Ok, so I think I know where I want to get my ace!pride ring from.

My issue is I still don’t know what I want to get engraved on it.

I have 30 characters to work with (including spaces) if I just get the inside done, or I have up to 60 if I get both the inside and the outside done.

Current options:

1) Inside of ring: Forge on! <3


2) Outside of ring: the one who gripped you tight

Inside of ring: and raised you from Perdition

(I kind of want a quintessentially Cas quote, but I can’t come up with any good ones in 30 characters or less T^T)

ETA: lol, or 

3) inside of ring: hey, assbutt!


On another note… My sisters birthday is next week (I love to wait until the last possible minute) and I need to find her a gift. Our mom and other sister are taking care one thing. But I’ve been put in charge of the “geek” aspect. My sister LOVES Doctor Who. Her fav is 11 (although she is open minded and enjoys 12 and also likes 10) I’m trying to figure out the perfect DW gift for her…

Yes! No! I don’t know!

I guess this is an interesting topic for my first “real” post. Considering the sh*tstorm that has ensued today.

I don’t consider myself a shipper, but I definitely don’t EVER want to be associated with the anti-shippers.

This is the first fandom I’ve ever seen. I don’t say “involved in” because I haven’t really had any interaction with others. I fell in love with Outlander when I bought the book last August based on the buzz about the show. I didn’t have Starz at the time, but my amazing husband saw how much I liked the book (I read it in 3 days), and he surprised me with a subscription so I could watch the show. He’s not a “reader” but he’s as hooked on the show as I am!  I saw some links to Tumblr from other SM and decided to create an account so I would have the direct feed rather than having to try and search. I followed the blogs that had things that interested me or I liked the comments when they reblogged. Apparently, I liked what the “shippers” had to say because I follow a lot of shipper accounts. lol I always intended to just “lurk” but I’ve gotten the itch to post.

So here we go…..

I don’t know if S&C are together. I just don’t. There are a select few who do know the truth at this point. Do I think they’re adorable together and would I be ecstatic if they actually are a romantic couple? Yes! I’m enough of a romantic to love the idea of two people being romantically involved with a back story like theirs, it would be a real-life RomCom. But, if they’re not *shrug* I still think they’re two incredible actors who are obviously great friends; and they have brought the characters of James and Claire Fraser to life in a way that I don’t think anyone else could. 

There are arguments for both sides. And I say arguments at this point because there hasn’t been any undeniable confirmation from S&C themselves. Yes, there are print interviews quoting C as saying they aren’t dating and I don’t discount them. But there are NO voice interviews stating that, and it’s not like they haven’t been given the opportunity. As many people have pointed out, denying romantic relationships between actors seems to be as old as acting itself. Also, S has never, to my knowledge, been quoted stating that they weren’t dating. As a matter of fact, his quoted response to the rumor was “Oh, really? Hmmm. Huh. Interesting. Good.” My interpretation of that “Good.” is that he at least wants people to THINK they’re dating. On the other hand, their behavior DOES suggest a romantic relationship. Whether they’re playing that up for smoke and mirrors, again, I don’t know. But, based on what a lot of people see (and what people see is what S&C WANT them to see because it’s what they’re putting out there), it’s definitely not delusional to think they’re a romantic couple. Even my husband, who isn’t on any SM at all, after seeing the ‘prom’ picture on my screen as I was scrolling said “you didn’t tell me they were a couple in real life.”  I responded that they’ve denied (well C has denied) that they’re a couple, but there’s still some question because of their behavior. That’s just how I see it. I don’t discount the denials because they exist. I also don’t discount their behavior because it definitely exists. They are VERY cozy with each other (understatement of the year).

On the topic of the shippers/anti-shippers. I don’t personally feel that the shippers are the problem. At least the shippers I see on Tumblr who are bearing the brunt of the attacks from the antis. They stick to their own corner and are only responding to what S&C are actually putting out there.The anti-shippers are the disease on the fandom in my opinion. Their constant attacks on the shippers are vile. And for what? The shippers aren’t hurting anyone by taking what is out there for the public to see and believing in something happy based on that information. If the anti-shippers are actually correct and S&C are not a couple and do have significant others, that just makes them despicable, repugnant, reprehensible creatures, since they’re making S&C’s private lives public WITHOUT their consent. They would be “correct” but how many people, S&C included, would they have hurt?

~ Be Happy


I decided to try to sculpt out some of my species, so here’s one of them!! I haven’t written much about this one (since I’m still working on typing up all those things) , so it’s probably less recognizable than the other moth-people sculpture, but I may use this one more in the future. I’m just really glad to have clay again! I tried to make something where I would have to vary the style of face more than usual, and I think it turned out decent for being a style I’m not used to haha! 

I may list this one in the Etsy Shop (link here)  alongside the other smaller sculptures, but I’m undecided. It would be super hard to ship because of the odd shape of the horns so I’m not really sure how I would do that (OuO;)/ Regardless, at least I’m satisfied with how this sculpture came out~

Random idea I had as I was about to go to bed. 

Nevena stretched her arms above her head releasing a satisfied little groan at the sensation of her muscles shuddering. She inhaled deeply, the scent oakmoss and elderflower - of Cullen - lingering on her clothing and her skin filling her with a warmth which made her skin tingle. Wandering through Skyhold’s vast hall she paused her steps when she noted Varric at his usual table joined by Cole, perched on a chair.

“Good morning you two!” She stopped herself from bouncing towards them and walked instead until she could lean on the table.

“Mornin’ Freckles.” Varric greeted her, putting his quill to one side. “You’re up early. And… cheerful.”

“Am I?” She grinned and placed her hands behind her back, rocking from side-to-side. “I suppose I am. A little.”

Varric peered up at her shrewdly from beneath his brows. His lips curved into a slow, sly grin and he laced his fingers together, pressing his elbows onto the table and leaning his chin on his hands. “Wouldn’t have anything to do with you disappearing into Curly’s office last night, would it?”

Feeling her ears beginning to burn, Nevena shook her head and ruffled her fingers through her hair to make her blush less obvious. “I don’t know what you’re implying, Varric Tethras.” She retorted with a haughty tone and lifting her chin.

“Yeah, yeah.” Varric chuckled. “Hey Kid.” He nudged Cole. “Care to weigh in?”

“Cole, don’t you d–”

“Fingers in the dark. Rough, weapon worn. Sturdy and strong. Soft caresses, desperate to learn, to memorize. Hands fight to grasp, to grip, to grab - everywhere at once. The smell of him all around, feels like home. It’s safe, secure, sincere. Don’t have to be afraid of how we feel any more. Blood rises, skin burns, hot kisses between hotter breaths.” Cole spoke, peering down at his hands on the table unaware of the shit-eating grin Varric wore or of Nevena’s cheeks growing pinker with each word he spoke. He turned his head slowly, peering up at Nevena from beneath the wide brim of his hat. “You’re happy.”

“What?” Nevena’s voice came out pinched, a squeak more than a word. Her throat was dry as she tried to clear it.

“You’re happy.” Cole repeated with a soft, smile. “Cullen makes you happy.”

“I…” Nevena gulped, her blush staining around her forehead and her cheeks. She thought back to her Commander in his tower, hopefully resting, or if not relaxing before he started his day proper. She recalled the night before and hugged her arms around her body, breathing in deep the smell of him again. “Yes.” She admitted with a grin. It was pointless to deny the truth. “He does.”

A low chuckle rumbled up from within Varric’s chest and Nevena lifted a brow as she turned her gaze to the dwarf. He had his quill in hand, poised to write on a fresh piece of parchment. “So, any details you’d like to share, Inquisitor?”