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Peraltiago Headcanon #1

I will bet good money that on that life plan hanging above their bed Amy had written for herself “have kid”/“get married” and whenever Jake sees that he does his dopey grin face and thinks about what it will be like to marry Amy and to raise kids with her and then she’s like “Jake why are you staring at the life plan like that????” and he just goes “nothing” and he totally doesn’t focus on the fact that she said “the life plan” instead of “my life plan” bc she 100% writes down his life goals too aka “meet Bruce Willis” or “Make Holt watch Die Hard” and like they are meaningless to Amy but they are big goals to him and she writes them on there and they have their little life plan above their bed and everything is okay


Fangirl Challenge  → [2/10] TV Shows → Sailor Moon 

“The tough experiences in life are what makes us girls prettier.” (insp)

This might not be 100% relevant to anything but I just noticed that both Lefou and Stanley were reaching their hands towards one another after Stanley walked closer to Lefou after Maurice went to hit Gaston. (veeeeeeeery slightly but you can definitely see them slowly move towards eachother)