but i've fallen asleep

I’m sorry but can’t you just imagine Oscar…..

He’s been away, for longer than wished, promoting The Force Awakens. Although he loves the excitement he gets from indulging in his latest character, what he wants more than anything is to fall asleep in his own bed for more than two consecutive nights. Only, his next trip home doesn’t come for another two weeks, which means the king sized bed in his unnecessarily grandiose hotel room is all he can get. A hotel room he comes back to find occupied after an eventful, yet tiresome day of press. Your relationship has been hidden from the public eye, for the past two years, in the desire to save it from Hollywood’s infamous list of relationships which burn bright, and die fast. Oscar finds you asleep on the sofa, mouth hanging slightly open, the fingers of your right hand resting against your cheek. The lights are out, the only source coming from the television playing across the room. He knows he should be surprised to see you here. Last he checked, you were set to visit your sister in Manhattan for the weekend. Despite the nature of your relationship, keeping secrets was never your strong suit. He can’t help but find himself impressed you had managed to make your way all the way from Brooklyn without letting it slip. However, there is no surprise you have managed to find your way into his suitcase. His dark green wool sweater that you are wearing is evidence of that. 

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The Train || Fax and open

Fairfax stared out the window on the Hogwarts Express, watching other witches and wizards say goodbye to their families. He himself wished they wouldn’t take so long; he knew it wouldn’t change the schedule for departure, but nevertheless, it still felt like the long wait was to cater to the returning students who’d already hugged and kissed their parents in a day enough to last him a lifetime. He sighed tiredly.

Feeling like he should occupy himself, he put his stack of books to the right of him as he began to read one of his favorite muggle books. He turned the pages carefully, careful not to tear them. He soon found, though, that even the best muggle writers couldn’t entertain him that day, and drifted to sleep, hoping to awake at Hogwarts.

Ten minutes later, though, he was awoken by somebody at the door of his compartment…

the signs as things i've done over facetime
  • aries: fallen asleep
  • taurus: gone to the gym and completed a full workout
  • gemini: wrote a hate song
  • cancer: secretly masturbated
  • leo: pooped
  • virgo: annotated bad 5sos songs
  • libra: touched my boobs for a solid 10 minutes
  • scorpio: got yelled at by my mom
  • sagittarius: whipped to what makes you beautiful
  • capricorn: started a band
  • aquarius: showered
  • pisces: cried about luke
movies i've fallen asleep within the first 15 minutes of
  • lord of the rings
  • django unchained
  • drive
  • this is the end
  • frozen
  • the hunger games
  • every single twilight movie
  • clerks
  • the lovely bones
  • fight club
  • donnie darko
  • knocked up
  • superman returns
  • scott pilgrim
  • adventureland
  • showgirls (i woke up when the boobs started tho)