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AN: Ooooh another Steve X Reader, yay! I literally would jump on Chris Evan’s back and never let go if I ever got to meet him XD. Anyway, thank you to the amazing hilariousness142 for requesting this and for sending me a lovely message earlier about my writing, thanks love! *The gif is not mine, found on google. Please ignore any spelling errors!

Pairing: Steve X Reader

Prompt: Hello! When ur requests are open, could u do a Steve imagine where the reader and him have a really bad fight and he makes the reader cry and then he starts crying and a whole bunch of fluff at the end? Ik requests r closed, but I’d forget otherwise.

Warning: Some swears (Enter Captain saying “LAUNGUAGE!” XD)

((NOTE: In this imagine the reader and Steve are already together in the beginning!))


“Words Worse Than Bullets”

“You could have been killed!”

You groaned and gave him a pointed look. You could feel his tension rising on the ride back to the tower from the mission, and when he saw the bruises on your arm he had broken his silence.

“What were you thinking? Jumping in front of the solider like that?”

You were growing very annoyed. You loved Steve dearly, but at this moment you anted nothing more than for him to shut up. “I saved a group of civilians from a HYRDA solider, shouldn’t I be getting an applause and not a lecture?”

“He was twice your size!” Steve shouted, and that is when things began to really go south.

The team had all excused themselves to their rooms, it wasn’t often that Steve got this angry, but when he did no one wanted to be near him.

“I still took him down, didn’t I?”

“Yes, but only after he picked you up and threw you against a building.” Steve said as he gestured to the arm which had taken the bulk of the blow and was turning black and blue. “How could you have been so stupid?”

“Stupid? Stupid?” You yelled, your face turning bright red and your eyes narrowing. “I saved three people’s lives because of what I did, and I would do it again in a heartbeat.”

Steve’s beautifully colored eyes widened at the thought of you facing off another man like that, then they quickly grew hard and serious. “That’s it, you are not going on another mission with us. Ever.”

You took a step closer to him so that your noses almost touched. “You are being such a baby about this, I can handle myself.”

He laughed bitterly. “Clearly you can’t.”

“What are you implying, Steve?” You asked, and you said his name sharply.

He flailed his arms around and shouted,“You are too weak!”


For some reason, that struck a nerve. You had worked and trained your absolute hardest to get where you were, and the fact that he even said that made you think that all of it was for nothing. Steve’s opinion was something that you had valued greatly even before the two of you had begun dating, he was the last person that you would want to hear that from.

You poked him in the chest harshly, causing him to stumble back due to the sudden intense shift in your body language. “Don’t you talk to me that way, you ass.”

You began to walk towards the room that both you and Steve shared, but he caught your arm. At first you thought he was going to apologize, but instead he said, “Be angry, fine. But just know that I meant what I said.”

What did that even mean? He meant it when he said that she wasn’t going to go on any more missions. A mixture of both fury and sadness brewed in you.

Fuck off, Steve.” Your tone was so deadly that his eyes widened and he let go of your arm, allowing you to storm away.

You marched to your room and slammed the door so loud that you were sure every Avenger in the tower could hear it. After you pushed the lock button on it, you slid your back down the back and sat on the floor with your head in your hands.

The tears fell down your face before you could even try to stop them, and honestly you were to tired to. God, he could be so infuriating!

You didn’t like being treated as a less then because of your size or gender, because really, you were just as good as everyone else was on the team. It wasn’t fair that you got a scolding from your boyfriend just because you decided to protect a group of people from a larger man.

A soft knock came on the door, which made you snap out of your trace on the floor and get up.

“No visitors please.” You said in a hoarse, raspy voice.

You snatched your car keys off of the bedside table, but just as you were about to leave the room, another knock came.

“Hello, dear.” Steve said when you opened the door. A guilty and sad expression was etched onto his handsome face.

You looked the other direction quickly to hide your tears, then you turned around and made your way over to the bed. You sat down and twiddled with the keys between your fingers.

Steve stepped into the bedroom and lightly shut the door behind him.

“What’s that?” Steve asked quietly as he came to sit by you. His face fell when he got a good look at them. “Car keys?”

You just nodded silently, not trusting your voice.

“Were you…” Steve began, his voice becoming desperate and worried, yet still fairly restrained. “Are you going to leave me?”

You chuckled a little and placed a hand on his thigh, giving it a comforting squeeze. “No, Steve. I was just going to go for a little drive to clear my head.”

“Oh.” He said, trying to hide the relief in his voice.

A heavy silence fell over the room, one that you didn’t like.

“Steve, you really acted like an asshole before.” You admitted. “I didn’t do anything wrong, and you had no right to go and make me feel like I did.”

He nodded and hung his head in shame. His entire aura was a lot lighter and less dense than it had been, he was back to the old Steve. “I know, I was being an absolute jerk to you.”

“Then why would you say stuff like that?” Your voice cracked as the tears began to fall down your face again. You could fight aliens or HYRDA agents all day, but fighting with your loved ones was something that made you the most upset.

“Oh, baby, don’t cry.” Steve’s arm circled around the front of you and wiped away some of your tears, and the ones he couldn’t catch with his fingers he caught with soft kisses.

You leaned your head into his touch, his thumb caressing your cheek always gave you the comfort you needed, even when he was the one to upset you.

“I am not making excuses for my actions, but if you want to know why I got so angry then I will tell you: I can’t stand the thought of loosing you. I love you more than anything else in the world, and I have already lost too many of my loved ones. When I saw that you had almost been killed…” He bit his lip and you saw his face twist in pain. Tears of his own fell from his glassy eyes. "I had completely lost it. I didn’t want to risk it happening again, so I was a meanie and decided that you couldn’t go on any more missions with us.“

You giggled a little at his use of the word "meanie”, then leaned your head on his shoulder and sighed. “Steve, you should know by now, our jobs are pure danger, and you will have to accept that one day I may get hurt, and I have to do the same for you. It is just the nature of the game that we play.”

He nodded slowly, clearly not liking the answer but excepting it. “I know, I know.”

You turned your body towards him and pressed your lips to his softly, and you could taste both of your tears.

You pulled away as he fell back onto the pillows. His eyes fluttered shut and he grabbed your hand, pulling you over him and kissing you gently.

“I hate seeing you cry, sweetie.” Steve muttered. “And I hate it even more when I am the one who caused you too.”

He leaned up and kissed right above your cheek where the last of your tears was falling down your face.

Smiling, he said, “No more crying, okay?”


((I want my own Steve….or Chris Evans works too idc which XD))


unfollow, thanks! reasons below since it’ll probably be put as personal reasons on the main.

  • an admin who ships (or at least supports content from) a ship that’s compromised of a literal nazi and a person of color (who’s actress has publicly denounced it and highlighted that it’s bad)
  • + the logic that it’s okay to ship problematic and abusive ships as long as they’re tagged (it’s not, coming from an abuse survivor, thanks!)
  • blatant transphobic comments about nb people
  • DELETING the ask that called them out on their mistakes and preferring basically u mssg privately and keep it under wraps i assume (idc if it gives a ”””bad rep””” own up to ur mistakes.)
  • insincere apologies and instead saying that they’re being “treated unfairly”
    • oh and i have screenshots if u’d like 2 act like u haven’t done any of this.

if anyone wants my skype/main blog lmk ! i’d be happy 2 talk more or keep in contact !! bye!!

Baby Making (A Harry Styles One Shot) **REQUESTED**

ilyharryhmu asked:

can you do one where harry first tells you that he wants to start a family? (: (my name is j'den, but idc you can just put y/n !)

So ive decided to just do Y/N J’den just because a lot of people prefer it, if that’s okay with you? I hope you like it, and sorry its late



Harry’s P.O.V

Having the type of profession that contains a lot of flying, touring, and being on the spotlight can affect your personal life. I thought that would have happened to me, but no. I have met this amazing girl that has loved me for me since day one and hasn’t left my side no matter what the tabloids would say, and that girl, damn, she is too good for me, yet she is still with me. I don’t know how I found her, but im glad to say that she is my wife.

Me and the lads were flying home from the first leg of the On The Road Again tour, and to be honest im so excited to be coming home. Y/N couldn’t come with us due to her job at home, so of course I wouldn’t expect her to come with us, but I wanted her here with me making new memories. Having such a long flight home, I couldn’t stop thinking about her. I haven’t seen her in two months, I have missed her more than I could imagine, and knowing that im one step closer to her makes my palms sweat. Finally the plane finally landed safely at Heathrow Airport, so I grabbed my bag and went straight out into the RV to drive me home. But I wish it was that simple. Paps really are annoying, ive been on a plane for over 11 hours and im not the most attractive when I get off jet-lagged and tired, but I don’t care im just glad im home.

My driver Shaun drove me to our house that we shared, also helping me with the paps that are standing outside it, damn sometimes I feel sorry for those annoying assholes. I was making my way into the driveway, thanking Shaun for the help, and I walked to the front door, but it was locked. So I put my keys into the lock, automatically swinging the door open. “Y/N baby, im home” I threw my luggage beside the plant near the door and closed it, locking it securely. You never know who is roaming around here, im always scared for her but she insists that she doesn’t wanna stay anywhere else apart from here. I walked into the kitchen getting a bottle of water, and I made my way around into the living area, and she was nowhere to be found. I suddenly heard footsteps coming from the staircase, so I walked around the corner to find her running down the stairs in style. My god she is beautiful. “Harry” She jumped right into my arms blissfully and securely. I wrapped my arms around her waist as her legs found their way around me. Her hands locked into my hair as she crest my curls tightly, giving me goose bumps throughout. She was the only one that could make me feel like this. “Harry I missed you so much” She mumbled into my neck as she kissed it. Her legs let go of my waist as she slid down to stand parallel to me. “I missed you too baby, so much” I slowly kissed her longing lips softly, as my hands felt around her small waist, honestly making me hard. Not having Y/N here not only took a tole on me emotionally, but physically too. We haven’t had sex since the day before I left for Australia, and that was a night to remember defiantly. My hand could never compare to the pleasure that she gives me, never in a million years. “How are you feeling?” She asked me once she slipped her lips off of mine. “Better now that im home, but im kinda sad that a part of the tour is already over” She held my hands as I spoke, and her eyes looking deeply into mine. I wish we could have children with her eyes, that would be mesmerising. Ive been thinking about having kids with Y/N since I met her, I just knew she was the one. Now that we are married, I wanna take it to the next level, but ive been scared to talk to her about it, but right now, timing could not be better.

“I know but you have so much more to come, you should be excited” She smiled up at me as she took my bags from the floor. “I know I know, hey let me take them” “Harry its okay, you’ve had a long flight. The last thing you wanna do is unpack” She started walking up the stairs with my bag to the bedroom, also me following her. “I love you” I stated as she dropped the bag on the bed and turned around to face me. Her cheeks started going a soft red colour and I know that she loves it. “I love you” She repeated, giving me a more intimate kiss, but still quick enough to pull away. “Y/N, I wanna talk to you about something” Her head struck up to meet mine, her expression confusing. “Sure honey what’s up” She then turned to my bag and took out one of my sheer shirts, and began folding it. I walked closer to her and removed the shirt from her hands, and made her look at me. “I love you so much and im so happy that you’re my wife” “Aw Harry I s-” “Sorry, love I’m not finished” Her eyes looked right into mine, really feeling confused” “Look Y/N, I feel like it’s the time in our relationship to think about, you know, having a family. Is that something that you’ve thought about?” Her face was emotionless. She is hard to read when she is thinking and that terrifies me. Her mouth turned upwards to a tiny smile, looking back at me. “Harry of course its something that I think about, its never off of my mind actually, more recently.” “So do you wanna start trying?” “But Harry your tour is going great right now and I don’t wanna be pregnant and you being gone most of the time” “Baby you will always be with me, ill make sure of that. I don’t want you to do this alone, believe me. I love you so much and I think the time is right. I don’t care about the tour, it can wait. All I want right now is you. You are my family” Her lips pushed against mine with force, with so much passion, god I love her so much. My hands went straight to her hips as she kissed me, instantly making me hard once again. I slowly pushed her to the bed as she started to unbutton my shirt, not that they’re was much to unbutton anyway, but she did. Memories came flushing back to the time where I fucked her in her office, and she rode me in my dressing room, ignighting my imagination as to what I wanna do to her right now. Her hands ran up my bare chest slowly as we slowly kissed, my tongue domineering hers in the passionate kiss. Her small hands rode up to my shoulders, and she slowly pushed the shirt down my shoulders to the floor, where it looked best in her eyes. Her lips detached from mine as she looked into my orbs. “Im ready Harry, I wanna start trying for a baby” I cant believe it, were gonna be parents. “I love you so fucking much” My lips went straight to hers again, only quicker. My hands moved to her jeans, unbuttoned them, and moved to remove her shirt, exposing her bra to me. My favourite bra. She released her lips from mine once again, only to remove her jeans from her legs quicker. So I took that to my advantage and removed my jeans and shoes in record time.

She slowly lay on our bed with her black lace bra and thong on, and her hands slowly going into her hair massaging it. “Your so fucking sexy baby” Im going to cum in my boxers just by looking at her, so fuckable. “Come here, fuck me Daddy” she commanded, biting her lip doing so. Fuck she knows how I love her calling me Daddy, so fucking hot. I lay on top of her warm body kissing the valley of her breasts straight away, and her legs wrapped around my lower back, helping me press my rock hard dick onto her slick sex. Her moans filled the room as I rolled my hips along her covered core as I ate around her boobs. Her moans would make me cum in a second. “Baby your so hard for me, have you not been taking care of yourself?” I looked straight up to her flushed face, taking in her appearance. “My hand doesn’t work as good as your pussy baby, so tight” I went back up to her lips, kissing hard as my hips rocked into her covered sex equally as hard. I let go of her lips as I felt her cold hands run down my thighs, taking off my boxers. Now knowing that we no longer need use of a condom, and just feeling skin on skin, made my dick twitch, I cant wait much longer. As my boxers slid to the floor I hook my fingers around her thong, slowly moving it down her legs to the floor. Doing so, seeing he we stain in her knickers was defiantly making my dick even harder if that was even possible. I push my cock right to her entrance, just one small movement I will be inside of her, finally. “Harry please, no teasing, please” “That’s it baby tell me what you want” I grabbed my dick from the base, pumping it slowly as I rocked my head over her bundle of nerves. “Tell me, what do you want” Her eyes watching what I was doing to her, releasing a low moan within her. “Your cock Harry, your big juicy cock inside me, please Daddy” My hands help my head go inside of her, slowly going deeper, as deep as I possibly could go. I cant get over how fucking warm and soft she is without a barrier of a condom, she’s so tight. I groan loud as she tightens her walls around me, helping my pre-cum squeeze out. Her screams motivate me to do deeper and harder, smashing her walls to perfection. I lift myself with my arms to help me stretch as high as I could, just so I could watch myself slide in and out of her slick pussy, so perfect.

I continue to move harder until I start to feel the burning at the pit of my stomach, damn ima cum quicker than I wanted to. “Baby I’m guna cum so hard right now, you ready? You ready to take my cum like a good girl, take me” I mumbled into her ear, making her squirm from under me. “C’mon Daddy, cum inside me baby, fill me up big boy” Her legs grew tighter to my lower back, making me go deeper inside of her. After my three or four loads of cum shot out of my cock, I started to feel Y/N clench around me. My thrusts increased until I felt my cock hit her spongy centre I was looking for but I got lost in my own pleasure. Once I hit her g-spot she screamed into my ear, making me want to make her cum by that spot. By hitting that a few more times her pussy sucked my cock dry through her orgasm. I made sure that she was done by thrusting inside her a few more times, also making me cum again, squirting my load once more inside of her. I slowly pulled out of her, and our mixed juices started oozing out of her hole. Damn that’s so hot. I went down to lick her clean, and then came up and lay next to her in pure ecstasy. “I hope we made a baby tonight” She breathed next to me as her head nested into the crook of my neck. “Wanna try and increase our chances?” I mumbled into her ear, I could go all night with her. I’ve got two months worth of cum waiting for her. “ I could go all night” She answered, coming over and straddling my hips.  

pre-jily ideas

okay so i see a bunch of fanon headcanons that i’m not too partial to, so i want to contribute my own (it’s pretty long but idc)

  • i don’t think lily would just start becoming friends with james in sixth year, and i’m a little tired of hearing just how much lily dislikes james and wanted to barf whenever she saw him. no, i think lily and james became sort-of-friends around fourth year

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