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Hey so I've recently started thinking I might have bpd based on some of the symptoms but I was wondering what fp and splitting were because I've seen those terms used a lot but I don't really know what they are

Hey anon! That’s a great question. There are a lot of terms associated with BPD that people probably never heard before they were diagnosed. The important thing to remember, though, is that just because this type of symptom exists in BPD, does not necessarily mean you will experience it.

Most of these things are very negative and undesirable ways to think or feel. I’ve seen this a little bit lately in the online BPD community, where one particular term or symptom will be almost glorified, and everyone starts talking about that one thing and how they feel that in their lives. I’m not saying they’re all not really feeling those things, but a lot of time we can create situations subconsciously if we innerly feel like it should be happening somehow.

These are not healthy patterns in behavior/thought, and we can save ourselves a lot of pain and difficulty if we actively try to defend AGAINST these symptoms. 

But I do understand how it is super helpful and validating to have a name or word for something, and being able to talk about it with others who have experienced it. That’s totally okay. For that reason, here are some common terms associated with BPD that might be a little confusing. Let me know if you think I should add any more to this list? Thanks! :)

Favorite Person (FP): A “Favorite Person” is a person that people with BPD tend to latch onto or glorify for sporadic lengths of time. We tend to just want all their attention, time, and focus. It’s not something we do on purpose, necessarily…we just become dependent on that person’s particular brand of attention as a way to simple cope with our emotions. An FP doesn’t even necessarily have to be romantic—it can be anyone that we somehow found solace or comfort in any given moment.

Imprinting: Imprinting kind of goes along with the “favorite person” idea, except I’ve only ever heard it referred to in a romantic context. It’s the sudden moment when you become dependent on the person, and pretty much all of your time, focus, energy, and devotion goes to that person. It’s seen as more of an involuntary situation. FP and Imprinting are NOT medical terms…more just relatable feelings within the BPD community.

Splitting: Splitting is a common pattern of thinking/conceptualizing in people with BPD. We tend to think of things as ALL good, or ALL bad. It doesn’t have to be about good/bad, it can be about anything. We can even love a person and hate them, too. We can feel wholly accepted and fully rejected. It’s really just about extreme opposites of emotion, and thinking it has to be one or the other, nothing in between. The terms “devalued” and “idealized” are often heard in context of splitting, meaning we tend to idealize people that we are close to by putting them on an extremely high pedestal and constantly looking up to them; and then we can devalue them, or consider them “worthless” to us, when we portray them to make a mistake. It’s a very unhealthy, subconscious coping mechanism our brains use to try to avoid intense anxiety or pain.

 See A Note on Black and White Thinking

Dissociation: Dissociation is a state where you feel disconnected somehow from your mind/consciousness. It can vary a lot in different people, from simply zoning out to having multiple personalities (Dissociate Identity Disorder). It’s a coping mechanism that our brain uses to kind of just “turn off” your thinking for a little bit, because it knows you can’t handle the intensity of your emotions/pain. Sometimes you don’t remember things from the periods you were dissociated, and a lot of people report feeling “hazy” or “blurry” about events or things that happened when they were dissociated. Dissociation can last for a couple minutes, hours, or even days. 

Depersonalization: Depersonalization is a specific type of dissociation, when you feel somehow disconnected from your body, like you’re watching yourself from somewhere outside of yourself. It can feel very surreal, almost dream-like, and is very disturbing to most people who experience it. It’s a more physical manifestation of dissociation, which can be very hard to describe. Physical, as in…you physically don’t feel connected to your body or the place where your body is at.

Apathy: Apathy is a general “I don’t care” feeling. We tend to kind of become emotionally unavailable, not really feeling anything. Some people describe it as feeling “numb.” This happens a lot when we feel like we’ve reached the end of our rope…”there’s no point in caring or trying anymore, because it just hurts when you do.” For me, it usually feels like there’s almost a block on my emotions. Like, there’s something blocking them in the back of my mind so they can’t get through. I don’t know if that’s typical for people with BPD, but that’s one way I personally experience apathy. 

Baiting: Baiting is a form of manipulative behavior, in which you purposely act a certain way in order to elicit the emotional response you want from someone. It’s definitely not healthy or interpersonally effective. When we’re in a highly emotional state, we tend to think of self-preservation, especially if we’re fighting with someone. So we unconsciously use unfair methods to try to simple save ourselves from the impending emotional intensity.

Mimicking/Mirroring: Mirroring is common in people who don’t have a firm sense of identity, which is a very typical BPD symptom. Mirroring/Mimicking happens when we see things we like in someone else, or other people in general, and we try to make ourselves be/look that way, too. It’s a desperate way to try to figure out who we really are underneath all of our pain and symptom, even thought it’s not typically anything we would do/look like.

Magical Thinking: It is possible for someone with BPD to be so emotionally/mentally overwhelmed that they start showing psychotic symptoms, such as paranoia, delusions, and hallucinations. Magical Thinking is a slightly more mild version of those psychotic symptoms. Magical Thinking is when we look at two completely unrelated things, and somehow draw unreal connections between them. For example, “I cut myself, and it rained. Cutting myself makes it rain!” Magical Thinking can also manifest itself in the form of idealization/devaluing. We create unreal or imaginary expectations for people close to us, or ideas in general (ex, “Ideal Love”).

Detachment: Detachment happens when we shut ourselves off from something completely. It could be from a family member, friend, certain situation, feeling, etc. The “Detached Protector Pitfall” is a very common BPD situation…when we detach from our own needs, and try to completely please somebody else. We stop caring about our own needs in order to fulfill those of someone else (typically our “FP,” but not in every case).

Maladaptive Daydreaming: This is another form of dissociation, in which we involuntarily become caught up in fantasies/daydreams. It is a coping mechanism our brain uses to try to save us from feeling the pain of our real emotional state. Maladaptive daydreaming can be very frightening, especially when you realize that you’re not really in control of where your brain is going at that point. It thinks about whatever it needs to think about in order to feel better.

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Hiii! I absolutely love your writing and I've looked around but I don't think anyone has written something like what I'm gonna request c: A scenario where RFA + V + Saeran react to MC fainting at their own wedding 😂 You like in those funny videos where the groom faints after standing upright for so long only in this case it's MC. She can faint doe whatever reason like either nervousness and anxiety, dress is too tight, anything ^^ can be angsty fluffy etc

RFA + V and Searan with a MC who faints at their Wedding

Wow! Such a nice idea! I really like it! So here you are! Hope you have a good day!


  • HE wanted only the best for you 
  • so he planned a really fancy wedding 
  • but still he was very nervous 
  • would he be able to make you happy? 
  • Will you stay at his side? 
  • Would you be able to give your children the best family?
  • but every time he got scared he thought about how good you were 
  • and how much you loved each other 
  • but well 
  • he didn´t knew but you weren´t scared but terrified!  
  • You heard a lot of gold giggers talking about you how fat you were 
  • and that you would never look good in your dress 
  • Jumin would leave you asap 
  • that´s why before your wedding you rejected food 
  • you slept in your own apartment so Jumin couldn´t know 
  • but well he knew since you fainted when you walked with Zen to Jumin 
  • boy he got so scared!
  • But the doctor told him that you probably rejected food 
  • when you woke up you told him every thing and he took care of it 
  • three days later you got married but only your family, his dad and the RFA were invited 
  • it was the best day ever….


  • gosh he was so happy to be able to marry you! 
  • his beautiful princess 
  • he was so excited 
  • he was finally able to talk to his parents 
  • while he was super excited you were just in fear! 
  • Since he announced your wedding you got only hate post 
  • like ,,you will die´´ , ,,ugly bitch´´
  • but one made your really afraid,, the last thing you will see are red roses´´
  • you never told Zen but at this point you wished you had 
  • only Jaehee knew and she calmed you since Jumin called a lot of security people 
  • but when you walked up to Zen you saw red roses 
  • and you got just so afraid that you wanted escape 
  • but you just collapsed 
  • Zenny got so scared and Jaehee told him every thing 
  • he was so angry! None should do this things 
  • this is what he told in a report 
  • and so you married two weeks later with his family and the RFA in a secret place 
  • ,,For the future, tell me every thing, okay princess?´´


  • You felt so awful 
  • you wanted to throw up and this was so since two month 
  • you didn´t knew why you felt so awful 
  • but you wanted to ignore it since it was your wedding day 
  • you walked up to him with your beautiful dress and he had tears in his eyes 
  • everyone knew, you were the perfect one for him 
  • you looked so good 
  • the whole ceremony you just felt ill.
  • but you forced you to get focused 
  • when the father said ,,You can kiss the bride´´
  • he kissed you but you just said finally and collapsed in his arms 
  • the poor little Yoosung got just so scared when you laid there 
  • ,,MC! Please don´t die! I love you!´´ yes, he cried 
  • pretty soon you found out that you were PREGNANT
  • he was so happy! The best wedding present ever! 
  • he cared just so much about you!


  • Bad boy planned everything 
  • in the end you couldn´t marry in a space station and had to go in a real church 
  • but he knew what to do. 
  • when you got dressed up you noticed that you dress was to tight! 
  • but it was to late now…. 
  • you bared with it about two hours but before you could reach him you fainted
  • they all got scared and thought, Seayoung wouldn´t take care of you 
  • but he kidnapped you 
  • the RFA followed him shouting that you had to go to the hospital 
  • but then he disappeared 
  • you woke up three hours later in a new dress in the space station!! 
  • you were first so angry but you knew how he was…
  • so you married in the space stadion by your self 
  • but had to run away since the police searched for you


  • What´s marriage? An Ice cream flavor? 
  • After you explained him everything he understood 
  • ,,If you really need it´´
  • that made you happy but also sad…
  • you thought he really did it only because he was forced into it… 
  • that´s why you planned something really good with Seayoung 
  • at your wedding, with only fife guests, you just collapsed 
  • and there was blood coming out from your head! 
  • He thought it was only a joke but then he saw Seayoungs scared face and cried like crazy 
  • ,,MC! I really wanted to marry you! Don´t leave me like everybody! Mc…. I really love you! More than my ice cream!´´ 
  • That’s when Seayoung laughed and you opened your eyes 
  • He was so angry but so happy 
  • He kissed you and killed Seayoung afterwards 
  • But everyone laughed so hard


  • He too was so nervous 
  • He waited so long for this day even if he wanted to marry Rika
  • He couldn’t wait for you 
  • You too were so nervous and couldn’t wait anymore to marry him 
  • You were so happy!
  • After the ceremony you felt like fainting 
  • But ofc you couldn’t 
  • But then Seayoung came with a game gun to play with you 
  • But you were just to nervous and scared that you fainted 
  • V was so angry at him but Seayoung just laughed 
  • Well afterward you had a real headache
  • And didn’t talk with Seayoung until the next day

there’s been a lot of debate in this fandom about whether or not mature rated fics are appropriate or not, and i’ve been mostly quiet on it but i finally have reached a breaking point on the matter and felt i needed to get this out.

there’s a lot of grey lines as far as fic writing and circumstance in a fandom like gmw. for me personally, i don’t mind fics where they curse. i don’t really mind make-out scenes when they’re written at an older point. a certain amount of physical intimacy is fine, especially when it’s written tastefully and thoughtfully. that makes sense to me. i don’t mind it. i understand it.

what i have severe issue with is the sudden rise of explicitly sexual content being written in this fandom. i know it’s always been around and i know it’s in every fandom, but in a fandom like this it makes my skin crawl and i’ve finally reached a point where i can’t just sit around and tolerate it.

i want to be very clear about what i mean by explicitly sexual content. i don’t mean implied sexual situations. i don’t mean depictions of the characters making out. for me to be waving a pitchfork about that would be hypocritical – there were some lowkey make-out scenes in gotor, and as long as scenes like that are handled thoughtfully and with care (which i think and hope i accomplished in my case), i’m perfectly fine with that. i’m not talking about that. that’s not the issue here.

i’m referring to fics in which the entire premise is about sex, also known as “pwp” = porn without plot. that’s my issue here. that’s what i’m discussing here. that’s the distinction that i want to be very clear about.  i’m referring to the explicitly graphic fics that have been cropping up, that’s essentially porn with gmw characters names slapped onto it.

there’s absolutely no reason for there to be smut in the gmw fandom. there are tons of fandoms, tons of shows, where the characters are at an age appropriate place, the actors who portray the characters are not minors, where smut has a place and the consumption of it makes sense. i don’t have an issue with smut, i understand it’s place in fandom. but not this one.

“but we aged the characters up!!” doesn’t matter. i understand aging them up in some contexts to confront some other more adult issues (look at gotor), but doing it explicitly so you can put these minors in explicit sexual situations isn’t right. because the actors are still young (most are still minors), and regardless of whether they’re aged up, that’s the faces that people will be visualizing when they read this content.

rowan herself has already had to face gross sexualization, and has been vocal about her discomfort with it. people were counting down the days until peyton was 18 and “legal,” mostly by older members of the fandom. these are the role models of a younger audience and not our toys to sexualize and grovel over. and when we, the older members of the fandom, perpetuate that thinking and share that mindset with our younger followers, we’re only adding to the problem. there are plenty of adult actors for you to put in these fantasies. take it somewhere else.

the argument i’ve seen made CONSTANTLY is “if you don’t like it, don’t read it.” and i’m sorry, but no. that’s not okay. that’s not how this works. because this is a fandom of predominantly minors, and we all know what it’s like to be new in a fandom. for a lot of younger followers, this may very well be their first fandom. you’re looking for a sense of community. you don’t know how to filter through fics. you read what’s going around and you take what you can get.

i can remember being in the pjo fandom when i was young, and looking for fic and being uncomfortable with how sexual some fics were. it took me a while to realize that i didn’t have to read them, because i was young and trying to read what the majority was reading. yes, everyone is responsible for what they choose to read, but the younger members of fandom are still learning. they’re still figuring out what they’re comfortable with. and a fandom like gmw, meant for younger audiences, should be a safe place to figure that out. 

particularly as an older member of this fandom, we have a responsibility to make our blogs a safe space for the younger members of this fandom. the fact that i’ve received more than one ask, often on anonymous, expressing discomfort about the way their favorite characters are being sexualized in this fandom is disheartening and what really motivates me to speak up. because this isn’t about my personal experience – i’ve been on the internet for years now and have scrolled past enough pwp to last a lifetime. this is about my young followers who are genuinely uncomfortable with how relationships of their beloved characters – particularly ones who have been shown to have a relationship that is about MORE than physical intimacy – are being shown in a fandom where they’re supposed to feel safe.

as a writer, i’m all for people writing what they want to write and sharing the stories they want to see. but this is where i draw the line. this is not a matter of “don’t like, don’t read.” this is matter of respecting the young audience that this show was intended for. because this show was made for them, this fandom was made for them, and we don’t get to come in with our older life experience and suddenly make the rules about what’s appropriate and what isn’t.

Not Ready

Marinette is pregnant.  It was an accident, a late night at a club where she got drunk and went home with someone, but it’s still there.  She’s pregnant.  At least according to the seventeen pregnancy tests she took.  Alya’s away, and Hawkmoth seems to be on vacation, so she’s not able to talk to anyone until after she’s been to the doctor to confirm it.

She’s pregnant.

So she goes to patrol that night, the first patrol with Chat since she took the tests, and cries on him for a while.  She’s not getting an abortion–she’s pro-choice, but can’t do it herself–and she still has to talk to the father.

But Chat’s there.  He comforts her, says he’ll be there for her whether the father is or not.  He lets her cry on his shoulder for hours, and patrol never actually gets done.  They decide to meet up tomorrow night, even though it’s not a patrol night, so they can talk after Marinette talks to the father.

Which doesn’t go well.  Actually, that’s an understatement.  The father is furious at her for being pregnant, wants her to get an abortion, and wants nothing to do with the baby if she has it.

So Marinette leaves in tears, and skips her classes that afternoon and goes immediately to their patrol spot to just sit and cry for hours, waiting for Chat.

Chat left an hour early for patrol, barely having allowed himself to wait that long, and finds Ladybug already on the roof.  She tells him about how it went with the father and starts crying all over again.

“I’ll be it’s father.”


“A baby needs a father.  Mine was never around, and I know that’s messed me up.  So I can be this baby’s father.  I mean, if you want.”

“I…I’d like that.”

So they sit there for hours until Ladybug’s tears subside, holding onto each other.  When they decide it’s time to leave, Ladybug suggests they reveal their identities because “I am not going to the doctor as Ladybug, and I am not having Chat Noir take me there.”

So they reveal themselves, and are freaking happy that they are Adrien and Marinette, because that makes introducing themselves to their friends much easier.

The next morning, Adrien is sleep deprived and freaking out because he spent all night on the internet looking up everything about babies and pregnancy and “should I propose, Plagg?  Do you think she’ll expect me to?  What do babies eat?  Oh god, what if there’s more than one baby?”

(he’s also spent an insane amount of money on baby clothes and stuffed animals)

So when Nino calls to ask why he’s late for lunch, you really can’t blame him for blurting out:

“I’m not ready to be a father!”


“I’m not ready, Nino!  What if I’m as terrible a father as mine?  What if I kill it?  What if it hates me?  What if–”



“A father?”

“Yes!  I’m not ready!”

“…who did you get pregnant?”

(you also can’t blame him for hanging up and not going to lunch after all because Marinette didn’t want to tell anyone yet and he almost blew it with the first person he talked to)

They tell their friends a few weeks later, saying that Adrien and Marinette got drunk and hooked up one night, and no they’re not together but they’re both going to be in this baby’s life.

Alya and Nino are thrilled and decide that they are going to be godparents and Alya announces it on the Ladyblog (Marinette and Adrien laugh later about how relevant a post that really was).

The pregnancy goes well.  Adrien does not, in fact, propose, though he does discuss it with Marinette, who decides that maybe in the future, but only if they actually have a relationship together.  They get an apartment together, and Marinette has to hide Adrien’s credit cards because he’s a stress shopper and “we really don’t need six cribs.  You need to send some of them back.”

Ladybug disappears around sometime around the third month, Chat Noir fighting akumas on his own and bringing her the butterflies after for purification.  Chat Noir assures the public that Ladybug is safe and sound, and that she’s only disappeared because there will be a new little bug in a few months, and, no, he will not comment on whether or not this bug is also a kitten.

(Alya freaks out because “Marinette, your baby will be the same age as Ladybugs!  They’ll go to school together!”)

Adrien freaks out at every ultrasound, crying and squeezing Marinette’s hand.  He buys her whatever food she’s craving, and sometimes Chat Noir will be found begging at the door of a closing shop because “Ladybug needs pickles and chocolate fudge can you please stay open just another minute?” and because these stores will usually let Chat Noir in but not Adrien.

(Chat Noir also can’t go more than half a block without people giving him baby supplies.  Sometimes he has to refuse because “Ladybug would not be happy if I came home with a seventh crib.”)

(This leads to the rumours that Ladybug and Chat Noir are having sextuplets, which Marinette finds hilarious.)

(Adrien is just relieved that these rumours aren’t true because one baby is stressful enough and it hasn’t even come yet.)

It’s around five months when Chat Noir almost dies in an akuma attack.  Marinette watches on TV and begs Tikki to let her transform to help, but it would be too dangerous for the baby, so all she can do is watch and cry.  Chat stumbles in the window a while later, barely conscious and bleeding all over the floor.  Ladybug cleanses the akuma and it heals Chat, and they both release their transformations as Marinette throws herself at him, crying.

“I almost lost you.  You have to be more careful, Chat.  I can’t lose you.”

Neither of them notice, at first, that she kisses him.  It seems natural.  He almost died.  She was upset.  So of course she’d kiss him.

Of course, they do notice, and both make things awkward for a few hours before they decide that maybe they should try this for real.

The baby comes a few days early, and Adrien was at a shoot on the other side of Paris when he got the call from Nino.  It would take hours to get there, hours he doesn’t have because Marinette is in labour and he isn’t there and he is seriously stressing out.

So he ducks into an alley and transforms and races across the rooftops.

When he reaches the hospital, the nurses and patients in the waiting give him weird looks but he ignores them because he has to find Marinette.

He barges into Marinette’s room with a “Marinette!  I’m here!” and doesn’t know why everyone turns to stare.

Mr. and Mrs. Dupain-Cheng glance between their daughter and the man who barged in, squinting and trying to put the pieces together.

The nurse who had been checking on a machine drops her clipboard.

Nino narrows his eyes and closes the book he had been trying to distract himself with, rising in a defensive stance.

Alya takes a picture.

And Marinette?  Marinette bursts into hysterical laughter.

“You’re an idiot.”

“What?  I got here as fast as I could.  The shoot was on the other side of town.  I–”

“Adrien.  You’re in costume.”

He looks down at himself and groans because he knew he forgot something when he jumped off the roof.  He releases the transformation and goes to the bed, deciding to pretend like it never happened and asking Marinette how she’s doing.

“That means you’re Ladybug,” Alya says, not going along with Adrien’s plan to ignore his mistake.  “Right?  Because Chat Noir hasn’t said that Ladybug’s baby is his, but he also hasn’t been subtle about the baby being his.”

“Can we talk about this later?” Marinette groans out as a contraction hits.  “Preferably when I don’t have a baby trying to rip its way out of me.”

“Fine,” Alya agrees.  “As long as I get an exclusive about Chat Noir and Ladybug’s baby.”

Hugo Michel Dupain-Cheng-Agreste came into the world a few hours later, by which point all of Paris knew Ladybug and Chat Noir’s identities (becuase Chat Noir running through a hospital screaming for Marinette Dupain-Cheng was not very subtle, and it was common knowledge that Marinette was having a baby with supermodel Adrien Agreste, so Chat Noir’s own identity wasn’t a stretch) and the section of the hospital has to be cornered off to keep out the cameras and the fans.

Gabriel Agreste comes to see them later in the day, to visit his grandson.  He takes his son aside before he leaves, apologizing for being such a horrible father.

“I’ll be better to him, if you’ll let me be in his life.”

“Why wouldn’t I?”

But Gabriel doesn’t answer, instead handing a small brown box to his son.

“I am so sorry.  I can’t do this anymore, not when it means hurting my family.  I hope you can forgive me, and that you’ll listen to my explanation one day, but I understand if you won’t.  You don’t have to worry about this anymore.”

And with that, Gabriel was gone, leaving Adrien alone and confused in the hallway of the hospital.  He looked down at the box again, it was so familiar but he couldn’t figure out why.  Slowly, he opened it.  Inside sat a purple butterfly broach.

It’s a few months later before Ladybug and Chat Noir make an appearance again, chasing each other across the rooftops and laughing, stopping in alcoves to kiss.

The papers the next morning feature this:  Ladybug with her arms around Chat’s neck, beaming as he kisses her cheek.  A green sling around Chat’s body, one of his arms holding it to his chest, the other around Ladybug’s waist.  And a baby, tucked in the sling, a little head with cat ears sticking out.

All of Paris turned up a year later to the long awaited wedding between Adrien Agreste and Marinette Dupain-Cheng.


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Yo what was that evil ass post you were tagged in about?

a while ago i got extremely heated and made a post about the ways that discourse circles on this site mirror the social dynamics of white conservative protestantism (which is the culture i grew up in) and it blew tf up and pissed off a lot of people lmao

it even has its own tag

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Might have a job away from customer service!!! it'd be only for the summer, but I am so excited, I'm ready to do anything other than serve food to snobby tourists all summer <3 only issue is that I'd be coming back in september... without a job at all. i've reached the point where I'm just too done with customers though, I don't even care anymore

“Sweet Dreams Are Made Of These”
Summary: There is pain in dying, to be sure, but there is a different sort of pain in being the one left behind. Yona copes with her father’s death and the nightmares that follow.

In her dream, she is standing in her old bedroom, staring out the window as the sun disappears below the horizon, the sky stained crimson and gold.

She takes a step and the floor turns to glass under her feet, rippling out and up the walls, across the furniture, until the room is full of diamond, glinting bloody red in the dying light. And then blood really is dripping down from the ceiling, drop by drop.

One drop lands on her cheek and runs down her face like a tear.

The room smells like copper and death.

There is something in front of her. A body. Her father? She crouches down and reaches out to turn him over, but a shadow falls over them.

“I think,” Soo-Won’s voice says, above her, “you’re poisonous, Yona. Everything you love is warped, ruined.”

“That’s not true,” she whispers, hesitating, her hand trembling above her father’s shoulder. “It wasn’t my fault. I didn’t know-”

“No, you didn’t. You weren’t fast enough. What makes you think you’re fast enough now? What if next time, it’s one of your dragons stuck on the point of my blade?”

When he speaks again, it’s barely audible, his breath hot on the back of Yona’s neck.

“What if next time, it’s Hak?”

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Happy holidays @laegolass , I’m your secret santa!! ovo @secretsantawatch

I went with Pharmercy and a mix of the civilian au (in this case, undercover at a coffeeshop bc I love cliches), and the soulmate au!! This is the ‘everything is in greyscale until you touch your soulmate’ au

I really hope you enjoy it!!

+ bonus fic under the cut

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