestly couldn’t care less about your skin you know that right?” You say finally making him stop rambling. “It happens to everyone, it happens to me too sometimes. And it doesn’t make you grossed out by me now does it?” You counter as he silently agrees. “So can I have my kiss now?” You cheekily ask him. He gives in and pulls you closer to him, kissing you softly.

“How do you get rid of those spots?” He asks you after pulling away, his cheeks still rosy from the kiss.

“I have a skin care routine, face masks, scrubs, you know the drill. It’s quite exhausting really. But we could put on a face mask together now if you want?” You say smiling. The thought of Tom with a funny coloured face mask makes you giggle.

He gladly accepts your offer, and you’re both giggling and laughing as the green masks look ridiculous, and it gets harder to talk and laugh too, which only makes it funnier to the both of you. You make crazy selfies and try to kiss without getting the mask on your lips.

Those spots your boyfriend was so worried about actually turned out to not be a bad thing after all.

anonymous asked:

Could you do something with Lance having a drug problem? Idk why I want this but I think it'd be good. Like the gang finding out him smoking weed every so often is just covering up his real addiction.

I was actually planning something similar to this already! 

Warning! Explicit and Glorified use of Drugs

Lance took one last toke before licking his fingers and pinching the end before it burnt his lips. He dropped the roach into his bowl that was his makeshift ashtray before picking up one of Hunk’s test trial cookies. They were too hard but Lance didn’t care, he lay onto his back and let the calm wash over him, his worries left him and he didn’t have to think about the war.

It was as though his ind were over taken by a peach coloured haze as a warm blanket shrouded him. It was moment like these when he felt best.

He was paranoid about the door opening, however.  He had shoved a towel under the door to stop any smoke from leaking and shoved a weird ornament under to stop anyone trying to get in. He also put a filter over the vent so the smell wouldn’t pass through there as well. He had a room deodorant handy which was really just a water soaked bunch of flowers.

But, he let his worries, his insecurities roll off him in a relaxing drape as he stretched upwards. He had almost boxed the room out and giggled when he felt a nibbling on his foot. He looked down to see a skinny mouse there and he laughed at it. The creature ran up Lance’s body and squeaked loudly in Lances ear.

“Yeah buddy?” Lance said loudly and laughed at the sound of his voice. The mouse grew frustrated as it ran off and through a hole. Lance frowned at the loss of his buddy before shrugging and shutting his eyes, he sunk even further into the blankets of his bed.

He basked in the calmness.

“Lance!” Allura snapped, frustration clear in her voice. Lance jumped at the mention of his name and looked at Allura blearily. 

“Yeah?” Lance spoke out nasally and yawned slightly.

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anonymous asked:

saw your instagram post and was wondering what your skincare routine was?

my skincare (<-instagram post) routine is the typical korean routine and i follow it every morning and night strictly but do give my skin rest days every once in a while. the following are products ive used/am currently using, i have not been endorsed (they declined me). ive been following this routine for over 7 months and have seen dramatic results. 

morning routine:

foam cleanse 1,2

- these are the two i have used and i love both of them equally. the pacakaging for the second one is prettier but the jeju pore cleanser seems alot more effective. its very considerate to sensitive skin too!

toner 1,2

- again i love both toners equally but the first focuses more on pore control as well as balancing pH whilst the second is just a general toner (but its made of rice and i love rice)

essence 1,2

-the first essence is the one all youtubers recommend and probably the most famous essence out there and i admit i love it but prefer the 24k gold essence which has tiny gold flakes and has a thicker consistency (very necessary if you are going to use vitamin c powder with it)


- its skin have a range of vitamin ampoules to choose from i use the vitamin e

snail filtrate serum

- probably  the best and most important step. the snail filtrate really helps to de-stress your skin and help regenerate it. i love everything about it.


- important for those with sensitive skin. emulsions are thinner and are more gentle on the skin than lotions. 

ceramide cream  (i did not purchase from this website)

- i have the yellow/cream coloured packaging of this and it is basically a protective barrier for your skin. protects it from bacteria and anything in the air, therefore very important during winter and also if you live in the city as it protects from pollution!

+ makeup for school day (cc cream and cushion foundation both containing spf)

night routine: 

oil cleanse 

- to remove makeup and really get in there!

foam cleanse 1,2

toner 1,2

essence 1,2 + vitamin c powder

- i learnt this from a korean youtuber. she basically mixes vitamin c with her essence and applies it to her skin. i tried it out and oh my god. the vitamin basically kills the spot by drying it out (i like to apply it and then wait 40 seconds before doing the next step) WATCH HER VIDEO TO GET THE RATIO CORRECT!! IT CAN BE HARMFUL IF YOU USE TOO MUCH


snail filtrate serum

eye cream

- very good for regenerating the under eye. i can rely on this when i have nights of no sleep. very soothing and very effective!


ceramide cream /sleeping pack

- sleeping pack and ceramide cream can be interchangeably during the night routine. just use either one. the sleeping pack holds everything together and acts as a protective layer

additional notes for skincare

face masks/scrubs

- the new trend in korea is to try out one mask a day but i just use it as a pick me up for my skin. if im feeling tired or if i feel like i just need a mask i use it. usually twice a week. i use a range of masks and ill perhaps make a seperate post about it some day. just a note…i use my masks for hours. it will not damage your skin at all. its a bit silly to only use it for 10-20min when you paid good money for it…

-as for the scrub.. that scrub is my life. i use it every week and a half when i can tell my pores need thorough cleanse. the scrub doubles as a mask and leaves your skin feeling like a babies butt. its so unbelievable how good it is. 

acne patches (my life and saviour)

- they cover up acne but also somewhat magically have them reduced in size or if you place them on before the spot develops, get rid of them completely. 

zinc tablets  

- alongside all this i take 1 zinc supplement tablet a day which has hugely improved my skin and general health

clean pillow cases

- can’t stress enough how important this is. i personally lay a clean scarf onto my pillow out of caution. 


- just dont….its a temporary solution that will lead to bigger and uglier problems….trust me that one spot doesnt look bad but if you break it…that scar wont heal for 1 week compared to the spot that would disappear in 2 days.


- 2 litres a day drink as much as you can honestly your skin will immediately clear up


- idk what to say here but just…eat well. i haven’t yet figured what foods are bad but i know when i eat at uni i get spots. 

finally, i would recommend not wearing makeup or just going for as light coverage as possible otherwise this whole thing becomes pointless. also make sure to use as natural ingredients as possible. most if not all products mentioned above are cruelty free and 100% natural. hope you all get glowy, clear and lovely and soft skin and are always smiling!

ps. beautynetkorea have free shipping….and testerkorea are better with masks. oh! and you get lots of cute free samples with your orders and points to get free stuff next time. everything may seem costly when you see the total. but the products should last you the whole year. 

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can you pleeease tell us how you color your gifs? they're amazing I can't get colors like that, like the make me choose malec or inverted one or the one for the latest episode you are not your own. please? they're gorgeous!

of course i can !!!! 

first of all, thank you so so much for saying that about my gifs !! it means so much that you like them !!!

so i’m gonna show you two examples if that’s cool? one from my you are not your own set and one from my 1x12 set.

you’ll need:
photoshop (i use cc)
basic knowledge on how to gif/base colour (i’m gonna focus on how to bring out/manipulate colours here rather than just general base colouring)

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Reita and Aoi discussing nerves during a live (Rajigaze Jan 13)

Reita: So this one also says “I want Aoi to read this”…

Aoi: I don’t have to, do I?

Reita: Oh, so you only read one a week? We only get one Aoi Chance?

Aoi: Yes! Your Aoi Chance is up!

Reita: (laughing) I’m sorry, we only get one a week. “Reita-san, Aoi-san, hello. My dream for 2017 is to pass the national beauticians’ exam. So here’s my question: I have a practical exam in the beginning of February, but I’m someone who gets nervous easily, and I’m worried I’m gonna fail. What do you guys do to get rid of nerves? If you have any good tips, please tell me! I’m sorry this is getting long, but I would really appreciate any words of encouragement!”

Aoi: Okay! Hmm…..

Reita: Nerves….

Aoi: You get nervous, don’t you?

Reita: I get so nervous (laughs)

Aoi: Why?

Reita: ….I wonder why! You don’t really get nervous, do you?

Aoi: I…yeah I don’t really.

Reita: Hm, I wonder why…like you’ve never been nervous before?

Aoi: No I have!

Reita: When?

Aoi: Hmm…

Reita: Like, with lives?

Aoi: Yeah. But only like once or twice I think.

Reita: Ahh…

Aoi: It’s not like I never get nervous, I just don’t like, freak out.

Reita: Ah like when you’re hearts beating really fast and you feel sick?

Aoi: Yeah yeah yeah, like that’s only happened once.

Reita: Hmm…was that during a live?

Aoi: No, before.

Reita: Ah, before…

Aoi: Hmm so…this is an exam right? So I guess they’ll be nervous before it?

Reita: But it’s a practical exam, so they probably have to do something like, you know…in front of everyone with like a mannequin with hair

Aoi: Ahh…but isn’t that better than a written exam?

Reita: Hmm…

Aoi: They’ll be fine! For sure.

Reita: But in a practical exam, they’re cutting hair. If they make a mistake, it’s not like they can erase it, you know? What if they fuck up the bangs? (laughing)

Aoi: They wouldn’t though! They’ve been doing this for years, haven’t they?

Reita: Oh yeah, it does say two years so…

Aoi: Right? I mean if u still can’t cut hair…(I didn’t catch the end of this sentence lol but Reita starts laughing)

Reita: Yeh u’ll be fine

Aoi: You’ll be more than fine.

Reita: But really I envy people who don’t get nervous…me and Uruha get nervous way too often.

Aoi: Yeah, you do….

Reita: Okay, what about worrying? Do you not even worry about, like…

Aoi: Ruki often says like, “man, I’m worried,” after we’ve finished rehearsals.

Reita: Oh, he does?

Aoi: Yeah, he’s like, “idk if I’m gonna do well…” I can’t relate at all.

Reita: (laughing) You’re just like, “bring it!”

Aoi: Like, let’s do it!

Reita: Okay, then what about like, you know how sometimes we’ll have a live after like six months of not performing? And like your body doesn’t move as well?

Aoi: Bruh I haven’t been moving well for a while!

Reita: (laughs) So you’re not worried about it?

Aoi: Nope, I’m not.

Reita: Oh, really! (gigglin)

Aoi: Yeh I’m used to it now.

Reita: Nice. You seem like you’ve made peace with it.

Aoi: Yes…

Reita: I wish I could too….but when I’m really scared of is when the lights are on me that I’m gonna fuck up…I gotta get the timing right you know?

Aoi: Nah, listen…I’ve been invited to other people’s lives before, and everyone’s like that.

Reita: Like they’re not perfect?

Aoi: Like for the GazettE, in one song there’s so many chances [to use the lights I guess?] but it’s not like that.

Reita: What, everyone else?

Aoi: Yeah.

Reita: It’s more relaxed?

Aoi: It’s more relaxed, and they don’t use as many lights.

Reita: Ahhh

Aoi: I mean it depends on the person but

Reita: But when the light is on me…and I know I gotta [not mess up??] my hands shake. (laugh)

Aoi: Yeah for sure…

Reita: I don’t like it, and the GazettE does it so much!

Aoi: Our band needs to chill!

Reita: (laughs) Can’t we just use bare lights!?

Aoi: Yeah let’s just do that…I’m tired….

Reita: Should we do a no-lights show sometime!?

Aoi: No I don’t think that’s a good idea

Reita: We just use the lights from the audience (laughs)

Aoi: I don’t think anyone would like that. That’s so awkward.

Reita: Hmm, well anyway…our performance is the most important thing, but…I guess lighting is pretty important too.

Aoi: Yes.

Reita: But it also kills the performance if you rely on lighting too much, so it really is difficult to work out.

Aoi: Yes.

Reita: Yes…..anyway what was the other thing – oh yeah, they wanted words of encouragement!

Aoi: (chuckles) Good luck!

Reita: Good luck! (laughs) You can do it!

Aoi: You can totally do it!

Reita: Let’s have them cut our hair some day!

Aoi: Nah I’m gonna have to pass on that.

Reita: Oh right, you can’t colour your hair anymore can you?

Aoi: I already told u that…but yeah I can’t

Reita: (laughing) Okay, just the cut then.

Aoi: Yes pls

The Moon’s Dagger and The Sun’s Arrow -Jaemin!soulmate au

@idontknowahaechan - oooooohh soulmate!jaemin (this is4morgan n viv)

so in that case I guess i gotta tag you two dudes as well @secretlymadeoutofcups @jaeminnana and also @jaeminniemouse

Member: Na Jaemin

Type: Fluff mostly but maybe a slight bit angsty

Warnings: Mentions of death and suicide but it’s not that bad, Blood?

Plot: In a past life you and nana were soulmates but that ended badly thousands of years later he finds you again even if he didn’t know he was looking in the first place.

A/N- I personally cringed writing this not because it’s cringy (wait it might actually be idk my cringiness is clouding my judgement) but more because of how bad I think it is

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It was a myth of love and heartbreak. The myth was about two people from different kingdoms, enemy kingdoms, who fell desperately and hopelessly in love. Due to the kingdoms ban on interactions between the peoples of the two kingdoms the two were forced to keep their love secret meeting only in a pavilion surrounded in a pond, flowers and vines in the silence of midnight. The legend says the soulmate’s love for each other was so greatly powerful that with the two of them together they could summon the light of the moon and the sun combined, the lights would dance with the couple encouraging their romance.

This paradise wasn’t eternal; war broke out and the couple was separate. One was injured, with an arrow whilst the other died in battle stab through the heart with a danger. There are two versions of the myth one states that so full of grief and rage, they would rather have died than be parted from their loved one, that they drowned themselves in the pond. The other version of the myth says they buried the dagger and the arrow under the pavilion and swore they would, in another life, be reunited with their lost love.

 You closed the book and set it down, you had read it again for what felt like the thousandth but you didn’t care it was still your favourite story whether it was real or not you didn’t care, it was hella cute even if it wasn’t a happy ending.

You got up from your pillow fort and walked over to your bags which lay packed ready to go. Your friends and you were going on a school trip to a camp an hour’s drive away for an ‘education experience of myths’ which in other words means the school wanted to get rid of the troublesome kids so they could redecorate the teacher’s lounge.

A text from your parents told you to clean your room and go through your packing list so you’re ready to go when they swing by.

You gather all the pillows and stuffed them under the bed along with most of the junk on your floor, this made it look clean but what your parents don’t know can’t hurt them soo.

You grabbed you bags and opened them, riffling through them with the speed of light and closing them again. Cleaning of the room, check and making sure I’ve packed properly, check.

The camp was big, like we’re talking so big it had a Museum of Myths (you we’re freaking out about this one), a lake, group activities and enough cabins to fit two schools, which it was. Another school was there when your bus stopped, a private school.

The two schools would be competing for ‘fun’ though out events in the camp. You wouldn’t take part in any events just watch from the side-lines and support your school.

The schools were way more competitive than the teachers had probably planned. Shouting swears and going as far as to pull pranks on each other. Fish, frogs and mouldy food had found its way into many peoples’ bed from both schools. Buckets of soup, lake water and spoiled milk had been placed all over the camp sending panic and chaos through ever camper.

One of the events was badminton, not wanting pranked you sat at the back whilst the players stepped onto the court. Then it began the shuttle was launched, players hitting it back and forth. Then you spotted him hitting the shuttle on the opposing team’s side.

His hair curled the colour of hazelnuts and chocolate, a cheeky grin spread on his face gracing the world with its presence, plump pink lips and kind charming eyes. He seemed to radiate positivity and sunshine. He moved with grace and elegance trying to defeat the player from your school.

His school was winning and only had one more point to score before they took the victory for that event. That’s exactly what he did, smacking the shuttle out of the reach of his opponent reach and claim his school another victory. You didn’t care about the game or who wins it but when he got the victory you couldn’t help but feel happy for him, even though a wave of swears and hatred went through your school

He beamed a smile and did a cute little fist pump in the air. He looked over the audience and his eyes met yours, his smile faltered for a minute while he looked at you. Averting your eyes, you started to talk to your friends at your sides, but you still felt his lingering gaze upon you.

After dark the hatred remained and the schools increased the horridness of the pranks after the badminton game. Some kids had been thrown into the lake others had all their clothes hidden after showering. You had managed to stay clear of all the awful things until midnight when you desperately needed the bathroom. You were slightly terrified of the dangers but screw it you needed to get it over with.

Slipping on your converse and taking a flashlight you headed out into the dark.

You got far enough to trick yourself into believing that you would be fine but stupid universe just wasn’t gonna let it happen that way. You walked right into a trip wire and set off a chain reaction which led to the bucket of fish guts above your head. The bucket tilted ready to spill its contents all over your head a hand swooped in snaking around your waist ripping you from the danger. The figure didn’t let go after the fish guts hit the ground inches from where you both stood, instead they led you out from the cover of the trees and out into the open. The moonlight acted as a flashlight shining on his handsome features as he smiled down at you.

“Hi, found you” he smiled at you, hand still around you.

“H-hi, you were looking for me?” you timidly said confused about what that meant.

“Yeah I remembered you from the badminton and I had to find you after the game” he said giving you a cheeky little wink, he continued to speak “I want to show you something, follow me” he let go of you and walked back into the trees.

“Wait one minute boy, I don’t know your name let alone trust you, a stranger, to walk me into the forest” you half yelled, but that wasn’t completely true you did have this extremely odd feeling that you could trust him which is why when he didn’t answer you ran in after him anyway. He waited for you beside a tree and when you caught up he took your hand in his intertwining your fingers with his.

You weren’t too shocked by this because the feeling of this being so right pushed those thoughts out your head.

“My names Na Jaemin” even in the darkness you could see he had given you another smile which for first time you retuned, he then began to walk again you slightly behind him.

The walk went on for a good twenty minutes and then you saw it, light from your flashlights illuminating the waters of the pond and the white marble of the pavilion. An audible gasp escaped your lips as he led you closer. A bridge took you both across the pond and he parted the vines and pulled you in after him. This place seemed so familiar to you, Jaemin seemed so familiar to you.

Jaemin led to the centre and let go of your hand walking up to a pillar and taking matches from his back pocket, striking it and lighting a torch, the flame from the torch carried on in a line around the pavilion until the small space was completely lit. You could see the floor pattern now a Heart with a dagger and an arrow through it.

Jaemin stepped back into the centre and took both your hands.

“You know what my name is, shouldn’t you at least return the favour” you pondered what he was asking.

“Y/N!” you sorta blurted out. Then blushed. A LOT.

He hysterically laughed at you then stepped close letting go of one of your hands and brushing his thumb over your cheek. You looked into each other eyes before your eyes flickered done to his pink lips then back to his beautiful dark orbs. He moved in closing the gap connecting his lips lightly to your own his hand cupped your face while the other set itself on your hip. Your arms wrapped around his neck as you both started to move your lips. The emotion in the kiss made it seem like you were both making up for thousands of year’s worth of lost time.

You opened your eyes and immediately stopped kissing him looking down at his chest were under his shirt a bright golden light illuminated and spilled out spiralling around you both. Focusing on his chest you hadn’t noticed the silvery light spilling out of your own chest. Jaemin seemed just as shocked as you gaping open mouthed as both the lights tangled together like intertwining threads.

Your vision began to go blurry like a silk vail shielded your vision, then you remembered the war, the pavilion and Jaemin your very own sunshine. You looked down and saw a dagger plunged deep into your chest and the pain and heart break you felt knowing you were dying leaving Jaemin behind. Then the memory ended and you found yourself sitting on the floor looking at the floor of the pavilion where the arrow and dagger looked back. You looked up, Jaemin sat in front of you still in a trance, you crawled over to him cupping his face in your hands as the memories of your past life flood your brain causing your eyes to tear up.

Jaemin’s eyes opened. He reached up and pulled you to him to reconnect your lips this time he knew why he was so madly in love with you. You broke apart from the passionate kiss.

“Found You” he said a smile plastered on his face “My precious moon light, my soulmate, my dagger”

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Ok, so not sure if i like this one but I’m gonna post it anyway just in case it’s not as bad as I think it is, yo does that even make sense?

{Reaction} BTS finding out about your disability

Hello hello! Me again (guess who ahahahaha im trash) i was wondering if you could do a BTS reaction to their s/o having a bipolar disorder? Or any kind of mental illness/disorder? Idk I’ve been feeling down lately and I thought about this……….. I hope it’s not too much to ask of you ❤️ Ps: I understand if you can’t really guess who I am, it’s only my second request but if you do, message me ;) you’re fab, as always 🏆😎 much love to you my favorite bunny! 🦄😁💕😘😉😉😉

Note: Hello! I know who you are and I was going to message you as soon as I got this inbox but I totally forgot until now! Please forgive me! I will message you now~ I slightly changed your request to make it general disabilities because mental illness can be sort of triggering so I try and stay clear from it as much as possible. Let’s all be happy! Anyway, I love you and I hope you enjoy this reaction! Fighting~

Disclaimer: I don’t own the gifs/images used.

Min Yoongi/ Suga

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Having a sight impairment means that you can’t see at all. And even though this is usually what sets you apart from others, it’s what keeps you close to Yoongi. When he’s with you, he changes into something very different. He’s open, confident and above all, happy. The first time you met Yoongi, he had let you touch him on his face, and had even blushed when you commented on how handsome he was. Even though it confused him, because you couldn’t see, he soon realised how well you really could see with your sense of touch and hearing.

{y/n}: “What’s your favorite colour, Yoongi?”

Yoongi: “Pink”

{y/n}: “Hm? Pink you say… what is that colour like?”

Yoongi: “It’s nice…” *He won’t tell you the reason he likes it is because it’s the colour of your lips, or the colour of your cheeks after he’s kissed them.*

Jeon Jungkook

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You have bipolar disorder, meaning that your emotions can snap a change like the weather. But Jungkook isn’t going to mind it, really. He knows it’s an issue, but not enough to stop him from loving you wholly. When you told him, he remembers the way your cheeks had flushed embarrassedly, he had simply smiled and set you with the reassurance that you needed.

Jungkook: “I still love you, Jagi, and I’m always going to feel this way about you. I’ve already fallen hopelessly in love”

Kim Taehyung/ V

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Taehyung was rather calm when he found out that you suffered from anxiety, but it didn’t push him away or change anything. If anything, it made him all the more in love with you, because all he wanted to do was to help you in any way that he possibly could. He started off by giving you a codeword. If you ever felt anxious to a point where you were breaking point, all you had to do was say the word and he would have you out of there within seconds. He helps in other ways too, making sure your hand is held in his when he knows you need to reassurance, or he rubs small circles in you back to remind you to breath when things start to get tough. He knows that he’s no doctor, and nothing he can do is going o rid of your anxiety completely, but he does try to do everything in his power to help you as much as he possibly can.

{y/n}: “Tae… -code word-”

Taehyung: “Okay Jagi… Namjoon, I’ll see you later. Me and {y/n} have somewhere to be.”

Kim Namjoon/ Rap Monster

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Namjoon had always kind had his suspicions about your personality, he noticed how you struggled to sit still for a long period of time, and noticed how you didn’t ever accept his offer to go to the cinema or have a movie night. The one time he did manage to persuade you to go to the cinema with him, you had spent the entire thing fiddling with your bag, or your hands, or shuffling around. He finally understood when you explained to him that you have ADHD.

Namjoon: “It’s okay, Jagi. I understand. And It doesn’t change anything, okay?”

Jung Hoseok/ J-Hope

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Hoseok didn’t know about your depression for a long time, not until you finally told him a few months into the relationship. He wanted the best for you, so he did everything that he could to make sure that you felt better and safe. He knew it would be a long process, but he did everything that he possibly could on a day to day basis to make you happy and to slowly help you to find the happier version of yourself.

J-Hope: “I love you, Jagi.”

Park Jimin

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Jimin knows about your anxiety pretty much since the moment he met you. Not because you told him, but because he had heard from your best friend Taehyung. He didn’t know how to approach you at first since he is very shy himself. But after numerous meetups, he manages to stutter out a few ‘hellos’ and ‘how are yous’ every now and again, and before you know it you’re both coming close. Months pass, and Jimin finally starts understanding his feelings for you.

Jimin: “I can’t imagine being with anyone else but you.”

{y/n}: “But… my anxiety…”

Jimin: “I love you, {y/n}, and nothing is going to change how I feel about you.”

Kim Seokjin/ Jin

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Jin knows that you have your personal mental health issues, and he’s the most supportive man in your life. He’s always been good with words, and he always has the right thing to say. He’ll always look out for you, even more so than himself. Sometimes, you need to look after him as much as he looking after you because even though he is the more amazing and supportive person when it comes to your health, he can often forget about his own.

Jin: “You’ll love it Jagi, I’m cooking your favorite for dinner.”

{y/n}: “You’re the best, Jin.”

Jin: “Things love does to you, eh?” 

sansa stark x targaryen!reader

Request: Can you do a Sansa Stark x Targaryen!Fem!Reader? Where everyone in the North doesn’t trust the Reader and Sansa defends her honour? (you can do more with that if you want)

 Notes: Idk I’m not very sure about this (when am I anyway) but I hope you enjoy it and sorry for the hiatus, they’ve been a couple of busy weeks but new I’m settled in my semi-new life I will (I hope??) post more often. Enjoy!! I appreciate the feedback xxx

 You sat quietly at the back of the Great Hall, trying to go unnoticed by the surrounding lords and ladies of Winterfell.  You hoped that their busy shouting would make them forget your presence in the room. You had already got quite the stares on your way to your seat, your silver hair and purple eyes making them grimace. You crouched on your seat, the furs hanging from your shoulders and covering your body helping you look a little bit more like everybody else, though the others around you wouldn’t just forget your last name. While Jon and your sister Daenerys had marched South to meet Cersei, your Queen had deemed it appropriate for you to stay in the North with Sansa, Arya and Bran Stark, the King in the North’s younger siblings. You got along the best with Sansa, due to your closer ages. She had been reluctant to befriend you at first, and even if she wasn’t rude, she had told you clearly how she had advised Jon not to meet your sister. It made sense to you, of course. You weren’t oblivious to your family’s actions, especially those against the Starks. However, you knew that you weren’t to blame for their actions, and Sansa had understood that soon enough too, so it wasn’t that hard for you two to become friends.

“Our King is not coming back, and meanwhile, we have to withstand that southern inbred in our home!”

“Right! We are spending our food and remaining resources in her. We should just get rid of her!”

Your eyes widened in fear. You had been careful not to talk much, not to let yourself be seen and you even avoided eating too much, but it seemed like they wouldn’t just forget about you, no matter how much you tried.

“Lady Y/N is our King’s guest, and she shall not be harmed. If someone hurts her, they will be punished.”

You looked around you, watching everyone’s heads turned towards you. You could see faces that went from discomfort to disgust and hatred. You picked yourself up and walked out swiftly from the room, ignoring the whispers that stirred up behind you.

You walked along the castle, not really paying attention to where your feet were leading you. Your head was spinning with hurtful thoughts, and about how much you missed your sister, and Dragonstone. Unlike Daenerys, you didn’t want to go to war, nor reclaim your family’s rightful throne. You weren’t particularly ambitious, at least not when it came to Great Families, ancestral seats or some iron throne. You craved a peaceful life. You were actually somehow happy about your sister leaving you in the Stark’s castle, although you hadn’t considered that while you had got away from your bellicose surroundings, you did need your family, or the little one you had left.

You train of thoughts was stopped with a hiss, when you noticed the cold snow under your feet. You had reached the Godswood. You had visited this place a couple of times before. You didn’t believe in any particular god or gods, but this place was usually lonely and quiet, exactly what you needed in this moment. You sat next to the tree. The snow fell from the white sky, resting on your bared skin and immediately melting against the warmth of it. The snow was roughly the same colour of your silver hair. You stayed there quietly, only nature sounds around you, till you heard the crack of the floor from nearby. Turning towards the sound, you were greeted by a lively red colour among the white landscape. She was standing tall, like a lady would, though she never did so in an arrogant way. She looked as much as a queen as your sister did. She came to stand in front of you, although she didn’t take a seat, and you didn’t offer either.

“You’re not used to the cold, Lady Y/N. You should come inside.”

“Winter is coming to the entire country. I better get used to it.”

She nodded, and looked around, while your eyes stayed on her. She seemed incredibly stiff. You guessed she was stressed with everything going on around her: the upcoming war (from both South and North of the Wall), her siblings Arya and Bran’s strange behaviour, Littlefinger’s meddling, the anger from the Northern lords, the lack of food…

You stood up in front of her, watching her face closely. She barely smiled, and the mentioned stress seemed to have taken a toll on her facial features. Nevertheless, she was still a beautiful (and very young) girl.

“Would you walk with me? I don’t want to return to the castle just yet.”

She nodded and started walking, you walking by her side. You walked only for a couple of meters when you first spoke: “Thanks for defending me earlier.”

“I would have done it for any of our guests.”

“But you did it for a Targaryen guest, and the truth is that not many Starks would. I appreciate it.”

She nodded her head and flashed you a small smile, but it quickly disappeared from her face. We walked for a while around the forest. You weren’t sure if you were walking to a certain location, but Sansa Stark seemed to know to where you were heading, so you trusted her.

“Do you miss home?” Her sudden question surprised you, for you weren’t expecting her to talk –or care– about how you felt.

“Honestly, I’m not sure where my home is. Is it in Essos, or Dragonstone, or is it King’s Landing… I’m still trying to figure it out.” She nodded understandingly, but didn’t answer. You really did want to talk to her, so you decided to ask her. “You must be happy now you are back home, with your family.”

She nodded her head stiffly, and even if she tried to not let it show, you could see it wasn’t a topic she wanted to discuss. “My stay here wasn’t particularly pleasant when the Boltons controlled Winterfell.”

You had heard what she had gone through with the crazy bastard son of Roose Bolton. You couldn’t handle the thought every time you looked at Sansa. Tyrion Lannister had told you she used to be a sweet and cheerful girl when he first met her. Her current behaviour made quite sense, knowing her life story since she arrived in King’s Landing.

“I can only imagine what you went through. You’ll be okay though. I’m sure. You seem like a very strong woman to me.”

Her smile seemed more real now, and a slight redness covered her cheeks, making them closer to the colour of her hair. You couldn’t contain your smile either. Many times you doubted if you’ll ever be happy again, and you were sure many –maybe even you– might die before the war ends, but you were thankful for the few moments of certain happiness.

You had been so lost in thought that you hadn’t noticed you had stepped into a frozen lake. You slipped, and being unable to find balance you started falling down, but Sansa was quick to hold you from both arms, making you too end up too close to one another. She helped to steady you, but didn’t move back when you gave a little step forward. You leaned slightly forward, still not sure of how she’d react. Her eyes widened when she noticed what you were about to do, but she didn’t push you backwards. You got closer, and her uneven warm breath hit your face. Not waiting anymore, your lips softly touched hers, both still careful and unsure about what to do. You realised she wasn’t going to take the lead, so you grabbed her waist softly and pushed her a little closer. She placed her hands on your shoulders, and it didn’t take much for you to notice that she was shaking. You pulled away. 

“Do you want to stop, my lady?”

Her cheeks flushed, but she shook her head firmly. “It’s just the cold.”

You smirked. “Would you like to continue this inside?”

She flushed even more, and after seemingly thinking about it she nodded. You grabbed her hand and walked back through the snow towards the castle, not looking at each other’s faces, but knowing both of you were smiling wide.

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Yes mom please tell us your favourite Canadian David Headcanons Like I, the mere European, have no clue about Canada at all but I'd gladly embrace all of your Headcanons 😄😄

oh boy okay you asked for it pal

(for the record: you may consider all of this as canon to Run Away Home, and I will tag it as such, but you may also adopt these for your own use if you wish! lmk though, I’d love to know which ones y’all like!)

  • in RAH I’ve been headcanoning David as coming from Hamilton for simplicity’s sake - it’s where I live. let’s go deeper: when I was six my town and in fact the whole county of Flamborough was amalgamated into the city of Hamilton. much of Flamborough remains relatively rural. so:
    • David’s mom lives in a nice suburb somewhere and he grew up there on the edge between urban and rural areas, knowing people from both (okay so this is just my life shut up)
    • His grandmother and grandfather, though, owned a small farm out in the more rural area and he spent a lot of time there as a kid, especially in the summers.
    • he went to college at Mohawk and got an apartment in the city… this is truly just my RAH-specific background but here we are so why not share
    • He loves Hamilton’s art community and its nature and parks and many many waterfalls
  • He LOVES to go camping wherever he can, with a special fondness for Banff and Algonquin
  • like 80% of us, he got his first job at Tim Hortons. Unlike 80% of us, he did not utterly hate it and can even still eat the food.
  • he grew up watching a lot of American TV/consuming American media, like the rest of us, but he also loved the fundamental Canadian stuff - Fred Penner’s Place and Crazy Quilt and Mr. Dressup and Big Comfy Couch were all major childhood staples alongside things like Mr. Rogers. Like all of us, he cried when Mr. Dressup passed away and still has weird random memories of Nanalan’ that he doesn’t think he could explain if he tried. He owned all of Fred Penner’s albums as a kid and will still buy new ones, and see him live any chance he gets, because Fred Penner is a national treasure. (He has tried teaching Fred Penner songs at camp, but for some reason the kids never seem to be into it.)
    • when he outgrew little-kids’ TV he still watched a lot of Teletoon and Family Channel stuff. He’s seen all of 6Teen.
  • his coffee order is a double double (two creams, two sugars).
  • he unironically dresses like a Canadian pretty often - flannels and the good ol’ Canadian tuxedo (denim jacket worn with jeans) are totally normal to his wardrobe.
  • he learned to drive a tractor before a car.
  • Gwen is surprised and delighted when he tells her he’s been drinking since he was nineteen, and then she’s disappointed when he points out that’s legal drinking age in Ontario.
    • he normally drinks ciders (not especially Canadian but just my hc lol), but he does like a good Caesar or Canadian whiskey (he just calls it rye).
    • also: he learned how to open two capped bottles with each other’s necks (no bottle opener) at a bush party once. he likes that this information shocks Gwen and decides not to tell her that he ended up there because he absolutely misunderstood what a ‘bush party’ entailed.
    • (admittedly all of these drinking headcanons come out of a fic I started and haven’t gotten around to finishing. idk when I will so I’ll go ahead and share here)
  • he doesn’t love winter but it takes at least 40 cm (~16 in) of snow and/or a windchill of -30°C (-22°F) or lower to stop him from going about his day.
  • as I noted in that other post, he loves Letterkenny because it’s just so damn accurate - he’s known so many people like the characters in the show! It’s definitely cruder than he’d like and he’d die of embarrassment if the campers or someone found out how much he loves it, but it’s just so funny. (what he doesn’t realise is that no one at Camp Campbell would be able to make full sense of the show.)
  • He’s read all of the Anne of Green Gables books and grew up watching the cartoon often. He still gets emotional when he thinks too much about Anne and Gilbert.
  • Canadian music, MY DUDES. He loves the Barenaked Ladies, Great Big Sea and anything involving Alan Doyle, the Arkells (he’s from Hamilton, it’s basically required), Lights, Alanis Morissette, The Tragically Hip, I could go on….
    • like literally the rest of the country, he watched the televised final concert of the Hip - it was in August 2016, so he was still at camp and had to watch an online stream that wavered in quality, and then he watched a recording again when he got back home - and cried his eyes out at the end.
  • He’s been to every province at least briefly, but never to the territories - they’re next on his travel list. Canada is huge and beautiful and he wants to see as much of it as he can!
  • he speaks pretty decent conversational French, but gets really nervous when he messes up or forgets a word, and the more nervous he is the worse he gets. it snowballs and often ends in him panicking.
  • he’s a very, very bad skater and absolutely useless at hockey. he’s okay at lacrosse and downhill skiing. he can handle cross-country skiing or snowshoeing pretty well, though!
    • and he spent every winter tobogganing down local hills. okay, he still spends every winter tobogganing down local hills, even after it was outlawed. no one pays attention to that law.
  • he LOVES maple syrup. and maple taffy. and maple cookies. and everything else maple. he and his mom have been tapping the trees on her property every year for as long as he can remember.
  • he wouldn’t tell you he cares much about sports, but if you insult the Leafs, the Blue Jays, the Argos, the Habs, or the Ti-Cats, he gets suddenly and irrationally defensive. he barely follows the games so he doesn’t even know why he gets so defensive.
    • (if pushed, Ti-Cats over Argos, and Leafs over Habs, even though being a Leafs fan is outrageously depressing.)
    • He would probably take a bullet for Wayne Gretzky. Again, he doesn’t know why. He just would.
  • On the note of Gretzky: you know the little cheers that kids add to the lyrics of ‘Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer’? After the line “you’ll go down in history,” many American kids add “like George Washington!” Like other Canadian kids, David says, “like Wayne Gretzky!”
  • He has been known to compulsively start singing “Don’t you put it in your mouth” when trying to stop campers from putting shit in their mouths.
    • He has also been known to remind kids to “stay alert, stay safe!
    • He also still wants a house hippo. Damn it. We all still want a house hippo…
    • in general he makes a lot of references to Canadian ads that we all remember vividly but no one outside of the country knows about. “MoooOOOM, Aidan cut me in HALF again!”
  • if presented with enough rocks he will just start building inukshuks. sometimes he does this at camp and the kids wonder what the fuck these weird rock structures are.
  • his wallet is still full of Canadian Tire money. they have points cards now. and yet he can still never get rid of the Canadian Tire money. it is eternal
  • he has a rim roller on his keychain. once Max asked what it was and David only sighed deeply. “another free coffee…” he said distantly
  • he, like most of us, has a very love-hate relationship with Toronto.
    • he calls it T.O. or T-dot, usually.
    • one time he was talking to an American who goes to Toronto sometimes for business, and they made a passing comment about Union Station. David’s eye began to twitch.
  • He learned to drop his ‘eh’s while in the states when he was still a camper, because other campers used to make jokes about it sometimes. they slide right back into his vocabulary the moment he gets home.
    • he still pronounces ‘roof’ in a way that strikes the kids as weird, and still uses Canadian spellings most of the time - colour instead of color, grey instead of gray, etc.
  • the boy loves ketchup chips. and all-dressed chips. and poutine. and back bacon. and aero bars, and kinder eggs, and actual smarties. I could go on.

I just scrolled up and saw how long this list has gotten so I… I will stop. but oh my god, I could go on forever, probably. Canadian David is good shit. I will be your Canadian David consultant if you want.

So since I got over 6 notes on that post ima be posting an essay I wrote for English

The title is A Cemetery at Dusk and I’m pretty sure I went out of point completely but idc

Here it is

She had once asked me what my favourite time of day was. If I’m being honest I didn’t have one until I saw the passion with which she loved dusk. I fell in love with the admiration in her eyes when she gazed at the darkening world. I fell in love with the colors of the sky that she thought were so beautiful and the way she blushed when I told her she was even more stunning. I fell in love with dusk because it’s when I fell in love with her. Now I’m in a permanent dusk, seeing nothing but the same reddish color she loved so much, but she is not here to make it beautiful anymore.

The car slowed to a stop and I heard a door open then close, the sound harsh to my ears. Ever since Camila had died in that accident, everything had become ugly to me. Every sound, every smell, every taste; everything was foreign to me. It was as if I had not only lost her, but also my ability to see any beauty in the world.

The cool November air hit my face, causing me to suck in a deep breath of fresh air-air that Camila would never get to experience again. My mother’s arm wrapped around my waist as she guided me out of the car.

I swallowed hard, trying to dissolve the large ball of sadness lodged in my the back of my throat. My mother squeezed my hand and started leading me into the cemetery.

The steady pitter pattering sound of the rain drizzling onto the umbrella my mother was holding over our heads, contrasted with the chatter of those who had come to the funeral that I could hear in the distance. They fell silent once we arrived near them, more so out of respect to me than actual grief. None of these people had cared about Camila when she was still alive.

I could smell the soil which would soon be covering her coffin, and some flowers someone had brought as well as the overly sweet scent of someone’s perfume. I could not make sense out of anything. Everything was a jumbled up mess in my head and I didn’t know how to sort it all out. I squeezed my eyes shut to try and get rid of the too loud redness I was seeing but it was no good, the red colour she used to love, the same colour I now came to abhor, would not leave.

My mother seemed to sense my distress and led me to the tree. I knew it was the one because I had asked them to bury her next to it. I kicked myself for not having noticed what type of tree it was before. I wished I could see it, the last place I ever held her in my arms. I leaned against it just like she had. It seemed like years ago when we were here, visiting her mother’s grave after her stepmother had thrown her out.

Camila had broken down crying in front of this tree, much like I was right now. I had wrapped my arms around her and pulled her closer to me, knowing that the physical closeness would help her calm down. After a while her crying had quieted down into small sobs and I had kissed her cheek and told her it was going to be okay. I had promised to take care of her. She had looked up at me with those beautiful brown eyes and told me she loved me. It was the last time she had said it, because mere moments later she was dead. And I was blind.

I sank down into the ground, not caring that my pants were getting soaked by the wet ground. I could feel the steady stream of tears rolling down my cheeks and I could taste their salinity. The coffin was buried and everyone had left, my mother waiting for me a little while away, but I was still there. The rain had stopped and everything was quiet. The silence of the world echoed the emptiness I felt without her. I don’t know how much time I spent there, it’s not important anymore. The only thing that matters now is preserving her memory. I was going to make sure I would never forget a single thing about her. Her body is buried in that cemetery but the memory of her isn’t. It’s permanently engraved in my brain, she’s buried in my mind where I can keep my promise to her and take care of it forever.

Not a day will go by where I won’t wake up and think about how different it would be if we would not have gotten into that accident; if I would not be sentenced to a future of seeing the dusk she loved so much but not being able to see anything else. Not a day will go by where I won’t keep mourning her like I did that day in the cemetery. Not a day will go by where I don’t love her.

Friday Afternoon

Summary: At the same time for the last month or so, Dan and Phil have made a habit of ‘meeting’ in the private bathroom. But one day, they are caught in the act by an unexpected visitor, and must find a way to get out of the inevitable interrogation and following consequences.

Genre: teenage!phan, post-smut, humour

Word Count: 2.8k

Warnings: Frequent use of taboo, references to previous sexual relations, generally overwhelming awkwardness.

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summary: punk!dan and pastel!phil, in which phil paints dan’s nails and tells him why he loves him.

tags: fluff, punk!dan, pastel!phil, high school, comfort 

word count: 2.2k

trigger warnings: probably swearing…? vague mentions of bullying (not physical), sad thoughts i guess

a/n: surprisingly, this doesn’t have much descriptive fluff (according to me), which is unusual for me cause i’m the fluff master, idk i just wanted to upload this so. inspo

“Have you ever had your nails done?”

Dan’s eyes drifted up from the novel he was reading to focus on Phil’s face. The black-haired boy stared down at him curiously, purple peonies and asters adorning his head and keeping the fringe out of his eyes. Other than the fact that Dan simply adored Phil’s flower crowns, he was glad he wore them so he could see the ocean that was his eyes. Dan grinned and nodded, and Phil rolled his eyes, combing his fingers through Dan’s fringe.

“Other than painting them black,” Phil scoffed, looking away.

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Harvest Goddess Magical Melody Wig Tutorial

Okay so, keep in mind, this tutorial is kind of long, the entirety of this wig is very expensive (overall, it cost me a little under 250$ CAD but if you’re NOT dealing with the horrific USD/CAD exchange rate, it probably won’t be as expensive). Also, disclaimer that I’m not a professional, most of this is pure bullshit, and if I ever did this wig again I’d want to change a LOT on how I went about it. 
Also, if this wasn’t clear before, I don’t recommend this as a beginner project if you don’t already have experience with some intermediate cosplay stuff. 
Some tutorials I based this off was echoing-artemis’s (DA) Rapunzel wig tutorial and quite a few scattered wig dyeing tutorials. 

The stuff I got for this were:
2x Epic-cosplay Asteria Wigs in Fusion Vanilla Purple
3x Matching long wefts (also from Epic Cosplay)
Wig clips 
Those little hair combs you sometimes see added to Arda wigs. I didn’t get these because I had no idea where to get them from and I ran out of time but it probably would’ve made a huge difference.
1/2m of thick batting (idk how much I used really but 1/2m is probably a safe bet)
FW ink in purple for the gradient
2x bottles of rubbing alcohol
Empty spray bottle
Gloves for dyeing 
Long necked wig head. This will subsequently be destroyed
2x Wig stands. Okay, you’ll need at least one, but mine BROKE halfway through so…keep a spare one handy. Or you’ll be duct taping your wig head to the table and also plying friends to come over to hold your wig head for you.
Wefting needles. Whatever kind you like working with.
Wefting thread/Upholstery thread. Something thick, not that all-purpose kind. 
Tacky glue
Hairspray (I used got2b)
Spray adhesive. Everything is temporary, except for Kryolan Easy-Tack. Kryolan Easy-Tack is forever….(seriously, protect your surfaces when working with this shit)
Wig combs/brushes and spray detangler
Probably some kind of container your wig can drip into while it dries from the gradient dye.

(^2x wigs + 3x wefts)

First, take your first wig, and harvest it’s wefts. I basically took off all the wefts and left the skin top. So yeah, very carefully get all your wefts out. You now have an entire wig’s worth of wefts. Sew this into your second wig, making sure to brush out the wig roughly every couple wefts you sew in, because if you don’t it WILL get tangled just because of how friking long this thing is.

Next, add that first pack of wefts to it. Make sure you also add the wefts for the bangs, don’t skimp on the bangs. 

(^ still wefting…)

Hooray. Now your wig weighs as much as your small dog.

Next, you want to sew in your wig clips. I just put two at the very front, because I’m a butt and forgot to put two at the back. If you do have those hair combs, definitely insert those as well. The more support the better. I didn’t put it on a scale to weigh it, but I did hold up my 10lb dog and also held up the wig, and they weighed pretty much the same so…

Okay now dye it. Go search up some tutorials on wig dyeing. I just mixed 12 drops of FW ink into my spray bottle, and stuck in about half a cup of alcohol. That’s supposed to be overdoing it, but my wig did not end up crunchy or felt like it had product in it, so I just went with it because I didn’t want to dye it 4 times since the alcohol smell gave me a headache. You might want a face mask in this step it gets pretty stinky. Make sure you protect your surfaces somehow because this mixture will stain. Spray dye your wig up to the gradient. Let it dry. Repeat. I did mine twice until I was happy with the colour.

(^ dyed and brushed out) 

Okay so this is where the fun ended and I started hating my life. Brush out your wig. Make it nice and smooth. Brush it out again, if you have any tangles here, GET RID OF THEM, or there is no going back once you proceed. First, I divided the wig into two large sections, plus two smaller sections for the braids. I braided the two smaller sections and just put some elastic on it and pinned them at the top so they’re out of the way.
Now, with your two large sections, divide those again. The Harvest Goddess’s hair in Magical Melody are these two big twists. They’re not really braids, they’re just like…twisted pieces?? So there’s your twisted pieces, you have pieces 1, 2, 3, 4.
Cut a length of batting matched roughly to the length of the wig. My batting wasn’t thick enough by itself, so I cut double the width, folded it lengthwise and just quickly basted down along the edge using my sewing machine so it stayed put.

(^ cut batting)

(^ folded in half and basted. You can see the one I already attached to the wig in the background)

Cut the batting to the length of your wig. You don’t want it exactly as long as your wig because you do want it slightly shorter so you can get that point at the end of her twists.
Get your glues (I used tacky glue and Kryolan Easy Tack for this step). I would recommend actually just taking that batting, spraying easy tack all over one side. I originally tried to do it with tacky glue and tbh wasn’t worth it, the hairs ended up tangled and everywhere.
So now you have that batting nice and soaked on ONE SIDE, attach that one side carefully to one of your sections of hair. Make sure you smooth everything down so that at least the majority of your hair pieces are stuck to the batting. Don’t worry if not all of them are. You just want to cover the batting in as much hair as possible so the batting doesn’t show.
Now spray the other side. You’ll want to place some kind of protective plastic sheet or something behind so you don’t get easy tack on anything other than that batting. Attach the other side. Okay great, now repeat for all four sections. Now you should have four wig covered batting sections. This bulks out your wig. 

(^ you can see where I did the braids and pinned them on top of the wig just to get them out of the way. I used some large hair clips to keep each section of hair separated. The big thick chunk in front is the fully attached wig-covered batting piece. What I’m holding up is the massacred remains of the first wig that I took apart for wefts)

Take the remnants from the skin top of the first massacred wig and start caulking the ends and filling any gaps. The less gaps you have now the easier it’ll be in the next step. 

Once everything is dry, you can start twisting the hair together to form her giant twists. This is the part where my wig stand finally broke, and my wig came crashing to the floor which made all the fibres mess up so…that was a lot of clean up and fixing to do. Hopefully this doesn’t happen to you…

(^Wig laying on the ground. One side is halfway done being twisted, and the other is the two separate sections ready to be twisted)

Twist those giant sections together, and then secure the end with an elastic. I used caulking to style the ends of her twists into a point.
Then, take your second pack of wefts, cut off the bulky top part so you have pure fibre, caulk the fibres together, and start patching up the wig again. Patch. Keep patching. Don’t stop patching until everything is nice and filled and you cannot see batting. Blend into the original wig fibres. You can do this on the stand or on the floor. I really don’t know if most wig stands can take this weight right now tbh so the floor might be safer.
Also, don’t forget to cover up that elastic at the end with a lock of wig hair. It looks a lot better that way trust me.

Take your hairspray and kind of spray that wig in place. I didn’t glue all the fibres down pat because I didn’t want it to look like it was stiff, but you’ll want to spray that then so those stray wig fibres have less of a chance of getting loose.   Style your braids accordingly. Good thing you pinned them up beforehand huh.
At this point, I actually redyed my wig a THIRD time because those wefts I put in to patch up the wig no longer matched the gradient colour.

Style the bangs. I just honestly pushed them back and sprayed/glued them in place. I wanted a lace front at first for her hairline, but there was just no way I could find a lace front wig in that length, nor that colour. If you have the time to turn your lace into a lace front, look into that I guess? For me, just pushing back the bangs and spraying them worked fine.
This probably is letting some cosplay secrets out of the bag, but I got a bunch of the fake flowers you see on the final cosplay and glued them on my wig in parts where I could see either patches of batting showering, or where my patched fibres weren’t blending in as nicely with the original wig fibres. Shh….no one will know in the final piece…
Plus they matched the ones on my dress so…

I don’t know if you want to do this too, but I attached fishing line from my wrist to the wig so that I could pose my hair. It didn’t actually relieve that much of the weight, but it did make it so it didn’t just drop down and so it could hold that curved shape that you see in the games. To do that, I looped fishing wire through a small button and just hot glued it straight to the ends of each twist/braid where I had secured the elastic. I made little like…fabric bracelets, put some vines and tiny flowers on it to make it look pretty and just stuck the end of the fishing wire straight through the fabric, knotted it, and hot glued in place again. The fabric bracelets had a snap closure to go around my wrist. This method worked for me, I didn’t have any costume malfunctions and the hot glue was strong enough to hold it. I just stuck a flower over where the fishing line attached to the wig to cover it up. 

 I think that’s it? Overall, it took me about a month and a half and I never want to do this again. If I could do it again, I would probably not make that wig one big piece and do the braids separately and just attach them to the base wig. 

Again, this is just how I did it. I can pretty confidently say this was the wrong way to do it, but it worked out for me in the end so take what you will from this tutorial. I ended up staying 6.5 hours in the cosplay, and most of the time was in horrific pain from how heavy that wig was. It’s not going to be a comfortable cosplay to be in so I’m not going to sugarcoat it but it was a good learning experience and it was pretty fun being a beautiful fairy thing and also being too large to fit in the washroom. Anyway, remember, if it looks bad, stick a flower on it. 

anonymous asked:

aaaaa i would really like to make one of those chat edits [and make it look as authentic as possible] but idk about the speech bubbles? the icons?? the spacing between each person??? the foNT????? idk ur edits look so real like its from the game and i need you to teach me ur ways

Okay, so! Slightly disorganized crash course on the basics of my chatroom edits below the cut. (If more people want an actual guide or something I can probably sit down and make one sometime, just let me know ^^ This guide assumes you have some basic knowledge of GIMP or other photo editing software)

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