I think that vision and how it was framed as deliberate, honestly. Emma fights the villain while her family’s in the background being protected. Supposedly, no matter what she does, it’ll end there. And maybe it does.

But maybe, by the time it does, Emma’s figured a few things out. So maybe by then, it won’t be Emma fighting by herself to protect those she loves. They’ll be beside her, not behind her, fighting with her. That’s the key to breaking the “curse” of the Savior - stop carrying the weight of the world by yourself, stop trying to fix everything, let people in and let people help you.

Right now, even with what Archie said, it all seems negative - Emma let her walls down, stopped protecting herself, it let all the bad stuff in… But no mention of the positives. Of the fact that she’s not alone anymore. Of the support she has now. No mention of “love is strength”. I’m assuming that’s deliberate, because that’s what she’s forgetting, that’s what she needs to remember, or learn.

And of course she immediately goes on on her own, looking for answers on her own, trying to fix it on her own. So maybe, by the end of all this, she’ll do the opposite. She’ll let the others help rather than try to protect them by keeping them out of the fight. They’ll face it together, and they’ll win.

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why haven't you been posting new gif sets lately?

Honestly I’m just not motivated. I’ve been feeling extremely self-conscious about my gifs lately and I’m not really sure why. Maybe it’s because I don’t get the kind of feedback i used to anymore or maybe my gifsets just aren’t as creative and interesting as they used to be but I don’t feel proud of them anymore. I don’t know, but it’s been happening for a while and for the last couple of weeks I just haven’t made anything I like enough to post. I’ve made a bunch of gifs but I don’t feel like they’re good so I didn’t want to post them. I really hope that it’s a phase or something because I really love giffing but I honestly don’t know. 


When you’re home alone for the night.


~Blessed are those who mourn~

Once again, my favorite aesthetic: Homestuck + Religious Iconography, in particular some Giotto-esque Ancestors just in time for Easter Sunday. 

Inspired from toastyhat ’s mention of a Resurrection AU, as well as from artistic depictions of Christ appearing to Doubting Thomas and showing his wounds as proof (note the burns on the wrists, which kind of got faded out with all the texture editing I did…)  Also I was entertaining the idea that what if instead of dying in the Vast Glub, the Psiionic went blind like after pushing the asteroid as far as he did… I don’t know if Trolls even have a concept of an afterlife, so not sure where this picture takes place–meant to be more allusive than illustrative. (have I mentioned I love pretending to be an Art Historian to my own work??)

Anyway, I also got some totally awesome gold gel pens which I used to make their haloes and which give off some nice reflectivity in person!


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