but idk how i feel about the blue collar work thing

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Hi! Not sure if you're the right person to ask, but... I really genuinely love working with plants. I have bad depression and anxiety problems, and focusing on caring for them really helps. It makes me feel useful. I'd love to get some kind of horticultural job but I don't have any accreditation or experience other than my own self-study. Are there jobs out there for someone like me?

there are a lot of cool plant jobs out there and honestly i need to make a masterpost of literally all the jobs i can possibly find but in the meantime:

jobs you can get with only a high school diploma/while working on your high school diploma: what I did was scour my area for any jobs remotely related to plants, which is how I came across my current corn pollinator job. there are openings in greenhouses and landscaping companies if you’re willing to do some manual labor, which is an important asset in our industry. don’t forget about your local government!!!! seriously. a lot of towns and cities run parks and recreation departments that need people to work. you should be prepared for manual labor, especially if you’re an able bodied young person. my current job is the heaviest in manual labor i’ve had so far, but feeling physically worn after a 9 hour work day makes me feel useful and deserving of the money I earned (I also have depression and anxiety, along with OCD and ADD; having physically demanding job helps use up some of my energy and helps me relax), but I also work closely with the breeders, who I can asks questions about the plants and stuff. theres definably room for moving up the ladder in some of these.

One tier up from that is jobs that require a two year degree. these are quality jobs, but are often kind of brushed under the rug as blue collar. one of the corn breeders i work with was hired after a two year agriculture degree at a local community college, and shes been working in the lab breeding new corn varieties for over 20 years now, and its her full time job. dont forget blue collar jobs when looking at botany things to go into. you can make a 200% respectable living working blue collar and have a job that might fit you better or be just as engaging or more engaging than a white collar job.

cool blue collar/two year degree jobs:

-greenhouse management (this is an actual thing you can major in!)

-forestry: you manage and protect forests, sometimes specific ones long term. Foresters diagnose problems with a forest ecosystem and help local officials and owners repair and protect the property and the things that inhabit it. (this might need a 4 year degree tho idk)

-Arborists. i love this. when youre an arborist, you are also known as a tree surgeon. people call in arborists to diagnose problems with their woody plants, and they drive out to people, diagnose their trees and shrubs, and use equipment to literally do tree surgery if needed. you can be a plant surgeon and thats so cool

-farming. this is one of those things where people are like ew a farmer but no. the median annual pay right now for farmers in the US is around $60,000 per year. farmers grow thousands of plants for food and make bank doing it depending on experience levels. its just a matter of learning how to run a farm and getting started. dont shit on farming jobs and dont put them out of your scope of potential careers bc its farming. 

again this is not a comprehensive list by any stretch but theres a few things to think about???

it’s happened to all of us before. you go to bed at your set time, you sleep, and then…you wake up, check your phone and it’s already 12pm?! it seems like you’ve already lost half of the day. poof. it’s gone. which, sorry to burst that bubble of positivity, is true. HOWEVER! here’s how you can make the most of the remaining time. it’ll almost be as if you got up at 6 am instead ;)

get your booty out of bed

starting is always the hardest thing to do, but once you’ve begun, you’ll have momentum to continue. the same goes with waking up. don’t go on your phone, check social media, or just lay there. actually get up.

let there be light

natural light has been proven to wake you up. in fact, white light (which is really blue light) suppresses the production of melatonin, the hormone that makes you sleepy. opening up the blinds and letting in the midday light will not only brighten up the room, but also your mood (especially if you are in a grumpy one since you got up late)!

hint of mint

peppermint oil is a must in the mornings for me. i always make sure to dab some on the collar of my shirt since it perks up my senses and helps me stay awake, aware, and active throughout the day. any minty scent will work too as it really gets the senses up and running.

cold water. ‘nuff said.

washing your face with cold water will help jolt you awake, especially since you’ve been asleep for a long time and feeling extra groggy this fine morning afternoon. don’t forget to brush your teeth, too! all that junk in your mouth is icky and you don’t want to be swallowing any of it down with your breakfast brunch.

hydrate, hydrate, hydrate

down a tall glass of water since your body has been deprived of it for the past 12+ hours that you’ve been sleeping. drinking plenty of water will not only help you refresh yourself, but also rehydrate you and your brain, kickstart your metabolism, and help your body rid itself of unwanted toxins.

take a break for breakfast

even if twenty minutes have already passed from when you got up, don’t skip on breakfast. the first meal of the day is so so so incredibly important, and you’ve probably heard the phrase “don’t skip breakfast” so many damn times to the point of annoyance, but you gotta go with it and don’t skip it ;) wow unintentional rhyme there heh

some quick + healthy breakfast ideas:

  • oatmeal with raisins and dried cranberries
  • waffles with nut butter (peanut, almond, etc) of your fancy and sliced bananas + honey
  • yogurt with grapes and granola
  • toast with yogurt (in lieu of cream cheese) and smoked salmon (sounds gross but tastes delish) fish…delish rhymes with fish…i digress
  • milk, banana, strawberry, and mango juice smoothie
  • mint green tea and toast with sliced bananas and honey
  • apple slices and nut butter
  • carrots and broccoli with hummus

make a plan to slay today

get a plain white A4 sheet of paper and make a list of what you want to get done. it does not have to be neat and it does not have to be pretty. it just needs to include what you need to accomplish. idk about you, but drawing a nice line through a task i’ve completed is just the most satisfying feeling ever :’)

get out there and get it done!

now that you’re awake and ready, make the best use of your time and get started on what you need to do! and don’t forget to let @bookfully know if she should make more posts like this if you found it helpful hehe. good day and good luck!

Only Us (Part Nine)

Pairing: Peter Parker (Tom Holland) x Reader

Summary:  What happens when the reader saves Spiderman…while he’s saving you? (things have changed but fuck it I’m still using this summary cuz idk)

Word Count: 1791

Warning(s): Swearing

Additional Notes: If you would like to be tagged for every part of this series let me know by commenting or something else idk. ALSO I’M SO SORRY

Part 1  Part 2  Part 3  Part 4  Part 5  Part 6  Part 7  Part 8

Sobs racked through me as I sat on my bed tissues surrounding me. My mind went though all the things that I had told him. My parents, my job, all of my feelings for Peter—or him. Tears ran down my face. How could he do that? A knock came at the window and I looked toward it seeing Peter outside in his spiderman suit.

“Y/N please.” He begged. I stood up walking toward the window. “Just listen to me—” I reached up drawing the blinds over them. “Y/N…” I heard him trail off. More sobs racked through me as I dropped on my pillow. More knocks came from the window. I swallowed leaning over starting my stereo butting on “Fuck you” by Cee Lo Green. I turned it loud, louder than normal. I closed my eyes as I continued to cry feeling sick. There was yelling outside my room and a pounding came from my door.

“What?!” I yelled.

“Where the fuck is my money Y/N.” My mom yelled.

“I don’t have any of your money!” I yelled back.

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BK: During Aang and Zuko’s heyday, the ability to bend lightning was an incredibly rare skill usually reserved for the inner circles of Fire Nation royalty and high-ranking military officers. Now, in the thick of the Avatar world’s own Industrial Age, we see that this skill is, while not widespread, common enough that it is practiced by blue-collar workers changing up massive batteries in the city’s power plants. This kind of work is incredibly taxing on a person’s chi reserves; that’s why the plant bosses tend to get desperate, strapping young men like Mako to sign up for the grueling task. Mako designs by Jin-Sun Kim and Ki-Hyun Ryu. Color by Sylvia Filcak-Blackwolf. Background design by Eun-Sang Yang. Painting by Emily Tetri. 


You Bastard

This is for the anon who wanted an “angry diva Heechul” scenario!

It seems that at least the diva part is Heechul 100% of the time anyway, so it’s not really a stretch to write it, hahaha. I hope you like it!


You look around the set for the show, with all its colors and equipment and staff members running around. Of course, no matter how much you prepare for these things, there’s always something you didn’t plan for, and so things always go wrong, one after another.

And as far as “things you just can’t plan for” go, Kim Heechul is #1 on the list.

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Good pup (Chanyeol)

Naughty anon says:

yo becca since your requests are open i’m gonna kindly request you a sinful sub pcy smut, like submissive SUB SJGKHK hit me up with something that’s really faraway from daddy like… call him kitten idk, a good domme pleasing her big baby boy??? thank you~~~~~ 😘

Word count: 1693
Genre: Smut. There’s zero sweetener on this one.
Warnings: Don’t read if you’re a minor.

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i. title: détente

ii. fandom: overwatch

iii. characters/ships: jack morrison, ; gen, background ships, might be reaper76 if i make this a thing but rn it’s shipless

iv. warnings: uh, discussion of ptsd/panic attacks/nightmares, but like vaguely? like nothing triggery really but if youre sensitive, brief mention of alcohol, more specific champagne and the pop of it setting off a panic attack

v. tags: dogs, im using forty nine for jack’s age bc the timeline’s all over and i put 45 - 55 in a rng and got forty nine, angela ziegler has #connections, this is five pages and just short of 2k words wtf, tenatively, bonnie the dog, therapy dog, this is jack centered tbh but if i write more hana’s getting a cat, idk if i truly like this

vi. summary: “Uh,” Jack says, the stumble coming out before he can stop it. “That’s a dog.”

“It sure is,” Angela says agreeably, depositing it in his arms and sipping her coffee. “Merry Christmas.”

“It’s June,” he deadpanned, as the wriggling little thing laps at his visor.

vii. notes: i wrote this in an hour and i dont know if i truly like it but bonnie the dog is a thing now. i literally just listened to alberta by eric clapton while writing this. will be on ao3 in half an hour. @snowsheba​ saw these hcs that inspired this first. 

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He Tian x Mo Guan Shan // One-Shot

Tags: summer days, what happens after update 185, aftercare (non-sexually), guan shan is a Great Nurse, idk anymore

Synopsis: A vignette of Guan Shan and He Tian’s interaction directly after 185. (The hand/friends update, fyi.)

So-called because I have been listening to this and it’s beautiful and I think it fits.

‘Idiot,’ Guan Shan says.

He hasn’t stopped saying it.

He Tian needs to hear it, even when his palm is bloody and his neck has marks on that Guan Shan can’t stop staring at. And his smile—it wavers.

Fake, Guan Shan used to say. He used to think it was dangerous, that smile. He thought it could make anyone do anything, and he was terrified because he thought, too, that it might make him do anything if He Tian wore it long enough.

And it’s fake now, but there are shards of realness that cling at the edges, sitting in the cracks of He Tian’s lower lip, and Guan Shan doesn’t know what to do with that smile.

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Yoongi; me you, you me

❝i immediately wanted to write something when I saw this photo because LOOK AT THAT BOY. /also, this is for Isabella who casually called out to fight me but I suck at pairings so whatever k/ the-storyweaver
► 977 words | mini scenario, smalltown!au
/smalltown!Yoongi might be a thing i don’t know blame Isabella for this shit

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Words: 3.8k aka too long

Characters: Vladimir Ranskahov, afab Reader

A/N: so much went into the making of this fic: awkward screaming, trouble by halsey, a hell of a lot of help from pietromcximoff, and a lot of cringing. pls tell me if he seems ooc but i need to add vladimir’s romantic headcanons to the hc page so yea idk it is what it is enjoy

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*throws self, screaming and flailing, onto the Miraculous!AU bandwagon*

forgot to post this from last night’s stream oops

Jay, more commonly referred to as Hiccup, is the son of mayor Stoick Haddock in the Scandinavian town of Berk. At nineteen, he attends college with five other friends, including best friend and girlfriend, Astrid.

When he’s not maintaining the politeness and responsibility of a mayor’s son, he’s fighting akuma as local superhero, Night Fury. Wielding a blazing blue firesword and blowing things to bits when he has to activate his Alpha powers, he typically takes on a little more than half of the fighting in the city. He usually never has to use his Alpha powers as his other half, Nadder, usually helps him take care of what’s going on without severe damage courtesy of him. But when he has to, watch out, because things will explode and people will get hurt.

Hiccup lost his leg a couple years after his Miraculous, a necklace with a skull-shaped pendant that he usually hides under his collar, was given to him in a particularly violent fight with an akuma. Nadder refused to find out his identity for his sake, though she did run him to the hospital and left moments before her Miraculous went out. Ultimately Hiccup’s father found out and now Stoick has to try really hard not to gush about how his son is one of the town’s most beloved heroes in order to maintain anonymity. When he got out of the hospital he played it off at school by saying he got hit by a car, but Astrid seemed very surprised and then very suspicious about its real cause.

Hiccup’s appearance as Night Fury is a sleek design based off his kwami, Toothless, and he hides his face very well with an aerodynamic mask. His hood occasionally falls down and doesn’t reveal too much of him but he prefers that it would stay up. On the off occasion that it does fall down, Nadder takes the chance to weave a braid into his hair. When Hiccup walks into class the next day with a braid in his hair, Astrid seems confusingly pleased. Hiccup has three small nodes on each side at even intervals, one on his calf, one at his hip, and one just beneath his armpit that, when as Night Fury, can generate a thin plasma membrane on each side that allows him to glide. He’s gained a hero nickname as “The Flying Squirrel”.

Night Fury can breathe fire in his hero state and Nadder typically has a hard time keeping it together around him when he does so, especially when smoke twirls out of him mouth afterwards. He can tell that she’s extremely infatuated with him and it’s slightly amusing.

Toothless, Hiccup’s kwami, is very cute and lovable and fiercely loyal to his charge. They’re best friends and inseparable. They have to be. They’re a marvelous team and Toothless often helps Hiccup with even menial, everyday things like pouring milk for his cereal. Toothless also likes to tease Hiccup though, and though he won’t actually make a joke, he laughs when Hiccup does something embarrassing. He loves Hiccup but particularly enjoys his disgruntled inconveniences. He also loves fish and will do anything for it.

Astrid, the daughter of a wealthy couple who’s revolutionary in the sports attire business, is the “take it down with an axe and then lop its head off” kind of girl who takes very little nonsense and gets the job done. She practices axe-fighting and archery in her spare time, and in the rest she’s working out.

Astrid attends college with boyfriend Hiccup and is very aware of his secret identity of Night Fury. His missing leg kind of gives it away and she doesn’t mention she knows who he is to preserve his sense of anonymity. Later on, after he finds out who she is, she realizes that it was a mistake not to tell him and their relationship becomes slightly rocky for a little while before smoothing out again as he feels betrayed that she didn’t tell him she knew.

As Nadder, Astrid is a master archer and fires poisonous spines at akuma, weakening them substantially. Night Fury’s firesword weakens them too, but really only lowers their guard so Astrid can finish them off. She too can breathe fire alongside her male counterpart but it’s bright orange and far hotter than his. In her last-minute powers, her bow transforms into an axe and she can wipe out the akuma for good. Night Fury purifies the butterfly by burning away the darkness and then Astrid returns the damage back to normal by turning her axe back into a bow and firing a spine into the air.

Astrid keeps spines on her inner arms as daggers and her claws are very sharp and painful. She can glide, similar to Night Fury, and she’s an excellent, stealthy tracker. She’s beautiful despite herself and has many, ah, lovers who wish to win her heart. She’s a very blunt personality and has to fight the urge to use pet names on Night Fury that she typically uses on Hiccup, preferring to attempt to flirt with him and punch him when he distracts her by being gorgeous. She nearly has a heart attack one day when he mentions that, “You’re like my girlfriend. She punches me for stupid things like that too.”

He doesn’t connect the dots.

Astrid’s Miraculous is in the headband she always wears and Stormfly is her kwami. Stormfly can be easily bribed to do anything if you give her chicken and this only leads to black and white, good OR bad, outcomes. Stormfly is fiercely loyal to Astrid and loves her dearly and they often pass time by playing small games of fetch.

The Demons Apprentice 4

yes another update. I’m just as happy as you guys whenever i upload more parts. haha okay so let me hurt your hearts some with this, and (idk spoiler not really) that comic takes place in this part so thats nice

easy writing there pfft 

anyways enough of me talking, RREADDDDD:


[part 4-]

At the Mystery shack:



Location incantatores.

Mentes reformationem.

Potens daemonia.

Potionibus , omnis hexagonis , evocatio, profligare , et rotarum orbes.

Diabolus regna.

How to Speak Latin for Dummies.

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Idk if you write coliver but if you do here's a little coliver prompt: Connor and Oliver get In a fight and connor thinks it means they're breaking up since he's stupid and never been in a serious relationship

[hi anon! i have written them before and I LOVE THIS IDEA okay also i’m setting this in the future after ‘if i should ever leave you’, post canon after the murder etc and they get back together]

Oliver is laughing as Connor scrambles, throwing his suit jacket on and hastily looking about for his tie. It’s probably kicked somewhere into the mess that’s under Oliver’s bed, and Oliver takes a minute to sigh happily, stretched out on his sheets, watching Connor dress.

“This isn’t funny, I’m going to be late,” Connor grumbles.

“Oh how the turn tables,” Oliver says, grinning. 

“I’m pretty sure you’ve got that backwards,” Connor says, raising an eyebrow.

“Pretty sure I don’t,” Oliver says, propping himself up on his elbow, entertained as always by the fact that Connor doesn’t watch any television, really. He makes a mental note to send Connor a link to that clip from The Office later. 

“This is your fault, you’re just irresistible in the mornings,” Connor says, pretending to be angry, and Oliver has to chuckle. “Where is my tie?”

“Here, just wear your blue one,” Oliver says, hopping off the bed and yanking open the drawer that he designated as Connor’s last week when he was doing laundry. Somehow he’s amassed a number of Connor’s clothes, shirts and boxers and socks, a few dress shirts, a tie or two. It just made sense to Oliver’s organizational streak to just put it all in one place.

“Oh. Thanks,” Connor says as Oliver loops the tie around his collar, tying it for him. His eyes dart to the drawer and then back to Oliver finishing the tie in a neat knot. 

“So… that’s a…”

“Drawer, yep,” Oliver says dryly. “You might as well move in. You were here four nights out of seven this week." 

“Please, like I would want to live in this neighborhood,” Connor scoffs.

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A Starlit Road: A Genuine Mistake

fandom: haikyuu!!
pairing: kageyama/hinata
notes: first of all, pls check out the previous parts over here! second, this is a joint project with lovely amy (nyoom-nyoom-nugget) who drew an illustration which i based this fic on! i do hope i can work with her for a lot longer bc i love her art and she is lovely ok bYE
also ye i know this is basically almost the same setting as last chapter. but kagehinas in the morning are my weakness pls don’t judge
warnings: it’s dumb and unedited i’m sorry for my existence

When Hinata is sleepy, he doesn’t really notice what he does - including not noticing what he wears.

When the alarm clock rings - 5am on spot because him and Kageyama always wake up extra early to take a run around the block before going to school - Hinata sits up immediately and blinks repeatedly. His eyelids still feel heavy as do his limbs but when he stretches them, he starts to feel lighter. The morning seems nice enough for a run, clouds still hanging over the sky when Hinata watches out of the window.

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Prompt: Sherlock and Mycroft call their mother "mummy", so why not call their father "papa"? Love to see Sherlock telling Molly all about it beloved "mummy and papa". :3

I’ll warn you, this was written at 4am by a me who was tired, grumpy, annoyed and in need of silly fluff. Which is to say, I strayed away from the prompt a bit.

When Molly meets Sherlock’s mother, it’s in a flurry of perfume, eager questions about if she uses mathematics for her work (and if she does, what sort of formulas does she use exactly) and air kisses to both of Molly’s cheeks before she pulls up a chair and settles on the other side of the worktop. 

“So, you work with Sherlock? How’s my boy doing?”

Molly has to blink a few times. Nope. This still doesn’t make quite enough sense.

“He’s… fine.

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