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Throwback to that time James made Aleks laugh so hard he fucked up his progress


Some men are born to plow fields, some live to be great physicians, others to be great kings. Me? I was born to serve you, Arthur, and I’m proud of that, and I wouldn’t change a thing.

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(1) I was rewatching internet support group 8 and remembered Dan said he filmed that the day they went to Australia in his nearly blinded myself video. Wouldn't he have been really drunk or do you think the alcohol is a prop?? I've wondered that before actually. Or maybe I'm just missing something.

(2) Ps i know everyone says this but really thank you so much for taking the time to come on here. I enjoy their videos even more now because you point out details and things that really add to it. So thank you so so much!!

awwwww youre the sweetest tysm :’) lol i think in isg 8 specifically dan def made it seem like he drank a lot more than he really did. if i rmmbr correctly it looks like he does about 5 ‘shots’ but you’re right in saying that he would be pretty actually drunk if he did that in so little time (esp bc he has told us before that his tolerance is pretty low) so my thinking is that it is either water or that he’s lowkey taking like quarter shots or half shots each time (for a grand total of like 2ish shots overall which wouldn’t really make him anything more than mildly tipsy). also because, in regards to this case specifically, he has told us he hates vodka and esp hates vodka shots so i just rly can’t imagine he’d happily sit there doing 5 or 6 in a row lol


The northern girl. Winterfell’s daughter.

sansa stark + people’s perception or expectations of her
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You said that to get things right one of us would have to take a leap of faith. I think I’ve discovered the canyon that must be leaped, and I hope to find you waiting for me on the other side.
I love you, America.
Yours forever,

Happy birthday to the amazing @lilycallawoy!

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Hi! Are you still selling God'n'Gabe (1&2)? I've missed both sales you've done... T.T Ps. You're awesome.

oh crap, you’re already on volume 2 of god and gabe- I never managed to get volume 1! will you be selling volume 1 again?


i wish you both the best of luck! while physical copies may be tough to get a hold of, i think as a primer for the new season, i’ll post the comics from the new issue as like a weekly special next month. i think that’d be pretty spiffy

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One of the most exciting things about my soon to be 18 birthday is that I’ll be able to get a credit card and FINALLY buy my copy of God'n'Gabe next time it is available ヽ(;▽;)ノ

I BELIEVE IN YOU!! happy almost birthday, btw!

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It’s my birthday, and your fluffeh destiel comic was the perfect, unintentional present! Thank you! *hugs you*

and a happy birthday to YOU! that’s awesome!