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me last night: i feel so alone…. no one loves me…. wahh boo hoo

me today: i love MUD i don’t need LOVE or AFFECTION all i need is the soil that nourishes all life on this earth *listens to girls just want to have fun on loop while lying in the dirt*

  • Medical droid: I mean the bad news is we did literally pull him from a volcano so his limbs are pretty fucked and he can't breathe right but the good news is we reckon we can sort that with a suit and a mask to get him extra oxygen
  • Palpatine: Okay cool. See while you're doing that, can you put a voice changer in it?
  • Medical droid: What
  • Palpatine: He sounds like a whiny little bitch I need you to make his voice deeper so people will take him seriously
  • Medical droid: I mean we could try but-
  • Palpatine: How are you gonna fix his limbs
  • Medical droid: We thought standard prosthetics would-
  • Palpatine: Make him 7 feet tall
  • Medical droid: ...right
  • Palpatine: Give him a cape
Some very important reasons as to why I’ve been screaming at everyone to stan Monsta X for the past few months.

1. The Kpop industry is not static, meaning it is constantly looking for fresh new faces. due to this, it is extremely important for a group to establish themselves and build a relatively strong fanbase in the first few years, because it is so easy to get replaced in status and star power. That is why its extremely EXTREMELY important for Monsta X to get their first win by next year because the first two years are extremely crucial to their careers as idols and it WILL determine how successful they’ll be. If they don’t start making a name for themselves now, then it will be close to impossible. People will lose interest after a while, and move on to more trending groups (sad reality) because of how fast and competitive the industry is, and its only going to get faster in the future.

2. The competition in the industry is at its very peak. (I’ve never seen it this high before) Rookie groups no longer seem like rookie groups, and every single group debuting is releasing solid content. If Monsta x doesn’t establish themselves now, then it will be extremely difficult to do so in the future. Fans move on quickly if a group doesn’t appeal to them anymore, but if the fanbase is somewhat established, and the group has gotten their first win (VERY VERY IMPORTANT), more people will stay because of the potential of success. 

3. Us fans actually have an advantage right now because Starship is investing decent amount of money in them, and they are actually promoting them properly for the time being, but it will not stay like this forever. Starship can’t keep promoting them like this for the long run because they’ll just end up losing money. If the results are not favourable, then they’ll move on to a different group, because what counts is profit. They need their first win in order for Starship to keep investing in them!! 

so please! Stan Monsta X. Don’t let a group as talented and hardworking as them flop. They have so much potential to make it huge in the industry, and us fans actually have so many means to support them, so please don’t ignore this precious gem of a group. #StanMonstaX. Lets make 2017 the year of Monsta X!!


While Urban might wanna hang out with Bones, it turns out fans are clamoring for the doctor to hang out with someone else…well maybe more than just hang out. (x)

why I like abusive ships.

I like abusive/ dysfunctional/ unhealthy ships. I like them because they’re different than the typical “fluffy” ships. I like them because their angst is different than what “normal” ships go through and the dynamic is interesting. I like abusive and dysfunctional and unhealthy ships because abusive and dysfunctional and unhealthy relationships exist and it’s important to recognize them for what they are. I am not a bad person who thinks these sort of relationships are good  and healthy, I am a person who is interested by the dynamics and character development that occurs in such ships and I am a person who believes others need to be made aware of these relationships because they actually exist. I am not justifying the actions of the characters, nor am I denying that these ships are abusive and unhealthy. I am appreciating them as plot and character development devices while acknowledging that the are abusive and unhealthy.

Tl;dr, please stop shaming people for liking abusive ships. Liking an abusive ship does not mean I support abuse.


L e t   m e   k n o w was about pain, uneasiness, uncertainty. It was about the darkness that came with the kind of love people called love because they didn’t know what else to call it.  It was about the loneliness that accompanied falling for a person who wouldn’t take the leap for you. It was about holding on to things that were long lost, or had never been there to begin with.” 

-3:47 by @mrsmon

Mor/Moriel Support post

Because there’s been some stuff going around recently that has been making me feel sad/mad on this subject I thought I’d spread around some love and positivity for my favourite ship. 

One of the biggest reasons I love this ship is the obvious history they have together and the mutual respect and  trust that that’s built up over the years. these two know each other so, so well. They understand each other’s reasons, motivations and histories - they were both there when most of the others’ demons were born. They care about one another so much and I love the…subtlety with this ship. They’re both quite quiet about things but…The depth of feeling and compassion they have for one another is…soul destroying to be frank. I’m just going to quote…a hundred or so of my favourite ‘tiny caring moments’ and scream about them all because this ship is just so good. And they love each other so much I can’t deal. Ahem. This post is gonna be loooong in case you hadn’t guessed. 

It’s really just…extended Mor, Azriel and Moriel meta. That’s it. All the things. All the meta. All the feelings in one easy to access place. 

I’ll do some Az first. The interesting thing about this dynamic is that his…devotion to Mor seems much more apparent emotionally. But it’s quiet and shadowed and rarely brought to the surface directly from him. We hear more about it from other characters or see it through Feyre’s eyes. Mor tends to be more…vocally explicit and also physically explicit (she does things whereas Azriel more just…feels them and lives them. This will become more apparent when I pick apart examples. I hope.) 

Rhys said with soft wrath, “Eris left her for dead in the middle of their woods. Azriel found her a day later. It was all I could do to keep him from going to either court and slaughtering them all.

I love this bit, obviously for the insight into the history that we get, the fact that it was Azriel who crossed court lines and located Mor and brought her back to where she was safe. Which is..incredibly important for both of them as characters. Azriel has lived his entire life feeling and being treated as though he is unworthy of basic rights. His blood family saw him/treated him like an animal, he has never felt as though he had any value. Naturally Mor’s family almost repeating the abuse that he suffered and turning her into what he was perceived as (worthless) upsets him, it makes her want to help him and it makes her want to hurt the people who hurt her as they no doubt remind him of his own abusers. 

I think there are some..really interesting parallels going on here. Mor, had a very different upbringing to Az, she had so much power, so much status, as essentially a princess, but she almost had a similar problem? She was never treated as a person, as an individual. No-one ever so her, no-one ever saw her value as her. They saw her power, they wanted to breed that into their bloodlines, they saw her as little better than a prize bitch that they could use. 

Once she lost her virginity she no longer had any value to them any more. Her father brutalised her then left her with a sadist telling him she was ‘his problem now’ She went from broodmare to worthless problem all because of how her family perceived her. Which is exactly how Az grew up too. He knows exactly what she’s going through and that he is the one to save her, to think her worth saving despite the fact that all of her ‘value’ is now deemed worthless is…Important for their story. 

Maybe I should have asked Mor to come. But she’d left after dinner, pale-faced and jumpy, ignoring Cassian’s attempt to speak with her. Azriel had taken to the clouds to contact his spies. He’d quietly promised the pacing Cassian to find Mor when he was done.

I think, and I’m doing a liiittle bit of leaping here but I don’t think it’s a huge stretch, that Mor and Azriel can talk to each other about things they can’t really put on the others. And that’s because they understand each other. As I mentioned above even though the…class if you like, of their upbringing was totally different, their situations, the abuse that they suffered, is incredibly similar. It allows them to relate to one another, it allows them to understand one another and get through to one another even when no-one else can. Even when they won’t let anyone else…They’ll let each other.  There’s such a deep bond between these two, so much care and so much love, they’re constantly, quietly, looking out for one another. 

“Does he mind what he does? Not the spying, I mean. What he did to the Attor today.”

“It’s hard to tell with him—and he’d never tell me.[…]But Azriel … Cassian tries, I try—but I think the only person who ever gets him to admit to any sort of feeling is Mor. And that’s only when she’s pestered him to the point where even his infinite patience has run out.”

Two things in this part - as above, even when Az pushes others away and won’t let them in…He will with Mor (as she will with him) The second thing is Mor’s persistence. One of the arguments I’ve seen a lot about Mor is that she doesn’t seem to care about Az that much or that she doesn’t push him enough into overcoming his insecurities when it comes to a relationship with her. She doesn’t seem bothered enough to make the effort to get through to him but..That line of thinking is completely and utterly countered by this? We know how much Az will shut himself off and brood, we know how much he represses, how much he contains, how little of himself he wants to show, how hard Feyre has to work to even wring a smile from him when he’s upset with himself. We know how much patience Azriel has so we therefore know how much effort it must take for Mor to get through to him, to open him up, to let her in, to let him share his burdens and allow her to help. And she does that. She does that for him, she sits and she works away at his endless patience because she knows him and she knows that he needs to talk about this he just can’t. So she makes it possible for him to do that. 

Azriel continued his attempt to infiltrate their courts—still to no avail. I heard about it mostly from Mor, who always knew when he’d return to the House of Wind, and always made a point to be there the moment he touched down.

There’s just…so much in here if you actually dig into it? The fact that she knows when he’s going to get home from his super secret spy missions. (which is…a whole other can of worms that may or may not get opened at a later date) but the fact that she always makes sure she is there. She is the first thing that he sees when he gets back from spying and torture and risking his life. She is there and she gives him that opportunity to be vulnerable, to just be Az before he has to be the High Lord’s spymaster and report to him. She gives him the chance to talk to her and decompress and open up if he needs to. And just the fact that she’s there. Every time. Not even Az can mistake that, the effort she puts into this, into him, into making sure that she’s there to take care of him is just…So much? 

Especially when you factor in that this is the House of Wind. She can’t winnow in there and she doesn’t have wings. So unless she pesters Rhys or Cassian to carry her up every single time Az comes back (which I doubt) she climbs up ten thousand stairs just so she can be there when Az lands, just in case he needs her, just in case this time he lets her in and lets her help him (because this is Azriel. she probably satisfies herself that he’s physically okay, tries to ask after him emotionally and he just nods and tells her quietly, politely, but coldly, that he has to see Rhys) I have Feelings about this, okay. 

And this isn’t the only example of her going above and beyond the call of duty to help Az and make him even a little bit happier: 

Getting Azriel to take any time for himself that didn’t involve workor training was nearly impossible. And when I pointed out that he didgo to Rita’s with her whenever she asked, Mor simply informed me that it had taken her four centuries to get him to do that.

Four hundred years. It took her four hundred years to convince him to just let himself have a night off and go dancing with them. It took her four hundred years to convince him that he deserved that, that time off, that time to be a little selfish, to think about himself for once. She spent four hundred years doing this for him, she never gave up with it because she cares about him, she loves him, and it doesn’t matter how long it takes her, how much effort and energy she has to expend to coax him into doing these things…if it will benefit him she does it. And she ‘simply informs’ Feyre. She doesn’t make a big song and dance about this. She doesn’t wax eloquent about how difficult it was for her, how stubborn he was, how hard she had to work to get him to do this. Because it’s not about her. It’s about Az. And this has made his life a little bit easier, has made him a little bit happier…and that’s enough. 

Mor keeping her distance from Az and not crossing lines with him, not pushing him into a relationship with her and not trying to fix all of his problems isn’t because she doesn’t care. It’s not because she’s not willing to put in the effort. It’s not because she doesn’t love him. It’s not because he’s not worth it. She spend four fukcing centuries coaxing him into taking a little bit of time for himself. She would probably spend eternity convincing him that he’s worthy of her. The reason isn’t her lack of care/empathy/love/patience/whatever. It’s respect. 

(if you haven’t sussed it out yet…this is going to be Long. so. cuts are being introduced now…venture onwards for more of the above)  

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cute flustered nerds

Bubblegum will never not be annoyed that Zigzag is so much taller than her lmao

I’VE WANTED TO DRAW THESE TWO TOGETHER FOR…. A LONG WHILE NOW. I mean, I’ve done it before, but now that they’ve actually interacted I have a BETTER GRIP ON IT I THINK. They’re just…. They’re cute ok…..

[Zigzag belongs to @alainaprana!!]
[Bubblegum belongs to me!!]

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Product of no dad kids
Kids like you and me

trc network challengeThe Raven Boys / The Dream Pack / The 300 Fox Way ladies

“Time is Running Out” Protection from government action Spell

“Our time is running out
Our time is running out
You can’t push it underground
You can’t stop it screaming out”

~ “Time is Running Out” by Muse

Intent: A spell for ensuring that ALL citizens do not become victims to the government designed to serve US, with a side order of getting the people worked up and willing to take action if their human rights are being violated.


  • Small flag. or blank cloth to draw a flag on
  • Metal paper clip
  • Black candle
  • Any herbs and stones you use for protection
  • Bay leaves


1. Lay your cloth flag out and pour your protective herbs/stones in the center. Crumple your bay leaves and sprinkle them on top, saying the following:

We won’t let you bury it, We won’t let you smother it, We won’t let you murder it

2. Unbend your paper clip so that it is straight. Light your black candle. Run the paperclip (carefully) under the flame while either thinking or reciting aloud the following:

Our government exists to serve and protect the people.
You will not push us underground.
Not the poor, not the women, 
not the people of color.
The disabled, the queer, 
nor our immigrant neighbors.
You will protect our rights,
keep us safe, and should you fail
we will rise up and remind you of your place.

3. Let the clip cool a little, bundle up the flag, and wrap the clip around it to keep it closed. Keep the sachet somewhere safe and keep it on you if you feel particularly vulnerable. 

Make You Scream - a Vikings Imagine

Pairing: Ivar x Reader
Rating: Explicit (really, I mean it. No fade to blacks here. Only follow the link if you’re over 18)
Warnings: dubious consent (social duress - lost a bet), cheating, threats
Words: 1415
Summary: The Reader loses a bet with Ivar and he comes to collect from you. Sexually.

Notes: This piece was inspired by @sansasandorshipper​’s imagine: “You are with Ubbe but Ivar is always trying to get with you.” Thank you so much darling, for letting me publish this homage to your brilliant idea. My story is an alternate ending to that tale, in mine the reader LOSES the fight and the bet.

As always for my smuts, the setting is an AU where the time jump in mid-season 4 lasted long enough to make Ivar older than the age of consent in your country ;)

Excerpt: Before you can fall asleep, the door scrapes open again. “Ubbe, remember how you mother scolded both of us when she caught you in here at night last time,” you call out.

“Not Ubbe,” comes a chuckling voice from near the floor.

Your heart starts racing as you watch Ivar pull himself up to your bedside. “Are you ready to settle up on that bet, y/n?”

“Go to Hel, Ivar,” you spit back, pulling your furs up to your chin. You are wearing nothing but a thin linen shift under there.

“Think of your honor,” he smirks, resting his elbows on the edge of your bed. “Do you really want to be known as someone that goes back on a wager?”

You grit your teeth. Your word and your honor mean everything to you. You narrow your eyes, bringing your face close to Ivar’s. “If you truly think you can make me scream your name, you are welcome to try,” you challenge. You hate Ivar. You hate his smirks, and his ridiculously blue eyes, and the way he always has to have the last word with—

His hand is under your furs, sliding up your thigh.

Finish reading on Ao3 here, this thing is waaaay too smutty to put in the respectable tags on Tumblr

Idk if this makes sense, but I really love the way yoongi expresses support, whether to the fans or his members. There’s something about how he captions most of his comeback selfies with “you worked hard”, how he never fails to acknowledge effort and encourage it in such a touching way, how when a fan asked him to encourage her friend who wanted to pursue a career in composing, he wrote that he hopes he can work with that friend in the future. There’s just something about all this that’s so comforting to me.
He may be cool and composed while doing so, but his words hold so much warmth. He never fails to make it feel so real like I can literally feel him patting me on the back after a hard day whenever I read his encouragements. And oddly that’s more than enough to make me feel at ease maybe because it’s coming from someone who himself tires his soul night and day and who knows the value of kind words and words in general.
I’m just really thankful that he’s always got us on his mind, and I really hope that our encouragements as well can provide him with such strength whenever he’s in need.

anonymous asked:

I don't see any improvement from you for such a long time now.. what happened? I mean, I'd been a follower since 3 years ago and I always feel you're the most eager-to-learn artist, but for a whole now, I don't think I see any improvement. I think it started somewhere in the middle of 2015? I'm not trying to mock you or anything, please don't get me wrong. Just wanted to say I realized the slow pace and maybe you'd hard times so I hope you're okay

Yeah I see it too. I got really burnt out in 2015, and I almost didn’t get back up. I’m starting to love art again, little by little, but it’s been a while. I’ve had to make a lot of tough decisions between then and now, and I’ve still got a lot of growing up to do, but I’m really glad I’m still here to see it all happen. I’ll do my best, for both me and everyone who’s stuck around <3

In case you needed a GIF of Shunsui spinning his hat: