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story time: presidential edition
  • so you know how everyone has a story
  • you know
  • like the story
  • like if you’re at a party and someone turns to you and says, tell the story
  • and you know exactly what they mean
  • the story
  • well 
  • i have a story
  • and not unlike most good stories, it involves three key components:
  • barack obama
  • pre-2008 reebok sneakers 
  • and the absolute earth-shattering horror you can only feel after making the worst mistake of your life

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Hamilton As Things My Girlfriend Has Said
  • Alexander : "You know, come to think of it, coffee is the most pleasurable thing."
  • *I give her an odd look*
  • "Well I love you but coffee helps me stay up till horrible hours to finish my work."
  • --
  • John : "You look hot today. No homo." *Finger guns*
  • "Babe we're dating."
  • --
  • Hercules : "See all my clothes are 100% made by me and my hands. I poured my blood sweat and tears into this - "
  • "It says made in China."
  • "Maybe I made it in China?!"
  • --
  • Lafayette : "Some days when I'm mad at you I want to only speak in another language bug the problem is I only know English and not even very well."
  • --
  • Aaron : "Normally I'm a calm individual but see, Abigail makes me want to drop kick her into a well filled with sharks."
  • "Is...is she not your best friend?"
  • "She is."
  • --
  • Angelica : "See whenever people doubt me I laugh because I'm better than every person in the world and they're just jealous of my feminism strength."
  • --
  • Eliza : "Sometimes I wonder what would happen if you cheated on me."
  • "Well I never would."
  • "No I know. But if you did I'd probably burn everything you love and go Carrie Underwood on you."
  • --
  • Peggy : "How is it my mom forgot to invite me to my own birthday party?!"
  • --
  • Thomas : "See macaroni and cheese is a gift from God. Like he loves it too. Cause who wouldn't?"
  • "Aren't you an atheist?"
  • --
  • James : "I swear I've been sick my whole life. Death is trying so hard to get me but they will fail! *coughs for a good five minutes* Fuck off death..."
  • --
  • George : "Why do I have to adopt all the worst fuckers?"
  • "You don't have to - "
  • "No I love them and they are my fucker children."
  • --
  • Maria : "I'm a sexy son a bitch who needs to learn how to make better life choices..."

Hey! I’m opening my full commissions! I did my quick commissions months ago and I’m really excited to be releasing all the options (and i’m sure will smith is just as happy to be showing off deku). (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧ 

Any additional characters are $10+ each. Paypal only + commission progress will start after payment is secured. I have at least five slots available each week and everything is in USD. Prices may also be changed according to the request made and evaluated; this mostly applies to group and scenery options.

A few limitations are mechas (light mecha is alright), furries, gore, nsfw, anything I’m morally against but other that that, I’m all set. Order Form + Process and additional info are below the cut!

You can email me at illucommissions@gmail.com and if you have any inquires, my askbox is always open and you’re free to ask via email as well. Do signal boost if you can and I hope you have a nice day! \ (•◡•) /

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veteratorianvillainy  asked:

Alright so tumblr mobile won't let me reply to the post about photographing the reference books, but I've had to do that before and it's a pain in the ass, but Apple has an app called Tiny Scanner which is really similar to photographing the books but the settings are such that it's a lot easier to read what you've scanned. Just in case you ever have to do this again :]

Ohmygod that looks amazing. I will DEFINITELY give this a go, because I have to be a 1-man Google Books Project all the goddamn time.

@the-outspoken-introvert made a comment that’s worth addressing - 

Jfc. Congrats but like…why? Are they just really hard to get through a library or…? Kudos on the commitment anyway, I def would’ve given up after the first one.

I wish these books were easier to find. We’re talking books published by foreign governments, with five copies in library circulation in the entirety of the United States. In order to even look at this book, I have to:

  • Go to Library A (where I’m a member), which doesn’t have the book.
  • Find a specific high-level librarian (who is very busy and hard to pin down).
  • Get them to write me a referral that will allow me into Library B for 24 hours.
  • Call Library B (where I am not a member and cannot become a member - it’s a university).
  • Ask them to get said book out of the archives.
  • Go to Library B.
  • Use the 24 hour window in which I can stay at Library B to look at said book. Ideally, several books in one go.
  • (repeat as needed for multiple Library Bs)

I have been to around 30 different libraries all across the US in the process of writing book one and two. I’ve combed through microfiche. I have read through an unpublished manuscript which only has two copies in existence. I have stood there with an iPad and photographed, page-by-page, around a hundred different books.

There’s 300-odd citations for book one. That didn’t come easy. The subjects I cover are often extremely obscure.

I’m not perfect with my research - I’m not a historian, and there’s absolutely stuff I goof up on - but I try really goddamn hard.

anonymous asked:

I just came out as a trans guy and now that I've worked it out I'm not sure where to begin, do you have any advice/tips/do's and don'ts?

I’ve been living as male for a while now and here’s some of the stuff I’ve picked up (Note: Some of these can be useful for our non binary buds as well)


- Boxers are LIVE SAVERS. Seriously. They should be one of the first things you buy. If you can’t do ANYTHING else, get yourself some boxers.

- Layering helps hide any bumps that a binder can’t, and also helps hide anything you don’t want people to see if you don’t have a binder or can’t wear one for whatever reason.

- Wearing loose clothing helps in the summer when you can’t layer without melting.

- If you’re quite short like me and nothing ever quite fits you, you might have to adjust certain items of clothing yourself. There are places that sell clothes for shorter men but they can be more expensive.

- Men’s jeans are an utter delight regardless of what gender you are. None of this phone-sticking-halfway-out-the-back-pocket-clings-to-all-the-wrong-places bullshit. Might have to roll the legs up a bit but it’s not a problem.


- Number one rule: ABSOLUTELY DO NOT FOR ANY REASON WHATSOEVER bind with bandages. They’re designed to compress and it does work, but they’re not designed to move with you when you breathe and they could break your ribs. Not to mention they’re super fucking painful.


Just… look at this shit. First of all, this looks absolutely horrifying, and secondly these are DEFINITELY NOT SAFE. A binder shouldn’t have clasps or velcro or a zip; it should be one piece and look more like a short crop top. Underworks or GC2B are the best places to get one and they’re not too expensive either.

- If I had to pick the best place to get a binder, I would say GC2B. Underworks binders were not originally made for trans guys whereas GC2B binders were. Once again, if you’re short like me, an Underworks binder could cut off at an awkward place (eg. the top of your waist which feels super weird) and my GC2B binder doesn’t do that.

 I could go on all day about how much I love my GC2B binder because not only does it bind well, it’s also very comfortable. It kind of feels like wearing the top part of a swimsuit under your clothes, if that makes sense.

- Binders shouldn’t be worn for more than 8-10 hours MAX and don’t wear it for more than 8 hours at the beginning. The way I eased into it was by wearing it out for three hours to sort of ‘break it in’ and then went to school in it the next day and it was great. And it’s totally fine to go to a bathroom or something halfway through the day if you need a hot minute to take a break.

- You can swim in some binders but it’s better to get another one a size up specifically for swimming.

- It’s so, so SO important you measure yourself properly and get the right size. Don’t deliberately get a binder that’s too small, because you likely won’t be able to get it on your bod and if you do it’s going to be super uncomfortable.

- NEVER sleep in a binder. Just. Don’t do it. Please. I once fell asleep in an airport with a binder on and it was the most uncomfortable I’ve ever been in my life.

- If you’re going on a long trip or something and you don’t know if you’ll have an opportunity to take off your binder when you need to, it’s best not to wear it at all. Yes, it sucks, but sometimes feeling slightly dysphoric is better than feeling like death for hours or days afterwards.

- Chest binders are DELICATE and I would recommend hand washing them. I wash mine in the sink with soap and warm water. Also, it’s best to wash a binder every 2 weeks or so because they can really start to smell, but I get that for some people (particularly those of us whose families aren’t entirely supportive) it’s not possible to wash a binder when there are people in the house so just do it whenever you can. In the eight months I’ve had mine I’ve only been able to wash it a grand total of five times which is disgusting so if possible, don’t do that.

- If you can’t afford or can’t wear a binder, the sports bra thing does work, trust me.

Hygiene and Hair and other shit

- Using men’s products works MAGIC. How many of us have used one for the first time and had a blissful “I SMELL LIKE A MAN” moment.

- While having long hair is great and all, it might be better to cut it short. And it’s taken me like two years to work out what kind of haircut I like on me so take as long as you need.

- Putting a tiny bit of concealer or foundation on the edge of your lips can help you look a lot more masculine, as well as filling in your eyebrows. And if you’re unable to get out of your emo phase like myself, eyeliner is still a-OK.

Important Side Note:

It’s VERY MUCH OK to still want to wear makeup and do your nails and wear traditionally ‘feminine’ clothes. You do you.

Or Nah (One - Shot)

Or Nah: Reader and Bucky are doing their routine workout before an extremely important mission, which doesn't go as planned when Bucky shows her his own playlist he made.

A/N: I've always wondered what would happen if Sam introduced Bucky to some really dirty songs! I was dying while writing this haha! If you want to hear the song while you read it’s right here! :D I hope you guys like it! ENJOY! - Delilah

Pairing: Bucky Barnes x Reader

Warnings: Very dirty song lyrics, pls beware lol. Bucky being a flirty little shit. Slight secondhand embarrassment. 

You let out a small sigh as you placed the weight in your hand down. You had been in the gym for a solid two hours, working out for the mission that was coming up later that week. It was a pretty big one, and you wanted to make sure you were ready for anything and everything. Bucky, who would be your partner for the mission had agreed to join you for the workout, and to your surprise, he even offered to chose the playlist. 

Ever since he and Sam had been hanging out more often, they’ve been able to catch him up on various modern things, mostly music. You knew that Bucky had been spending time listening to the new wave of music on his little ipod you had given him for his birthday, but you had no idea what songs Sam had put on there for him. 

You and he had grown pretty close ever since Bucharest, and dare you admit, you liked him. A bit much for just friends, but you’d never tell him. There were sometimes when you swore he was reciprocating your feelings, but you always brushed it off as simple flirtatious teasing. Steve always said that’s how he used to be back in the day. 

You just figured it was some nineties rap or something, which wasn’t unlikely. 

The last song had ended, leaving the two of you in that awkward five second silence before the next song began. 

Do you like the way I flick my tongue or nah?
You can ride my face until you dripping cum
Can you lick the tip then throat the dick or nah?
Can you let me stretch that pussy out or nah?

Your eyes nearly fell out of your head at how wide you were staring at him. He paid no attention to you, as he was in his own little world. He lowly sung along to the song as he lifted the weights in his hands. The way he spoke the lyrics, you knew damn well that he had heard the song quite a bit. 

You swallowed loudly as you watched Bucky work out. The black tank top he wore clung to his body, which was glistening with a thin layer of sweat. His arms flexed in such a delicious way each time he brought the weight up, almost as if he was showing off everything he had. 

His hair was pulled back in a messy bun, with a few rebellious strands falling in front of his face. Your eyes analyzed the way his jaw clenched each time he flexed, and the way his lips pursed. His brow was furrowed with concentration as he worked out, his eyes staring forward at the grand mirror in front of him as he watched himself. 

And Jesus, that metal arm. It shifted and clicked with each movement, and you honestly found yourself wondering how on earth you could be attracted to a prosthetic limb. Regardless, you’ve wanted it and him. 

After making sure you weren’t drooling over him, you peered back up at his face, expecting him to still be in his own little world. But to your horror, he was staring right at you. His mouth was curved upwards into a little, fascinated smile as he watched you. Regardless, he continued singing along to the song. 

You gonna run it for these hundreds, girl, or nah?
Show me is you really ‘bout your money, girl, or nah?
Don’t play with a boss, girl, take it off
Take it for a real one
You gonna get it all

You watched as he sung to you, his eyes traveling down your body. You blushed even deeper as you took in the raunchy lyrics. You had no idea why Sam would introduce him to this. Steve would probably have several heart attacks at once if he showed up. 

Bucky set down the weights in his hand with a loud clank, pulling you out of your thoughts. He made sure to give you a show as he reached behind himself and slipped the tank top from his body, tossing it to the side. He made his way over to the chin up bar, which was located directly across from you. By now, you were trying to relieve some of the arousal that was pooling between your legs by pressing them together. 

Bucky placed his hands on the bar, and slowly began lifting himself upwards, peering over at you, still singing those damn lyrics. 

Is you really 'bout your money or nah?
Can you really take dick or nah?
Can I bring another bitch or nah?
Is you with this shit or nah?

Your eyes immediately went to his body, watching as every single muscle flexed as he lifted himself up. His gray sweatpants hung low on his waist, giving you a perfect view of the V of his waist. You so desperately wanted to see just a few more inches, but you knew better. He was teasing you, and you were falling right into the trap. 

Not being able to take it anymore, you stood from your seat and began walking towards the bench press. You lie back onto the bench, pressing your hands onto the bar tightly. But before you could even get started, you felt a pair of hands wrap around your legs and pull you away. 

You squeaked, trying to balance yourself. Before you could sit upwards, you were pressed back down by a metal hand. Bucky hovered over you, smirking devilishly as he placed both of his hands on either sides of your head, trapping you underneath him. You felt so small, and couldn't fight the blush that was now spread throughout your chest and face. 

Girl, is you sucking me or fucking me or nah?
Can I bring another bitch? Let’s have a threesome
Keep saying you’s a freak, you gon’ prove it or nah?

“Hey, Buck,” Sam called as he entered the room. His eyes staring down at the ipod in his hands, completely unaware of what was going on in front of him. 

“I think I accidentally took yo- WHOA!

You immediately covered your face with your hands. This was not what you hoped the outcome would be at all! You were hoping for some steamy make out sessions or maybe even Bucky’s head between your legs, but this was absolutely not what you wanted. Sam would never let you guys live this down. 

Bucky cleared his throat awkwardly as he stared at his friend, his eyes flickering between the two of you with a sheepish smile. 

“Man,” He whistled as he listened to the song blaring from the speakers. “I always knew you were a closet freak, Y/N.’” With a cackle, Sam turned on his heel and exited the gym. 

Not before calling over his shoulder that he had a very interesting story for dinner tonight. 


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i know y'all have been gunning for a tfc tv show but I’m about to make all ur dreams come true…….. All For the Game: The Musical

  • holy shit.. i know
  • a 3-act musical for each book… it would be long as hell (at least 3 hours), but it would be Worth It
  • show opens with the song “Running”, neil is introduced
  • the exposition is laid quickly followed by the upbeat track “Meet the Monsters”
  • “Better Luck Next Time” -andrew n neils first duet
  • they’re are a Lot of andreil duets; some of everyone’s favs are “You’re a Fox”, “Upping the Percentage”, “I’d Go Back For You”, “Oh, Neil”, “You Liar!”, and “Yes or No?”
  • actually this musical is just half sexually charged duets, half exy games
  • not that anyone is complaining
  • also the training song sequence
  • eden twilight’s music is sultry and sexy and the lighting is low
  • ‘I’m fine” “I’m fine reprise” “I’m (not) fine” (to the tune of i’m fine)
  • “I can be calm” “Ok That Time Didn’t Work Lets Try This Again” “Well Fuck That Noise (Riko I Hate You)” all neil solos…. all fantastic
  • all of neil’s clapbacks ……. rapped
  • speaking of that…..andrew and allison? they rap battle
  • renee has the most beautiful solo…. she’s so talented
  • riko thankfully only gets one song in the entire musical, titled ‘The Raven King’ but it gets interrupted about five lines in bc Neil starts singing over him
  • “I do what I want” - andrew minyard’s first solo but the choreography is the exact same from bet on it in hsm 2
  • Kevin always, ALWAYS breaking the fourth wall and monologuing how much he hates his team to the audience
  • the guy who plays Kevin is a fan favorite, arguably his acting is the best and his song “Never Been Skiing” sold like crazy
  • when shit starts to get sadder……songs start to get sadder
  • the song “Nathaniel” left everyone in the audience in tears… holy shit don’t forget the scene in act 2 
  • and the other scene in act 2…..fuck
  • there’s lots of crying.. like any good musical
  • but also its funny.. like nicky has some really comedic lines and his song (“I just want a gay friend”) is fantastic…
  • its so uplifting too!!!”
  • u can’t tell me that they didnt somehow fit the music to no scrubs by tlc, zero to hero from the hercules soundtrack, and wannabe by the spice girls in this production
  • this show gains a cult following
  • tony’s are won……. shitty high school productions are put on….. its truly amazing

add to this if you want!!! credit also to @skysap for giving me ideas!!!

anonymous asked:

hi mom i've been having some friend drama recently but ur writing can always cheer me up,,, i was wondering if u could write friends to lovers w yuta?? thank u i love u w/all my heart 💓

im sorry that’s happening but sure! happy birthday yuta  ♥
find others: ten | sicheng | mark | jaehyun | johnny 

  • nakamoto yuta,,,,,,is like no other. 
  • not when he was in middle school, jumping backdoor fences on his way from school after saying some a little too sarcastic for the liking of a kid older than him. 
  • no when he was in high school, carrying a soccer ball in one hand and a bag full of love letters from adoring classmates in another
  • and not,,,,,,when he decided to,,,,,,become an idol of all things
  • you were always expecting the most from him,,,,you’d known each other as kids,,,,,and when he told you about wanting to audition,,,wanting to go to south korea
  • you had wanted to throw you arms around your friend, say oh my god - yuta that is amazing! but a small part of you also wanted to whisper you’re thinking of leaving? so soon?
  • the thing about him being like no other,,,,had charmed you and scared you as his friend. you were always watching him do something crazy,,,,basking in the spotlight of attention,,,
  • being with him made you feel alive - but you knew that feeling was going to end,,,,,,,yuta wasn’t meant to stay here in this town with you,,,,,,he was meant for so much more
  • “and he’s going to forget you.” the small voice in your head mocked
  • he had devoted himself to training, spending hours dancing and learning to sing before his audition date came up
  • everyday you watched another number pass on the calendar - it’s getting so close
  • and everyday, when you got to sit beside yuta, who was drenched in sweat and whining about how he just had to go and pick THIS song
  • you felt the love in your heart for him grow deeper, and the fear of losing him forever grow stronger
  • on the date of his birthday,,,,,,you were shocked to find that he wasn’t home,,,,,,he was practicing again
  • and when you texted him; hey - isn’t today pretty important?
  • he responded with: yep - only a week before the audition!
  • you grimaced,,,,,,yuta was,,,,,,to put it nicely,,,,,,,,a sprinkle of a narcissist. he treated his birthday like a national holiday,,,,,,,,,and now he’d just forgot it
  • “just like he’s going to forget you” ,,,the voice chimed and you shook your head
  • something felt wrong,,,,,after hours of waiting for yuta to send the usual ‘excuse me where is my million dollar present?’ text you decided you had to at least go see him
  • his friends were all in the same shocked state - wasn’t he going to go out? eat? enjoy the attention he basically lived for?
  • you found yourself in front of the studio where you knew yuta was,,,,your hands felt weirdly sweaty and you carefully opened the door
  • you were imagining that yuta would be dancing, sneakers squeaking against the floor, his shirt plastered to his back with moisture
  • but all there was was music,,,,,,and yuta on his knees,,,,,his hand over his mouth
  • rushing over, you fell to his level and put your hands on his shoulders “yuta??? yuta??” you called and he finally looked up, dull brown eyes staring into yours
  • “i,,,,,,”
  • you could see he was barely speaking, body shaken from hours of unstoppable practice
  • “water. you need water.” you rationed, letting go of him and searching the room for his bag, when you fished out it out you could see the cap was still sealed - he hadn’t drank,,,,,,he probably hadn’t eaten either
  • getting back to him, you opened it, some spilling over onto your fingers but you hand it to him
  • “drink,,,,,and lay down. you need to rest.”
  • yuta, more defeated and exhausted than you had e v e r seen him did as you told
  • drinking almost half the bottle and then setting it down, only to fall against your chest
  • “it’s,,,,,,,,spinning,,,,,,,,the room,,,,,,,” his voice was lower than usual and you could feel his body heat
  • you moved him so his head lay on your lap and you pushed the wet bangs from his forehead
  • “it’s your birthday you loser,,,,,,,,and you’re here working yourself to death,,,,,”
  • you’d never called yuta that before,,,,but it just,,,,came out,,,,,in the mixture of worry and anger that laced your voice
  • he was trying to still catch his breathing, but you could see the corner of his lips try to tug into a smug smile
  • “i-is it,,,,my birthday?” he managed to huff out and you sighed
  • “yes,,,,,,how could you forget? it’s a -”
  • “national holiday” he finished and this time you could see the smile on his handsome face,,,,,,the light returning to his eyes
  • for a moment you sat there with his head in your lap, watching him close his eyes and relax his tensed shoulders
  • the music had stopped and it was quiet between you two,,,,,,you sort of wanted to run your hands through his hair again,,,,but held back that urge
  • “i really want this.”
  • yuta finally said and you weren’t sure what he meant
  • “i really want to be an idol,,,,,,,,,” he paused and then reached his hand up - you took it cautiously
  • “but i dont want to leave this place either,,,,,,the warm and comforting lap of someone i like,,,,,,,”
  • you felt your heart stop - had he just,,,,,,,,,,,, oh
  • you blushed and felt yuta’s hand squeeze yours
  • “where’s my million dollar birthday present?” he joked, opening his eyes slowly 
  • they were looking right above you, specifically at your lips
  • “i don’t think you deserve it,,,,,”
  • you started, letting his hand go and with the little strength he regained, yuta sat up and turned his body toward you
  • “c’mon,,,,,,it’s my birthday,,,,”
  • “you forgot it was like five minutes ago.”
  • he scooted closer and god he really had no business being so ,,,,, beautiful
  • even soaked with sweat and worn out,,,he looked perfect - smooth skin shining and long fingers feeling nice as he brushed them over you cheek
  • “it might be your only chance - im going to be an idol and you won’t be able to kiss me then.”
  • you scrunched up your nose and it made him laugh, but he was right - sadly
  • leaning in, you felt his hand hold the back of your neck, but just as you were going to feel his lips brush against yours you heard the familiar sound of a stomach growling
  • pulling back you remembered, he probably hadn’t eaten at all
  • “c’mon. let’s go get you some birthday cake or something.” you stood up and yuta followed, grabbing your hand in his
  • “i’d really,,,,,,,much rather have my present,,,,,” he whined but you were adamant
  • helping gather his stuff, you pushed the door of the studio open but didn’t let go of yuta’s hand
  • the night air was cool and you were sure people could see you two - holding hands and smiling at one and other, playing around like you’d been a couple for years
  • even if he was going to be an idol,,,,miles away,,,,,no time for the past - you were sure this birthday was one he would never forget  \
  • yuta was sure of that too 

16-year-old Yuri Plisetsky is a young noble. He’s pretty happy with his life - he’s the youngest son, so he’s not expected to take over the estate or shoulder any responsibilities. He just kinda…does whatever the hell he wants.

No one really knows where Yura is most of the time either. He just…sometimes disappears for weeks at a time, and no one really bothers to find out where he goes (visiting his best friend Otabek in the neighbouring kingdom).

No one really cares because Yura is not only the youngest son, he’s also a bastard.

He’s not really too upset. He’s made his peace with it. He’s never really gonna amount to anything in life. But then. Surprise surprise, turns out the man his mother had had an affair with was a cousin of the Queen mother.

The current king, 35-year-old Viktor Nikiforov, doesn’t have any heirs, with no plans to have any either, and so he decides to name his young cousin, Yura, as his heir.

And so, overnight, Yura finds his status in life completely changed, not that he’s complaining - don’t look a gift horse in the mouth and all that.

He’s all packed up and moved to the palace within a week.

But being a prince isn’t all fun and games, like his old life had been. He has new responsibilities to carry out and countless things to learn - from history and foreign policy, to swordplay and ballroom dancing. Yura takes to his new life like a fish to water - he finds he likes to learning about all these things, likes serving his country well as its future ruler.

The only thing that puts a damper on things is his new guardians - he quickly finds out that rumours of the king’s frosty relationship with his husband are 100% true. Though they may present a strong, united front to the public, it becomes immediately clear that Viktor and his consort, Yuuri Katsuki, the first prince and younger brother of the queen of Yutopia, can barely stand each other.

Viktor Nikiforov truly lives up to his reputation as the ice king - he’s always distant, his eyes cold and calculating, his smile devoid of any warmth whatsoever. He’s coldly untouchable, barely even human.

On the other hand, his husband Yuuri at first seems to be his complete opposite, but is in fact just the same. He smiles sweetly at everyone, warm and friendly. He likes helping people out and listening to their troubles and taking care of them.But despite all that, he keeps everyone at arm’s length. He listens, but he never talks about himself, never leans on anyone else, never talks about his own troubles or his fears or his aspirations. He never lets anyone see him as anything less than perfect, composed, untouchable.

Yura has to have dinner with both of them once a week, and those single-handedly the most stressful times of his week, the moments he hates the most - the tension is always so thick he could cut it with a knife, turning the delicious food to cardboard in his mouth.

After a month of living at the castle, Yura finally learns what the deal is between the two.

He’s having tea with Lady Babicheva one day, and she tells him that things hadn’t always been like this between the king and his consort. Mila tells him that once upon a time, Viktor and Yuuri had been head over heels in love.

Yura doesn’t believe a single word of it. “What happened, then?” he asks skeptically.

“The Queen mother was killed,” she tells him softly, voice barely above a whisper.

Yura is confused. "I thought she had a heart attack?” he asks.

Mila leans in conspiratorially, dropping her voice even more, so that Yura can barely hear her. “It was covered up by the king,” she tells him, eyes darting this way and that to make sure no one is around to hear them.

“Why?“ asks Yura, still confused as all hell. "Wasn’t the king said to be extremely close to his mother? I’d think he’d be the one most eager to see the killer put to justice!”

“He was!” Mila confirms. “But he was putting the safety of the country before his own feelings.”

Yura is confused for a few seconds more, before horrible realization suddenly dawns on him, and a wide-eyed, horrified expression comes on his face.

Mila nods. “Prince Katsuki admitted to having her assassinated." 

And suddenly, everything makes sense to Yura. Before Viktor and Yuuri had married, their two countries had been at war for generations. They had formed a shaky truce only two decades ago, and the marriage between Viktor and Yuuri had been meant to strengthen their alliance.

The Queen mother had been an extremely popular ruler in her time on the throne, and if it had come out that she had been murdered by her own son-in-law, a war would have been unavoidable.

When she had died though, the two countries’ economies had only just gotten back on their feet, and they were both still working to rebuild. Another war would have been disastrous for both sides.

So Viktor had let his own emotions take the backseat, had told everyone that she had died of a heart attack. Within the castle walls, however, he had taken drastic measures. He had put his husband under 24 hour surveillance.

(The rest of the world had cooed at how sweet it was, that he was so worried for his husband’s safety that he had given him four constant bodyguards to protect him at all hours of the day)

Yuuri had been forced to move out of their shared bedchambers. He had been sentenced to house arrest, forbidden from leaving the palace grounds unless he was attending official functions with Viktor. He spent most of his time alone, in his lonely tower bedroom. 

Officially, the reason for all this was that Yuuri was sickly - that he stayed indoors due to his failing health. Only a select few in Viktor’s inner circle knew the truth of it.

And even now, five years later, Mila is still heartbroken about it all. She used to be close to Yuuri, had spent many an afternoon strolling with him through the castle gardens and giggling with him over tea and court gossip. She still misses her friend like an almost physical ache, and his betrayal is still an open wound.

Yura, however, is still somewhat skeptical. Something feels……..off to him.

He tries to stay away from Yuuri for a while after that,, just to be on the safe side. But the more he thinks about it, the more things just don’t add up, and the more he becomes *convinced* that there’s something up

(There’s no way anyone can just pretend to be that disgustingly nice all the time.)

There’s nothing more that Yuri hates than an unsolved mystery, and so he starts going out of his way to talk to Yuuri, to spend time with him.

Yuuri is surprised at first, but absolutely delighted. After so many years of isolation, it’s nice to have some social interaction. He had thought he would spend the next few decades alone, until Viktor had finally abdicated his throne, and Yuuri might hopefully be dismissed to move back to his family’s home in Yutopia, his duty complete.

The two Yuris grow extremely close over time, and Viktor starts to get wary, worried that his husband is trying to influence his heir as well. He tries to keep Yura away from Yuuri, trying to keep the impressionable teenager safe. But Yura keeps sneaking his way into Yuuri’s chambers, even after Yuuri warns him to stay away for his own safety.

Eventually, after several months of this, Yura finally gets the truth out of Yuuri.

The assassins had, in fact, been sent by a noble house from the country of  Svizra, one of their longtime allies, without the knowledge of their king Giacometti. The nobles had been hoping to take advantage of their weakened state in the aftermath of the war with Yutopia, and he been trying to instigate a war. 

A war which would almost certainly have spelled the end of the Nikiforovs’ dynasty.

But they hadn’t accounted for just how fiercely loyal Yuuri was to his husband and his new country. If the public had found out that the Queen mother had been assassinated by their supposed allies, there would be no way to avoid a war - whether a war with the country of Svizra, or a civil war.

So Yuuri had claimed all the blame himself. Because he knew that, with their precarious alliance on the line, there would be no way Viktor would be able to  take official action against him, and would be forced instead to cover up the fact that foul play had been involved.

Yuri Plisetsky is rightfully horrified, and absolutely furious. "What the hell, dumbass!? WHY DIDN’T YOU JUST TELL VIKTOR ABOUT IT?” he demands. “You didn’t have to take all the blame! Viktor would have understood!!!”

And Yuuri and his bleeding heart refuses to look at Yura when he replies, quietly, that he didn’t want Viktor and Chris’s relationship to suffer because of it. Because even if it was proven that the king had had no part in the assassination, his failure to notice the growing unrest in his court would have put strain on their alliance. And Svizra is a powerful country whose friendship will be indispensable in the future while their two countries rebuild themselves.

Yura wants to just scream because it’s not fucking fair and Yuuri is a dumbass for trying to fix everything himself, and Viktor is a dumbass for believing someone like Yuuri could ever betray him, and Christophe is a dumbass for not being able to stop all this, and everyone is just SO FUCKING STUPID.

Yuuri manages to get Yura to stay quiet about the whole thing.

He promises not to say anything to Viktor outright, but he’ll be damned if he doesn’t try and make his stupid cousin see his mistake somehow.

Yura starts spending more time with Viktor - starts trying to get past the icy barrier of hurt and betrayal he wears around himself like armor. 

Viktor is slightly suspicious at first; suspicious that Yuuri has put him up to this. But it’s as good an opportunity as any to sway Yura back to his own side, and maybe keep him out of his husband’s clutches.

It doesn’t take long for Yura to get Viktor to spill the story of the assassination to him (Viktor hopes it’ll serve as a warning for Yura to stay away from Yuuri, to make him see that the man is dangerous)

And from then, Yura starts planting the seeds of doubt in his stupid cousin’s mind.

"What motivation would he even HAVE to kill her!?” is the first thing Yura demands. And it stops Viktor short, because he’d somehow never even thought of that.

It takes quite a bit of effort to make Viktor come around. (Because Viktor wants so badly for it to be true, for Yuuri to be innocent. He wants so badly to have his sweetheart back, but he just knows that if he lets himself hope, but it turns out that Yuuri is exactly the kind of cold-blooded murderer they think he is, it will absolutely DESTROY Viktor.)

Yes, it takes Viktor quite a while to finally come around, but even he isn’t able to keep up forever against Yura’s pointed questions and the nagging doubts that have started to grow and fester in his mind.

And when he finally caves and decides to have a proper investigation into the matter, Yuuri’s admission of guilt, his supposed motives for killing his mother-in-law, it all falls like a wet paper bag. There are more holes in his story than a slice of swiss cheese.

And Viktor is just. So ANGRY.

Angry at himself for ever believing that his sweet Yuuri would do something so treacherous when all this time it was quite the opposite, when Yuuri was ready to give up his own happiness, his own reputation, to keep his beloved country safe.

And he’s angry at Yuuri too. Because they lost FIVE WHOLE YEARS. Five years of kisses and cuddling, five years of laughter and love, five years of happiness.

And he’s probably never going to forgive himself for the way he’s treated Yuuri in those years.

But now they have a lifetime to make up for it.

And finally, Viktor has something more to live for. He’s no longer stuck just going through the motions.

It’s not all perfect, he’s never going to get his mother back, but he has his husband, and that’s good enough for him.

Yuuri is an absolute sweetheart who’s beloved by his people, so when news spreads of his supposed “miraculous recovery”, his return to health, the people are overjoyed.

The servants in the palace are delighted to be allowed to talk to and laugh with him again. They fuss over him for months afterwards, worrying about him pushing himself too much (and Yuuri always feels so guilty about lying to them.)

Mila and Georgi and the other nobles who had known the truth behind Yuuri’s apparent “sickness” that had rendered him bedridden for the past five years are ecstatic as well.

They’re so happy to have their friend back, and after five years of heartbreak and misery, everything is right in St. Petersburg again.

MBTI Types as Showers

ESFJ- Warm, comforting, with the coolest bath bomb you’ve ever seen (in the last week), only after the fizzing is done and you’re left in a tub of colored water, you have a brief moment of clarity and wonder if you would have spent $10 on said colored water if you hadn’t seen it on Instagram first.

ESTJ- Quick morning showers, you jumped in before the water was actually warm but you refuse to shiver, your soap is abrasive and leaves your skin dry but it gets the job done. You need to leave in 45 minutes to be at work half an hour early, adjusting for traffic.

ESFP- Perfectly warm, relaxing after an exciting day. You have five soaps for different moods, but the smell of them all gets overwhelming when you stay too long. People always tell you to tone it down, but what do they know? You pass out in the water for a little while, but you wake up before anything gets too bad.

ESTP- Much needed, nice and warm or cool and refreshing depending on the mood. It’s either noon or hours after everyone else has gone to sleep. You can’t wait to go out and do more stuff and and shower all over again.

ENFJ- You’ve been in for a while, the warm and gentle water is starting to get cold but you’re still thinking about how you’re going to handle all the activities you have planned tomorrow. You actually never wanted to help set up for the bridal shower, but you know if you didn’t she wouldn’t help with brunch next weekend.

ENTJ- You’ve planned for this shower all day, you kept busy waiting for the water to heat up but now it’s scalding hot. You endure and tell yourself this is how you like it, because you are no weakling. The shower lasts the perfect amount of time, you get out when the timer on your phone goes off.

ENFP- you’ve dumped half a bottle of dish soap in the bath, sure it may not be good for your skin but you can’t stand anything boring. You spend a bit too long wallowing in things and it feels like your skin is burning in some places. You put extra lotion on after and tell yourself you won’t do that again. You do it again.

ENTP- You didn’t want to interrupt what you were doing to get in, but now that you are you never want to get out. That cool soap you thought would change your life has no effect, you fall into an existential despair for a few minutes until you start hanging half out the shower on your phone. It’s been an hour, you didn’t realize the water was freezing but you can’t feel your toes.

ISFJ- You like your baths consistently comforting, and the soap you use to wash your hair is the same kind your mom bought for you back when you were little. You get out relatively soon enough so the others will still have warm water when they need to shower after you.

ISTJ- You’re pretty stressed and decide to replace your normal shower with a bath, but sitting around in warm water feels wrong when you could actually be washing yourself and getting back to the things you’ve been worrying about. You try to enjoy it anyways, you don’t want to waste the water and time.

ISFP- Your soap is all perfectly lined up, color coordinated or in order of use, it really doesn’t matter as long as it looks and feels good. You bought a new body butter, it just feels like thick lotion but you appreciate the smell and smoothness anyways.

ISTP- You jump in and out in under 10 minutes, but it was still an enjoyable experience. Feeling clean is better than the opposite, but you know there’s no real way to scrub the world off your skin.

INFJ- You got into the shower to wash away your emotional burdens, but it doesn’t seem to be working. You assumed you were taking on the problems of the girl in your math class, and though her grandfather is still dying, by the end of your shower you’ve convinced yourself you really made her feel better by smiling at her when she wasn’t looking that one time.

INTJ- You have forgotten to shower the past five days, but the grease and dirt is getting in the way of your plans to one day show everyone you too can be super successful and cool. It’ll come, you think to yourself as freezing water pelts your face.

INFP- You’ve been in the bath for two hours, your mom keeps yelling that dinner is ready but if you get out of the water everyone will realize it’s tears on your face, not bath water that magically splashed beneath your eyes. You got your favorite notebook wet trying to write poetry. You consider never getting out, until you realize your fingers are pruned up and tonight’s spaghetti actually smells pretty good.

INTP- You’re sure you showered sometime recently, but really it’s hard to keep track of those things. You’ll just shower tomorrow morning, or maybe tonight, but really you know if you’re unsure of the last time you were clean you should do it now. You take a quick one, but you’re thinking of your laptop the entire time. You’ll get back to it soon, but now your shower is dragging on because you mixed up your body wash, shampoo, and conditioner. You’re trapped for half an hour correcting your mistakes, but on the bright side you finished your math homework in your head.

In case you’re having a bad Father’s Day (or even if you aren’t), here are some headcanons about David Wymack on Father’s Day that will hopefully make you feel better:

  • it’s habit for him to wake up early from so many years of morning practice, but today when he drags himself out of bed Abby’s already up making eggs
  • he wanders into the kitchen, puts the coffee on, and gets out some plates, and then he and Abby just sit at the table, enjoying each other’s company in the quiet light
  • at first he doesn’t even remember it’s Father’s Day; it’s not like he ever had any reason to celebrate it with his own father
  • but around 9am they hear the doorbell ring and Kevin walks in with Thea, Amalia, and his other two children
  • Kevin hugs his father and it’s slightly less awkward than every other time they’ve hugged
  • (just like last time was slightly less awkward than every time before it)
  • Kevin and Abby hug and Abby almost refuses to let him go
  • they spend the morning sitting together at the coffee table in comfortable conversation, talking about the Exy finals and all the new Foxes Wymack has signed
  • there’s four cards on the table, three with drawings in crayon and big, blocky letters, and one classy, understated store-bought card 
  • (which Kevin will never admit he spent five hours looking for and which both Kevin and Wymack will secretly treasure for months)
  • Thea’s outside in the back garden with Abby and the kids, playing around with a bunch of carefully planted petunias, when the doorbell rings again with Dan and Matt

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Getting Emotional



Sir…? Are you okay? It’s been three hours now… I-is it safe to come back in?

[Catching his breath]

Okay, sir? Y-you needed that and, uhm, I’m glad you got it out of your system. I-I just want you to know, me and the other assi-assistants are h-here for you, okay? You’re a good father, you know that, right?



Alphys. What if… What if they have a point?




Aw come on, that’s not the case at all. You spend time with your sons as o-often as you can! You have to work o-overtime a lot, sure, but you’re always there for them in the mornings, evenings and weekends.

Most of the time I am. Not all the time.

Y-you’re a busy man, sir. An important man. Your sons understand that.

Do they? They’re only children. So young… So impressionable…

S-sir? What’s come over you? 

What if they’re not telling me how lonely they are…

Aw, doctor, no, don’t let the anons get to you! Y-you do have a tendency to get carried away with your work, I-I admit, b-but that’s why I set up an alarm clock on your desk for you! Ah, f-five alarm clocks, I should say…


? … S-sir?

Oh God. I’m a terrible father.

Oh no.

What kind of parent gets so wrapped up in their work that they forget about their children? Oh how could I leave them all alone? And at a time like this?!

I didn’t mean to upset you please don’t beat yourself up-

A human could appear at any time, and I’ve left my poor boys in Snowdin! They’re practically on the front line!

It’s not that bad and you were with them just last night-!

How did it come to this? I’ve become so obsessed with improving the Underground’s living conditions that I’ve left my own beloved sons in danger! I am irony incarnate! A careless fool doomed by his own hubris-!

Just go home and see your kids, sir.


Good, go, begone-



Okay so if you don’t know already, I love Doctor!Cas in destiel fics SO MUCH. Like I don’t even need to read the fic if it has doctor!cas in it, i’m already there XD. 

So here’s a list of the best/my favorite destiel fics with Doctor!Cas in them. I’ll update this from time to time when I find more fics :) (I track the doctor!cas tag on ao3 lol) All of these are AU and complete! 

Tagging: @deanscolette, @lostboycas, @seraphmisha, @rebmathegisher <3

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anonymous asked:

I recently read the 100 day love challenge fic and died 75 times, do you have any recommendations for more yoonmin fics based in the idolverse?

  • the 100-day love challenge: for a variety show challenge, jimin must tell yoongi every day for 100 days that he loves him. let’s get this shit started.
  • i would be yours: i would be yours, yoongi thinks before falling asleep. he dreams that night of a jimin who not just smiles, but smiles for him, his fingers tangled within his own.
  • objects in motion: jimin gets a little handsy (on accident!) (he’s not a pervert!).
  • yellow crysanthemum: “soulmate au where flowers bloom on your skin (like tattoos) in the places your soulmate touches you. maybe they need a few days to grow and bloom, maybe it’s instantaneous, maybe it depends on their relationship or how long they’ve known each other.”
  • 2:58am: it’s another 16-hour fight and yoongi can’t sleep.
  • we’re just lost stars: it’s hard growing up, seeing your imperfections and having to face that you’re in the spotlight 24/7, for jimin it’s even harder when you’re falling in love with the only person who makes you feel perfect. someone that probably just sees you as a kid anyways.
  • moments like these: this is the story everyone knows: idol relationships never work out.
  • if there’s a chance (i’ll catch you):  five cities, five days, five instances of jimin discovering a little more about the boy he loves and how suga isn’t much different from yoongi after all.
  • stars are but old light:  maybe jimin’s always idolized yoongi to some extent.
  • when the lights go down: sometimes the power goes out in the surrounding suburbs of seoul. sometimes hide and seek seems like the best option. sometimes darkness brings the light.
  • promise: yoongi doesn’t usually plan surprises, which is probably why the one time he does he almost gives his boyfriend a heart attack.
  • working title: jimin writes fic. yoongi doesn’t care. not at all. not one bit. not until he finds the yoonmin fic.
  • take my hand (take my whole life, too): in which jimin is looking for an opportunity to hold a certain rapper’s hand.
  • home is where the heart is: jimin is homesick. yoongi has a solution.
  • you don’t have to say i love you (to say i love you): yoongi’s so painfully and obviously in love with jimin, it sort of hurts the other members sometimes.
  • pick me up: five times jimin tries a pick-up line on his hyung and one time yoongi finally gives in.
  • the art of the plug: in which jimin likes to plug himself up on his days off and yoongi accidentally finds out about it, a story.
  • of musings and sappy bullshit: yoongi finds himself thinking of his muse and how terribly in love he is with him.
  • hold me tight: what yoongi loves to do the most is kiss jimin.
  • hey moon, don’t you go down: now that seokjin is gone and far away in the jungle, probably fighting a boar or doing his business in the bushes, yoongi is seizing his lost opportunities.
  • chasing in circles: it’s a bed made for one and with the two of them tangled together in this crowded mattress, yoongi doesn’t know why he feels like there’s an empty space big enough for one more person.
  • hold onto this lullaby (even when the music’s gone): yoongi’s never been able to resist jimin at the best of times, especially not when he peers around the studio door at 2 a.m. with sleepy eyes and exhaustion laced in his voice as he asks yoongi to play something for him.
  • look it up: yoongi stumbles on a “yoonmin” video while trying to find his most viewed fancam. upon realizing the fans have noticed he tends to stare at jimin, yoongi becomes hyperaware of their interactions. did the fans realize something he himself didn’t even know?
  • deeply addicted (to the prison that is you):  yoongi becomes infatuated with jimin’s ass…and then falls for jimin himself.
  • hello, i’m min yoongi, and i’m not desperately in love with you: where yoongi is not so secretly pining after jimin, jimin is being very oblivious to his own feelings, taehyung is very, very confused, and everyone else is just enjoying the show.
  • the head over feet series
the dog’s leash - ed

a/n: uhhhhh i thought of a really extra idea and then spent four hours on it…..it’s fine this wasn’t 13 pages on word don’t worry about it

word count: 5,362

“Let’s get a dog.”

Blinking blankly at the wall opposite your curled up figure wasn’t enough to suffice the confusion that coarsed suddenly through your veins. With a groan, you wiggled around in Ethan’s grip to face him. Sleep had yet to claim his features at three in the morning as he gazed pointedly in your direction, as if he’d been expecting you to react to his statement.

“I’m sorry, I don’t think I heard you right,” You slid a hand up to press your cheek against it. “Did you say let’s get a dog?”

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hamswritingtho  asked:

When were you going to tell me that you're pregnant? +Feysand I've also been greatly enjoying all the little fics you've been writing :)

Thank you, friend!! This is probably not exactly what you were asking for, but for whatever dumb reason, this popped in my head reading the prompt. Hope you like!

BTW peeps: I’m still doing these, just working through them slowly. Feel free to keep sending them and I’ll try to do them when I can. Link to prompt list is at the end. <3

When Feyre rounds the corner into the produce section of the grocery store, the last thing she expects to see is Cassian shoving a watermelon under her husband’s shirt amid a choir of snickers from the pair of them. Cassian has his phone out and is just about to Snapchat a pic when Feyre clears her throat. The boys freeze, Rhys blushing just a tad.

“When were you going to tell me that you’re pregnant?” Feyre asks Rhys pointedly, stifling a smirk.

“Just getting a feel for things,” Rhys says cooly. “We can never be too prepared.”

“Man, don’t drop it!” Cass barks suddenly, seeing the huge melon begin to slip. Rhys removes it without a problem and replaces it on the shelf.

“You two are going to get us kicked out of here if you keep goofing off. We still have a lot of shopping to do and Nesta’s already bit my head off about the right kind of cheese to go with the appetizers.”

Only Nesta could make cheese and crackers feel unbearably stuffy. And as much as Feyre really does trust Nesta’s expert opinion that brie will be best, she’s not going into this dinner without a hunk of good old fashioned cheddar to see her through.

At the mention of Nesta, Cassian’s eyes spark. How he could have forgotten for even one minute that Nesta was within a five miles radius after she’d let the shopping cart slip against his shins is beyond Feyre. “Don’t worry,” Cass says walking swiftly past Feyre and patting her on the shoulder the way he does when ‘the bro’ is winning, as Azriel likes to call it. “I’ve got this.”

Feyre feels Rhys pull up even with her as she watches her friend strut off to face the horrors waiting for him in Dairy.

“I love Cassian,” Rhys says, and Feyre turns back round to face him, “but I think he has a death wish.”

Feyre tisks and pushes the cart toward the lettuce. “Stop, Nesta isn’t that bad.”

“The fact that you need to specify-”


He holds his hands up in surrender and promptly plucks an apple from a nearby stand, juggling it in a way that’s supposed to seem impressive - never mind that it’s only one apple.

Romaine… baby greens… organic… iceberg… Ugh, nobody even likes iceberg. Classic Cesar will do, Feyre decides. Or possibly… The baby greens stare up at her.

She looks back at the watermelon crate Rhys and Cassian had been messing with and feels her stomach tighten. She and Rhys have been together for nearly five years now, if you count the three years they dated before getting hitched. She knows he wouldn’t pressure her. Not ever. But sometimes he makes an offhand comment and she wonders if Rhys might not be considering beyond her present wishes.

Feyre clears her throat. “Rhys?”

“Yes dah-ling,” he says. Neither of them turn around from their respective produce. Feyre’s not sure she could if she tried.

“Did you mean what you said earlier?”

She chances a peek over her shoulder and finds Rhys has swapped his one-apple juggling act for a rather thorough examination of the differences between Fuji and Granny Smith that has his brows knit together. “What’s that?” Rhys asks, and Feyre whips her head back to the salad options.

“About… not being too prepared.”

“Too prepared?”

The misters switch on unexpectedly, dousing the lettuce and Feyre’s outstretched hand with a fine layer of mist that take her by surprise. “Oh!” she yelps and jumps back, some combination of shock and nerves forcing her into motion. Rhys chuckles and slinks over to lean on the cart.

“Don’t worry,” he says with a cheeky grin. “Last I checked, water is actually good for you.”

“Very funny,” Feyre says, the humor not entirely making it past her lips. She feels rather than sees Rhys’s face twitch.

“What’s wrong? If this about Nesta again and whether or not you thinks she’s going to throw a tantrum over your choice of rabbit food, I promise I’ll protect you.”

“Do you want to have a baby?” Feyre blurts out before she can help herself. Her stomach does a back flip just asking the question. They’ve never talked about it before. Not since they were just starting out dating and trying to decide if this was even a good fit. She knows they both want kids. Maybe just a kid. But there’s something terrifying about the idea that Rhys might want one now.

“Feyre,” Rhys says, leaning forward and dropping to a whisper, “you know I enjoy making love to you at all hours of the day, but if you think me shoving a watermelon up my shirt is gonna piss the employees off, I don’t think they’ll appreciate us-”

“I’m serious,” Feyre says, cutting Rhys off. He blinks at her a few times, mouth parted open slightly. But Feyre wants to know. Is determined to know. “Do you want to have a baby?”

Rhys backs up a step. “Do you want to have a baby?”

“I asked you first.” A small flash of intrigue in those deep blue eyes searches her making her feel known and exposed in ways only he’s ever managed.

“Alright,” Rhys says, folding his arms and seeming to sense that she means business. Feyre draws a deep breath waiting. “You know I want to have a kid - eventually. If you’re asking, do I want one right now?” Feyre nods. “No. I don’t think so. I mean, shoot, if it happens, then great. I’ll welcome it with open arms and shove a watermelon up my shirt for nine months so you don’t feel so bad.” Feyre releases a small chuckle at that and Rhys smiles. “Why so curious about kids all of a sudden?”

Feyre rolls her eyes, more at herself than him, and tosses a hand up. “I don’t know. I saw you joking around with Cassian, but then you made that comment and you’ve said stuff in the past, that I just wondered if maybe you were…” She pauses, catches Rhys watching her intently with his brow raised in amusement, and lets out a shaky laugh. “I’m being ridiculous, aren’t I?”

Rhys pulls Feyre into his arms with his own chuckle and it feels like she can finally stop fretting. “No, you’re not. It’s good that we talk about these things. I just don’t understand why you’re so concerned with it? You know we can take our time. And if overgrown melons are all we end up with, we’ll be well fed.”

Feyre snorts. “Now you’re being ridiculous.”

“Yeah, but you can’t deny it’s a good idea.”

“No, I really can’t-”

“Get that out of your nose!”

Both Feyre’s and Rhys’s heads snap to the side where Nesta has found the produce section along with Cassian… who has shoved a small wedge of brie up his nose much to Nesta’s chagrin.

Feyre grimaces. “At least it’s shrink wrapped?” Rhys offers, and then laughs when Feyre smacks her head into his chest with a groan. “Come on,” he says, rubbing up her arms a few times for confidence. “Let’s go sort them out.”

“Go on. I just have to grab some lettuce first.” Rhys nods, heading off.

Feyre looks back down at her options and decides, maybe the baby greens aren’t so bad after all. A nice watermelon salad could be good for spring.

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We’re Good

Request: You and Shawn are dating, but you don’t like Camila and you get jealous so you’re very lovey dovey whenever Camila is around––happy ending / “How long have you been standing there?”

a/n: thank you all for being so patient with these updates!! I’m really trying my best to crank them out and balance my school life + social life!! You all rock I LOVE YOU ALL!!!!!

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Going to the studio and just sitting in on one of Shawn’s sessions was always one of your favorite things.  You didn’t want to have a career in the entertainment industry, but seeing the process of everything behind making an album captivated you since the first time you saw Shawn recording.

           You sat on the outside of the booth with a table full of snacks that Shawn requested.  Playing on your phone, or scrolling through social media, was what you did while you listened to him.  He was in the middle of recording some vocals for a piano ballad he wrote.  His voice was your favorite thing to listen to and it soothed every part of you.  You couldn’t hear the music he was singing along to, but from hearing the verse he was singing, you knew that this would be your favorite song off his next album.

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Tough Kid

Tough kid, he thinks.

Can’t help but think it. She’s a scrawny little thing, covered in scrapes and bruises and dirt and blood and she’s shaking like a leaf…

But the pistol she’s pointing squarely at his chest is utterly, utterly still.

Around her there are four bodies. Two humans, one man, one woman, and two batarians, both male. The humans lie on their backs their hands carefully laid across their stomachs, their eyes closed, so peaceful that they could almost be sleeping, but for the holes in their heads. By contrast, the batarians appear to have been left where they fell, their bodies twisted, limbs flung out at odd, awkward angles. All eight eyes are open, staring blankly at nothing.

It doesn’t take a genius to figure out what happened.

“It’s ok,” he says softly, using his best ‘soothing’ voice. “You’re ok now.”

“Who are you?” the girl barks and she’s still shaking, but there’s something hard and fiery in her eyes that both impresses the hell out of him and makes him cautious.

“My name is Commander Anderson,” he says slowly, carefully laying his rifle on the floor. “I’m Alliance, see?” He half turns away from her, tapping the insignia on his shoulder.

Slowly she lowers the pistol.

“You’re too late,” she says, her voice now small and unsure as her eyes flicker unseeing across the four bodies before her.

“I know,” he replies and God, they had been late, too late.  The dead civilians told him that, the swathes of missing civilians told him even more. “But we’re here now, and we’re going to keep you safe.”

She nods but doesn’t meet his eyes and she still looks doubtful. Given what she must have been though recently he can’t exactly blame her for that. 

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