but i've not been sleeping well so i'm not even sure it was coherent

like a properly calculated algorithm

i’ve fallen into college au kurodai hell (please don’t help me out)

Daichi’s used to late nights. Long hours and stiff backs are part and parcel of his education as a computer science major, and the campus library is practically a second home. He’s a firmly established fixture in the quiet section, tucked away at a desk near walls of reference books, just close enough to a window that he can claim he gets a good measure of sunlight most days. Though lately Daichi’s been seeing more starlight through that window than anything else; he’s pretty sure he can track the passage of time purely from the position of the moon, and right now he’s looking up at a full one and guessing it’s at least past midnight.

It’s one AM, and Daichi’s sighing into the depths of his textbook. He’s been stuck on the same problem for at least twenty minutes, and though he’s not getting anywhere, he can’t bring himself to just give up. So there he is, head in hands, staring at a half-finished equation like he can make it write itself through sheer willpower alone.

“Looks like you’re having a productive night, Sawamura.”

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