but idc~

pink diamond is NOT “stevonnie-sized”

okay, i’ve been hearing everyone talk about how stevonnie is the size of pink diamond, or how pink diamond is the size of her pearl or even smaller than jasper or rose quartz, but that really isn’t the case??

i think we need to remember how big the yellow diamond really is.

the pearls’ entire body fits in her hand! now let’s look at how big pink diamond, or at least the representation of pink diamond, is in the newest episode.

look at how big she is compared to yellow’s hand! her HEAD is the size of yellows hand, not her entire body like the pearls.

this is how big a pearl would be..

and here is that same model next to pink diamond. judging by the scales we’re given, i made a chart of heights.

yes, that’s how big pink probably is next to yellow! however, judging by the size of the hand in yellow’s picture, a pearl would be around this big next to pink.

and considering the size difference between rose quartz and pearl, a rose quartz soldier would be around this big next to pink.

TL;DR: pink diamond is small compared to yellow diamond, yes, but she’s definetely not the same size as stevonnie. thank you for coming to my ted talk

venus sign dates pt 2

aries: horseback riding or renaissance festival

taurus: dinner theater or pool day

gemini: photography session somewhere cool or painting together

cancer: netflix w cuddling or farmer’s market

leo: broadway play or tarot reading together

virgo: writing a story together or redecorating a room

libra: shopping together or spa day

scorpio: botanical garden or rollercoasters

sagittarius: clubbing or ghost tour

capricorn: making a gourmet dinner at home or touring historical places

aquarius: volunteering at an animal shelter or drive-in theater

pisces: making a playlist together or playing videogames together