but i'm watching my old photos

dollwithagun I saw some people sharing photos from the old SourceFed gift exchange over the holidays and decided to order a new braid for my brown hair. I know Carrie Fisher joked a lot about how much she didn’t like the metal bikini, but as a little girl watching (and playing) Star Wars, I loved it. Not only was it just a really neat looking outfit, but as I got older I learned to appreciate the fact that Leia strangles the fuck out her captor with the exact thing he was using to keep her down - that will never not be the most badass thing ever to me. 💖

I’m torn between lightly starving myself to prep for a lower budget life as a self-catered student at uni, or just going all out and eating everything before I leave (monday)

btw, I don’t think I made too much hullabaloo, but did you know? I’m going to university! School doesn’t start for a bit- I’m an international kid, so I get there slightly early and move in first. but yeah, moving to england. studying publishing