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flip-you-off  asked:

Au: Hogwarts?

send me an AU and i’ll tell you 5 of my headcanons for it (not accepting anymore!) 

  • morality is the kid that keeps accidentally blowing up shit during potions
  • roman is half-veela (idc if male veelas don’t exist shh) which makes him very popular. anxiety likes to pretend he doesn’t see the appeal 
  • anxiety is an unregistered animagus and become one during fifth year. he often stalks the grounds as a black shorthair cat 
  • morality sends howlers that’s literally just him screaming about how much he loves the person 
  • anxiety and roman are quidditch rivals

I think I’m gonna make a list of books that I want to buy for my nephews so you guys should send me the names of your favorite children’s books