but idc i love her

everyone keeps mentioning wonder woman crossovers with thor and cap but have you considered diana and t’challa meeting at a UN convention with diana admiring and respecting t’challa for being such a kind and caring king who loves his people and will protect them no matter what (because that’s a leader ww1 douchebag), and t’challa respecting her both for her strength and will to do what’s right (and of course because he knows about the no man’s land thing)

they get along so well seeing as both come from secluded kingdoms where everyone in their society is cared for and respected (both tend to complain about the rest of the white male dominated world) then he introduces her to a fellow princess and she swoons

and diana won’t stop gushing about her to bruce, “bruce she’s so amazing, she’s infinitely smarter than you” and shuri proceeds to convince t’challa to let her go with diana to themyscira, because “t’challa it’s an island full of women

and t’challa enjoys how diana can’t get enough of listening to shuri speaking so passionately about her scientific developments and methods for improving the world itself, and he adores how in love and happy shuri looks (especially when diana picks her up ever so gently and flies her just about anywhere because shuri enjoys it so much)

long story short diana the princess of themyscira begins courting shuri the princess of wakanda and this hc got a lot gayer than i initially planned


riley matthews in every episode ☆ girl meets world [1x01] 

how long do i have to live in my father’s world?

I finally started to properly watch Steven Universe. I already knew most of the characters in the show, also Jasper. But now that i watched her first episodes… AHH i’m in love. Yeah she probably mean… but IDC ! I find her amazing *-*I’m starting season 2, sooo no spoils ;)

Je viens de commencer de regarder proprement Steven Universe. Je connaissais déjà de vue la plus part des personnages, y compris Jasper. Mais maintenant que j'ai vu ses premiers épisodes… AHH JE L'ADORE… ouais ok elle est probablement pas très sympa… MAIS OSEF ! Je la trouve trop cool *-*Je suis entrain de commencer la saison deux… Donc pas de spoils ;)