but idc~

madi’s narration of the 100 leaned on the category side of fairytales, such as embellishing the grounders and mt weather as “monsters” and calling the ark a “castle” even titling clarke as the “bravest and fairest” … as if madi was describing clarke as a PRINCESS

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josh: you threw hot sauce in my nose and in my eye

mark: you threw ketchup and mayo on me why are you so mad

ok yo look i’d be pretty pissed if i got hot sauce in my eye too not to mention pickle juice would also burn like hell dont even act like ketchup and mayo being slapped on your skin compares 

shit u ripped but you’re WEAK

Say what you will.I am forever grateful to Mashima for ending his manga the way he did.He did it magnificently.Perfectly.Out of the kishi-kubo-mashima,he did the best job.Thank you.I’ll get to bawling my eyes out now,excuse me

as soon as I get a little rich I’ll buy the whole FT manga and have it on my shelf