but i've had this short story in my head for awhile

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I've been looking for good Darry fics but come up short do you had any suggestions?

yes absolutely and i apologize to the anon who had asked the same thing ages ago, i had completely forgotten to post the list! 

i’ll also throw in a small blurb about it. Sorry if the blurbs are kind of drab xD I don’t want to give anything away

Long Fics:

Bond: A must read for literally any drarry fan. I’m not even kidding. This is popular, and it’s amazing.

Forced ‘marriage’ bond? Draco and Harry? Stuck together? A trope that we’re all familiar with, but this is good. A hogwarts-setting fic. 

Must Love Quidditch: I will never not love this fic

Harry and Draco are both on this anonymous dating site where they stumble upon each other and…well, the story goes on from there.

Starts With a Spin: Mind the smut!

This is a sweet mix of smut and fluff. It all starts with a spin the bottle game and then escalates! It’s not just smut, and it’s a very sweet story!

Mental: more tropes xD

a ligilimens spell gone wrong, and now both draco and harry can hear each other in their heads! they’ve got to deael with that!

Get some: Er, i know i read this once and i remembered liking it but i don’t really remember what it was about.

the given blurb though is that Harry has had enough of all this attention, so he latches onto the one person who won’t bother him with the potter name

Tempus Fugit: *screaming because of this brilliant fic*

Harry and Draco get sent to their future, where they’re apparently together! They’ve got to deal with that as well as finding a way to get back home.

It’s Not A Love Potion: mind the smut? Same deal, i rememebr reading and loving, but forgot.

Blaise gives Draco ‘not a love potion.’ Okay but seriously i remember really liking this fic. read it.

Changing of the Guard: xD I’m currently rereading this!

Harry’s in charge of a company that gives people ‘strangers’ and Draco wants to get disowned since his parents won’t accept the fact that he’s gay. He hires Harry’s services and..well!

Secrets of the Forbidden Broomcloset:  nice nice nice

Everyone thinks Draco’s gay. He wants to prove them wrong. Even with harry’s help!

Reparations: ohhhhhygod

anything by this author is perfection. Draco’s a healer and so is Harry, and they work inthe same hospital, and just…it’s so sweet and cute.


This story had me clutching at my heart. I’m not even joking. This hurt me. Harry gets a glimpse of what his life would be like if he had saved Draco instead of hurt him. 

The List: oh lord this one

this is a cancer fic. or at least, an illness fic. Harry has the illness. He’s kinda ooc but at the same time…it’s brutal and it’s painful. 

Fics With Their Kids:

Marathon: xD i recently finished this 

Harry saved Scorpius’ life and so now Draco owes him a life debt. Can he help fix the relationship between Harry and his own kids while still sweeping the man off his feet

Learn To Love: Awww this one was sweet

It has Scorpius and Teddy, and Harry is Scorp’s teacher in primary school, where he meets Draco. 

There’s a pureblood custom for that: another sweeet one!

It’s been awhile since i read this but i believe it has Harry saving Scorpius and Draco fro public humiliation and they owe him a debt, and apparently there’s a custom for everything that happens between the one paying a debt and the one receiving it. 

Short fics:

At Your Service: This is such a great fic

it’s short and sweet, and something strange has happened to the school ever since the war! and Draco’s most likely the source of the problems. 

A Portrait of the Artist: short and hilarious

Draco’s a journalist, Harry’s an artist. Draco’s doing an interview. Harry’s art…….sucks.

The Standard You Walk Past: this one was so adorable i loved every minute of it!

an 8th year fic, Draco and Harry are forced to room together…and Harry sleepwalks. Draco has to reluctantly deal with it!

Right Hand Red: hehehe this was cute

It starts off with a game of twister!

Side Along: I finished this shortie last night xD

For some reason, whether by floo, by knight bus, by broom, or b apparattion, Draco always finds a way back into Harry’s living room! *little smut near the end.

alright, i swear to god i’ve read more especially more short fics however i really can’t remember them and i didn’t bookmark many of them. But the long fics should satiate you enough since they’re..well, long. 

If i do remember any more, i’ll make a new list xD and in the meantime, i hope you all enjoy/have enjoyed these fics that i as well love!

ok the most random question ever but

if I ever made an original BL doujinshi (probably fluff/soft but with me who knows) and had it printed, would that be something you guys would ever be interested in purchasing? And what would an acceptable price for something like that even be?

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I had a really embarrassing situation happen to me today: I've put on a bit of weight since I quit some meds that had the unfortunate side effect of eliminating my appetite. Unfortunately, I wore jeans that fit better when I was a bit skinnier, and while trying to climb a snowbank this afternoon, they tore. From mid-thigh up to my crotch, and up along the fly of my pants. So I had to walk, then bus, home while trying to hide the massive hole in my jeans. May I ask for a drabble to cheer me up?

hey anon! that sounds really embarrassing and i’m sorry that happened to you. i hope this cheers you up!

Derek and Stiles are friends now, and as much as Derek wishes they could be something more, he doesn’t want to make it weird. It took long enough for them to get here in the first place, from hating each other to reluctant allies to saving each other’s lives, and now they’re friends. Derek appreciates the few that he has, and wasn’t counting on being so lonely when everyone in the pack went their separate ways to college, but he’s surprised how excited he is when summer rolls back around and everyone is back in town again.

Stiles is taller, more confident, and has grown into his shoulders, and Derek takes a deep breath when he sees him for the first time since he left Beacon Hills. 

“Hey, buddy!” Stiles says warmly, giving Derek a hug.

Derek is careful not to let his touch linger. 

Stiles is full of stories about his classes, how pleased he was about getting into one upper division class, his new friends, and his newfound adventures in dating and hooking up. 

“Dude, I totally have a few friends who also live nearby! Like in Beacon Heights, man, hella close. So looking forward to keeping in touch,” Stiles says, a wistful look in his eye. Derek gets the feeling Stiles is interested in one of these people. He’s not jealous. Not really. Derek knows Stiles was on the semester system, and got out of school earlier than most of his friends, and that Scott is still studying abroad in Japan, with an extended plan to go traveling with Kira for awhile. 

Derek is okay with being the last option. At least he gets to spend time with Stiles. 

It’s been a week since Stiles has been back, and he’s come by the loft almost everyday, whether it’s to drag Derek out to a movie or to get him to go eat with him. It’s nice, Derek thinks, and he can buy Stiles popcorn and sit next to him in the theater, their hands almost touching. If this is all he’s ever going to get, he’ll be happy.

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I'm going to share a story with you too. So I've shipped Larry for awhile, but on the DL, so my family knows nothing about it. But after new years my grandmother (she's 84) and I were talking about the NYE performances (she loves celeb gossip) (1)

(2) and she asked if Iknew the band 1D. I told her yeah, and she asked if any of them were gay. I said no, as far as we knew they were straight. That 3 had gfs and 1 was constantly linked to models and high profile celebs. “Harry and Taylor?”

(3) I said yeah, like harry and Taylor. Told her that he was kind of a player. She tsked and said he had kept smiling at the “short curvish one” that she’d thought he might have liked him. I laughed and she asked me to show her all the boys.

(4) we went through the first coupled Google images for each one, then a few ot5 pics so she could be sure she could tell the apart. Then she critiqued their fashion from the show and we moved on to other celebs. After a while she brought up harry

(5) she asked if he “really truly” was straight. I told her that as far as we knew, he was. He’d only ever had been publicly linked to females. She shook her head and said she could tell he wasn’t a player. She told me that he

(6) “looked at Louis so fondly! So many times! During one performance!” She then expressed how sad she thought that was, “it must be hard to be in love with your band mate who is oblivious to the fact that you are” at this point

(7) I couldn’t help myself any more, I told her that a lot of fans thought that harry and Louis were in a relationship and had been since the band started, she squealed, literally squealed and grabbed my arm. She was so excited by the possibility

(8) of harry and Louis being together, that it wasn’t just harry pining after Louis. She asked me what I thought, I said yeah, I’d seen some pretty convincing things. After that she asked what convinced me, and I told her a few. The fond looks,

(9) that it wasn’t just harry who couldn’t control his fond face and of course the tattoos she asked what I meant by tattoos so I explained a couple to her, the ship and compass, the rose and dagger especially because it was so recent.

(10) Anyways, we spent a few more minutes talking about Larry before we moved on, and now whenever she sees anything 1D related on yahoo news (her favorite) she’ll ask me if its been confirmed yet. And that’s how my grandmother started shipping larry



I want to be her granddaughter, I want to be her best friend, I want to cook her dinner and make her a cuppa. She’s amazing!

This is one of the best stories I’ve read.

Thank you for sharing!

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Have you got any tips that can make me feel a bit more positive about my height, as I'm 5'1 and almost positive I've stopped growing and all of my friends are around 5'8 and it's stupid, but I get really sad that I'm so small

Story time!

When I was in the 3rd grade, I was about the size of a kindergartener. My family initially thought that it was just because I come from a short family on both sides (all the females in my family are 5’1”), but it soon became apparent that it was something else. Turns out that my body doesn’t produce nearly enough growth hormones. I was put on growth hormones via a small shot every night for ~5 years. They stopped me when I was 5’1”, as that was the predicted height for me if my body’s hormones had functioned normally. I grew a tiny bit after, so now I’m 5’1.5”. 

Basically, what I’m trying to say is that I know that feel. When I was about a foot or two shorter than everyone in my grade, it became impossible to forget about my height. People would constantly remind me and call me “mini-me” and “pipsqueak”. It’s awful. You start to feel like there is something inherently lesser to being short. Fun fact: there isn’t.

Even still, it is hard to be 5’1”. You can’t see the tops of peoples’ heads. You sometimes have to stand on your tiptoes to hug people. It’s not “stupid” to be upset about this. Your feelings are perfectly valid, especially with society’s ridiculous body standards.

However, please remember that the average height for both men and women in the US is about 5’6”. You’re under half a foot shorter than average. And, if you’re AFAB, the average height for women is 5’4”. That’s only 3 inches.

Your 5’8” friends are quite a bit taller than average. So while you are shorter than average, please don’t feel like your friends are the “normal” height. 

I know it can be hard to accept your height. However, here are some things that can make you appear taller:

  • High heels (be careful with this one, as heels can cause spinal damage)
  • Boots with a thick sole
  • Big hair (because who doesn’t like big hair?!)
  • Posture (stand up straight and you’ll look taller!)

However, I urge you to learn to be comfortable with your height. There are all sorts of cool advantages to being short, like:

  • Being able to fit in small places
  • Naturally better at gymnastics and other similar sports
  • Being able to wear high heels and not look like a titan
  • Being really cute! Being cute is never a bad thing. For example, people will be unprepared for your inner wrath as you appear “adorable”. They will not be ready, so it is a perfect chance to STRIKE! Mwahahaha!

Honestly, people may notice your height at first, but after awhile, they’ll forget about it. They’ll just see you

You can have a very large presence without taking up very much space. Always remember that. Hold your head high and speak with conviction. Your height does not limit your possibilities.