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“Daddy! The waves are huge!” your five-year-old daughter, Zoey, yelled. “Can we go swimming, please?” she asked looking up at her dad. Michael smiled down at her before looking at you.
“Mommy, can we?” he asked.
“Michael, I’m not sure it’s the best idea. She’s so little and the waves are way too big for her. She’s not that good of a swimmer” you said. You didn’t like saying no to your daughter, but you had to this time.
“Please, mommy!”
“C’mon, Y/N. She’ll stay with me and I’ll keep her safe. We’ll stay away from the shore, waves are not dangerous if you are where the water is deep. There’s nothing to worry about”. You sighed, taking off Zoey’s dress and leaving her in her striped bathing suit. Michael took her hand and they walked to the sea swinging their intertwined hands.
You watched them play with the waves from your spot on the beach, until the biggest wave you had seen that day hit Michael and Zoey. They went underwater like they’d done for every other wave, but Michael came out before Zoey. He was still holding her hand, so he pulled her out of the water. You jumped to your feet when you noticed Zoey’s face was covered in red.
Michael’s face was pale, almost green, as he picked up Zoey and took her out of the sea while she cried. You grabbed a towel and started wiping her face, trying to understand where the blood was coming from.
“Shit, it’s her head” Michael said in a worried tone while he pressed the other end of the towel on Zoey’s head.
Michael sit on the sand, Zoey still in his arms.
“What happened?” you asked Michael while he was whispering in Zoey’s ear that everything was gonna be okay.
“The waves were really strong. I think one carried a rock and that rock hit Zoey” he quickly explained. Both the towel and Zoey’s bathing suit were soaking red by now.
Zoey had been crying and shaking the whole time, that’s why Michael totally freaked out when her sobs suddenly stopped.
“CALL A FUCKING AMBULANCE. I think she passed out” he said. He looked like he was about to cry or pass out.
“I’ll drive to the hospital, it’ll be faster” you said, collecting your two bags and running to the car while Michael followed close behind with an unconscious Zoey in his arms.
You unlocked the car and threw the bags on the passenger seat, starting the car, while Michael climbed in the backseat still pressing the soaking red towel on the back of little Zoey’s head.
You got to the hospital three minutes later and Michael rushed inside without waiting for you. You parked the car and ran inside. You spotted Michael in the ER right away and walked to him. He was standing next to a hospital bed where two doctors were making their magic on Zoey.
“How’s she?” you asked, intertwining your fingers with Michael’s.
“She lost a lot of blood, but she’s fine. The doctors said it’s nothing too bad, they’re gonna put stitches on her head and then we can go home”. You let out a sigh of relief, pulling Michael in for a hug. He hugged you tight, hiding his face in the crook of your neck.
“I’m so sorry” he whispered in a muffled voice. “It’s my fault, I should have listened to you”. You nodded, still not pulling away from the hug.
“Yeah, you should have. But it’s not just your fault: she wasn’t the only little kid swimming but she was the only one who got hit. That’s also bad luck”. Michael nodded and sighed, not fully convinced.
“God, we were so lucky. She could have been death by now”
“Don’t be so over dramatic” you chuckled.

You and Ashton were sitting on the grass watching Kyle, your ten-year-old son, play the biggest game of the season in his school’s soccer team.
He’d been doing great the whole time. Fifteen minutes to the end of the game, while Kyle was kicking the ball really hard, one of the other team’s players fell on Kyle’s stretched-out leg. A loud SNAP was heard in the field as Kyle fell hard on his ass, letting out a painful groan.
“Jesus, Kyle!” Ashton yelled, jumping up and running to his son.
You followed close behind, kneeling down beside Kyle. His coach was trying to keep his teammates away from him to give him space.
Kyle was lying on the grass, not a sound coming out of his mouth.
“Kyle, does it hurt?” you asked, running a hand through his curly locks. He nodded once. “Okay, just stay still. Daddy will get you some ice and we’re gonna think of what to do, yeah?”. He nodded again.
Ashton was staring at Kyle’s leg. It looked broken and rather painful. Healing from that injury wasn’t gonna be easy, but he didn’t say anything because he didn’t want to scare Kyle.
“I’ll go get ice” one of Kyle’s teammates said and ran to the first aid kit, coming back seconds later with two packages of instant ice.
Ashton slowly placed them where Kyle told him to. While your son wasn’t looking, Ashton mouthed something to you.
“It’s broken”. Having a leg broken was your son’s biggest fear, that’s why he didn’t say it out loud. The coach saw him too, and leaned in to whisper something in your ear.
“I’ll call 911”. You nodded, giving him a thankful smile.
Five minutes later, the ambulance was in the driveway of the soccer field.
You ran to the paramedics to explain them what happened, while Ashton kneeled next to Kyle to keep him calm.
“Daddy, is that ambulance for me?” Kyle whispered, tears in his eyes. He was scared and in pain, and Ashton couldn’t stand to see his son like that. You could see that it hurt him to not be able to do anything for Kyle.
“Yeah, champion” Ashton said, trying to smile at Kyle.
“Dad, I just want to go home” Kyle sniffled and it looked like Ashton was being stabbed in the heart.
“I know, bud, I want to go home too, but we have to get that leg checked out”. Ashton sighed, ruffling Kyle’s hair.
By now, the paramedics were next to Kyle. They put him in the ambulance while Ashton talked to the driver to ask him what hospital they were taking him to.
“One of you can ride with us to keep him calm” one of the paramedics told you.
“Ashton, you go. I’ll drive to the hospital”. Ashton nodded and gave you the address, kissing your lips quickly and getting into the ambulance. You drove fast to the hospital and when you got there you saw Ashton sitting on a chair in the ER. You walked to him and hugged him tight.
“They’re doing some exams now, but there’s no doubt the leg is broken” Ashton sighed. “He still doesn’t know” he added.
“How can he not know? He’s ten, he’s not stupid. He definitely knows that he has a bone snapped in two” you said, sitting on a nearby chair. “Poor Kyle, he must be in so much pain right now”.
“He was so scared. I’ve never seen him cry that hard since he turned six” Ashton sighed.
Then something crossed your mind. “What time is it?” you asked worried. Ashton furrowed his eyebrows and checked his phone. “6:13PM, why?”
“SHIT! Angie’s babysitter said she had something to do at 7PM so she was gonna leave at 6:15PM”. Angie was your two-year-old daughter, Ashton’s biggest joy. You covered your face with your hands thinking of what to do.
“Shit. My mom is out of town, she can’t keep her” Ashton said, pacing back and forth.
“I’ll call the babysitter and tell her to drive Angie here. Then we can think of what to do.
One later you and Ashton were sitting in Kyle’s room. Your boy was lying in bed, leg propped up, his cheeks still tear stained, and your little girl was lying in her big brother’s arms, giggling and trying to make Kyle laugh too.
“They’re so cute” Ashton whispered in your ear. You nodded, intertwining your fingers with his. “I love this family so much”

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