but i'm watching my old photos

I’m torn between lightly starving myself to prep for a lower budget life as a self-catered student at uni, or just going all out and eating everything before I leave (monday)

btw, I don’t think I made too much hullabaloo, but did you know? I’m going to university! School doesn’t start for a bit- I’m an international kid, so I get there slightly early and move in first. but yeah, moving to england. studying publishing

Rest in Paradise, Marilyn Monroe (June 1st, 1926 - ∞)

Marilyn my love, you changed the world. You were only on this earth for thirty-six years, and still, fifty-four years after you’ve passed, your memory and your inspiration touches millions. Today on the anniversary of your death, it is inevitable that many will remember you as some sort of Greek tragedy, as a poor, helpless flower. Life was hard on you, but you were not helpless. You faced tremendous anxiety and depression, but you were still incredibly brave and ambitious. You didn’t let your success change who you were, and you always had a kind, beautiful, and loving soul. You were stuck playing roles that you did not think showed your acting capabilities to their best advantage, but you still masterfully transformed silly, one-dimensional roles into memorable and delightful characters. Those of us who love you so dearly (and that is a lot) remember you for all of your wonderful qualities.

I have been asked so many times why I love you so much, because people just love to try to bring you down and associate your name with hurtful words like “slut” and “dumb blonde,” and all I have to say is that there’s nothing wrong with a woman choosing to act sensual and feel beautiful in her own way, and that if they really took the time to learn the truth about you, they would find that you were anything but a dumb blonde. You were brilliant, talented, loving, funny, gorgeous, and absolutely adorable.

Marilyn, you changed my life. When my older brother went off to college five years ago, I was incredibly lonely and in my desperation to grasp onto something, I grasped onto you. Not only did I find joy in watching your films and learning about your life, you were a gateway for me to watch more Old Hollywood films and learn about more stars. You were there for me and you helped me grow up to be the person I am today. You helped me be brave and deal with all of my anxieties. I love you like a best friend.