but i've just watched it and actually crying omg

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(Kinda crying cause I've actually written a namjin YouTube au so I'm screaming at all this because I'm in love with Internet famous au's omg I need you to do something with this au)


OMG! Can this be a thing; like, someone finally convinces Jin to make YouTube videos with cooking and then eating what he made and they’re actually really cute, cuz he’s still a bit clumsy and he sometimes slips a bit too much salt in, but he’s so chill and fun about it that everyone just loves watching his videos, and, somehow, Namjoon gets a link. And he’s just bored so he opens a link and OH MY GOD THIS DUDE LOOKS SO GOOD and Namjoon becomes the human embodiment of the heart-eyes emoji and secretly stalks Jin’s social media.

But Jin is also a fan of Namjoon’s music and, one day, on a whim, recommends the YouTube account RapMonster and Namjoon is dying in his seat while working up the courage to start a conversation with Jin over twitter

… I just started this AU how do I already have so many ideas, help

Cry gets a call from his Grandma while streaming...
  • "Hey Grandma.."
  • "Hey sweetheart, what are you doing?"
  • "I'm streaming Grandma.."
  • "Oh, shit. Sorry."
  • "You just cussed Grandma, there's little kids watching this"
  • "Oh. Have you been drinking?"
  • "No, I'm sick."
  • "You sound horrible."
  • "Thank you, that's very sweet of you to say."
  • "Can I get you some medicine?"
  • "Actually I have a lot of medicine, some 3s and 2s, mostly 4s though"
  • "What have you been taking?"
  • "Actually I've been using Heal 3 a lot"
  • "What's that honey?
  • "Heal 3. It costs like, all my P.E."
  • "I.. Don't know what that is"
  • "It's pretty good.."
  • "Are you sure you're okay?"
  • "Just the throat, it's all good babycakes."